Aug. 13th, 2017

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I am running the new dishwasher
I filled it with the chemistry it wanted
though the new bottle of rinse aid doesn't pour well and is a different color than the old stuff, which at least means you can see where it spilled
I just have to hope they're basically the same thing from the same brand with the same name

The new dishwasher appears to be quiet like it promised. Unless it has a loud phase it hasn't got to. So far, more quiet.

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it seems unsimple, but, dishwashers exist and I don't have to make soap from chemistry and herbs, so this century is ahead on points.
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I've mentioned before how one way to play a strict Laws of Time kind of time travel is like a heist movie: history cannot be changed, but history is *recorded* history, the cameras and guards and alarms. The time travellers are the flashback that changes the whole context of what we've seen.

So today I was thinking, if you want to slip around history without being in the books, you want to talk to women.

And black people, people of color, disabled people, people from subordinated groups in general.

History books are as precise as they get when it's about the actions of kings. They ain't real particular about most servants.

And it do get harder the closer you get to now. In a hypothetical future where everything is recorded from multiple angles with local power and distributed backups always, you probably can't change things much. But usually there's plenty of wiggle room.

Because usually there's plenty of things people don't bother to know, and plenty of people they don't see.

So. Once again I am frustrated that Legends of Tomorrow have the perfect crew for this and yet do not use this approach.

Because this would be a show that would be all about the inconvenience of working around the centred white guy, by working with the people who made up the vast majority of what happened.
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So many books are now books not for me
So many books now are waiting to be
Given to someone who'll think they're the thing
And meanwhile I shall get back my shelving

... or, for one pile, that bit of floor in the corner where books fell down in a reasonably tiny fashion and I didn't fetch them up again, but that doesn't fit the metre. not that it metres real good as is...

In my head I am humming that to the mad madam mim song.

It just feels excessive to get rid of books by the foot, even if I did just find a section of handwriting and typing books. Read more... )

I'm a bit annoyed about the Aldiss Helliconia books. On the one hand they look interesting, but on the other these particlar copies seem to have been second hand in the first place and then stored on the floor in the corner under the window for... years, at barest minimum. The gripping hand may be they make me want to wash just by looking at them, and I'm contemplating throwing away the paper tablecloth they're currently resting on. Which would be annoying because the shops never have cream and gold again until xmas, but so it goes.

Maybe I can find some nicer copies and swap them out before I find out if I like reading them.

On the big plus side, I found where I'd stashed my blueprints for the Starship Enterprise, Kirk edition. They're all clean and dusted and put back with the other blueprints now :-)

... I have a small collection of science fiction blueprints to imaginary ships. I suspect there's many who would consider that unnecessary. They would be wrong.

My table is still full of books to sort, but now they're books where I'll have to read a bit to see if I want them, so that's much more interesting.



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