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I am running the new dishwasher
I filled it with the chemistry it wanted
though the new bottle of rinse aid doesn't pour well and is a different color than the old stuff, which at least means you can see where it spilled
I just have to hope they're basically the same thing from the same brand with the same name

The new dishwasher appears to be quiet like it promised. Unless it has a loud phase it hasn't got to. So far, more quiet.

I am running it on the Auto program to see if it can indeed figure out how dirty things are and how to clean them. it seems likely. which would be neat.

Also, and I was hoping for this but not banking on it, it is tall enough inside for my newest plates to go in it properly. The previous one was not, which led to annoying work arounds that didn't fit many plates in at once.

I haven't figured out where to put the newest bowls yet - there's one I'm trying out but I think it needs to be a bit different angled, and also there's not room for all four there - but it's pretty likely they'll go where there's plates or bowls already, so, that'll work eventually.

Trying new machines is made of tiny new habits and adjustments. How much powder goes in the thing? It has marker lines, but it doesn't tell you which to use, because it says the powder will, but the powder says to read the dishwasher instructions and maybe use a bit more for heavy mess. So it's pretty much pour and hope. :eyeroll:

yes there are tablets all pre measured for you but there's a whole section in the dishwasher instructions about tablets not dissolving in time, so.

it seems unsimple, but, dishwashers exist and I don't have to make soap from chemistry and herbs, so this century is ahead on points.

Date: 2017-08-18 06:36 pm (UTC)
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Dishwashers are a blessing, even if one or two items don't come out clean and have wait for the next load.
Judging by our dishwasher - you want to see where the water jets come from and where they'd land, make sure bowl won't block the water jet (or worse, the spinner mechanism). We're buying those all-n-one tablets. They're supposed to dissolve just fine.


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