Feb. 8th, 2017

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given how 'late' I stay up in my sleep cycle just so as to only do noisy things after 0730
the neighbours persistently doing the spin cycle part of laundry at about 0100
is starting to piss me off.
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I keep reading argues about who the real bad guys are
and some of them - some - are actually lawful good and chaotic good having an argument about the nature of evil whilst not noticing there's another sort of alignment.

So there's protests and riots and there's police and laws
and the more lawful good inclined will be like, look at those law breaking people, we are good citizens, they are bad guys, go sit down, violence is wrong.
but the chaotic good people are being like, look at those laws breaking people, we are good citizens, those are bad guys, come stand up, systemic violence is wrong.

it's hard for different alignments to have a nice conversation.

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what I don't get is how people can watch like Star Wars and still, whatever their politics, think they are the plucky outnumbered rebels doing the right yet nasty thing. I mean, I do kind of, because every human is one seven billionth and shrinking of the human race, so we're each the outnumbered and feeling it. but I don't, because how does the biggest organisation with the biggest sticks still feel that way?


which is also why I have as always great concerns about checking targets carefully before taking action. If it becomes socially acceptable to do a particular bad thing to a particular group of people, seems like the bad thing will go up aimed at all people, and the people doing it will say it's because they thought their target was the acceptable target. Better to keep some behaviour unacceptable, protects everyone.

... hate speech is among the unacceptable, but plastic noise maker thingies seem a best practice for getting it to go away.

mostly though i stay home and hide under a blanket, so what do i know?
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6 and a new companion, a Leading Wren called Constance Clark.

I have rediscovered a technique for listening to entire audios at once: do something else with my hands. Find the right something is the trick. Today I went through old magazines about home decorating and tore out the bits I want to keep. I have a nice stack of stuff to get rid of now. Also in the middle I made a meal.

I think I liked this audio. It's about smart women, which is always a good start. But it's also about world war two, and I feel weirdly bruised on that whole era today. Like it's one giant flinch.

Still, codes and codebreaking and signals and spies and enemies and having to work together and a whole lot of running around. Quite the adventure. And they fixed things with thinking, which is yaay.

I definitely like Constance. She starts off by telling off the Doctor, which is as it should be, as far as I can see.

... I'm listening to these stories about brilliant and accomplished women saving the world, and I'm sitting at home in my pyjamas, again, still. If I can't find it inspiring or really identify, then I end up a bit :( and embarrassed about it.

Don't know what I'm really looking for lately, just end up dissatisfied with everything.

But I think it was a pretty good Doctor Who story.


Feb. 8th, 2017 10:01 pm
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Went out and did some shopping (laundry capsules achieved!)
and went to meditate.

I started out grumpy and ended up kind of amused, so that's worth doing.

I know I could meditate at home, but I guess sitting in a room full of silent people is kinda social. You know, for me.

I kept being distracted by characters from Legends of Tomorrow. when the dude leading/teaching asked each of us how it was I said about the comic book characters in my head. But they were meditating too, so, that's okay...

Thing is there's the angry grumpy one who doesn't see why he should be here, and there's the busy busy count the seconds one who has a big list of all the other things he could fit in the time, and there's the one who is so intellectual he could happily sit still doing math that long but finds this whole breathing mindfulness clear your mind bit kind of like wasting his brain, and there's the athletic one who would prefer to be moving. So by the time you get them all quieted down and sitting breathing then you've dealt with all the major objections to meditatings. Just they happen to be talking like characters at the time.

I sat on a chair cause he said beginners should. But I don't sit on chairs at home, not like that, I sit all cross legged anyway. And the chair was too tall. Which was fixable, and they have feet cushions for, and for the last half hour after we fixed that then it was much better, but before then I was all squiggly trying to make the chair workable. And then I ended up with my shoulders hurting, which, how? But I know how, because I was the wrong shape and didn't have my hands right and was trying not to squiggle.

But it's fiiiiine. Meditating is useful. I shall do again in two weeks.


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