Mar. 22nd, 2017

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I continue to not have access to the latest episodes until they're on DVD in the summer
and I continue to soak up all the spoilers and see all the gifs I can get on tumblr
which probably gives me a weird idea of the plot arc.

But I feel like some people are reacting to this episode without remembering its place in the season?
Like of course things get darkest, just look what episode number we're on.

I'm super tense because I don't know which way the writers will jump next.
Like they have so far done what I thought they were setting up, but what they do next depends on the moral alignment of the series, which, well, we can only wait and see.

What I would do though is about Mick even more. Like Read more... )

So as of right now it's tense and unpredictable because we don't know who the writers think the story is about. Does it stop being Mick's story now? Or do they follow through?

Honestly I just want TV to tell a hero story where the heroes live better than the villains. If being a hero just means endless epic misery then they're not really selling it as a lifestyle. Someone should do the right thing and get the right ending for them too. For once.
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I did a meditate again :-)
I cannot sit still. That is not a thing hat happens. But I can feel better about it, so that's progress of a sort.

We did the kindness meditation today and when we're supposed to think of someone that we like to see that makes us happy when they arrive I thought of the TARDIS.
... my brain is peculiarly organised, but you know, technically it fits...

I feel in a very plus good mood, but now it is time to read the news, because I put that off until after meditation on purpose.
Still. Got a nice reservoir of goodwill going on. Meditation is handy like that.


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