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that was an unhelpful night of being awake and hoping to get to sleep
with a headache.

so I started to think of plot ingredients for a through the looking glass boarding school story, and just thoroughly creeped myself out by trying to remember what I found scary age eight.

though to be fair M R James has been scaring people of all ages for considerably longer than I've been around, so obviously that'll still work.

... school libraries have some choices that child me devoured as fast as could find them and adult me finds regrettable. my brain is overstocked with imagery from the kind of ghost story where the protagonist finds out they're dead, or their classmate is, or at least these halloween fx are entirely too realistic and they really don't want to turn on the lights to check...

also I realise the lurking roof monster outside the toilet window was almost certainly a cat, and I realised that at the time, and yet it remains super creepy. Reflective eyes just should not have been possible at that angle, and no eyes should be watching you pee.

quite a lot of the creepiness of boarding school was just because everything is very big when you are very small, and once the teachers have gone to bed only similarly small people are even likely to notice if you yelp.

outsize furniture could duplicate the image but is unlikely to create the same feel.

school sized furniture that adult you is trying to work around can be creepy too. Like, forget similarly sized backup, here's dozens of tiny humans to be responsible for. time to grown up.

now that's scary.

I don't know as I've seen a horror story from a school teacher point of view. plenty of families under supernatural siege, no classrooms, unless the story was about the students. quite a lot often about the students being supernatural actually. some people are creeped out by evidence of intelligence in people under waist height.

If the story is through the looking glass and they find weird dusty toys there it could be about everything that falls through the cracks. and everyone. that'd be guilt turned up to eleven. if it starts out with lost toys and then gets to lost boys, but not the fun pan way.

or the toys could be the boys, sea changed.

like I was thinking the mirror would be a way to banish enemies, but what would it be doing in a corner of a school? who would schools banish? be a bit worse than detention.

I mean I left after the teachers said I wasn't, so from the point of view of other students, possibly me? well obviously not in that case, because I said I was leaving, but. me who was always in detention and suddenly wasn't there any more, the spook story.

except this is the teacher story, and she stumbles into the old library while looking for a kid who had temporarily skedadled, so the teacher nightmare is losing one somewhere they couldn't get into. or, you know, losing one in general.

Ageing is weird. I can remember feeling basically quite capable and responsible and so forth, but I was tiny, and knew nothing. Like, I felt like me, but less depressed and actually more confident. I don't know what feeling like a kid is supposed to be, I always felt basically ready to have the kind of adventures where you save the world, with or without talking lions, and felt ready to be quite competent and accomplished and so forth.

and now here I am entirely aware of my ability to get lost in a town with basically one street, too baseline anxious to even try going anywhere any more.

this growing up lark feels like a bit of a swizz, really.

I guess the teacher point of view on nightmare looking glass world would just be the sinking knowledge that of course your assorted eight year olds would confidently set out to deal with it. that right there would be scary enough. and setting out to go get them back wouldn't feel like assorted big sisters trying it, neither.

it wouldn't be a case of too much imagination, it'd be too much plain old data.

knowing what can happen is a lot less fun than adventure books.

the plot bunny I started with was the one where it ends up with dream me marrying draco malfoy. but thinking about what would belong through the looking glass in a school, one in a converted stately home sort of thing, it could end up like Aral and Cordelia looking after the injured guy as they walk across the planet. like secret audition for parenting. but with runaway kids gone mirror strange.

you couldn't blast them with magic or solve problems with punching. you'd have to make them want to come back.

different spin on that making the house nice again plot in astolat fic. making it nice enough the children feel at home, and don't feel like monsters. or, you know, feel monstery but know we love them anyway. no objections to Addamses here. Be bitey wild things if they feel like it. the goal would be the not biting us.

it's the what do the kids do when they get back question, the why set up a school for returning children question, only with having to set out the stall to recruit them back, rather than making them regret it once they spontaneously return. like, sure you can do anything you want here, but if you come back to school then...

... hmm, tough pitch.

I hate headaches. I would much rather be asleep. or just staring at the ceiling without a headache.


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