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All components of Cleaner Day have happened, including dishwasher and one laundry so far, but not my half of the vaccum cleanering because I still don't have a new plug board.

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Nice clean house and laundry working nicely.
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Cleaner day has happened successfully, yaay.
First load of laundry has washed and is now drying.
Dishwasher is washing same load for second time, because it's a bit rubbish, which is why I'm waiting on stock to arrive so I can get a replacement.

Person who made an appointment last week did not turn up.
They are now more than 90 minutes late.
If they turn up late I will tell them to go away and make an appointment.

To do the vacuum cleaning I need to either unplug the lights or buy a new plug board that doesn't flicker.
... to avoid doing the vacuum cleaning I will do much more than plan to buy plug boards, so...
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Cleaner Day continues well
with slight block where the dishwasher isn't being replaced until Friday
so basically every plate and knife and cup I own is having to wait its turn.

Everywhere else shall be clean, so, that'll do.

I think I've followed too many tumblrs again, because I spend too many hours mindlessly paging through roughly the same content a bazillion times.
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There is so much stuff I've accumulated, and I could choose any of it.
Pretty cool.
But then I just kind of sit here and read the internet and feel blank.

which is a much nicer problem to have than the problems of earlier years, where i was blank with far emptier walls to stare at.

ah well. vacuum cleanering done for the day, i'll go decide what to do.
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If you take blue tac off the walls at least a decade and probably two after you put it up, things go poorly. Messes left on, paint taken off. Younger me had an approach to decorating that older me needs to repair a little.

But! I cleaned the windows!

... by all evidence it has been a while. since my usual approach to the things that lead Outside is to cover them over as heavily as possible, sometimes with bits of wood, I suspect I have not often touched that glass.

Five in the morning seemed like a good time to work on it though. Minimal humans. I expected none humans, but there was one, in clothes with words on of the sort that probably means going to work. I am glad I don't have that sort of work, many plenty early. Hope they're a person who likes early.

But now my window is clean and the handles are clean and the frame is... as clean as it's getting... which actually applies to the glass too, I know, and it'll dry streaky cause I only have the one sort of wipes to work with... but, basically, clean!

This burst of activity brought to you by realising I'm going to have to hire someone to put the curtain rail up, and that means they'll see the state of things in there.

... I'll do the window sill just as soon as i figure where else to put the tool boxes, even for a short while...

step by step, things get done.
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Steady progress today: ornaments cleaned and moved away from two whole shelves, with inroads made on the other three. Three items moved to the 'probably for charity' area. Half a dozen gone to the bedroom, waiting for me to be able to access the blue boxes, to go into long term storage. Many items I don't want to get rid of but no longer feel the need to display in my living room. Like my teeth.

... the teeth have been on the shelf behind the piano for an unknown length of time, and were somewhat of a surprise to me when I moved the B5 postcards out of the way and found them. They're the cast the dentist did to figure out the whole tooth brace situation when I was like 12, and I think possibly the teeth he removed too. I'm not going to unwrap that bit to check...

But I feel that next to the dining table is a bit too quirky a display place for them even for me.

I mean maybe if it's a whole skull of something, but teeth just kind of grin at you.

I have been wiping the dust off things quite carefully and it's amazing how many things are not in fact grey. I mean I know Gandalf is more of a Radagast, but it's only evident when I reach the shelves regular enough.

I think I have to call it a day now because there might be many shiny things left but I've reached the point where I'm not touching things with my actual hands but I still have to go wash my hands after every item. If I don't want to end up in full on Everything Is Dirty freak out, time to change activities.

... this is why I have a cleaner.

I need to remember to wear my glasses in the house more often. Many things here are pretty, if I can actually see them.

I also rediscovered the checklist I made of which copies of Analog I have. There's not quite 25 years of them, starting in 1970 except for a handful of earlier issues. And they're a Collection now, so even if I never get around to reading one again, I'll keep them on their shelves together in order for the forseeable. But with the new shelves I'll have room for the new issues too :-)

Steady progress got me this far, and I've very nearly swapped out everything as needs swapping, which was pretty much everything at all. Things are more good now and very much less broken. Pretty big win.
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I like dancing even though I'm really not very good at it.
I didn't remember the new dance, and there's a bit on the middle where even if I do remember my feet don't do the things, but I have a lot of fun anyway.
Also my back no longer hurts, pretty much, and I can do dancing for the whole length of the lesson with no extra sitting downs.


Shopping was also excellent. ASDA had twenty four juices again so now I have Many and shopping there is optional for ages. Sainsburys had the nice foods as usual, except for my breakfast teacakes, those were empty so I got a dofferent sort that might not be correct. Shall see.


I am in a plenty good mood.
Meditating and dancing seems to work pretty good.

Also I did a ton of laundry today and it mostly worked as intended. One set of drying did not in fact dry; I think it needs to cool down before the sensor knows what it's meant to do. But that set is in the dryer again now so with any luck it should work.

I don't think the laundry smells the same though, even though we made the packets match quite carefully. I dislike when things just get changes and there's no options about it.

I did laundry all afternoon while I also slept, so I woke up and changed the settings or took stuff out and put stuff in and then went back to sleep. Efficient ;-)

Pretty good day.
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My mum visited and helped with assembling the table.
Now I have a folding table with pretty shape legs.
I have this table

Also I did vacuum cleaning, even around the edges where the shelves used to be and it was Maximum Dust. And I tidied things away so there is just floor where floor should be. And I put the rug back down so now there is a pretty star rug and my new fold out table and nice chairs and a table cloth for xmas which is paper but has gold stars on it. Right now it is only a bit unfolded so it is a table runner on the skinny folded away table. It has the big red plate from last xmas in the middle. The big red plate is mostly for rolling dice without losing them but it's also festive.

And mum bought me a new tiny tree, and some lights. It is up on top of my bookshelves so it is Tallest Tree. Also the wooden snake is up there so I got out the red apple ornament. ... because wrong tree is funny? ... my sense of humour is peculiar.

Things look like I planned they would and I am plenty excited :-D

... I remember when I used to feel this way mostly about xmas presents, but now a new table and things actually fitting seems more useful.

Also today is was Cleaner Day. Because mum hears Cleaner Day and thinks great she'll be home all day, not oh she'll be busy doing cleaner day things. But I did the things so now all is clean also.

Maximum achievement!

... now I'm going back to bed or at least letting my back have a rest all the rest of the days to xmas. I have lifted almost every book in the last couple days. That is many hundreds books.

Time for a rest.
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today I woke up at 1235 and sprung out of bed in an instant, having realised I forgot to set my alarm for Cleaner Day.
this is apparently a recipe for feeling exhausted blergh and dizzy.
dizzy is annoying so now I'm sitting down and having a juice drink and the cleaner is doing the cleaner jobs.

I need more swing bin liners as well as more bathroom cleaner spray. I'm on the wrong device to write that down in the right place.

The new new loo seat is here and so far it is probably not broken. Only probably though because unwrapping it to check is a task I have had to sit down and undizzy instead twice.

... I don't know what job the government think I could get fit for, this is a pretty average week and I've had chaotic sleep patterns and am now failing at Cleaner Day even though my half is easy.

I mean this is why I wait until the cleaner is here to attempt task, because alone doesn't work.

I'd be a shining help in the workplace, clearly.

... but I'm in the support group so thus far even the government do in fact know I'm useless so I should stop worrying.


So far we have successfully replaced the bag in the vacuum cleaner. I don't know if the old one was in there the right way round, that could explain the weird noises. It seems correct now.

Cleaner is much more efficient than me and has taken out the bins and cleaned the kitchen while I was typing all this.

I dreamed I was a lab tech back in my old high school, but only for one specific teacher because clearly I couldn't keep up with all of them. Then I really realised my degree was in English and went off to be a monk instead. But the monks were some sort of evil hive mind. So then I was just wandering around dodgy places, which were the usual places but after dark so of course they are suddenly dodgy. I had decided to get an unwise impulse buy tattoo and was looking through books for a decent dragon when I woke up.

Awake I remember I wanted a dragon that looks like the one 'Tosh' painted on the wall at Torchwood, but haven't got it because I haven't even been to Wales so getting their flag dragon is a bit daft, and also because I consistently chicken out of getting tattoos even when I've wanted the same designs for twenty years (seal of rasillon left shoulder, stargate dial home left forearm, great big tree on my back. though sometimes I dither and think maybe not an oak tree? but probably an oak tree since I always go back to that.)

I like the ink I've got but i increasingly dislike that I never get around to getting the rest.

also right arm is short of plans for ink because left is input and right is output and thus far I done nothing. bit of a problem. though when I do do anything I'll have to be sure it has some decent abstract symbols to become ink.

I also have been thinking of getting a tattoo of them swirlies around the stairs at the orpheum in vancouver. you've seen them bunches but probably weren't paying attention. they've been in episodes in my fandoms from highlander to flash. also they're pretty. hasn't the half of things filmed there.

... interruption because the new new loo seat fell apart as it was neing attached, because as it turns out the hinges weren't stuck to the seat. So I phoned the deliveries place again.

I could maybe fix it with superglue but I do not have superglue and also that is not the point.

two of the thing both busted. no sparkle loo seat for me.

also I had to use the phone and also phone back after it cut off which was weird.
bleegh, today is not best.
and I didn't get stuff delivered so I have no apple things to make up for it. that plan may be efficient but it's not very interesting.

but the vacuum cleaner appears to work, so, there's that?
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So it is cleaner day and now there is a new different cleaner person and I must let them in my house and entrust them with the cleanering.
Even though this far they are a person who cannot find the back of the folder... Read more... )

okay now she is all done bye bye.

She did not get a cookie.

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Despite today feeling really steamrollered
I have done two
loads of laundry
with the dryer and everything.

The dryer still makes it hot and damp rather than actually dry, but I feel I should get points for effort.

that, monday tasks, and vegetable soup counts as functioning like a grownup.
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It is cleaner day.
it is still not the usual cleaner.

why when you say the rule is 'do not cross the line in the hall' do people think the rule is anything other than 'do not cross the line in the hall'. I said the rule, the rule is still not followed.

Also I rather thought 'do not walk straight into the clean laundry thus rendering it not-clean' was a universal rule and went without saying, but noooooo.

On the plus side the new mattress has arrived and now the only thing between me and a good night's sleep is needing to get the bed base repaired. Progress!

On the minus side I did not need a delivery today so I don't have apple things to eat. Boo.
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I had a bath
took the sheets off the bed
did two loads of laundry
and ran the dishwasher twice, with a bit of poking around in it in between. it needed some stuff refilled and other stuff emptied out. I think I'll run one of the cleaner blocks through it once it is done with this load.

later today I shall excavate the hall cupboard (currently behind three bags of books, one box of books, and a whole stack of clothes for donation) in order to get new sheets for the bed. because actually putting things away means actually getting them out again later.

I keep reminding myself I'm making steady progress, but it do keep being very hard to notice.
Or sort of inconvenient. Getting rid of the bed has been on the list for ages, but the slight hitch in the schedule about getting a new bed has made it seem less of an achievement.

Also, I need to do something about the living room curtains so they actually help the temperature do the right thing. I hadn't considered that until I was sleeping right under them. Brrr.

Cleaner has also been and gone, so all in all, pretty good day so far.
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Mum did visit and now I have a new (to me) chair. It's too small for my giant behind but my relatives can sit on it fine and have been for most of my life. Also it coordinates with the new furniture I intend to get, without it being matching exactly. Also it is light and easy to move around. Also it will stay still when I use it to lean on, unlike every other chair I currently own. The piano stool tips and the computer chair is on wheels.

Mum helped clear the area around and under teh old bed, ready for people to take the bed away. The mattress is on the floor in the front room until the new stuff arrives. It would help if the take things away people had contacted me again, but I won't worry about that until tomorrow.

My back still hurts so not having to climb up steps and clamber in and out of the old cabin bed will be a great improvement. I hope. Also I can put movies on and watch them lying down if I want to. Probably, I haven't checked the sightlines yet.

useful and productive and with chatting

and tomorrow even more relatives and get rid of even more things

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Yesterday I bought a vacuum cleaner and mum carried it home from Argos with me. ... Argos was unusually difficult and I spent like 3 hours obsessing on where I made the error but that's all done now and clearly at some point I will stop thinking about it. ... I was so distracted I made pasta-and-sauce but opened sauce twice so there was too much sauce and I just threw the extra away which is wasteful.

Today I did vacuum cleaning :-)
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I don't have anything interesting to write but I do have a stack of vague nervous so I'm typing.

Vacuum cleaners. Difficult.

Okay, I'll go back to clicking around the internet instead.
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Today mum helped me take things to the recycle place. which was simples, it's very well organised and the taxi knew where stuff went. So I got rid of many electricals things and so did mum a couple things.

then we went to Morrisons to replenish my taxi money at the cash point and I found my magazine was in, so we sat at home and chatted about furniture and I fed mum pasta and pesto.

that might not sound like it takes up a whole day yet it did.

but we're getting much sorting out and throwing away done.

Also I made so many points on the HabitRPG today because the throw things away thing had been on the list for loooooooong long long. I got a new level and hundreds of points. big win.

... game points are surprisingly motivating/rewarding.

I cataloged my latest doctor who subscription with the cuecat scanner, but trying the same thing on DVDs still didn't work right. It couldn't find it on amazon uk and when it did find it on it had [import] right there in the title. So still the DVDs will have to go in a bit more laboriously, therefore they'll still be pretty much unlikely to get done at all.

Today pretty useful though.
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I know I have announced this several times now but today I have absolutely, positively, definitely been through every single bag, box, and stack of paper in the house... except the ones I know are 90s plot bunnies, come to think... *sigh*

Okay, so basically and counting only things I think I'll need to throw away, I have been through every bit of paper in the house, and sorted it into keep and throw away.

There is a lot of throw away. I have a stack of stuff to shred that's about a foot tall right now. Many pages.

But the stuff to keep all fits in the filing cabinet as intended, with space to grow on even.

So I win at paperwork.

*party squeaker goes fweeee*



Sep. 22nd, 2015 07:44 pm
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Not only do the shelves fit where I wanted to put them, I have refilled them with Fortean Times, this time in chronological order all the way through to the end of my collection.
That's two full shelves, that is.
There's still a few gaps. Since I had a subscription I either accidentally threw away some FT or got cheated. For peace of mind I'll assume the missing issues are away with the fairies and move on.

There's also room on the shelves for the overflow from the Doctor Who shelves. Nice neat height fit and all.

So now there's the top half of the shelves still empty, and I have to decide if I'm reshelving New Scientist and the 90s cult TV stuff or ... not.

Some of the TV stuff I'm putting where the FT used to be next to my White Dwarf collection. ... I know, there's absolutely no reason to keep them, but I've kept them this long so they're kind of a fixture now.

The only drawback to today is that now I'm dusty, itchy, sweaty, and needing a bath, and today is supposed to be about clean.

And I still haven't done the vacuum cleanering.

At this point I may have to put it off until tomorrow, I'm proper worn out.
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I have achieved both Cleaner Day preparation and more of Late Sunday.
I used the vacuum cleaner like a grown up.

Also I chose a file box for the Vortex magazines that come with Big Finish Audios so now they're in a box not a heap.

Plus I sorted some of the magazines and so forth I had stacked on top of the bookshelves.
Is anyone anywhere going to be interested in a bunch of mid 90s New Scientist?
I'm keeping the Fortean Times because weirdness stays weird, but I suspect science doesn't necessarily stay science?

I got out all the old Open University stuff I still have around. I have a whole stack of 20 year old Foundation Science books. Are they going to be useful or counterproductive?

... they are going to be dusty, is what they are.

I need to make pictures of the posters and postcards and miscellaneous fan stuff that I no longer want. That's pretty much exclusively X Files stuff, that being the only fandom I ever truly fell out of. Also there's some random 90s posters, mostly scavenged from the video rental place. And the one with the big black cat. It's a bit tatty and repaired, but since the repairs are about 20 years old now, that makes it even more vintage! ... omg, some day people will indeed be collecting the 90s because vintage. Have we reached that day yet? Wow, age...

Today has been productive. :-)
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My computer is in Norwich.
I am puzzled. I phoned the Dereham shop who said they'd send someone to pick it up, and an appropriately marked car did turn up. But now it is in the same company's shop but in Norwich.

On the plus side, they said it needs new RAM and the problem was the RAM had broke and that can be fixed for £35. Phew. *xfingers*

they did say something about delivery charges, which have never been mentioned before, but hey, computer is in Norwich, guess it has to get back here somehow...

still. I had plans for that money. I really hope the computer works a long time now.

I also plan to buy something proper new. I wanted a new laptop but the people I contacted to ask about buy one didn't contact me back. So I need a new plan for a new laptop.

I did some more tidying and dusting today, and washed the mugs from on top of the piano, or at least rinsed the majority of the dust off them. I put the little shelf thing somewhere I can actually use it and put the library books on it. So they're no longer sitting on top of the collection of computerish parts I need to get someone to look at and probably get rid of.

I also finally remembered to empty the washing machine. I had to run it again first because I'm pretty sure the wet laundry has been in there since Tuesday, which got a good start but went rather less well by the end. But now laundry is all put away and hung up as appropriate.

progress all round.

It just feels rather a lot like sitting in my flat being stuck here and wondering when I'll manage to change any of it.
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I went to the dentist. On my own. When it was only scheduled yesterday and I knew there would be needles and drills involved.
I win.

The bus started before my bus pass starts, so it cost £2. I caught it in the middle of town for once and so found it does indeed go right past my house, which could in theory simple things up in future, except that stop doesn't mention that bus on the sign.

The filling had indeed come out, and now it is back. Well, a new one is back doing the same function as the old one. My mouth is still a bit numb but not too bad. They gave me an injection and then sent me back to the waiting room for ten minutes while it worked and saw someone else in between. That was efficient. And then they fixed the filling and I remembered not to bite the dentist. I think my mouth is okay now.

On the way home I sat on the top deck of the bus and the branches went BAM and that was a bit not fun. But there is a probable farm called Barton House, so that's amusing.
I walked back from the bus stop in the market place because I wanted a shiny thing. I explored a shiny things shop and bought a present for mum, because shiny.

Then I had a bath, because blergh, dentist.

Now I have... Maybe a quarter hour before the cleaner gets here, and I have not really started on Cleaner Day. But that is permitted because the unusual thing was higher priority.

So, onwards.
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Today was Cleaner Day, which is always tricky, but I did all my half the jobs. Including vacuum cleaning *hiss*

The cleaner was not the usual person but they seem to have done the job just fine anyways. Which is nice.

Mum was here, Read more... )

But I did all the Tuesday jobs and some things that have been on the to-do list since last week and some other things that have been on the to-do list since months and months.

So that was a pretty good (and exhausting) day.
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Something in the reds wash epically leaks dye.
Which would be why there was a reds wash.
But I put the towel of ever changing colour in with it - it started out peach, went purple, then kind of grey - and now it is very definitely pink.

Three t-shirts to do with Clan Denial, one red robe with a star on it, and a very goth skirt that was so tight I'm unlikely to ever wear it again but looked so good I'm reluctant to part with it. Oh, and a waistcoat that never did actually fit but I wore as part of my first cosplay at my first convention. I blame the t-shirts, but don't actually know for sure.

It is currently washing one single hat, because the hand wash in cold water separately stuff tends to really mean it and all of it is more interesting colors than it would be mixed together. I don't expect the hat to come out being awesome, but it has been waiting to get adequately clean for six months, so this is its last chance. Laundry is hard.
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big loud noise that fills up the world
stupid heavy bit that's supposed to go along the ground but never does so then there's carrying
lots of bending over because I haven't got the hang of making it longer and also never remember to try.
hair all in face.
stupid hot bits that may or may not be too hot
air blowing on your legs that is only very probably not made of dust you were trying to get rid of.

stupid vacuum cleaners.
only thing worse is not cleaning.
... okay, no, lots of things worse, but in category household tasks.
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I need to think of a way to reward myself for doing the vacuum cleaning.
The HabitRPG game has many good points, but you need to think of your own rewards. Or else the gold stacks up, and up, and up. So I currently have 23251 golds, and if there was any way to translate that into real world golds would have far fewer problems.

I did lots of little things today. Read more... )

I'll do the vacuuming in a minute, I just want to sulk about it first.

There's a gif set I just reblogged on tumblr that's from DS9 about claustrophobia and how brave it is to face your fears. And that's cool, but he's being all heroic and trying to escape an unusual situation. It doesn't feel terribly brave to face your fears when you fear the sodding vacuum cleaner. I mean, that's just vaguely humiliating on a weekly basis. stupid loud annoying thing. don't even know why it makes me want to hide behind the chairs. probably I was a cat in a former life.

it would be handy if I could face my fears of the place where the bins are, but the thing is it's an entirely rational fear Read more... )

Right, one hour to do my half of Cleaner Day, mostly not achieved yet, time to do the stupid vacuuming.

ETA: half an hour, my half of Cleaner Day achieved. really, it's annoying how much build up it takes to do so little.
it's also annoying I end up carrying the vacuum cleaner because it doesn't pull along otherwise. possibly it is not best tool for the task?
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Cleaner Day got postponed yesterday by the company, and today it was an unusual person.

The bath is full of foam, as is the loo, which is interesting because the chemicals for those different purposes are not the same and could not do that in the loo if they used the loo chemistry.
The other stuff smells better anyway.
But, full of foam. Not clean.

There is one box of matches on the carpet and one on the back of the toilet, on the tank, very wet. I... think I can see a story in that, and it is one that does not lead me to want to touch the one on the back of the loo.

The kitchen worktops are clearly just as crumb covered as they were to start with.
I don't know if they touched the microwave, but if they did I need to redo it.

I don't know what the cleaner did, but I don't think they did it correctly.

But! The rubbish went out to the bins. ALL the rubbish. All the recycling and more bits of paper and all the rubbish all of it.

So I am happy dance anyway. More or less.

They did not take the cookies. I offered fortune cookies because that is A LOT of rubbish. I started out by saying that if they didn't want to take it all that would be entirely reasonable. But it is all taken out all done all gone. Yaay.

... I just now don't know what chemicals are on what surfaces in my kitchen and bathroom. So, you know, that... that's awkward.


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