Feb. 22nd, 2017

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My best trousers now fit like a sausage case.
I'm never much fussed about my weight, or at least I try not to be, but seeing as I prefer to be sure nothing pops when I sit down I find myself a bit frustrated about the extra inch there.

But this is why I'm trying things on before packing them.
I still have a huge great heap of enough clothes to wear at least two outfits a day all weekend.
And my second best trousers are fine.

My waistcoat for the pirate party is black velvet and has done the thing where something fuzzy but not black has rubbed against one panel.
I have it over the back of the chair, waiting in hope of sellotape, but it's a tiny bit frustrating when I have had it in a draw for ages and should probably have noticed before I put it away.

I had to move a great deal of the bedroom to get at my weapons stash to get a sword out. I have chosen only one. It will suffice.
It will have to, since I've put the things back in front of the cupboard already.
Plus it's a nice one anyway and will match my excellent hat.

I am currently hoping all the aches and pains will wear off before I get started tomorrow.

But hey, packing, progress.
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Bag is packed!
... I think. I haven't actually pulled the zip closed or put the last two garments in. Obviously things can go wrong at that stage.

I also haven't any bright ideas about the food and drink I was planning to bring. I'm considering brining the trolley as well as the suitcase, but that never works as well on the train. If I just bring the rainbow bag it'll be heavy on my shoulder, and already my back grumbles.

Or I could just trust that the hotel can provide drink. That ought to work, right?
... I'm bringing at least some lucozade sport.
... this was simpler when the hotel had a little shop. I can find many shops on the google maps but I have no sense of scale, and a very limited ability to go anywhere, even without it being a weather warnings sort of weekend. Best to believe I'll not have access.

It has been ages since I went anywhere. I forgot to get travel size things or to keep the previous handwash dispenser so I didn't have to carry as much. It'll still work, just heavier.

I wonder what it's like to be someone that can just throw a couple things in a bag and go, without worrying they'll be allergic to the soap, or the hotel won't be able to feed them. Or just worrying in general. It must be nice to get excited anticipation instead of anxiety nausea.

oh well. next thing to do is attempt fuzz removal with sellotape. shall see how that works out.

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Clothes and shiny things all packed, and with the suitcase unzipped there's extra plenty space for the hat in the top.
... it would be sad if the hat arrived squished, but not tragic, and I haven't a hat box, and it won't stay on my head without modifications I don't know how to do.

I will bring the rainbow bag too, but I can't lift half as much lucozade as my anxiety says I need. I'll just have to be confident lemonade will do.

The sellotape worked on the black velvet too, so I shall be properly piratical for the pirate party.

I am not looking forward to seeing what the weather will do.

But I am working on looking forwards to meeting actual humans more than three at a time for the first time in a couple of years.

And Done

Feb. 22nd, 2017 07:18 pm
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Regularly scheduled Wednesday activity turned into short shopping trip where I found the things I want in the sizes I didn't and the sizes I want in the things I didn't. I would have needed to remember last week for daytime shopping. But no.

But that makes Wednesday and all ordinary activities All Done.

Tomorrow I need to fiddle with packing lucozade, hula hoops, mouthwash and handwash. Quantities will depend on how I feel and what the weather is doing. But everything else I'm pretty sure is packed.

So now my remaining activity is to try and meditate or at least try not to wind myself up.

... *sigh*


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