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Since I got the silent computer I have just run out of tolerate for the big loud computer, verging on run out of cope.
which is weird, because for years before that it was pretty much permanent, computer means computer noise all the hours it's in use ie all the hours.

now i just haven't been using it, even though games and so forth need that one.
like, if the choice is between silent paper books and loud fan computer, wow do i get more reading done.

today the computer decided it needed to do a thing for a couple hours, some maintenance thing, and before it got all done i got sooooo tense
it's ridiculous.
So I'm going to need to find out if computers can games silently, because the alternative is apparently not games at all.

... I miss my 90s games though. I'm pretty sure i can buy a retrogaming thingy from argos and have a happily endless supply of fiddle games. The only thing i play as needs power is Sims.

and that not for about six months
because silence.
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