Feb. 8th, 2017 10:01 pm
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Went out and did some shopping (laundry capsules achieved!)
and went to meditate.

I started out grumpy and ended up kind of amused, so that's worth doing.

I know I could meditate at home, but I guess sitting in a room full of silent people is kinda social. You know, for me.

I kept being distracted by characters from Legends of Tomorrow. when the dude leading/teaching asked each of us how it was I said about the comic book characters in my head. But they were meditating too, so, that's okay...

Thing is there's the angry grumpy one who doesn't see why he should be here, and there's the busy busy count the seconds one who has a big list of all the other things he could fit in the time, and there's the one who is so intellectual he could happily sit still doing math that long but finds this whole breathing mindfulness clear your mind bit kind of like wasting his brain, and there's the athletic one who would prefer to be moving. So by the time you get them all quieted down and sitting breathing then you've dealt with all the major objections to meditatings. Just they happen to be talking like characters at the time.

I sat on a chair cause he said beginners should. But I don't sit on chairs at home, not like that, I sit all cross legged anyway. And the chair was too tall. Which was fixable, and they have feet cushions for, and for the last half hour after we fixed that then it was much better, but before then I was all squiggly trying to make the chair workable. And then I ended up with my shoulders hurting, which, how? But I know how, because I was the wrong shape and didn't have my hands right and was trying not to squiggle.

But it's fiiiiine. Meditating is useful. I shall do again in two weeks.


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