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I remain terrible at focusing on audios when I can't come up with something for my hands and eyes to do.
Maybe I should take up knitting again? I mean a twenty year break is a bit long, but, knotting can be pretty. But iirc I gave up because it hirt my hands and arms, so possibly not.

Um, actual story... there were a lot of elements I couldn't see why they were there, didn't add to the plot, did next to nothing thematically. I think the bit with the genius baby who really resents how long he was left to lie in the cot with an adult brain makes plenty of sense, but, it was all parts and pieces else. I was unimpressed. And there's whole characters who run around having absolutely no impact on the plot and waving around like weathervanes at each new change. I don't think it really worked.

But it's possible it would work better if I were more concentrating. *shrugs*
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6 and a new companion, a Leading Wren called Constance Clark.

I have rediscovered a technique for listening to entire audios at once: do something else with my hands. Find the right something is the trick. Today I went through old magazines about home decorating and tore out the bits I want to keep. I have a nice stack of stuff to get rid of now. Also in the middle I made a meal.

I think I liked this audio. It's about smart women, which is always a good start. But it's also about world war two, and I feel weirdly bruised on that whole era today. Like it's one giant flinch.

Still, codes and codebreaking and signals and spies and enemies and having to work together and a whole lot of running around. Quite the adventure. And they fixed things with thinking, which is yaay.

I definitely like Constance. She starts off by telling off the Doctor, which is as it should be, as far as I can see.

... I'm listening to these stories about brilliant and accomplished women saving the world, and I'm sitting at home in my pyjamas, again, still. If I can't find it inspiring or really identify, then I end up a bit :( and embarrassed about it.

Don't know what I'm really looking for lately, just end up dissatisfied with everything.

But I think it was a pretty good Doctor Who story.
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The cue cat scanner remains a very useful tool. So now all my new Big Finish Audios are in the LibraryThing. ... I have so many.

Terror of the Sontarans is interesting, with a whole we're not who we are riff but with an interestingly varied set of characters. Usually if it's called 'terror of' they just mean Sontarans are scary, but this one is more 'what actually scares sontarans'.

it's very pretty horror.

... audio, but the descriptions are proper eerie.

I like it plenty, but it feels like it has far less of Mel and the Doctor than usual.
... actually that might be why I like it.

but I'm typing to try and stay focused - vaguely regretting splitting my concentration, because it's being interesting - but this way I stay awake.

and part three of four just finished.

I'm really not very good at listening to audios when I've got nothing else to do.

so I'm not really concentrating as i would like

and I liked this story better when it was creepy spooky. this part is more fighty.

the ending wasn't my favourite. but it was okay. ish.

... in retrospect I like the ending of the previous one better. more making friends.

it was a spooky interesting story that built up to a standardised ending that was a solution the sontarans could and did come up with without the doctor. not quite the right shape.

but good bits before then.
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I am not good at listening to audios when I'm sitting at home. I nearly fell asleep in the middle. Also I ate six biscuits, which was three more than I intended to eat, but still less than a packet, so that's okay.

... as you may guess, I was not enthused by this story.

I'm feeling a bit blah about Doctor Who lately, which let me tell you is deeply weird. I mean, it's Doctor Who. It's a foundation text. There is Doctor Who for every mood and all occasions.

... but I'm not feeling it.

... weird.

So, this one was about an orbital warehouse and the planet that worships it while waiting for delivery. It could have been funnier. It did a few things, but I kept distracting myself trying to make it funnier in my head. Retail and online delivery gives so much mileage. What would a civilisation built around Loyalty Cards really be like? But it most ran around the warehouse avoiding rodents and traps until they all stumbled into their corner of the real mystery.

I can't tell if the story was a bit blah or I was. I gave it three stars out of five on librarything on the theory it was ordinary and I'm in a demanding mood.

7 and Mel is also not a team that gives me feels though.

Also, in an attempt to not fall asleep in the recliner before the adventure was over, I rearranged the drawers in the CD cabinets so there's room for the new big finish. But I very small bammed my head on the corner and made one unit top heavy and only realised when I sat down to type this that I still haven't put them in Library Thing but I have now muddled up the cataloged and uncataloged boxes.

tiny annoyances.

I know if anyone actually reads these as reviews they're not here to read about my tiny annoyances, but my point is, I think my review is more about the bumps and snoozes than about the story itself.

shall do better later, I expect.
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Not a subtle allegory, but with that title you wouldn't expect subtlety.
Just a story about the dangers of fascism, set in the 80s, which ends with a woman as prime minister... of the Daleks.

The Daleks brainwash people through broadcasts and video games, until humans run drone warfare for fun.
Except some people don't need brainwashed, they just reckon if the Daleks are going to trash the planet anyway, might as well sign up to lord it over the rest of the slaves and be killed last.

You know, in some moods this would be funny.
Parodic exaggeration would be funny.
And then you get to hear it all blow up at the end.

I find it rather more depressing when they defeat the Daleks by making them too Dalek to live, rather than by making them too human to survive other Daleks. I mean either way they all die, but watching hate blow itself up is darker.

... listening. because audio. but audio does have the best fx.

I have decided to listen to Doctor Who and do exercise. I been set some lower back exercises today and told I should make a routine. Routine is always easier with incentive, so, Doctor Who audios.

And I have so very many still to get through before I'm caught up even.

So I just need to clear the front room enough to have some floor space and learn some exercises to do...
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Listened to Big Finish Audio: The Defectors
Didn't much like it
but my opinion of it may have been influenced by me trying to listen to it on the new computer and finding it acting up cranky if I try to listen and look at the web at the same time
so then I was poking settings wondering what up with that
and wondering if I need to use one of the other bits of software
and just generally getting cranky at things not staying the same forever.

But still, I once again have a setup that lets me listen to Big Finish without cracking open the CD case and turning on at least two big whatsits in the living room. Tablet in bed is much superior.

(Don't say my phone should have been able, I'm aware of the should, I just found buying a whole new device worked better than continuing to poke the phone to try and make it do the thing.)

My new headphones are not so much a success though. I mean, they're from poundland and I didn't expect success, but I spent half the time wondering if I'd gone deaf in my right ear, and the other half realising the pads were really itchy.

... add all that together and I really shouldn't express an opinion on the quality of what I was listening to.

... but I have in the past got annoyed with similar gimmicks, because if the Clue is that people are not acting like people, they actually just spend several episodes being really badly written people. Boooooooring.
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Is kind of annoying to hear an audio and then hear the extras where they're all proud they did their research and really listened to the rhythms of Sioux speech in old recordings and
I'm just sitting there thinking they could
voice actor.

Except it's Big Finish and their budget is ... well, impressive for audio, given that they have plural actors in a story and they're still here making them a couple hundred audios in the main range later. But not impressive.

Representation in big budget Hollywood is easy argue, they have all the money, they should use it appropriately. The smaller the budget gets the more it seems somewhat futile to point out. And yet, going around using bits of people's cultures, including sacred rituals, to make a silly science fiction adventure, could be sort of a Thing.

Enjoyment of that particular Doctor Who adventure got tangled in vague grumpy.

Wasn't particularly impressed anyway, didn't seem to have a very strong character basis or tie the characters and their fates into the plot or really unify the theme. It would have been very much the same with any Doctor and Companion team.

Says I feeling grumpy.

I spent the day trying to think of something useful to do and ended up listening to Doctor Who because I'd tried staring at the ceiling for quite long enough already. Possibly I was not in the best mood to give it my full attention. So I'll leave the name off and just grump vaguely instead.
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Hard science fiction with orbital mechanics and oxygen supplies key to how things work out when a bit of space junk turns out to be alien technology. But also a love story between an Indian Prince and a slave girl. And a politics story about how the British deal with India. Nicely layered.

There's plenty of women in the story, British and Indian, and they all do useful things sometimes and unhelpful things other times and make the story go.

I gave it 4/5 but honestly it lost a star because I don't like Flip much and 6 is my least favourite Doctor. But they've got proper running around saving things going on here.
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Today I listened to 1.04 One Rule, 1.05 Uncanny Valley, and 1.06 More than This.

1.04 and 1.05 were solid in their ways, though two dead gay guys in a row is not really what I was hoping for, even knowing the source text. Writing gay people and killing gay people do not have to be the same thing. Except for when your stories are so economical with their characters that everybody gets killed at least once. At that point things get depressing.

1.06 needs trigger warning for suicide, and yet ended on that grey morning sort of hope that Torchwood does best. Of the three it was clearly the best. And I loved the setup, that Torchwood needs planning permission so they need to explain to the planning guy exactly what Torchwood does. After that it's a lot of running around Cardiff and just when you think it's a romp it goes all serious in the exactly right degree. And then after the end music, the last funny. It's the mix of tones and the SF in the everyday that Torchwood does best. So I liked it best.

1.04 did its share of running around Cardiff too, but the cover character is pretty definitely a bad guy, so it does not turn out well for anyone. Vivid characters, well drawn, rather dark.

1.05 I keep turning over to try and decide what I think of it. For a start the cover seems misleading, since it's not quite what's inside, but there's angles where it's commentary instead, which is a bit interesting. Read more... ) a very Torchwood story that I don't really see any other show doing in quite this way. It's doing some very SF stuff that make the layers where it ties in to the Torchwood arc seem a bit of a distraction from the interesting bits, yet they make sense in the plot.

And Jack being Jack he's going to get dead so he can do his party trick, that's kind of what he's for.

... but I still can't like stories where everyone is queer and dead. That's just...

So Uncanny Valley mostly just bothers me.

But it's a proper story that uses all of its parts effectively in both an SF and Torchwood way.

More Than This is better.

But having listened to the whole first season now, Fall to Earth is best, and not just because Ianto. Though also because Ianto.

I'll happily get the next season of Big Finish Torchwood audios.

... but I'll be careful about my mood before listening to them, because they do get dark.
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Wonder of wonders, an actual Doctor Who story. 8 and Charley and C'rizz, but nothing awful or objectionable, just an adventure. Read more... )

An 8 and Charley story where the most I can complain of is a probable Bechdel fail is quite a surprise.

That story was a Doctor Who story and pretty okay and had lots of bits I liked.
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Trigger warnings for passing mentions of suicide, domestic abuse, and just a whole lot of ick.
More mind control stuff, since as it turns out being mind controlled is C'rizz's distinguishing characteristic.
Read more... )

this one wrapped up a whole series of annoying plots in a basically not-annoying way, and was probably pretty good, if Charley didn't irritate me so much.

But I do prefer stories where women have roles beyond screaming, dying, flirting and getting jealous.
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Out of character again, but this time the Doctor is split into three aspects of himself, so it's more like he's in all his character at once. Like, he can respond to situations in multiple equally in character ways, just different moods. And it's very centered on the Doctor, since he's three times as much as usual and has conversations with himself. Character exploration, fun settings, nothing particularly unpleasant happens to Charley though she doesn't do anything particular either. I actually like this one.

... one third of the Doctor is nicknamed Tigger and another Eeyore, what's not to like?
I even like the ways they make him surprising, and surprisingly dark. He's got range, and he's always holding parts of himself back, so when the parts aren't even there any more... good story.

More like this, less like... all the others.

(Unsatisfying ending though, in that it just sort of ends. But I was expecting more parts, and I'll be listening to the next adventure right away. Which I guess is a win as far as the audios figure.)
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This one was going so well. No mind control, no forced marriages, and while Charley got paralysed from the neck down straight away this is an audio so it didn't actually stop her having an actually larger than usual role.
And then, 'mercy killing' reared its ugly head again. Ablist arseholes. TW for suicide technically, since it's Charley suggesting it.
(Oh, I kept listening, actually TW for actual suicide. And I do mean main characters. I should label these damn things.)
Read more... )

I'm realising it's not just that I dislike Charley, I very strongly and actively dislike almost every story I've heard her in.

Why did I keep buying them if they're like this?
... aside from the subscription thing meaning there's months/years between them and they alternate with other Doctors.

Maybe I'm just angry about different things these days.

>:-( to the lot of them.
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Things the Doctor should never say: Read more... )

If I ignore all the things from previous stories that have been winding me up consistently and still weren't helpful here, I quite liked this one. That's a really qualified if though.
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Once again, everyone is mind controlled and deliberately out of character.
... at this point, out of character is their character.
It's tedious and ridiculous.

The actual plot? Read more... )

I've listened to so much of 8 and Charley in a row now, and I'm kind of wondering if the ones writing/making it ever did that, because it's really repetitive. I can't even remember the title on the next story but I'm going to put in a bet that mind control will once again crop up, maybe with a bit of amnesia and possibly a side order of forced marriage. Charley has no agency, and barely any personality, and it's pissing me off.

... possibly I should stop listening then...
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Shall we keep count of recurring features?
Everyone amnesiac / deliberately out of character? Check.
Mind controlled forced marriage? Check and check, two different mind controls and two different husbands, plus added unwanted sexual contact from a third person!
I'm only on part 18/28 but I'm honestly at a loss as to why I'd want to keep listening.
... well okay, I'd listen to Paul McGann read the phone book, I should just admit that.
But seriously, these stories have Issues, ugly issues that keep putting Charley in ugly situations.
(many parts later)
oh hey, twist ending I'd forgotten, none of them were really them!
sheesh, the point was?
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After several stories with Charley mind controlled into marriage, this one moves on to mind controlled into forced breeding, and also being turned into a giant bug queen.

I'd be disgusted but I'm too tired.

Read more... )

But the story treated the whole thing as something that happened to C'rizz and the Doctor. Their women were hurt, so the story followed the men around as they had bad feelings and fought to 'free' or save them.

I am so epically sick of that.

And if the most important thing to know about the new character, the way to introduce him, is to tell this story? I don't want to know him at all.
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You know that one crackfic that you just kind of look at a blink a lot? Because its issues have issues? And whenever you think its at maximum weird it just goes further?

... yeah.

Or, no, because this is more horror? It's just really weird. Really, really weird.

So, I don't really know what to write about this one. But I think not listening to it would be a more life enriching choice than listening, on the whole.

Oh, and it needs warnings for body horror and cannibalism, plus the Doctor's continued issues with choosing to die (heroically or otherwise) that pretty much need a suicide warning, even if they do end with choosing to live heroically instead.

Read more... )

Why is this Doctor Who?

Sometimes with these I think they sit down and think 'what would they never do on the TV?'

And when you're talking stuff like cast of thousands, epic space battles, or simply bringing the old Doctors back without their current appearance being an issue, well, fair enough.

But if it's more, as in this case, 'what would they never do on TV because they couldn't broadcast it before about one in the morning', well, that's... that's a problem.


Jan. 2nd, 2015 03:02 pm
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That made marginally more sense than I recall.
It'd still strongly recommend not bothering to listen to it, unless you feel a pressing need to follow Charley's arc and how they get to the next bit. But it probably does fit together, past the annoying voices and the way eveyrone is deliberately out of character except Charley, who is simply annoying.
Read more... )

So, I don't like Charley, I think how she's having feelings is being creepy, and while I like 8 a lot he isn't always himself. So... I haven't relistened to the main range 8th Doctor audios for a very long time. As far as I wrote online, I listened to Zagreus in 2009. I don't recall relistening. And I'm relearning why.

And yes, I should find something different to listen to rather than complain to the internet, this is quite true.

... just as soon as I think of it...
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Today I listened to Charley and 8 in Seasons of Fear, Embrace the Darkness, The Time of the Daleks, and Neverland.
Big Finish get better as they go along. but I still do not like Charley at all at all.

There was a thing Big Finish did when they got the Highlander audios to play with where they decided the mechanics were more interesting than the characters. They invented new and interesting things to do with Quickening, and in the process messed around with the characters we actually wanted to hang out with to the point they might as well have given them different names.

Big Finish really like messing around with time travel. Paradoxes and the laws of time are their happy places. So Charley's story is one long and intricate journey through made up physics, and while it's interesting to hear new laws of paradox in almost every story, it's not the variety of interesting I am there for. So again, playing with the mechanics, plenty fun, but not quite what I think of when I think of Doctor Who.

But there was plenty of good character stuff too, for the Doctor. Times to be clever and opportunities to make mistakes and times it all works out in the end by being willing to talk with anyone.

Charley though just continues to wind me up. She has the opportunity to get kidnapped or held captive by people from all over time and space. I do realise that this is a central feature of Doctor Who, getting captured and escaping fills up a lot of time in a lot of stories, but she gets captured and gets rescued and otherwise spends a lot of time tied to chairs and so forth. It's dreary.

Seasons of Fear Read more... )

Embrace the Darkness Read more... )

Time of the Daleks I have listened to relatively recently, but it don't half work better as part of a Charley arc than as a set of Dalek stories. Dalek stories get dreary fast, plus this way it's obvious there's weirdness centered on Charley and more things make more sense. I always like Read more... )

And then there's Neverland, which feels like the focus could be tighter on the interesting bits, yet presumably thinks it was all interesting bits. I liked best Read more... )

... I just don't like Charley. It's annoying. There's so much more story left with her in it. And I like 8 a lot.

Today I liked Doctor Who more than I have for a few days. I still feel I need to think up better things to do with my time, but, it seemed improved. Or my mood is.
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Listened to 1963 Fanfare for the Common Men.
Which was diverting enough, it was okay. Stuff about fame turning people into monsters seems fun.

But then I went back to listening to 8 from early on, even though that meant listening to Minuet in Hell, a thoroughly misconceived story that should never have been a Doctor Who adventure and is also just really rubbish writing. As well as spending the whole adventure waiting for the Doctor and his companion to regain their memories and develop a personality, which deprives the audience of the characters they're actually there for, it should have trigger warnings over it for how it treats women. Read more... )

... wow I'm still really pissed off about Minuet in Hell. I should put it in a different folder so I don't do this again next time I forget why I'm not listening to it.

Then there was Invaders from Mars, Read more... ) Aside from that the story was okay, lots of running around and weaving the thing into history in a daft Doctor Who way.

Lastly there was The Chimes of Midnight. I remembered I don't listen to that, but I forgot why. Well, I remembered it was tedious and repetitive because the paper thin characters turn out to be a Clue just a really boring one, but I forgot it needs trigger warnings for suicide.

It had a nice hopeful ending, but the two discs of story about suicide weren't really balanced out by the two or three sentences of the Doctor and Charley saying to choose life and how even tiny tedious miserable lives are worth it.

I should probably have skipped to the ending once I remembered. That was tedious and totally depressing.

So, I think I'm done with Doctor Who for the day.
... or possibly longer. but then I'd have to think of something else to fill the hours.
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Yeseterday I listened to two 7th Doctor audios, Starlight Robbery and Daleks Among Us.
There was plenty of plot with running around doing things, and I usually like 7, but my lingering impression at the end of the story was, that's a lot of dead women.
Read more... )

I'm sure nobody sat down and consciously decided that the trouble with Doctor Who is having too many women doing too much. They just sat down and decided that men were more interesting, and wrote a three disc story arc accordingly.

So I was bored, and felt strongly that the story didn't want me around.

Doctor Who gave me that feeling.


Read more... )

So here's the thing: The latest season of Doctor Who on the TV almost all annoyed the hell out of me, with two episodes that were acceptable. Listening to new Big Finish audios is feeling tedious and seeming full of the same gendered problems as everywhere else. Relistening to old Big Finish is just feeling like seeing cobwebs when the lights come on.

I appear to be bored of Doctor Who.

This is not a thing that should be possible, and is somewhat alarming.
... well, theoretically alarming, but mostly seems more just tiresome and blah.

I need to figure out what would be exciting. What would be interesting and engrossing and fun.
... having done cultural studies the list is never simple, but there has to be something.

It has to be something that invites me in and wants me there. That sounds basic but it's by no means guaranteed. And Doctor Who should give me that. The Doctor always wants new friends. He's standing in the TARDIS with the light spilling out and his hand out making an offer. All of time and space! Meet new people and mostly save them! And so many awesome women in this story!

Except the longer I'm here the more I see how we're treated, how we're always pushed aside and eventually kicked out, how we have to choose to follow his awesome life around and so very seldom get an awesome life of our own out of it.

My escapist fiction just keeps kicking me out of it. On purpose. Repeatedly.

And I know with Doctor Who specifically the only way to fix this, the proper only way, is for the Doctor to regenerate as a woman. After the scripts for the season have already been written, so nobody gets any bright ideas about everything or anything having to be different.

But there has to be other stories where we fly the damn ship.

I think I need to go look for those.
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They put a fanboy on the TARDIS.
He's socially inept, unathletic, and has an encyclopaedic and slightly trainspotter knowledge of the Doctor and his enemies. He walks in to the TARDIS uninvited and gets lost in it. And the Doctor gives him a sonic screwdriver and invites him along and shows him secrets.
What's the boy of Mary Sue again?
Done slightly differently that could work fine, like if he had a personality beyond vague anxiety and a desire to prove himself. It's just done like this he's the instant focus of the story for no particular reason, I don't know enough about him even at the end of the story to want to have spent that much time with him, and I don't find him me-like enough to treat it as a choose your own adventure.
So I was bored.

(Also you know that thing where woman with extensive training and skills suggests slightly rubbish man is in fact slightly rubbish and should consider another job? And then the story conspires to put him somewhere he can be all the cool, even when her skills would logically be more useful? Yeah, that thing.)

There was a seed of good stuff where both bad guys and this particular moment of the Doctor are all about improving the universe before they die, whatever it takes, but it stayed seedlike.

The whole plot is like a giant To Be Continued, plus a couple of characters speaking rhyming Shakesperean style, a couple of nazis and some bonus sexual assault (unwanted kissing, for which she kicks him hard, but still, creepy kissing ew).
I don't know what the point was and don't see me re-listening... ever.

Granted I am tired, slightly headachey, vaguely nauseous, and have suddenly gone off Ribena despite it usually being half of everything I drink, so that might be influencing my opinion, but, basically, blah.
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Big Finish Audios, Doctor Who monthly range, so far two 5th Doctor adventures with Tegan, Turlough, and Nyssa.

The Lady of Mercia ... did not excite me. Read more... )

Prisoners of Fate was pretty good, tying up a bit of an arc. Read more... )

So, story was okay, but could have been better, and the things that were irritating are the same old irritations.

Like gender stuff.


I realise that the only way to fix the structural problems with Doctor Who stories would be to cast the Doctor as a woman, but even without going that far, having a gender mixed team TARDIS can give you so many possibilities. Doing better is just a twitch of the keys away. So I'm tired and frustrated of it being merely okay ish. Like, yeah, it doesn't actually hate women, but is that really the best we can do? Do we have to mire them in plots about boyfriends, husbands, affairs, sons? Do their aspirations to power really have to mean they're crazy and going to die before the end? Is the new regime really going to be better off under some random bloke? I know what the stories always answer, and I am tired of it, even if it does feed women a line or two about not taking their husband's name and being real strong independent warrior womens now and how it's oh so sad that they fail at being Queen again again. There are stories to tell about successful Queens! But somehow they're not the ones we're watching.


We can do better.

... and if I cease being grumpy enough to point that out I just get tired of the tedium to the point I stop caring and stop watching/listening/reading, which is a whole different sort of boring and not to be hoped for neither.

To sum up: Nothing wrong with these stories, mostly. Just nothing particularly nice neither.
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there's an 8th Doctor offer going at Big Finish, extended until about 9am Tuesday GMT

8 and Lucie is where I started with the audios, they're a good jumping on place and much more linear than the main monthly range. And because of the audios 8 is my favourite Doctor. So if you've wondered about the audio adventures, this is a cheaper than usual way to find out.


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