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I like it.

I have now listened to series one, ending with the one with Paul McGann.

Now that was fun. And twisty.

Read more... ) All the best toys and some lovely angst. And River being both clever and criminal. What's not to love?

Read more... )

... also all the thematic baggage of being married to the Doctor bothers me much less when she's actually interacting with the Doctor, because a, then we get the Doctor, and b, then we get it underlined that a lot of his life involves being messed around and escaping from it too. They have a lot in common, like that.

Basically my only irritation with the set is I couldn't get the volume right, the theme music was loud and other bits were mumbly, but since I'm listening on a very cheap device that's almost certainly me anyway.

Many stars, plenty good, will order more like this soonest.
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I am listening to The Diary of River Song, the Big Finish Audio adventures.
They're proper adventures, with death defying danger and plots and so forth.
But I keep on tripping over the thing where the story thinks the important things about River thematically are that she's married and that she's been manipulated. And, like, yes, that's... that's a whole multi season Thing, I can see why they're picking it up from there. But it means it's about women's victimisation and struggle for agency, sort of in capital letters, even though she's just doing a bunch of stuff that would be perfectly reasonable for the Doctor.

... they warned us when we started the Cultural Studies degree, but did I listen? Noooo, I thought all the meta would make it more fun...

I look forwards to her swanning in to somewhere and nicking stuff and acting all in control. She has done some good bits of that but the whole backwards and in high heels theme is the fun bit of River Song.
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Soooo... that's messy. Warnings... Read more... )

Also, several strands of plot are about breaking into or out of quarantine.
Quarantine is serious business and the story shouldn't expect us to side with breaking quarantine.
And I cannot be having with the whole secretly evil vaccine plot at all.

Sooo... not liking any of the parts here.

Also, I remain puzzled who they think their audience is. Read more... ) Shippers aren't looking for that particular brand of angst, right? That's a bit much even for Torchwood.

Do they just not like Jack/Ianto? Then why focus on them?

Though to be fair things go equally poorly for everyone else too, albeit more briefly, including Gwen/Rhys.

But okay, actual specific thoughts: Read more... )

Okay, so, I found it unpleasant and wasn't entirely concentrating, but I still feel like it didn't quite stick together.

All the familiar characters got something to do but that something was quite a lot be ill and get shot. Also some running around and seeing things happen. The solving things part... well that needed the skills of Tosh and Owen, and got the skills of Jack and a random. Somewhat unsatisfying really.

Not that I'd want to put Tosh and Owen through this plot. Dark enough as was.

I feel a bit like I disliked it too much to review it fairly. Maybe it made perfectly good sense and I just didn't like the topic. But I disliked it quite a lot.

The bit in the middle did have a bunch of feels, relationship angst, Read more... )

This was not what I wanted from a story.

But I can't say dark is tonally inconsistent with canon.

Maybe I don't want Torchwood.
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Somewhere past the end of the great and bountiful human empire, lost in space, there is the Torchwood Archive. And it's having a theme week.

Someone arrives with an alien item and a whole lot of questions about Object One. They find holographic ghosts of the Torchwood we know, still being themselves, together after thousands of years. And they get a tour of Torchwood from the very beginning.

Trigger warnings for the usual: murder, murder of friends and family, suicide, homophobic violence, things being darker and twistier than they seem.

And it's in a whole lot of little sections. They weave together. But it felt to me like a lot more plot than character, just because there's so many characters there's hardly any time for each particular one. We learn lots of neat and interesting glimpses but it's not like we can hang around to have feels.

It gives lots of answers to long running plot arcs. What the little locket was that got opened on new year's eve of the new century. What's even up with the Committee. What would Toshiko even do if she managed to be happy for a couple of days.

Spoilers, though predictable: Read more... )

Okay story. Lots of neat bits. Interesting way to pass the time.

But whatever I'm looking for in my media consumption, this leaves me still looking.
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Well that was nothingy.
It's trying to be scary but there's nothing about it that makes it a Torchwood story.
It's just a spooky voice trying to get you to look at it. Except that's a stupid conceit for an audio play because you can't get the audience involved. There's never any danger we'll see something, so, no visceral involvement.
Read more... )

There's no point doing a scary thing isolates your character story unless it reveals things about your character. The Nightmare Man did a good scary thing. This might be any attempted spook story on the radio, but not a very competent one.

Don't bother.
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Hated it.
It's Suzie, so you know how it'll end, and then it doesn't do much very interesting on the way there.
And I know we're going to disagree with Suzie but still, the whole thing is judging what lives are worth the fight, and sod that.
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PC Andy saving the day as part of an assessment given by a ghost.

As with all the best Torchwood, both hilarious and dark. Humans doing the most messed up stuff for the most everyday reasons. And this human laughing while characters have really nasty stuff happen to them, because it feels like a hilarious run around when you can't actually see them die messy.

I continue to enjoy the Torchwood audios.
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Today mum helped me go to argos to take back the games thing that turned out to be boring
and while I was there I bought a £25 CD player 'boombox'
because I'm sure there's easier ways if I can figure out assorted whatsits but since I haven't I just want to play my CDs without the TV.
The sound quality is what you'd expect at the price
but it does indeed play CDs
so I am quite content.

Torchwood: Zone 10
is an interesting adventure for Toshiko Sato.
The other voices have 'Russian' accents and I had to work to hear them, which made them a bit boring.
Tosh is on her own for an adventure, and it's a bit about how she's given up everything for Torchwood.
I was a bit puzzled by her being allowed to go to Russia on her own for an adventure given how she was recruited to Torchwood, but okays.
I think I liked it okay but it never quite grabbed me.

And now the bin men are doing their thing outside, so I'll think of something with no audio to do while they're loud.
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I remain terrible at focusing on audios when I can't come up with something for my hands and eyes to do.
Maybe I should take up knitting again? I mean a twenty year break is a bit long, but, knotting can be pretty. But iirc I gave up because it hirt my hands and arms, so possibly not.

Um, actual story... there were a lot of elements I couldn't see why they were there, didn't add to the plot, did next to nothing thematically. I think the bit with the genius baby who really resents how long he was left to lie in the cot with an adult brain makes plenty of sense, but, it was all parts and pieces else. I was unimpressed. And there's whole characters who run around having absolutely no impact on the plot and waving around like weathervanes at each new change. I don't think it really worked.

But it's possible it would work better if I were more concentrating. *shrugs*
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6 and a new companion, a Leading Wren called Constance Clark.

I have rediscovered a technique for listening to entire audios at once: do something else with my hands. Find the right something is the trick. Today I went through old magazines about home decorating and tore out the bits I want to keep. I have a nice stack of stuff to get rid of now. Also in the middle I made a meal.

I think I liked this audio. It's about smart women, which is always a good start. But it's also about world war two, and I feel weirdly bruised on that whole era today. Like it's one giant flinch.

Still, codes and codebreaking and signals and spies and enemies and having to work together and a whole lot of running around. Quite the adventure. And they fixed things with thinking, which is yaay.

I definitely like Constance. She starts off by telling off the Doctor, which is as it should be, as far as I can see.

... I'm listening to these stories about brilliant and accomplished women saving the world, and I'm sitting at home in my pyjamas, again, still. If I can't find it inspiring or really identify, then I end up a bit :( and embarrassed about it.

Don't know what I'm really looking for lately, just end up dissatisfied with everything.

But I think it was a pretty good Doctor Who story.
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The cue cat scanner remains a very useful tool. So now all my new Big Finish Audios are in the LibraryThing. ... I have so many.

Terror of the Sontarans is interesting, with a whole we're not who we are riff but with an interestingly varied set of characters. Usually if it's called 'terror of' they just mean Sontarans are scary, but this one is more 'what actually scares sontarans'.

it's very pretty horror.

... audio, but the descriptions are proper eerie.

I like it plenty, but it feels like it has far less of Mel and the Doctor than usual.
... actually that might be why I like it.

but I'm typing to try and stay focused - vaguely regretting splitting my concentration, because it's being interesting - but this way I stay awake.

and part three of four just finished.

I'm really not very good at listening to audios when I've got nothing else to do.

so I'm not really concentrating as i would like

and I liked this story better when it was creepy spooky. this part is more fighty.

the ending wasn't my favourite. but it was okay. ish.

... in retrospect I like the ending of the previous one better. more making friends.

it was a spooky interesting story that built up to a standardised ending that was a solution the sontarans could and did come up with without the doctor. not quite the right shape.

but good bits before then.
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I am not good at listening to audios when I'm sitting at home. I nearly fell asleep in the middle. Also I ate six biscuits, which was three more than I intended to eat, but still less than a packet, so that's okay.

... as you may guess, I was not enthused by this story.

I'm feeling a bit blah about Doctor Who lately, which let me tell you is deeply weird. I mean, it's Doctor Who. It's a foundation text. There is Doctor Who for every mood and all occasions.

... but I'm not feeling it.

... weird.

So, this one was about an orbital warehouse and the planet that worships it while waiting for delivery. It could have been funnier. It did a few things, but I kept distracting myself trying to make it funnier in my head. Retail and online delivery gives so much mileage. What would a civilisation built around Loyalty Cards really be like? But it most ran around the warehouse avoiding rodents and traps until they all stumbled into their corner of the real mystery.

I can't tell if the story was a bit blah or I was. I gave it three stars out of five on librarything on the theory it was ordinary and I'm in a demanding mood.

7 and Mel is also not a team that gives me feels though.

Also, in an attempt to not fall asleep in the recliner before the adventure was over, I rearranged the drawers in the CD cabinets so there's room for the new big finish. But I very small bammed my head on the corner and made one unit top heavy and only realised when I sat down to type this that I still haven't put them in Library Thing but I have now muddled up the cataloged and uncataloged boxes.

tiny annoyances.

I know if anyone actually reads these as reviews they're not here to read about my tiny annoyances, but my point is, I think my review is more about the bumps and snoozes than about the story itself.

shall do better later, I expect.
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Not a subtle allegory, but with that title you wouldn't expect subtlety.
Just a story about the dangers of fascism, set in the 80s, which ends with a woman as prime minister... of the Daleks.

The Daleks brainwash people through broadcasts and video games, until humans run drone warfare for fun.
Except some people don't need brainwashed, they just reckon if the Daleks are going to trash the planet anyway, might as well sign up to lord it over the rest of the slaves and be killed last.

You know, in some moods this would be funny.
Parodic exaggeration would be funny.
And then you get to hear it all blow up at the end.

I find it rather more depressing when they defeat the Daleks by making them too Dalek to live, rather than by making them too human to survive other Daleks. I mean either way they all die, but watching hate blow itself up is darker.

... listening. because audio. but audio does have the best fx.

I have decided to listen to Doctor Who and do exercise. I been set some lower back exercises today and told I should make a routine. Routine is always easier with incentive, so, Doctor Who audios.

And I have so very many still to get through before I'm caught up even.

So I just need to clear the front room enough to have some floor space and learn some exercises to do...
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Listened to Big Finish Audio: The Defectors
Didn't much like it
but my opinion of it may have been influenced by me trying to listen to it on the new computer and finding it acting up cranky if I try to listen and look at the web at the same time
so then I was poking settings wondering what up with that
and wondering if I need to use one of the other bits of software
and just generally getting cranky at things not staying the same forever.

But still, I once again have a setup that lets me listen to Big Finish without cracking open the CD case and turning on at least two big whatsits in the living room. Tablet in bed is much superior.

(Don't say my phone should have been able, I'm aware of the should, I just found buying a whole new device worked better than continuing to poke the phone to try and make it do the thing.)

My new headphones are not so much a success though. I mean, they're from poundland and I didn't expect success, but I spent half the time wondering if I'd gone deaf in my right ear, and the other half realising the pads were really itchy.

... add all that together and I really shouldn't express an opinion on the quality of what I was listening to.

... but I have in the past got annoyed with similar gimmicks, because if the Clue is that people are not acting like people, they actually just spend several episodes being really badly written people. Boooooooring.
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Is kind of annoying to hear an audio and then hear the extras where they're all proud they did their research and really listened to the rhythms of Sioux speech in old recordings and
I'm just sitting there thinking they could
voice actor.

Except it's Big Finish and their budget is ... well, impressive for audio, given that they have plural actors in a story and they're still here making them a couple hundred audios in the main range later. But not impressive.

Representation in big budget Hollywood is easy argue, they have all the money, they should use it appropriately. The smaller the budget gets the more it seems somewhat futile to point out. And yet, going around using bits of people's cultures, including sacred rituals, to make a silly science fiction adventure, could be sort of a Thing.

Enjoyment of that particular Doctor Who adventure got tangled in vague grumpy.

Wasn't particularly impressed anyway, didn't seem to have a very strong character basis or tie the characters and their fates into the plot or really unify the theme. It would have been very much the same with any Doctor and Companion team.

Says I feeling grumpy.

I spent the day trying to think of something useful to do and ended up listening to Doctor Who because I'd tried staring at the ceiling for quite long enough already. Possibly I was not in the best mood to give it my full attention. So I'll leave the name off and just grump vaguely instead.
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Hard science fiction with orbital mechanics and oxygen supplies key to how things work out when a bit of space junk turns out to be alien technology. But also a love story between an Indian Prince and a slave girl. And a politics story about how the British deal with India. Nicely layered.

There's plenty of women in the story, British and Indian, and they all do useful things sometimes and unhelpful things other times and make the story go.

I gave it 4/5 but honestly it lost a star because I don't like Flip much and 6 is my least favourite Doctor. But they've got proper running around saving things going on here.
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Today I listened to 1.04 One Rule, 1.05 Uncanny Valley, and 1.06 More than This.

1.04 and 1.05 were solid in their ways, though two dead gay guys in a row is not really what I was hoping for, even knowing the source text. Writing gay people and killing gay people do not have to be the same thing. Except for when your stories are so economical with their characters that everybody gets killed at least once. At that point things get depressing.

1.06 needs trigger warning for suicide, and yet ended on that grey morning sort of hope that Torchwood does best. Of the three it was clearly the best. And I loved the setup, that Torchwood needs planning permission so they need to explain to the planning guy exactly what Torchwood does. After that it's a lot of running around Cardiff and just when you think it's a romp it goes all serious in the exactly right degree. And then after the end music, the last funny. It's the mix of tones and the SF in the everyday that Torchwood does best. So I liked it best.

1.04 did its share of running around Cardiff too, but the cover character is pretty definitely a bad guy, so it does not turn out well for anyone. Vivid characters, well drawn, rather dark.

1.05 I keep turning over to try and decide what I think of it. For a start the cover seems misleading, since it's not quite what's inside, but there's angles where it's commentary instead, which is a bit interesting. Read more... ) a very Torchwood story that I don't really see any other show doing in quite this way. It's doing some very SF stuff that make the layers where it ties in to the Torchwood arc seem a bit of a distraction from the interesting bits, yet they make sense in the plot.

And Jack being Jack he's going to get dead so he can do his party trick, that's kind of what he's for.

... but I still can't like stories where everyone is queer and dead. That's just...

So Uncanny Valley mostly just bothers me.

But it's a proper story that uses all of its parts effectively in both an SF and Torchwood way.

More Than This is better.

But having listened to the whole first season now, Fall to Earth is best, and not just because Ianto. Though also because Ianto.

I'll happily get the next season of Big Finish Torchwood audios.

... but I'll be careful about my mood before listening to them, because they do get dark.
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Wonder of wonders, an actual Doctor Who story. 8 and Charley and C'rizz, but nothing awful or objectionable, just an adventure. Read more... )

An 8 and Charley story where the most I can complain of is a probable Bechdel fail is quite a surprise.

That story was a Doctor Who story and pretty okay and had lots of bits I liked.
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Trigger warnings for passing mentions of suicide, domestic abuse, and just a whole lot of ick.
More mind control stuff, since as it turns out being mind controlled is C'rizz's distinguishing characteristic.
Read more... )

this one wrapped up a whole series of annoying plots in a basically not-annoying way, and was probably pretty good, if Charley didn't irritate me so much.

But I do prefer stories where women have roles beyond screaming, dying, flirting and getting jealous.
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Out of character again, but this time the Doctor is split into three aspects of himself, so it's more like he's in all his character at once. Like, he can respond to situations in multiple equally in character ways, just different moods. And it's very centered on the Doctor, since he's three times as much as usual and has conversations with himself. Character exploration, fun settings, nothing particularly unpleasant happens to Charley though she doesn't do anything particular either. I actually like this one.

... one third of the Doctor is nicknamed Tigger and another Eeyore, what's not to like?
I even like the ways they make him surprising, and surprisingly dark. He's got range, and he's always holding parts of himself back, so when the parts aren't even there any more... good story.

More like this, less like... all the others.

(Unsatisfying ending though, in that it just sort of ends. But I was expecting more parts, and I'll be listening to the next adventure right away. Which I guess is a win as far as the audios figure.)
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This one was going so well. No mind control, no forced marriages, and while Charley got paralysed from the neck down straight away this is an audio so it didn't actually stop her having an actually larger than usual role.
And then, 'mercy killing' reared its ugly head again. Ablist arseholes. TW for suicide technically, since it's Charley suggesting it.
(Oh, I kept listening, actually TW for actual suicide. And I do mean main characters. I should label these damn things.)
Read more... )

I'm realising it's not just that I dislike Charley, I very strongly and actively dislike almost every story I've heard her in.

Why did I keep buying them if they're like this?
... aside from the subscription thing meaning there's months/years between them and they alternate with other Doctors.

Maybe I'm just angry about different things these days.

>:-( to the lot of them.
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Things the Doctor should never say: Read more... )

If I ignore all the things from previous stories that have been winding me up consistently and still weren't helpful here, I quite liked this one. That's a really qualified if though.
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Once again, everyone is mind controlled and deliberately out of character.
... at this point, out of character is their character.
It's tedious and ridiculous.

The actual plot? Read more... )

I've listened to so much of 8 and Charley in a row now, and I'm kind of wondering if the ones writing/making it ever did that, because it's really repetitive. I can't even remember the title on the next story but I'm going to put in a bet that mind control will once again crop up, maybe with a bit of amnesia and possibly a side order of forced marriage. Charley has no agency, and barely any personality, and it's pissing me off.

... possibly I should stop listening then...
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Shall we keep count of recurring features?
Everyone amnesiac / deliberately out of character? Check.
Mind controlled forced marriage? Check and check, two different mind controls and two different husbands, plus added unwanted sexual contact from a third person!
I'm only on part 18/28 but I'm honestly at a loss as to why I'd want to keep listening.
... well okay, I'd listen to Paul McGann read the phone book, I should just admit that.
But seriously, these stories have Issues, ugly issues that keep putting Charley in ugly situations.
(many parts later)
oh hey, twist ending I'd forgotten, none of them were really them!
sheesh, the point was?
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After several stories with Charley mind controlled into marriage, this one moves on to mind controlled into forced breeding, and also being turned into a giant bug queen.

I'd be disgusted but I'm too tired.

Read more... )

But the story treated the whole thing as something that happened to C'rizz and the Doctor. Their women were hurt, so the story followed the men around as they had bad feelings and fought to 'free' or save them.

I am so epically sick of that.

And if the most important thing to know about the new character, the way to introduce him, is to tell this story? I don't want to know him at all.


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