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I been thinking about Legends of Tomorrow's Captain Valor
and Vala Mal Doran
purely because of the sound alike

but we have nothing but what Valor looks like, and a couple lines in one episode.
Vala is a whole character.
... looking like Valor, acting like Vala...

that seems kind of fun.

also, the 'former host' background can move to the multiverse setup I had in mind pretty smoothly, because demons or 'thaumic elementals' are a thing.

stormships get made and then towed out into the storm to attract a spirit, who is then varying degrees of trapped bu the fabric of the ship. But that means travellers in the storm run increased risk of becoming vessels themselves.

And that would give an angle on piracy - basically freeing the ship's AIs, freeing the storm spirits.

Different ship designs would invite or compel, allow or entangle. It's a bit difficult to talk to spirits so probably no one asks nicely. yet.

So first there's Captain Valor, and then there's... two beings? Like, one would be the former host, looking like CKR, but if the other was Valor looking like Vala... new layers to play with.

And argument about stealing bodies vs stealing spirits, of a mostly who started it sort.

This fusion has parts...
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