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This one says DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH across the top, and also Volume One, which apparently means it just sort of stops when things are getting ominous.

But the magic words on the cover were Ted Kord.

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I won't say I'm hooked, but this is an angle that could work, and what with everyone being more alive than when I quit reading there's all sorts of possibility in it.

But comics are so sloooooow. I don't know if volume two even exists yet, and if it did it would be more likely to put characters further up a tree than to resolve bits yet.

Also, still won't be primarily about Ted.

And never has been about his obvious partnership.


I may read the next bit but may also be tempermentally unsuited to reading an art form that's pretty much the world's longest and most complex WIP.
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Because I wanted to change where things were shelved I just reread some of my graphic novels
and then deleted them off librarything ready to sell.
(I realise this way lies rebuying things I actually hated, but I didn't think to make a collection for deleted things and can't be bothered to start now).

The thing that surprised me was finding how many stars I'd given them in 2009.
Like, League if Extraordinary Gentlemen was four stars?
But with that conceit there's so many better ways they could have taken it.
Instead everything is messy death and sexual assault and it's boring.

The Batman books where he's actually a vampire aren't much interesting either. It's all gross body parts and internal organs, and a sexy lady who dies tragic to inspire him. Soooooooo bored.

Arkham Asylum I'm just kind of done with. I mean, I can see it has good aspects, I'm just... not interested.

The one with three halloween specials in wasn't bad or anything, it just wasn't especially good, and someone else may appreciate it more. Also, if a story has Barbara Gordon, I don't particularly need it to be about her being kidnapped by a madman. Mad Hatter isn't very interesting.

And I'm kind of fed up of Batman beating up on mentally ill people while being sad about his mum and dad and wondering if he is crazy. I mean, that story is done, I have read that story, and now I realise the whole longbox full of that story is just... unappealing.

The only one I actually kept so far has Tim as Robin. Also it is about Batman choosing justice instead of letting the Joker be executed, so that's proper Batman that is. 'I don't have to save you' can go hang. I liked how everyone else was all wtf saving joker but Tim totally got it. Batman has a family and they get him.

That was what was missing from all the others. Lone dark knight gets all screwed up, he needs a Robin.

Next up I get to decide if I need to reread Watchmen when I know both that I'm keeping it and that after... everything, after years and all the wrong lessons and the reader me changing, it won't be Watchmen. Not like reading it the first time.
Think I'm going to read it and hope it matures instead of going skinny.
Don't know yet though.
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This is shiny. I am probably going to give it five stars on LibraryThing.
It's just it's also confusing, or not confusing because comics so you just give up on canon that doesn't fit.

It's Agents of SHIELD Coulson, company many since after college, leading a team including May and FitzSimmons, doing a bit of a tour of 616 and showing how he and his fit in there.

His secret superpower is being an epic fanboy. The kind of fanboy who knows exactly how x could defeat y. He has them all memorised and can figure how to use diferent power sets, hero or villain, on an instant. And as a senior agent of SHIELD he can pull them all in on short notice to get things done, and they know and often like him. Like, he plays poker with Avengers, and wins. Everyone's friend and walking database full of clever tricks.
Obviously I can see the appeal of this setup.

The problem is I just finished reading Secret Avengers, which already has a 616 Phil Coulson, and he's an entirely different guy. Cheese, a Ranger in Afghanistan with best friend Marcus, joined SHIELD kind of later in life. Different history, different position within the organisation, different everything.

So this comic is great for new fans being brought in from the MCU, but it counts as a major retcon for 616 Coulson.

Which, this is comics, that happens. It's just frustrating? They've basically introduced him from scratch twice now.

... however I can see how the end of Secret Avengers could in fact lead to this exact effect, so, that's... kind of fun... *sigh*

Perfect Bullets only has Director Hill turn up a little, but it also features Agent May, Simmons with some backstory about her family, Valkyrie, Ms Marvel Kamala Khan, Scarlet Witch, and Sue Storm. Excellent choices. And they all get to show off a lot. Is good.

A great many characters only turn up for long enough to make you want to know more about them, and the whole thing is kind of an ad for 616, but in a good way. I mean I've only read Fraction's Hawkeye, six Secret Avengers trades since Reverie, one Captain Marvel and one Ms Marvel, so it's not like I have much background on 616, but it seemed to me the right balance of interesting to potential puzzling. I do indeed want to know more. And read more of this. So, win.

... is there more of this?
... how to find out is one of the things I'm fuzzy on. Thus far I find these things on the shelf in Waterstones or in the library, or read panels on tumblr.

My upstairs neighbour is doing their best to make me not like AC/DC, since they're blasting out 'Thunderstruck' on repeat. It actually takes a lot of work to put me off AC/DC but they may in fact be approaching that point. Ugh.

Also I need to leave the house to do late Sunday and buy chocolate brownies and bread and other essentials. But nope. That is a thing that has been persistently not happening all day.

Even when the alternative is music that is too damn loud even through the walls.

*big sigh*
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Okay, so, now I've read all six volumes I got for my £55, I feel like they wrapped quite a lot of story. Not the threads I was most interested in at the beginning, but a lot. Also the numbering makes more sense because there are two sets of 1-3 with almost the same characters and following through on a lot of the same villain stuff. But there's a big difference between the two sets, different writer, different stuff going on. So okay, the renumbering makes sense. I just kind of wanted to read more of the first thing?

Also, random Deadpool, I have to concede, was not random. He was thematically appropriate and helped drop a whole lot of exposition while being one version of amusing. Read more... )

... I am making the most :-/ faces here, my eyebrow raise is epic, if I could put that in here as a review then that would kind of cover my reactions.

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I wanted to read a spy story with superheroes, and it started that way, and then something else happened with the same characters.

So, the first three volumes I found incomplete, and this last volume wrapped up a set I didn't like the tone of, or maybe even the genre of. I liked the stuff where Coulson went off on his own and Clint went after him, like tumblr reposts a lot. I liked how the team was kind of Hawkeye and his ex-girlfriends who are way more awesome than him. It just went really, really weird and meta, and I didn't like that.

I'm going to pull it apart in my head and keep the stuff I like I guess. As per usual.
And there was plenty to like.

Though with Hawkeye Read more... )

Comics are a really expensive hobby.
I was vaguely wondering if the library system wants my comics collection. I bought them because they only have one volume from the middle of this Secret Avengers Widow-Hawkeye-Coulson-Fury-Hill bit. Probably other people would want to read all of them in a row.
Yet I like bits of them enough I don't want to give them away.

So, guess they were okay.
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I forgot how frustrating reading comics can be. Today I have read the Secret Avengers graphic novels titled Reverie, Iliad, How to MAIM a Mockingbird, Let's Have a Problem, and The Labyrinth. I still have no feeling of having read a complete story. Plus whatever it is they're doing keeps getting interrupted with boxes about something I could be reading in other comics, some big invasion that's just plunked on top of the characters, or random presence of deadpool doing not a hell of a lot. I spent £55 on comics (unexpected electricity refund ftw), and I'm not real satisfied with how much story that translates into.

No wonder more people watch the movies. Each movie is a complete adventure. Also, by some methods, cheaper.

I think part of it is my mood from today - bad news about grandpa yesterday plus non functional computer today. I'm not in the mood to be wowed.

And part of it is, contrarily, having read so many at once. Read one at a time and digested, there's fights, there's winning the fights, there's a lot of funny moments, it's pretty much a win. It's just there's also a lot of loose threads and ominous portents and characters being left in the lurch, or just plain left, possibly to go to another title, we never know from reading these things. So added up all together the more loose ends kind of outweighed the more fights and funnies, in my head.

also, it's very possible I've seen all the good bits already on tumblr, but I can't exactly blame comics for that. happens with everything.

I think I'll read them again slower later, and have opinions then.

This time I'm just, like, throwing my hands up and eyerolling because comics. They're a very tricky way to do story. Spectacular, expansive, and tricky.
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I realise I'm only reading select panels and the summary, but from what I can find, that whole relationship goes: Read more... )

There's got to be more to it than that, right?
That would be creepy.

Also that last panel with 'Mrs Hawkeye' is one week later. That's not whirlwind romance, that's drunk in Vegas. Other sources say this mini was when they met and they'd known each other six weeks on the outside. Epic trainwreck in progress???
I don't know, did they get better??

The data I actually went looking for, Hawkeye was 80% deaf? I can only find that on a wiki with no cite though. Also that it usually gets ignored in favour of super special awesome hearing aids. :eyeroll:
... I'm not going to be awesome at writing it either, I'm just pretty sure hearing aids aren't a magic fix it.

Though using actual magic to fix it would be completely consistent with this 'verse I'm writing. I know exactly why Barton doesn't, but it's an available service. I'll have to mention there's a queue.
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I am, last I heard, technically a genius. Not a technical genius, tech defeats me often, just, you know, give me an IQ test and I'll get whatever the test can measure, minus maybe one question. It's cool, if you're into standardised tests. It's just not terribly helpful. Read more... )

So then there's 'stupid'. Which is a moving goalpost for a start. People throw the word at a whole lot of people, for a whole lot of reasons. But I know some actually stupid people, people with low IQ or who just wouldn't do so great academically, and there's nowt else they have in common. They're not saints, they're not bastards, they're just people. They do their lives one step at a time same as anyone. And some of them can do stuff that I, with my degree, epic fail at. ... and I probably shouldn't call them stupid, because irrational as it is, it is used as a rude word. Just, I mean, there are a lot of people who might not be all bright and gifted and going to university, but they seem to have their shit together and get on with the doing of things, and that works fine for them. Maybe they're nice, maybe they're kind, maybe they're helpful. It don't correlate with IQ or learning at all at all.

So what kept bothering me so I wrote this: people who insist their favourite characters are secretly smart. And by that, they mean book smart. Academically gifted. Secret math genius! Maybe they have a stack of degrees or something. You never know, they might just have not mentioned it yet.

And, okay, yeah, there's a lot of room for a lot of headcanons, but... why do they feel the need to do that?

If someone thinks Clint Barton is stupid, so what? Read more... )

How about a hero whose primary characteristic is he won't quit. Read more... )

So my point is, people are basically deciding that because they like a character, he's a specific kind of smart. They're not counting the kinetics, the things he can demonstrably do with his body, the ways he can use a team and spot a weakness, and they should be. But those things don't need to mean 'secretly a genius', just 'very very good after lifetime's work'.
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Today I rewatched The Legend of Fong Sai Yuk. I like that one because the guy in the title is half a synchronised team with his mum. She’s the martial artist of the family. And the same in the other family, the one Fong Sai Yuk marries into, the mother is the martial arist. There’s some really fun fights where they get to show off.

Read more... )

Most stories do not have the hero bring his mum along, or get trained by his mum, or have to fight someone else’s mum to prove his worth. That’s the bit of the film I remember and value.

So I was thinking of sets of characters that are families. Because what you want from characters is for each of them to react slightly differently in any given situation, and also to have reasons to get into and out of the particular brand of trouble the plot engine provides.

First set I think of is the Bat family. Read more... )

… eh, that’s nearly two thousand words, and I ended up talking about the boys when I started out talking about kick arse mothers. It’s so important to me that Black Canary is following in her mother’s fishnet clad footsteps. That aspect getting written out just pisses me off. Because women can form legacies just as powerful with men nowhere near them. See: Wonder Woman, in those happy years no particular retcon has screwed it over.

But I’ll probably write more about that later.
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I think I've read the annual and #14, and... I'm not loving it.
Partly it's because teenagers. And rich people. I am not engrossed in the problems of either.
Also at the point her money goes away and she doesn't call home to get it fixed I got 'Common People' stuck in my head.

But I was reading an intervie with Gail Simone and I realised what I was really bouncing right off: no positive relationships between women. Almost no women, even. One bad one, to be the big bad of the arc.

It's kind of super tiring when girls get sent away to fight girls. I mean, that's a thing that happens a lot.

And it's instead of letting us connect. Stories encourage the whole competition and hating each other bit, and too many of them make 'strong' women hate other women and go hang out with men. Which is not my understanding of what other titles with Kate Bishop in do, and that's not what I'm thinking this is about. But it's gone weird. Cause when I was reading about dude Hawkeye, it was frequently all about women, plural awesome women he was indeed in awe of. But now it's about Kate, they're gone. There were two ladies who needed a cat sitter on like one page, and probably a checkout person, (ETA: and two waitresses running, and a much younger trophy girlfriend Kate hates /ETA), but I've flipped through and that appears to be it? Ongoing shortage of women.

So it's not that I think this set out to write the suck version, it's that I've read the suck version too often, and this resembles it too closely, and I'm pre bored of it. I'm bored enough of it I've had two attempts at reading far enough into it to find out if it is not in fact boring.

So that's a problem.

ETA: I read it to the end. Still bored.
If it just gender flipped the nice lesbian couple and the nice gay couple then I'd have liked it. Instead, men everywhere. And Kate getting beat up a lot. This is because we're in her point of view and get to see how much is acting confident vs actual confidence. Whoever's mind we get to see, we're comparing their behind the scenes to everyone else's highlights, so they look bad. And in this case I do not like the effect.

And this is sad, because the plot did some actual interesting things.
though I'm more confused than ever about what *spoiler* Read more... ) */spoiler* actually are.

It's just disconcerting when the world is suddenly a sea of dudes. That doesn't resemble my world at all. And it's difficult not to feel like the story just pushed me out, especially when I don't identify with the protagonist in any respect.

So now I'm sad of that story, because I feel kind of like I bounced off a glass door on the way in, and that made it all less fun.
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I liked it

This is not a story I have read before. And it is a story that feels true.
It also feels teenage in ways that aren't going to grab me as much, so I only like not want to hug forever, but it's a very good story.
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I was at the bookshop today looking at graphic novels and Hawkeye wasn't in, but I saw Captain Marvel and Ms Marvel.  I'm new to marvel via the MCU and all I've read so far are tie ins and Fraction's Hawkeye, but I've been hearing about these others on tumblr a lot, and all I've been hearing is good.

So, I just read the volume Higher Further Faster More, and now I have a face like :-D

(I maybe hugged this comic.  A bit.  while making the face like :-D )

It started difficult.  I suspect despite the 1 on the edge this isn't the beginning of anything.  There's a lot of people I don't recognise and they're doing stuff, and I'm sort of making a mental list to wiki later, but then

Carol goes to space

and all is awesome.

Characters!  Who are awesome!  Starship battles!  That bit in the middle where the big saviour person should be really embarrassed!  Poking around and finding Clues and the way even I can keep up which I am quite grateful for!  Really Big spaceship battles!  And then the big ending!

... yes I am thinking in mostly ! right now :-D

I went back and read the good bits over again.  The flashback format at the start made more sense by the end of course.  but mostly I just liked watching her stand up and be awesome.  well, I say stand, but mostly fly... :-D

I did find myself grateful for Kit's little summary page of powers origins, partly because it's like giving me permission to not know anything beyond that.  Like, here's what you need to know, aaaand we're off!

So now I want to order more just like this, and handily the inside covers have the ISBNs for more that indeed look greatly like this.  Though there's more than one volume 1.

I just kind of just spent quite a bit of money ordering more Hawkeye though...

But I do have Ms Marvel still to read :-)

... I kind of want to sit here staring at the Captain Marvel until I get all the details out first though :-D


May. 3rd, 2014 10:15 pm
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Today: picked up Hawkeye: Little Hits from the bookshop.


I have read many comics. I have not read this comic before. Is good.

This guy, he's such a screw up, and kind of made of *facepalm*, and he feels weirdly familiar without being any particular person I know, and that's cause he feels like a real regular guy. Who just happens to use arrows. And pick fights with, like, a bazillion people at once. And then there's his love life...
Read more... ) I want to see more of this guy.
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5 episodes, no women. 2 non speaking villains that I noticed, no speaking parts.

Of the good: Jaime Reyes Blue Beetle, Dr Choi The Atom, and Bronze Tiger, bringing a tiny bit of ethnic diversity to the heroic lineup.

There was another episode with the GL Corp written by De Matteis, who wrote a ton of Justice League when it was good. There was Guy Gardner and G'Nort. G'Nort saved the day! ... eventually. Also, Batman one punched Guy. Kind of importing the greatest hits moments.

There was a double episode with Owlman and the Injustice Syndicate. The whole thing seemed to be a setup for a teamup with the Joker. That was funny.

watching these cartoons is like eating cereal: I can happily eat cereal for a long time, but it don't ever get exactly filling. still, cheers me up.
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Chinese takeaway Friday continues to work. The noodles were weird today, like someone forgot an ingredient, but still food is good.

Mostly today I played Fate and listened to Big Finish audios. 159 The Emerald Tiger. 5, Tegan, Turlough and Nyssa. It was okay I guess, but I wasn't impressed. Also someone should have checked it for colonial problematic aspects. Read more... )

Then I watched Batman the Brave and the Bold disc 2, which is the one that ends with The Fall of Blue Beetle. So, kind of upsetting. :-( Ted! :-( But I like it better than the comics version. Read more... ) Also, Wil Wheaton is the voice of Ted Kord, thus crossing the streams on two of my favourite things. Teenage me would be squee for ever. ... okay, not just teenage me.

There were other episodes that did not have Blue Beetle in. But I have priorities.

So far Batman the Brave and the Bold is plenty watchable and I like the way tv cartoons have little morals about teamwork and heroism and how everyone is valuable in their own way (unlike comics which were busy being grimdark when I gave up on them). I mean, everyone needs stories with that theme, those are plenty good themes.

I just really, really wish there would be at least one superhero woman per disc.

Read more... )

So if you count Katana because she ends up good at the end of the episode, they managed one woman on this disc, and if you count evil women then there's always some, but, you know, that's a problem.

I like the character design, I like the themes of the stories, I just ... I should put this on a banner at the top of the journal, really:

Stories need more diverse characters, especially the heroes.

All it takes is some basic maths.

And not being attached to hegemonic ideological constructs of normality and the inherent heroism of the dominant groups.

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There was going to be a Wonder Woman movie. There's often going to be one, and yet here we still wait. I went around reading what was planned for it, and something about it bugged me. The writer, whose work I otherwise liked, was talking about Diana first arriving in man's world, and learning about it.


Diana is not here to learn. She is here to teach.

Her weapon is truth. She is here to make the whole of man's world look at itself and see the truth of what they have become. To see the injustice, the inequality, the harms subtle and gross that they have built into their systems, that they do to each other day after day after day. And she is here to show them a better way.

When I was growing up, reading Wonder Woman, what I understood from it was this:
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I saw a thing comparing diversity in different media adaptaions of the same basic superhero properties. As we know, movies are very, very, very white, male and straight. But comics, for all there is still plenty to complain about, do actually manage more diversity than that. And TV is somewhere in between.

Comics need much less investment up front, has a dozen or more tries per year even for a single title, and can charge much less per copy than movies. Movies are spectacularly expensive, employ somewhere between a village and a small town of people, and put all their bets on one product per year, even in a prolific series. TV is somewhere in between, again. Needs a lot of people, a lot of investment, but runs multiple stories in a season and can play various strengths in a row.

If you look at the different size audiences required to break even, the different strategies make a kind of sense. Movies need to make a lot of money from a lot of people; I can find dollar amounts, not viewer numbers, but still, many. Television depends on the channel and country and a bunch of other stuff like timeslot and audience demographics, because some slices of eyeballs are more valuable than others. But Being Human got several seasons based on about 1.5 million viewers, and Doctor Who gets 7 million most weeks and up to 13 million for specials. Movies and TV need millions of people to like them.

Comics? Like in the Shortpacked about Starfire in various media, there's a very big difference. I only looked at one month's sales figures, but comics measure audiences in the tens of thousands. There's characters I've heard of selling 20K or less. We're talking a multiple orders of magnitude difference.

TV: 1,500,000 for an underachiever
Comics: 150,000 at the top of the list
or 15,000 and still keeping going.

So comics can please a tiny slice of humanity and still be doing pretty well. TV and movies have to please millions. And they get really worried about how much they have riding on every creative roll of the dice, so they try and make it a safe bet. That seems to mean doing what everyone has already done and chasing the rich white male viewers, which to me makes zero sense, but what do I know, I'm not making movies.

Read more... )

TL, DR: I need a t-shirt, saying "I want to be a target audience." Most of the world could wear one. Yet somehow when the big audiences are being sought, their only target is the one they think already watches, their safe familiar feeling straight white men.

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So DC did an ugly thing, and then another ugly thing, and today either a new ugly or an elaboration on that other ugly, and I am so tired of comics being this kind of ugly. ... now I want to change out ugly for some other word, but the one being used most is 'stupid', and past a certain point this isn't common stupidity, this is deliberate and wilful behaviour that has the effect of increasing the net misery of the world, so short of calling comics evil I don't know what to say about it.

The call for new artists to prove themselves by sending in pictures of a naked woman attempting suicide just shows that the people in charge right now honestly believe that hurting women and making it look sexy is the way to sell comics, and they're using agreeing with them as a filter for who gets to use their characters.

The decision to not let Batwoman get married to her girlfriend is apparently the last straw for the creative team on that title, who quit. People trying to do good things don't get the space to do their thing.

And now some big name dude is saying that heroes can't be married? They've split up all the married couples? The HELL?

My first thought is this is juvenile. Also lazy and once again stupid. Read more... )
Someone who throws away actually caring for other people? That is not a hero.

I'm done with comics. I don't understand how they can so consistently throw out everything that would make them worth reading. Done.
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I was reading an actor interview thing and he was making noises about not doing another sequel to his really popular thing. "How many sequels can you really do and make them fun?" he asked, or something like that.

My first thought was, that is a movie actor. That is really not a television guy.

How many stories can you do? Aim for a minimum of 100.
Read more... )

Television is hard. But just by virtue of series length and preference for continuation it says something very different about the nature of Important. Every week is important. All your life is important. Your daily grind is our weekly viewing. And how many of that story can stay fun?

Aim for at least 100. Sometimes hit half a century.
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Iron Man 3: Prelude
is actually 40 pages of Iron Man 3 Prelude
in the middle of a recap of Iron Man 2 that includes 2 sides of new data and a chunk of Iron Man: Extremis that I haven't read yet cause I checked the end and it says Continued In Iron Man Extremis TPB. So it's somewhere between a part 1 and a long advert.

However good those 40 pages are - and they're both kind of blah and not actually about Iron Man, but they do tell us where the War Machine was in Avengers so that part's cool - they're not worth £10.99

Luckily I bought the thing entirely with those bonus points you get for buying entirely too many books.

And yeah, I should have read the small print, it mentions on the back it includes an Iron Man 2 recap, but I did not realise there was so much of it, and it doesn't mention the stuff it says on the cover, front and back, is only about 2/3 of the book. The back third is from another story. From an entirely different continuity. I mean by all accounts Extremis rocks, but it's 1/6 in 616 continuity and I wanted to read in movieverse.

So it's just a cheap ass stunt to get people to buy stuff that's not what it says on the tin.

I am obviously out of practice at buying comics, to fall for that.
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I like the Avengers movies but the comics have lots of differences and every time I found a difference I liked it much less in the comics version. So I haven't read the comics.
But I read there are comics that are actually like the movies, in the movie universe.
Which ones are they? I have tried looking but there are too many and they're all called Avengers.

Read more... )

I mean I'm used to source with vast sprawling canon that nobody can know all of - see DC and Doctor Who - but I'm not used to knowing such a small proportion of the potential vastness.

So I want to read more, but only if it's just like the movies in all important respects and fits together with them.

And I don't actually know where to look.

Suggestions? Links? Pictures?


Jan. 1st, 2013 05:26 am
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Watched Avengers Assemble again.
... British title still odd.
Today I discovered that the longer it has been since I watched a movie the more the voices in my head have become (a) less American and (b) deeper. American just sounds odd when I've been mostly watching British TV. So, yes, Tony Stark tends to drift towards Sherlock Holmes voice in my head, because clearly better.
... sorry America.

Giant superhero rolling fight movie of win!
It still rocks but I got more bored with the bits where Read more... )

If I was an Avenger I'd want to have a suit like Tony, because best. But I probably wouldn't be very good at using it. Probably I'd be a SHIELD person who read a lot of intelligence reports and made up stories about them and called it analysis and tried to rate it for reliability. Like using my skills of textual analysis and close reading and remembering to cite my sources, only with the goal of figuring out supervillains and the like. I could have an office and a desk and a comfy chair. That's kind of my speed, as far as superheroics go. But I wouldn't want to work on the helicarrier because cool though it is the failure modes are just... who thought that was a good idea? Really? *sigh*

Current evidence suggests I wouldn't want to work in New York either.

Maybe I could work from home and telecommute. That would be even more comfy. Probably lack something in security though.

I just typed a whole lot about a movie where my thoughts pretty much add up to 'yaaay, Avengers! yaay Tony!'

actually I seem to have typed until my fingers ache. okay then. possibly time to rest instead.

(and yes this is excellent way to start New Year. Yaay Avengers!)


Dec. 27th, 2012 03:35 pm
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I do not like being ill. I particularly do not like the goo related phases of being ill. If humans are designed the dude that did it is a weirdo.

Also, I dreamed I was on a bus and I'd been dozing and now I didn't recognise the bus stops or the scenery or the driver or indeed the language the driver was speaking. It is difficult to get epic plot bunnies out of being lost on the bus. Again.

I'm working on my epic fantasy 'verse. Having numbers from the Magical Medieval City is being quite inspiring. Read more... ) I could keep going back and telling stories about ancestors or I could head forward to the stuff I actually thought of in the first place.

I need to figure out relative ages of everyone. Especially everyone's relatives. It's easy to see in actual history how a difference of a few years can make a huge difference in life experience, like the difference between fighting the war as your first adult experience and just watching your brothers go to fight.

I've been reading Avengers fic a lot and there seems to be no consensus on how old the movie characters are. I mean, I'm reasonably certain Hawkeye isn't 25, and making him 21 in flashbacks means you're talking about the early 90s and shouldn't give him an ipod, but that's me looking at Jeremy Renner. Working from just the movies, if you're going to make Hawkeye less than 40, I'm wondering why. Read more... )

Thing is, if Avengers are as old as their actors, the relative ages are... interesting in comparison to what little I've learned from comics wikis. Some characters would have to totally revise their backgrounds, Read more... )

I'm kind of rambly and keep interrupting myself.
Also, I'd really like to be done with coughing. Any time now.
Also also, quite like going back to sleep.


But: Avengers timelines. Bug me. Because important, yet contradictory.
and the holding pattern, the habitual lives, and how long they've been in them? Kind of important. Changes who we're actually talking about.
I love reading about Hawkeye and Black Widow as Avengers, but making heroes out of assassins? Awkward.
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There's pictures of the new version of the Iron Man suit
Why does he have a bone right above his codpiece?
It's like some gold dog biscuit.
Suddenly all those werewolf AUs seem weirdly more likely.
Was it always like that and only shows up in the gold?
Too much gold. More red is better. I like red.

I also saw on YouTube RDJr as the best Tony Stark cosplayer ever. ... actors have the best job. Except for writers, who get to make actors dance.

Plus I discovered emotional attachment to Captain America storylines when I read the title of the next Captain America film.
... I only know the name through fanfic, and yet, high pitched squee at three in the morning. :eyeroll:
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I've been reading all the fic.
Actually, as far as I can find, I have read all the fic, for Avengers movie 'verse, and bounced off the not-movie stuff repeatedly. Is there anywhere the fic lives that is not Ao3? I looked for LJ comms but they were mostly linking to Ao3. Which is cool for Ao3, especially if they get all the parts to work again real soon.
Is frustrating when I've read all the fic. And read it again.
But anyway:

I've been reading all the Avengers movie fic, at least all that is Steve/Tony or Clint/... pretty much anybody, and over 10K words. Because I like plots.

In these fics I have read more than one 'Tony dates a number of people that look remarkably like Chris Evans Steve'. Also one long one about a secret genius breeding program that made Clint and then cloned him. And Hawkeye as the secret genius would be very secret indeed, going by the characterisation in, like, every other fic ever. Hard to judge from movies because he was never the main guy.
These two ideas are clearly secretly the same idea: There's a ton of people in the Marvel universe wandering around looking like Steve, some of them in the army or with superpowers, and it's because they've been trying to duplicate the Super Soldier for decades. They can't get the serum to work, but if they can just xerox up more of the original Super Soldier that'll do fine too.

Read more... )

Reasons I will not be writing this story: Have only seen Avengers and related movies. Can't even remember the Hulk ones. Don't have the Fantastic Four. Have two out of three Spider Man films, not the first one, I don't know why. I do have the X Men but have been working on repressing the third movie. And I know all those films are in distinct universes, with their own numbers and everything, yet I pretty much would mush them all together to get a really big universe going. Plus I haven't read the comics, not more than a scattered handful of them, at all, ever, because for some reason I never could get into Marvel no matter where I tried.
Plus if I'm going to go the route the other fic used and import all the characters Chris Evans ever played then I'd kind of have to have seen them as well. Which, on the whole, no.

So basically I'm pretty ignorant to be having a sprawling bunny like this.

Also, I was planning to only write original stuff. Read more... )
It's not that original is in any way better, it's that by the time I've folded and stretched everything to suit my interests, it's not really good fanfic any more. OOC and AU.

Cleaner has finished for the day and I can go sleep now.
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I dreamed that I was an ex Avenger. Also an ex X Man. I'd gone to America to do theatre in New York, discovered I was a mutant, couldn't handle it, got picked up by the X Men to get help, kicked a lot of arse, changed teams, discovered on the whole I still couldn't handle it, and retired to Britain again to live on disability living allowance and employment and support allowance in my council flat, waiting on the NHS to discover a treatment that worked.

The problem was, broadly speaking, telepathy, and the press of numerous minds. When I could handle it I was kick arse and had a whole telekinetic invulnerability thing going on. When it went wrong, migraines and a head full of shouting. I could have worn a helmet like Magneto's and blocked everything out, or gone to live in the country, but doing so sent me nuts pretty quickly because it was like sensory deprivation. Trying to find a balance between that... I ended up living in a city but being mostly nocturnal, trying to do my shopping before the day shift woke up. My dream started with a queue at McDonalds where we were all trying to get a special offer breakfast before 0400, and the food ran out four people ahead of me. Actually, two queues. The other one never ran out. I suspect they were paying cash rather than government vouchers.

Clint and Darcy were also over here and living on whatever they could scrape together, for roughly equivalent reasons.

Read more... )

Several useable parts:

I like the idea of ex superheroes, or supers dealing with disabilities. It has to be done carefully and in a broader context because I really hate the idea that disabilities come with a superpower. To avoid that you need both superheroes with no disability and disabled people with no superpowers. But with the background big politics of supers and the local Darcy who is not super even in the super skilled way Clint was, you get both sides of that.

The standing in line for voucher meals is broadly in line with the drift of current government policy, given that vouchers instead of cash has been suggested, though the lines tend to be at food banks not fast food places. Mandatory work placements and related programs are kind of handy too. Governments forcing people into work is kind of bad, but add the superhero layer and some ethically dodgy work and you've got story.

I also like the idea of superpowers being applied to something other than fighting. Read more... )

RPGs are set up so there's treasure hunts and investigations and fights, and your skills are optimised for that. If you have that kind of skill set and then the only thing you're hunting is a job, slight problem. Especially since the high character points super stuff tends to cost that much due to keeping you alive in a fight, not necessarily day to day utility. Body of fire might be awesome in a fight, but how does it get you a job? And it would cost some in clothing.

So now I'm off wondering what the world looks like day to day, with super powers, and without Starks billions.
... though Stark keeping his billions while trying to fund a superpowered strike team seems also more challenging than actually surviving the fights, especially if someone holds him liable for property damage.


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