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Well that was depressing. I don't know why they think people want to watch that. It makes me miserable.

Actually one of the screenwriting books reckons one reason people watch people be miserable is so they can go phew, at least our lives aren't that bad. Which function it certainly fulfils. But ugh.

It is nasty, and grubby, and everyone is bad guys sometimes. The ones who get closest to avoiding it are killed. Attempting a good deed gets you killed. Victims invariably become worse people for it and have worse lives. The closest thing to character growth and improving one's situation you get is the Tarr family, who start out as horrible people who abuse each other, and end up as horrible people who have done more murders and agreed to try and meet in the middle and only hurt other people now. Which was actually weirdly cute, they like each other, knowing all this about each other. But still, horrible duplicitous murderous people. Who are the only ones that consistently end up better off.

Also I would complain about how bad things always happen to queer characters, except bad things happen to everyone, all the time. So I guess my basic problem is how sex is always a sign of moral degeneracy and relationships make you a worse person.

I mean it's like one of the Tarrs says the series mission statement when they say evil is inevitable and they just have to hope it's worth it.

And no.

Just, no.

So I disliked it a whole lot.

I don't want to keep season two around at all and it's making me think twice about giving season one shelf space.

I might use it for parts, but, I really did not like that show.

And I won't be seeking out the last season.


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