Jan. 5th, 2017

Dancing :-)

Jan. 5th, 2017 10:05 pm
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Today I was going to do double dancing but my back hurt last week so this week didn't seem like a time to double my exercise.
But I did one hour of dancing lessons and it was fun. We started a new dance, and it involves quite a lot of traveling around the floor, which always leads to laughing and bumping and oops. But it stayed fun oops, so, that was fun.

Then it was shopping time. Asda had all of three Five Alive. I guess I bought all the juice that time I got twenty four. It would be nice if their computer could learn I want nine to twelve every week, but I guess it can't if there are not nine to twelve to buy every week, and I keep pouncing on twenty four. So.

Sainsburys had my apple thing though, and bread and quorns and tea for mum, and also a silver top for half price that will do nicely for the convention next month. Also there's another set of china that I like the look of. It's like I've had for years only probably nicer. But now I am home I remembered I was planning to get two different colors this time, and this would be two of blue. But it is nice. And it has nice pasta bowls too, interesting shapes. I shall think on it.

Now I am tired.

But I have nice foods for eating. I win.


beccaelizabeth: my Watcher tattoo in blue, plus Be in red Buffy style font (Default)

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