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Today I once again fail at Choose A New Laptop
even though when I tick all the boxes for things I think I want it narrows it down to two things
and one of them has as much hard drive as my current desktop.

this is because i understand none of the numbers, have only a vague idea what i'll even do with it, and don't even know if i need as much hard drive as i've currently got.

i keep expecting to choose a thing, get it, not know how to use it, and just... have this expensive thing that lies around being a monument to my ignorance.

but reading things isn't reducing ignorance in a useful way, because everything is numbers and they'll be different in a few months anyway.

also the thing one really needs is an idea what you'll do with it, and i just have aspirations.

scrivener to be an aspiring writer with more bells and whistles
something to do art, with a pen, which seems fancy and versatile, even though i haven't done art for years, i haven't written much either, that's not the point
games, but probably mostly The Sims, which says Windows 7 or 8 so what does that mean when all the new things are 10? just play it anyway? break all the things? important and beyond me.

i mean you say gaming the computer thinks you're getting new releases, but honestly i'd rather play existing games forever, just they don't work anymore.

is so frustrating.
books are better. books continue functioning for centuries without maintenance.

... books don't do so many things so i'll have to suck it up and buy something eventually.
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The thing with characters having seriously overlapping issues with your own is it makes them harder to watch but when they win it is so, so satisfying.

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I liked this episode a lot and feel full of happy lightness now.

In other news the tablet computer came with a keyboard dock, and it has turned into a cranky bastard of a thing when I wasn't using it. I don't know why. It wasn't greatness to start with, but now it keeps on randomly either not typing or screaming the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, and it takes a dozen tries to get it to dock right at all, and it'll only work at certain angles, not the one I'd like it at. Going to have to take it to the shop. Which is irritating. But I didn't end up using it half as much as I thought, not hardly at all, because annoying though it is to try and type on a touchscreen, it's still less hassle than finding the keyboard and putting up with its quirks. Even at its best it won't always hit the space bar and randomly decides I tapped the touchpad instead.

And I wrote that much about it partly as a test drive. Because it is being annoying. And random.

Back to the touchscreen way. *sigh*
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i poked my finger on a drawing pin
so i put a plaster on it
but this way it can't work the touchscreen.
if i take it off though i'd get blood on the screen a bit.
this problem i had not anticipated getting new fancy pants screen.
but i has keyboard dock too and also am having some success just not using my index finger.
but ugh, technology
simples stuff like that shouldn't bork it.
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Listened to Big Finish Audio: The Defectors
Didn't much like it
but my opinion of it may have been influenced by me trying to listen to it on the new computer and finding it acting up cranky if I try to listen and look at the web at the same time
so then I was poking settings wondering what up with that
and wondering if I need to use one of the other bits of software
and just generally getting cranky at things not staying the same forever.

But still, I once again have a setup that lets me listen to Big Finish without cracking open the CD case and turning on at least two big whatsits in the living room. Tablet in bed is much superior.

(Don't say my phone should have been able, I'm aware of the should, I just found buying a whole new device worked better than continuing to poke the phone to try and make it do the thing.)

My new headphones are not so much a success though. I mean, they're from poundland and I didn't expect success, but I spent half the time wondering if I'd gone deaf in my right ear, and the other half realising the pads were really itchy.

... add all that together and I really shouldn't express an opinion on the quality of what I was listening to.

... but I have in the past got annoyed with similar gimmicks, because if the Clue is that people are not acting like people, they actually just spend several episodes being really badly written people. Boooooooring.
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I bought a new computer :-)

It is probably not a best computer. I don't know. I couldn't figure out which things are what.
But it's a computer that the computer shop I've always gone to sells and says they can explain to me on Saturday mornings if I get stuck. Which I feel is therefore a good enough computer.

It is supposed to be silent like phones, and it shall read my books and play my audios, though it needed an extra plug in bit to store all my audios because they are very many.

I think it has the same size storage as my old college laptop, but that is now very small.

It is Windows 10, which I shall find out if that is acceptable. I think there's privacy settings that need poking?

And it is in an acceptable price range, so even if I end up not liking it, that will be okay.

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why does auto update say 'upgrade to windows 10' and 'failed' every day in the history?
I mean, I'm glad it's failed, because I did not want Windows 10 and did not ask for it and still have that little window that says 'get windows 10' next to my clock.
But why is it trying, and why is it failing, and why is there no off button or ticky box involved?

Is back

Jul. 31st, 2015 12:35 pm
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*hugs my PC*

The nice man just dropped off the computer and plugged it in for me. ... I said I only get the monitor in best of three. There's only two places to put it. so he did all the plugging in. simples!

I have an unpaid invoice too, it is £2 more than the guy on the phone said it would be. I might frown about that. I don't care about £2 but I frown a little at increasing things.

the thing around here is there's two computer repair places and the other one has consistent reviews dating back years, and my experience, of terrible customer service and not actually fixing things. also reviews/rumours of things going in for repair and being 'lost' and sold for parts. so that leaves one computer place.
who happily do seem to fix my computer, so yaay for that.

zomg things look so much better on this screen. tiny, tiny screen on the netbook has much more muted colours and no settings I can find. Excellent quality screen right here is aweseome.

though sitting in the recliner to work was also awesome. must once again be able to do both things.

must also schedule walking to the local shop to do paying in the very near future.
the Norwich shop would have happily let me pay over the phone but given my general lack of sales resistance and the thing where they phoned me I think the rule is NOT to give my card details on the phone. I'll go to the nice definitely existing shop with their machine instead.

I'll also actually remember this time (ha) to ask if they can take away teh computer I found with 'guide to windows 98' stacked on top of it...
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My computer is in Norwich.
I am puzzled. I phoned the Dereham shop who said they'd send someone to pick it up, and an appropriately marked car did turn up. But now it is in the same company's shop but in Norwich.

On the plus side, they said it needs new RAM and the problem was the RAM had broke and that can be fixed for £35. Phew. *xfingers*

they did say something about delivery charges, which have never been mentioned before, but hey, computer is in Norwich, guess it has to get back here somehow...

still. I had plans for that money. I really hope the computer works a long time now.

I also plan to buy something proper new. I wanted a new laptop but the people I contacted to ask about buy one didn't contact me back. So I need a new plan for a new laptop.

I did some more tidying and dusting today, and washed the mugs from on top of the piano, or at least rinsed the majority of the dust off them. I put the little shelf thing somewhere I can actually use it and put the library books on it. So they're no longer sitting on top of the collection of computerish parts I need to get someone to look at and probably get rid of.

I also finally remembered to empty the washing machine. I had to run it again first because I'm pretty sure the wet laundry has been in there since Tuesday, which got a good start but went rather less well by the end. But now laundry is all put away and hung up as appropriate.

progress all round.

It just feels rather a lot like sitting in my flat being stuck here and wondering when I'll manage to change any of it.
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since my computer got wiped and started over tumblr videos tend to play a mostly black screen with a few bits of bright in them, like a face or something, and then like someone turns the lights on it starts working eventually. I haven't tried other video stuff yet. I should figure out why it's busted though and fix it.
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Today the good big keyboard decided to work again. Yaays.
I spent ages typing on it and trying to figure out how to sit and where to put it and why it was just not as good as I remembered.
And just now I put the little legs underneath it up and put the wrist rest part on and lo, it has become good again. :eyeroll:

So now I have no remaining excuses for not typing. Except the chair thing. The chair remains super uncomfortable.

I have ever fewer excuses not to sit down and write stuff.
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So I just rearranged my entire house so I can sit at the desk and use the old old monitor.
And this irritating keyboard that is only the reserve backup keyboard. Either I get one of the other two working again and have an ergonomic keyboard to play with or I need to buy something... not this. I don't even know what's wrong with it, it's just a weird sort of tactile experience and, as almost always, half the keys aren't in quite the right place.

I remember now why I was going to replace this desk: keyboard too high even with seat at maximum extension. Joy.

Also I think there are speakers around here somewhere, likely under this desk, but at the moment I have headphones and slight paranoia I'll miss something.

If I put this keyboard so the letters are in front of me then the number pad sticks out so far there's no room for the trackball. Or it's three inches too far to the right.

Yes I realise these are trivial problems, I've got to type something if I'm going to figure out the best setup.
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Okay, I'm typing fluently but the right hand little finger tasks are all too far to the right and that hand is ouching. Dratted thing. I think this is as good as it gets without making the other keyboards work. I dont' know why they stopped, the computer just stopped recognising there was a keyboard in it. Maybe the wireless one will work if I put batteries in it. Or I can buy a new keyboard that is somehow magically less frustrating and works better.

Honestly the ones at college didn't do this to my hands, I feel like going and checking what brand and so forth they've got, they're bound to be cheapest.

Conclusion: computer works, monitor works, will no longer be leaving icons on the big TV which I'm sure will recover swiftly (again), and I guess I'll be sitting up straighter for the forseeable future. Boo.
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This morning has sort of mostly worked.
I couldn't find the FATE savegames I'd hoped for but there's still a chance they're around somewhere.
The small problem with the lack of sound was fixed by putting the plug in the right hole (*facepalm*)
I had backup bookmarks from January, so while I have lost a few things, the basics are back.
Files I've tried so far have basically worked.

And I made a 'Current work' folder to change my habit of keeping the current stuff right in front of me on the desktop since the computer shop says I shouldn't.

on the minus side, there's a couple of bits where icons stayed around after I changed channels, so using the TV as my primary computer monitor is going to bork it swiftly. But then so has DVD menus lately, it's just old. Don't know what to do with that other than spend a bunch of money on a new one and check it's good for the purpose. Or dig around behind furniture to see if the much smaller monitor I stopped using for reasons I've forgotten is in fact still back there. I think it was just how it doesn't change angles so I can't see it properly, and the smallness compared to other options, and the thing where I couldn't use it in my comfy chair. Might still work.

I get all wound up and feel sick when I'm trying to make stuff work. It's just the pervasive feeling of stupid, really. There's no reason I should feel stupid, I haven't put points into computer programming or operations beyond the basic, I just type and read and as long as it keeps working that works out.

Anyway, I'm back on the tiny screen to give the TV a rest.
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My desktop computer is back :-)
My laptop is not :-(
they reckon the motherboard went. whatever it was, the computer is old enough there's no fixing it.
but my laptop data is back :-)
*hallelujah chorus*

honestly, I fully intend to back up everything, and then it gets down to 'everything important' because I'm in a hurry, and then somehow I end up wandering around thinking *doh* for weeks.

Firefox profile isn't on there. Not from either computer. Firefox profile may well be history. Which is frustrating.
they copied over my 'favourites' folder, as if anyone actually uses Internet Explorer any more.

But I can ask tomorrow if there's any chance left. Probably not, think I asked before, but *shrugs*

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Computer still installing. I'll have to leave it to it.
...wish luck...
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two out of three computers are away to the shop. one of them is expected to return, with the data from the other one. and then I'll have a working computer hopefully worth the name.

... I'm very glad of this tiny thing, but I can't type comfortably, it won't open more than a couple windows at once, and firefox needs shut down and restarted several times a day or it crashes everything.

the computer shop guy had a computer shop van and a computer shop shirt. I am glad of this because otherwise it might feel like handing over my computers to a random human, which would not end well.

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My laptop is from 2007 and the vendor stopped supporting it in 2011.
The place that sold it to me can't do support now even for moneys.

They can however sell me a new one, so they'll be sending me a quote.
which is good.
I don't know where to start so asking them is a start.

So now I need to find somewhere that supports old laptops.
or at least that can get the hard drive out and copy it onto something that still works.

which at least removes the stress of wondering how that particular laptop place would screw it up this time, because they've done some doozies before.

it continues to frustrate me that places that sell disability equipment don't respond to *rudeword* emails and I'm left stuttering and sounding stupid on the stupid phone.
*big sigh*

ugh, email

Dec. 22nd, 2014 06:05 am
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my email places just did an upgrade.
They told us in advance, it sounded okay, I tried to be relaxed about it.
I emailed on Friday just to be really sure that my mail wouldn't get lost in this process, and they emailed me back to assure me that nope, it was on the new server already, everything would be copied over before they switched, worry not.

Guess what email is missing from my inbox today?

... yeah, so, as far as I can see my mail has been returned to the state it was in on Friday at just about 3pm, when I emailed them. That mail is still in the sent box, but their reply is nowhere.

And my first new email of the week was picked up when I logged on a few minutes ago, about 0600 GMT.

So, anyone who actually wanted me to get a message this weekend?
yeah, that ... that may not work.

I don't know.

I shall try contacting them when there's more likely to be humans around, I just... I'm currently really glad I sent that email on Friday because I don't know what it would look like elsewise.

Also now I am poking it a lot to try and make it behave most like it did yesterday. I liked it yesterday. Today all the buttons are in new places and it several times needs telling to display my folders.
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Firefox stopped moving, I ended it with the task manager, it came back and said 'well this is embarrassing' but only for like a second and then it went to my home pages instead of letting me get any/all of my windows and tabs back.

So many windows. Soooooo many!

... which, I am aware, contributes to the crashing problem.

So now I'm once again poking around in History, though the tab groups I made last time this happened helped quite a bit. Got my top three always on windows and groups open pretty quickly, it's just finding the things I was planning to read later and just had left open. Like some unread series on Ao3. I know you can bookmark series and tag them as unread, and I know you can subscribe which will tell you any new things, but is there even a way to Mark to Read a whole series? I know I could open the first one and mark it. I probably have for some things. It's just fiddlier.

... so many pages in the history. how do I read so many? ugh, now it's back to looking at all week. I'm sure it doesn't even have half the things. Like my shopping list at the sparkly gloves shop, that was all just open tabs. why so difficult?

The ultimate solution is to get my computers fixed, I do know, but it ain't a great time of year for such endeavours.

Uh oh

Nov. 4th, 2014 12:12 am
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Firefox just crashed so bad, twice in quick succession, that it lost my windows and tabs.
All of them.
All gone.

I just went through a week's History and pulled out... at least enough it looks familiar, but argh.

I've lost some windows. I can tell by the way there's more space. I just can't remember at all at all what they might be.

I've got my email, dreamwidth, livejournal, tumblr, S3, HabitRPG and the weather.
Then the house search
and the conventions calendar
my books order
and the fanfic I was reading when it crashed.

So what all else was there?

You'd think if I can't remember it couldn't be important, but I just rely on the computer too much. I just kind of figure it'll keep working. So things accumulate when they probably shouldn't.

I don't even know how to set all this lot up as bookmarks in case it happens again.

Really I shouldn't be relying on this laptop this much, let alone Firefox.
*big sigh*

so many things need doing, all of them first

and I was going to get to sleep before midnight for once, until I took an hour doing this.
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I had a grand plan to move my house around until I could use the games computer from my recliner. Having done about 90% of the plan I'm pretty sure it's not going to work.

But that 90% required substantial rearrangement of files, including going through every bit of paper I've been given in the past six years from college, so I sorted out a couple of essays and vocabulary sheets that will be useful both this semester and for doing my dissertation. Then I filed everything else under the bed.
That was a lot of paper. I mean, I knew that the other night when it all fell over on my feets, which was the other reason I wanted to change where I'd filed it. But seriously, a lot of paper.
Also, if I sorted through it again and somehow could bring myself to get rid of any of it I would never read again, it would be substantially less paper. Possibly a small paperback, in fact. *sigh*

After that, I could see the floor in that corner. So I got the vacuum cleaner out. Read more... )

Laptops are simple and useful. And not a quarter as powerful as the games box. If I could keep the box on a shelf somewhere and set up a tray that made my monitor and keyboard stay exactly like my laptop, all adjustable and typeable, then that would fix all my usability problems at once. Except for all the wires. But my laptops are wired to the wall anyway due to the power and internet cables. Yes I know the internet is supposed to be wireless now but wires are reliable. So I'm used to wires. I could live with wires. I just can't live with sitting in that ancient office chair trying to see a monitor that's permanently fixed at entirely the wrong angle.

This is why I use the laptops all the time. The chair. :eyeroll:

Okay, need a new plan before I can do anything more about this. Also, have made the old solution not worky either, without just as much work to put everything back. Clever becca.

Good thing I usually use the other computers then.
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apparently the funny noise the little computer made was the fan dying.
but due to being obsessive and never throwing anything away I still have the receipt from 1st September, and also the box, though not the instructions, they wandered off. They're in the room, not in the box.
But. Anyway. The receipt says 1 year guarantee, and a phone number for Tesco tech support, which is open on Sunday.
The tech support line says the actual repair center is not open on sunday.
So I will have to phone again tomorrow.

And I woke up at regular people times just to make the phone work, so I think I get cookies.
Except any nice noms I want involve leaving the house again, or possibly ordering more foods from Tesco.

I think my little computer is backed up. I finish lessons and then back up onto the remembering stick.
Of course times like this make one remember all the times one hit save and didn't do the other bits.
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I know I swore off fashion games last weekend, but I had persistent failure to think of a reason to wake up, or anything to do once awake. So. Clicky Jojo fashion games it was.

The world tour game uses much swisher pictures and lets you design clothes and is more of a fashion game than a time game. Which is cool. But after playing it for a while my tiny computer started making very peculiar noises. Which is not cool. Possibly a computer bought for the task of typing in lessons is not suitable for playing computer games on really. but I have played many other games. maybe the swisher graphics makes this game more different, even though it will play it and all the numbers are smaller than the numbers available. *shrugs*.

The large computer bought for the task of playing games generally languishes in the corner, because I can't play it from my recliner. If I set up a little rolling table so I could in fact play it from here I'd be making much better use of my money.

at some point I will do homework. Just as soon as I think of any.

I really need to do new and interesting things. Because all the existing things are so deeply, deeply boring.
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I turned on the computer and picked up my email. There were a few thousand because it hasn't been working for a year. Then I filtered them, discovered my old filters don't do much to my new email habits, and sorted them by hand. So that was the last couple of hours.

During that time the stupid thing kept kicking up new error messages from Windows. I told it to do Update, it made a bunch of disc noises and kept adding more items to the little flag of uh oh. :-p to it.
I already paid £50 for this to be a fixed computer, so I think I shall go back to the shop and do scuse mes.

Email storage is one of the things that computer is for. Long term archival storage. That needs backing up again soon.

Games are another thing, but having sat in my old computer chair for an hour, my back informs me my recliner is much, much better. I think having sat in my recliner all year I've got out of the habit of chairs. Probably I need to do exercises to get in the habit of sitting again. This is a bit of a stupid.

My old emails are sort of depressing. There's so much less of it now. All the interaction is on LJ and does not turn up in my inbox. That's cool, everyone talks to everyone. But I don't talk to many people. I should fix that.

Also, lists of conventions from 2009 are no longer useful.
I don't get as many updates about conventions. Did they all go away, or did they all stop doing email?
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makes me appreciate this laptop the more.

I made it start and let windows update and that was the first two or three hours gone (*facepalm*)
It has this really stupid version of microsoft office in it that has ads in the corner for more microsoft office. :-p to that.
It is also Windows 7 Starter, which as far as I can see means it won't make my desktop picture change.

And it has games. Lots and lots of games. They're trial versions I think, or something weirder. I tried to play bejeweled and it wanted pretend money, which you have to buy with real money I guess. Or you can buy the game. It's a lot of layers of yuck just to install some things I didn't want in the first place but tend to play in a browser when I don't have anything better to do.
... that said, I did just spend the whole night poking one game where you run around a dungeon picking up magic and weapons and stuff. It has so many options for equipment it looks like there's lots of things to do. But the gameplay is run, find bad thing, squish bad thing, kick in some boxes and urns, rinse and repeat.
... my inability to quit this stupid boring game is probably a symptom of something.

also, now I feel sick. the weird wobbly sick that happens sometimes when I play computer games, like I get travel sick from teh screen characters travel.

I only wanted it to type in lessons. it may work for that.
... the games work quicker than internet explorer was. didn't want to work.

maybe I need firefox and open office instead.

computers keep doing more and getting smaller.
I mostly want one that does exactly the same thing and gets lighter, but that doesn't seem to be possible, you end up having to have the do more versions.
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I made my emails work! Yaays! It only took, er, three, four hours? Thunderbird was hiding everything. But now it works! I have my email back! *hugs*
... it's only every email I ever received since getting my own email account, why would I miss that?
... I love backups.

I have a new computer. It arrived today. It has even less of the old computer in it than I expected ie none. It has one DVD re-writer instead of a DVD reader, a DVD re-writer, and some slots for square discs of assorted sorts. I haven't poked it enough to know if this one reads all varieties of memory card like the last DVD reader did. And I don't know what he's done with my old parts. But he says all my old parts only plug in to my old motherboard, nothing newer will work with them, which seems likely. And my old motherboard was very old and has now completely fried. So even if I go 'er, excuse me, there were three and more of this thing that you have replaced with one thing' he will go 'I replaced it free! being very nice here!' which is also true but vaguely not the point.

But I have to admit the only thing I've used the drives for in ages is backing up and making CDs for college assignments. Everything downloads. So do I need all them other bits?


I have a bunch of files that need programs to open them. Paint Shop Pro 7 is up on the shelf but it were old several versions of Windows ago.
Microsoft Works is up on the shelf but is on little squares of plastic. How can I read Works files if the program is (a) ancient (b) meant for different versions of Windows and (c) on little squares of plastic. Even ignoring the thing where the little squares may not hold a program any more.
If I can't read Works files I have to make my Comics database all over again from scratch.
Oh dear god the amount of work involved...

... don't tell me I should have turned it into a different file format long since, I do know that, I just couldn't make it work.

Some days I miss paper.
Paper doesn't do this to you so very often.

I haven't started installing games and finding out which ones don't work in the newest sort of Windows yet.
I checked a bunch before I got the new computer, but there's always some, and also what it says on the web page isn't necessarily how things actually work.

I am so not in a games mood.

I am in a blanket over my head argh why does technology keep doing this mood.

On the plus side: shiny new computer, new motherboard that should stay compatible for a bunch of years, quad core processor that is nicer than the one I paid for because it took so long for parts to arrive, and 1tb hard drive. I like the hard drive. I've had computers that thought the huge great actually floppy discs-that-were-squares were the height of information storage technology. I just get that living-in-the-future feeling when I think of how much data I can keep around now.

... my data storage requirements all fit on a memory stick, including every single piece of writing I ever did, but that's somehow not the point...

Usually when I get new computers they're more of an ax-of-my-ancestors sort of thing: replace the handle, replace the blade, still the same computer.
This time? New computer. Too many changes.
There's something specific sad about that.
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Is livejournal working today? I checked status and the ugly goat says

LiveJournal Operations staff are currently upgrading network capacity. Please check back soon. Sorry for the inconvenience. Thanks for hanging in there with us.

Status Updated: 12:56 am GMT (Saturday, November 13)

But that's from 0056 and it's now 1542. My inbox and friends list won't load. Is it actually still busted?

The thing with just getting this computer back is I'm not sure any of the settings are right yet. I'm having trouble staying connected to the wifi even, so I thought it was just me. But I'm getting other pages okay, so, *shrugs*

I test it with the crosspost, it says it posted fine. So how come I can't get it?

Great, now I can get it with Internet Explorer, but not Firefox. Bzuh?

so then I turned the whole computer off and on again. I have no idea why that works so often, but once again it was magic. Now I can get LJ in firefox again. Only took an hour :eyeroll:


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