Aug. 14th, 2017

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Today I once again fail at Choose A New Laptop
even though when I tick all the boxes for things I think I want it narrows it down to two things
and one of them has as much hard drive as my current desktop.

this is because i understand none of the numbers, have only a vague idea what i'll even do with it, and don't even know if i need as much hard drive as i've currently got.

i keep expecting to choose a thing, get it, not know how to use it, and just... have this expensive thing that lies around being a monument to my ignorance.

but reading things isn't reducing ignorance in a useful way, because everything is numbers and they'll be different in a few months anyway.

also the thing one really needs is an idea what you'll do with it, and i just have aspirations.

scrivener to be an aspiring writer with more bells and whistles
something to do art, with a pen, which seems fancy and versatile, even though i haven't done art for years, i haven't written much either, that's not the point
games, but probably mostly The Sims, which says Windows 7 or 8 so what does that mean when all the new things are 10? just play it anyway? break all the things? important and beyond me.

i mean you say gaming the computer thinks you're getting new releases, but honestly i'd rather play existing games forever, just they don't work anymore.

is so frustrating.
books are better. books continue functioning for centuries without maintenance.

... books don't do so many things so i'll have to suck it up and buy something eventually.
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I have just seen a flat listed
where it listed as a two bed
but is at best a one bed
where the front door leads into a living/kitchen/dining room
there's a toilet in between, which is just a weirdly long room with a loo and sink at the far end under a full size ground floor window
and in the back room is a bed
but also a shower
a couple feet away from an electric fireplace with a TV above it.

... for this they want 250K
... which is about 90K more than you'd be charged for an actual two bed with a bathroom and ensuite and a kitchen AND a living room
in any other location.

... on the Unthank I vaguely fear they'll actually get it.
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I just watched pretty much all of this in a row.

That was a lot of twists for six episodes.

I think I'd have to rewatch to unpack details. I got the impression they tried to introduce or use more female characters, but there still seemed to be an upper limit on how many per episode, and I still feel that men and their choices were what drove the whole thing. Which is frustrating.

But. Kiera got her ending.

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Continuum was intricate. Or tangled. It had a lot of characters and killed a lot of them, some of them repeatedly, or in alternate timelines. Some of them one self killed another, which, way psychological, but twisty. And all the politics and money and corporations, it's just... really ambitious, to tell through the story of one cop who wants to go home.

It did a lot of good stuff.

Next time I'll watch it slower and do more thinking about how.


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