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I finished watching the first season. Or rewatching, but it's weird, I didn't remember any of that, even though none of it felt new either.

I can see why I'd give up after one season. Everyone's dead and it's boring.

There's no right way to behave. Being kind gets you dead. Reaching out to try and help someone gets you dead. Ambition also gets you dead. Basically everyone's dead. Boring.

And yet I now own season two and, knowing me, will watch it.

It's so annoying because they set up this multi racial world where team good guy is trying to survive the culture clashes and keep their diverse freedoms, they made a future culture where poly marriages are something the protagonists have thought of, just a normal thing, and they have queer relationships... and then it's all so twisty manipulative and depressing I just... don't want.

all the ingredients, bitterness pie.

so having watched a season with murders/suicides, relationship/spousal abuse, and dead bi ladies, I am now in a bit of a down mood. funnily enough.

I should have left me a note
if I even watched all of it before.



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