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I have been reading Many Things, and my head is all sloshing with facts.

I can see things that happened to ship design over the roughly five hundred years I've been pulling ships from wiki at random, but that isn't the most best way to learn things, and I have minimal understanding of which whats were for why, though y'all have been very helpful.

Ships have lots of different optimization sliders, and many bits of history happened to ships that would rather have been somewhere else.

But if I'm going to design ships for magical reasons then the magic needs defining before figuring the other settings makes sense. Like, treating the Banestorm like a kind of hyperspace is grand, there's rules and argues from Space and Spaceships for that as will work fine, but the details need deciding before you know what your ship will be going through. Like, if riding the storm is a hell of a shortcut, it would be like hopping down the coast to get anywhere, and you'd have somewhere to go every night. But if it takes longer, you either have very long storms, or bits of the between that aren't strictly speaking a storm. Like, when Legends calls it the River of Time, they seem to be able to float on it while paying minimal attention, but if you call something the Banestorm you have to make it live up to the name or it's a bit of a let down. And yeah, Banestorm is a GURPS word, and I might need another one, but anyways. I read the weather gets really extreme in the bits of the world where the wind just keeps going without any of that pesky land in the way, so maybe travel between worlds is like that, because there's nothing in the way in there either. So then the distance might be coast hopping, but the coast in question is Cape Horn.

Sensible people would not do this.

But there are still people who do sail round there.

Conclusion: if there were such a thing as the Banestorm, and it were well enough known, there would be people speedrunning it for fun.

... humans...

But. Banestorm. If the thing of it is being empty, except for the magic winds, then maybe there's nothing to crash into, and you'd only have to worry about winds tearing your ship apart. Quite different structural challenge.

Also, logically, more of a 3d aeroplane experience, but I don't want that, so there's lots of water going whoosh and swoosh in unlikely ways, for the ships to go on.

Maybe riding the Banestorm is riding the interface between two elemental planes, and shops use the air-water one. Because then it spits out on water, which has fewer altitude problems. Though they'd still need to cope with some up and down bits, ships are known for that.

All these made up settings change the needs of the physicsl object being enchanted.

If the realm between worlds is one giant storm with nothing to hit, the crunching problem happens when you get to the next universe. So you'd want to spit out on deep enough water, and hope to avoid surprises, but if you could go just anywhere you chose, that would make a large difference to strategy and tactics an survivability. If you're the only ship that can go Between, you go Between whenever things get twitchy. Unless Between is not real survivable. And it's real hard to defend against ships that can pop out of literal nowhere.

A lot of that is covered in Hyperspace rules, though they assume much less gravity and air and so forth. One set of optimizations for maximum drama uses fixed points to traverse between worlds, like Bujolds wormholes, or to some extent Cherryhls math with mass points. Fixed routes with known limitations results, instead of a whole vast universe of possibility.

... vast multiverse of possibility would be much more vast and then some. Main hazard in multiverse is getting lost somewhere in infinite possibility. Main implausibility to navigation is ever getting the same anywhere twice. Like the Stargate quantum mirror, you get some weird results, like that logically once you step out of your own universe there will always be a version of the universe where you don't come back, because that's possible, so it happens. And doesn't happen, in one of the others. And every other universe also at least doubles, where you do and do not arrive. And then there's far more of you than there was a minute ago. ... unless your multiverse works different, which for slightly less mind boggling plots, it would have to.

GURPS Infinite Worlds pretty much goes the portal route too, with the Banestorm being end points of the Current between worlds, and Vortices being places in a particular world the Storm tends to happen. Oz ships can ride the current, and if sufficiently well shielded the inhabitants can even survive it. Areas with higher mana probably have more vortices, and on at least one world banestorms raise the mana level, so that seems self perpetuating at best. Hence my mixing in the winds of magic bit, which I know is Warhammer, but does much the same thing: magic blows out of the Between.

Banestorms are to weird magical consequences what solar storms are to radiation exposure. You don't want to be out in them long. Cold iron protects the wearer, but to make things awkward, I reckon the higher the protection factor, the more drag there is Between. Protection from the storm can make you get stuck in it longer. Optimisations risk trading speed for getting elf ears, or aging to death before you arrive. Like Jax and his massive temporal exposure. It's a classic of side effects.

... also, if I want to have wooden ships for the style, I have to make iron a disadvantage somehow.

ANYway, all the magic, that's the main determiner set for what a ship needs to do. If Vortices where you can summon the Banestorm happen all up and down convenient coasts, you've got a way to hop real fast to anywhere, if you can stand the big thunderstorms on the way in and out without crunching into said coasts. But if a Vortex is only going to form in the middle of nowhere, or if you can never tell where in what ocean the other Vortex will be until you've tried it, you somehow need a ship than can cope with all kinds of everything. If hyperspace can drop you off as necessary, you don't need much by way of supplies, but if it's isolated, you need to survive the doldrums or the arctic or the literal middle of the ocean. Which doesn't really work. So you need some excuse for coming out nearer coasts.

... if being on the sea is from skimming the elemental air/water realm interface, then being near the coast is just sailing near the earth realm. magic.

or, maybe banestorms are all about people. ... you'd sometimes find Atlantis, but mostly coasts. Of course you'd need to come up with a good reason big cities can exist...

Stormships like the survey ships jumping Bujold's wormholes for new worlds, very excellent adventure hook, but surviving the weather on the other side, not so simples.

If home is a beacon you can always get back to, quickly, then you'd load up on armour like woah and worry less about getting anywhere fast. You couldn't run out of supplies if you can always quit and run home real fast.

... but who wants an adventure where the best plan is always 'run away'?

And if there's an equivalent of uninterrupted storm winds and currents, direction would very much matter. Maybe it's easy to get home if it's hard to get out, and vice versa. And you can't take long going against the Current or weird happens. So humans are limited by how much weird they can soak. And ships have a range a single crew could take them.

Which still only limits number of worlds to speed of the plot, but adds some dangers to a quick exit. There are times you could leave quickly as long as you went somewhere unknown, but trying to get back to the known would take too long for safety.

Real ships are complicated, and needing to make up rules for how your magic interfaces with the physical constraints just makes it much more complicated.

So I still have no idea what size or shape an adventure party would set out in.

But I know more about how much I don't know.


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