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Today I have been doing much better than yesterday because today I ate a food.
Yesterday I just didn't feel well enough to.

Today I also watched a couple more episodes of Agent Carter season two.
it seems to be a lot about kissing. and who people are in love with. and women getting things they need by manipulating kissing.
I mean the bit where she memory zaps that guy repeatedly so he'll make the same pants driven mistake every time could be read as funny, but could also be considered creepy. So I don't think it subverts it much just to show that women use that stuff.
I'm beginning to think retro sexism is pretty much sexism.

Plus doing things because of her brother is... not the way I'd have written it. I saw an old sort of propaganda movie that was all about how cool it was to go be a woman soldier in world war two, and it had a bit where an older lady said how she and many of her generation were doing much in world war one. So if you want inspiration from somewhere, why not like that?

Also? That bit where the lady on the front desk went to be a field agent? Of course she can, has same training, protects the base. But it's all well and good saying it's because they trust her, but logically it means she's no longer suitable to do her regular duties. I mean the place is supposed to be properly secret, so if someone can recognise the receptionist from SSR field activity, the whole office is sunk.
Obviously that's only important if the secrecy thing is important, but still.

I'm feeling a bit critical of many things.

But I only changed the picture settings like three times today. Maybe can get used to it? Setting the color to coolest seems to have made it look more right to me, but I can put it back to normal if I wants.

If I can get anxiety levels back down to basic twitchy instead of so many alarums I'll count it a big win.


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