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Today my mum and my brother could visit
so we ate birthday cake that is Free From everything one of us can't eat
and I got an extra card and shiny present

and then me and brother watched a movie

Rogue One

... I realise everyone else has watched it but I heard it would make me cry
and indeed it did a bit
like it's brilliant, but, that's... that's a difficult ending.

I'm all for hope

Chirrut and Baze are indeed excellent
and I liked Jyn
though it's weird having like five women in that sea of men

since when does any room look like that?

But it was very boom and argh and wow.

... also my brother has a near magical ability to make maximum mess
so we paused a couple times to deal with messes
and the paper tablecloth did its job
but now I can't get a replacement the same colors
until xmas goes gold again.

turns out table is wobbly enough that really enthusiastic writing can spill drinks.
might want to poke it and see if I can fix that.
or it might be a design flaw.

I suspect I shall be visiting Ao3 for fixit fic or happily ever after AUs.

That is a very intense movie.
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Mum went with me to the shop where I get all my electricals, and I ordered a new dishwasher. It will be here two Fridays from now, because they couldn't get it sooner. I figured I would rather wait than trust the internet on next day delivery; this way it's the same usual people and I know they'll stay until it works.

Also I went to the usual computer shop and discovered mostly what they don't sell and can't help me with, but also what they can. And I bought another stick to store all my other sticks on, or maybe to be the one that goes in the TV. They only had one at the size I wanted, so, shall go back later.

And then went through the supermarket to try and buy disposable plates for a backup plan for if the dishwasher is too slow. Only very small quantities per money in there, shall try another shop later. Did get microwave chips though, so those will be nice.

And then mum helped me go through the box of Things To Go, and took them away. She has the knowing of charity shops and so forth. I'm annoyed one of my new shirts is To Go, but it turned me black and came off in bits, so that's gone for cloth rubbish. And one of my nice skirts went for charity, because I realised I hadn't worn it except at that one Buffy convention when Buffy was still on. It can be nice for someone who actually wears skirts.

And all this on Cleaner Day. Which also happened successfully.

Difficult day of steady progress.
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Whoosh! Booms! Yaays!
... sad bit ...
... in the silence my brother pipes up "part three?"

I know what he meant, he's asking if it'll stay sad bit as much as he's asking if there's another movie later, but it did break the mood a little.

We went today because it was a subtitled showing where we could get the bus both there and back. This is the first showing that met all three conditions. So it being a hot and busy weekend wasn't going to stop us.

I was more anxious than I like though. So many humans.

Bits we liked: Groot. Also Groot. And that bit with Groot.
Really relatable content for life with neurodiverse family.
Funny bits. Many. Although many are made of *facepalm*, and some are laughing at violent yet stylish death, so.
Rocket and all his kabooms. He sneaky.
Drax and his direct approach.

Gamora and Nebula had both moments of awesome and an emotional arc.

But the whole thing was very Daddy Issues The Movie. More came down to Quill this time. But there were a lot of threads of that going on.

It managed to make me feel sad about someone I would not have expected. And like people for being basically a holes.

I liked the ending of the first one better, but this one was pretty good.

After that it was only 2pm so even on Sunday there was still time to do things. And we needed to eat. So I sad boring but reliable food, Sainsburys café. Which was a bit of a walk but they've made it nicer and easier the way we went, so that worked out. And they had food we can eat and we basically did Sunday shopping. But I only got apple pastries to take home, because I shop every week and have things. Except now I'm home I realise bread could also have been useful... Ah well.

Then the bus home and then it was now.

Tired but that was a successful outing.
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mum woke me up
by bringing chocolate biscuits
so then I would be irritated
but biscuits.
only now I am awake
but not really usefully.
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I asked mum if she wanted to eat a food and watch a tv
and we ended up watching two nature documentaries
and then having a chat for more hours.

I put on the birds of paradise documentary from the bbc iplayer as sort of a screen test
because if the tv can cope with nature documentaries with all those colors and the moving water and so forth it can cope with anything.

Nature so varied.
I always end up super mad at humans because so much less of it left so quickly
but I have to admit it's fascinating to see how swiftly all the arriving species can transform places.

also some of the plants in hawaii are basically doing terraforming
plants that can go to new islands and turn them into places more life can be
seems like humans should pay attention.

I still am not on the whole watching tv at broadcast times
but there's a lot more on the apps buttons than I bothered with on the computer somehow.

I like my new shiny tv now
I think.

I also think I have it set up to record Doctor Who tomorrow
and can maybe watch on a HD channel?
So I hope it's good.

But today had food and talking and new data about pretty things
so that was pretty good.
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Sunday shopping worked for the first time in aaaaages
but brother did not want to watch a movie, so I feel like it only half worked.

I don't need many foods from there if I'm not eating brownie bites and I have regular shopping elsewhere.
amaybe we need a different sunday routine.

but I like when I can feed people, even if all the cooking is done by the store
and it's not exactly awesome eats.
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We did a christmas quite successful

I cooked quorn pretend chicken and steamfresh vegetable bags, and mum brought gravy and roast potato, and we had mince pies and mum had a pudding.

and my brother who isn't here phoned and talked, so that was nice, even though I never think of conversation when it's him.

and we unwrapped all the presents
and I got precisely the dvds I aent amazon links for, yaays
so that's Agent Carter season two, and Star Trek Beyond, and a three pack of Ghostbusters.
Also mum found Rey in the supermarket so I have a Star Wars hero too :-)

then we watched the Muppet Christmas Carol, as is proper

and then we'd been being social for three hours and declared Christmas Achieved
so usual brother can go home with his presents :-)

I got a present from the dancing teacher also, so I have chocolate christmas shapes biscuits, which is win.

The new table functioned excellently, even in the confined area currently available. Once it was folded open mum and brother couldn't get out, but it folded away easy once we cleared it, and it was plenty big enough for all of us and the bowls to serve from. This is new for my house. I like it.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, and have a nice day everyone.
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Today was going to be full of Humans outside so we stayed in my house
mum brought around some microwaveable quorn stuff and we ate it
and then we watched Age of Ultron
which remains quite good except for the parts that really really aren't.
My brother also brought my birthday present, all wrapped in marvel paper.
It is Miniverse Captain America Civil War figures, because mum said it was the only ones with a woman in them.
I said again that if I need burying then I should have my action figures with me, because you never know, the Egyptians might be onto something.
Tiny heroes for me :-)

so that was pretty good :-)
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We had a food, but mum can't eat anything from the cafe any more so that's less fun.

We did a shoppings, and I think I remembered the things I wanted.

And we went home and watched Avengers Assemble.

... I'm not really feeling it any more. I mean, I like the characters, and there's some great whoosh boom once they're actually fighting the bad guys, but the parts where they're fighting each other? Ugh. So tired of that. They keep doing that. Over and over and over. So many films, so many episodes, so many hero on hero fights. Writers need to be better than that.

... yeah, that's honestly all I have to say about Avengers any more. Let them fight bad guys and I might get back on board.

But aside from that, yaay Sunday.
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We had a food and did a shopping, though only half the shop because I turned back after the bread because the sliced apples were falling out their bag when they should be all sealed, and after that my brother who drives the trolley decided we were All Done and got DVDs instead.

... and my replacement apples still fell out again on the way home. Bags fail day.

And the bread was only 35p because it is today bread instead of freshest.
But I can use it for soups either way.

The Morrisons Cafe keeps having two different hash browns. So one week it will be the right sort and the other week it will be burnt sorts that taste like hotels and something added, and those are not correct. But I can't tell which they will be. Probably we need to give up on the Morrisons Cafe. Which, lets face it, was never the classiest choice, but I like predictable.

After the shoppings we watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens
which is still very good
and I still don't like the sad bit at all at all.

Sunday routine is nice.
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Whoosh! Boom! Yaays!

... okay, so, it has not made me think deep thinky thoughts.

Plus it was a really long way home on the front seat of the bus in the sunshine.
And I forgot to eat since breakfast.

But I liked this one.
It was fun to watch.

Everyone got something to do and seemed reasonably competent and solved problems with their skill sets. Uhura listened, Spock logiced, Bones got to say 'I'm a doctor not a', Sulu can fly anything, Scotty can fix it, and Chekov can work the sensors and help with cunning plans. Kirk can get his shirt ripped again. Core skills.

My words have run out though, so I'll go food.
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We had food and we did food shopping and then we went to my place and watched my brother's DVD
which was 'Batman vs Superman'.
That was not a good movie.

Read more... )

... I am annoyed of movie now.
... this is why I didn't watch it at the cinema.

I don't think it's too much to ask that movies let us believe in heroes.
Grimdark is a lie.

Okay, I will go away now and try and not think about this for long enough I stop complaining in my head.
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breakfast and shopping success
movie cancelled on account of headache now

I got wore out yesterday so this is not a surprise
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We did eating and shopping and watching a movie
The Mummy Returns, today, just bought from the supermarket for cheap.

The eating was not very good. Again. They have changed what sort of hash browns they cook and today they burnt them, so it was a lot less good than it used to be.

Also the cups next to the dispenser drinks had strawberry milkshake splashed all down them, which is ungood for allergies.

I bought toothbrushes and bread and ribena
and the dvd to watch.

Then we went back to my house and mum helped with getting the shelves down. I started on them last night before realising this was a Bad Plan, so they kind of needed tooken down before they fell down. Now they're good though. Whoever put them up drilled holes without putting screws in all of them. Cheated. They weren't as strong as I thought, that whole time. Good thing I only used them for DVDs.

They are in the bedroom now and when I find someone who can put shelves up they will go up on a different wall. I measured and it should fit. Hopefully.

Now it is Far Too Hot and I will go melt horizontally in the other room.

I need to buy a new fan, one that works properly and doesn't take up so much space I'll get rid of it. I shall have to do comparison shopping and choose a good one. Or, given how many other people will have done the same thing, I shall have to take whatever is left. Either works. :eyeroll:

Today was pretty good though.
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Sunday plan worked
Riiiight up until now when I realised I at some point filled the washing machine and forgot to push start, so the sheets and stuff aren't actually done.
:-( :eyeroll:

But we had a food and bought a magazines and bought the foods
though they continue to move everything around and make it harder to find
and the freezers seemed to have gone quite wrong, because much water was happened, so no freezer food today.

Then we watched the Fantastic Four Silver Surfer one, because we'd watched the first one last week.

So that was a pretty good day.

Also I have looked through my 1000 sticker book of Marvel characters and it has Hawkeye and Phil Coulson and Black Widow and Pepper Potts as Rescue and lots of other excellent people
so :-)


Jul. 3rd, 2016 06:38 pm
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Good things: went to Morrisons, had a breakfast, did a shoppings, buyed a lot of things.
I found pyjamas with gold glitter stars on. I win.
... due to Morrisons only actually having pyjamas I have more than I especially need already, but, stars.

Less good: The £50 new shoes I bought? By the time I got home my right little toe thinks I needed the next size up. ... maybe if I do the laces differently?


I also bought new slippers but they were too small even though they said M.

But then we watched Fantastic Four, the Chris Evans one, with extra minutes. Most of those minutes were saying the same thing different ways, but they were still cool. Only one scene was saying the exact same thing twice in a row in different places, but really, you can believe Reed needs telling. Film remains fun though.

On balance a success.
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Went round Norwich with mum and bought a whole bunch of new clothes.
I had to go up a size. Or, depending on style, two.

... we had a conversation about family resemblances and how mum kind of expected I'd look like the taller thinner half of us, but noooooo...

That day was exhausting. And we were only out for five hours. Again.

These are things that happen when one does not leave the house.

But with any luck at all the leaving the house will get much easier very soon, so I shall try not to grump for long.

I am still allergic enough to the perfume-and-makeup section of department stores that I had to go stand outside instead.

BHS has some rather nice things in a really tatty shop with an escalator that zapped me and juddered a lot and a lift I'm not sure I would try again.

But Marks and Spencers has some good cushions and towels I might go back for if I still like them later.

Five hours doesn't go as far as one hopes though. That's like one shop and some vague wandering.

Pretty good day.

Headache now though.
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We went and had food, even though the sign was up to say no hots foods. The checkout person came over and said the sign was up early, so we could have breakfast, yaays.

There were a whole lot of buses of various eras in the carpark for the train station outside the cafe windows. Good view. Some were plenty old and one was a current bus. They kept going in and out with people in them. The open top bus was very successful.

We did the shopping but I needed few things this week. Which was good because they had few things, the drinks sections and the bread rolls like for picnics were demolished. Guess the food ordering having trouble keeping up with the weather.

Then we went home and watched Rocketeer. First my brother chose Star Wars The Force Awakens but I decided today I didn't want to see the sad bit, so we watched something happier.

So today worked on all points :-)
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There was a lot of walking around to small amounts of result.

Mum helped put a new light shade up in the living room successfully. It's a nice one with ribbon, , and I wanted it as a nice centerpiece to replace the faded uplighter that has been there since 1998. But now the room is much more bright and the light acts differently, so that'll take some getting used to.
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Today was Sunday Breakfast and Sunday Shopping and then Sunday Movie
so that's all Sunday functions achieved correctly.

Mum talked me into buying the Star Wars The Force Awakens novelisation. I was going to think about it but it was £4 and she said to reward myself.

I also got the latest Fantastic Four movie, the one with not so fantastic reviews. It's in the discount films now so I might as well.

Also my magazine was in so later I can look at decorated houses :-)

Morrisons has rubbish slippers at the moment though. They're weird colors and kind of pink. Blergh.
So we went to the Factory Shop in the last ten minutes it was open, and now I have Superman slippers, which I have decided are actually Supergirl slippers because who cares what the label says.

Bread wasn't there so I got rolls. Soya Mild wasn't there so I got no breakfast cereal tomorrow and shall order it from somewhere.

But my brother likes the new chairs fine so we had DVD Day again :-)

We watched Spectre.
... does everything have to be daddy issues?
Also, he drove off into the sunset with the wrong lady, if those two are the options.
Plus the torture was really nasty
and humans in action movies are implausibly resilient while things are implausibly fragile.
Kabooms are fun to watch though.

I need lady spy movies though. Bond is a wanker, when you get right down to it, and all these damsels in distress get tedious. Gender flip the tropes and get at least half a century out of redoing all the movies.

... My movie collection is really short on movies that fit this description even a little. Lady leads are... rare. Must fix.

*spends five minutes staring at three bookcases of DVDs looking for female lead movies*
Coraline, Mirrormask, Labyrinth, Return to Oz, Maleficent, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oh, and Jupiter Ascending.
There's a few more TV shows, but that's it for movies.

There's a lot with women in them, but pretty often they're the sort of thing where she's awesome only so he can be more awesome, which is not quite the thing.

I'd say I've been buying the wrong things but I can't currently bring to mind what the right things would be.

But, aside from gender based epic :eyeroll: after the movie finished, that was a fun afternoon.
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My back seems fine until I try to do things with it, and then annoying pinching feelings happen.
Mum pulled the trolley for me, so that worked out. Mum is very helpful. I kind of would rather have an employee so I wouldn't have to ask mum to be very helpful quite so often.
I bought mum a daffodils.

We're not watching a movie this week because I threw away the chairs. The chair I sit on to type I have been trying to replace for quite some time, and wouldn't inflict on a guest. There's also no floor space left so nowhere to sit down neither.

I must fix these things, I do very little and my house must remain suited to it.

I feel I've forgotten to buy a bunch of things, but I got the things on the list, so.

They do not have double chocolate brownie bites. Not for a week and a half, the bloke in the shop says. It would be sad if they stopped selling the one thing I eat.

... I realise it would be more useful to have more than one thing I eat, but, that's a lot more challenging. Been working on it, still hasn't worked.

Oh I know what I forgot, I was going to get jam tarts and sugar puffs at one point, because food is boring and annoying. But I think I'm better off forgetting the sugar.

My magazine was in so that's my afternoon sorted.
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Cleaner day worked, basically, though I need to figure out how to get the microwave to smell better.

Mum visited and helped invert the furniture, unpack it, move existing furniture, and move the new stuff into place. That's a lot of works. We got grumpy at each other in the middle :-( but I apologised and said thanks. Mum just has a different idea of correct sequence and safety margins. But nothing is broken and everything is done so mum's way works fine too.

The new furniture fits where I thought it would and holds as many CDs as I thought :-)
It looks very slightly different from the one I ordered first. From the same website. On the same page.
It's 2mm taller and the curve layer is a different curve and the handles are a different texture.
But nobody else is ever going to notice, so that's fine.
Letting it go...

The old bed has been taken away :-)
That took some doing. It has like dozens of screws in it and some very large pieces.
I unscrewed like 30 screws in advance, that was Many. I helped hold up one skinny pieces one time and my back pointed out that just because it wasn't hurting this morning didn't mean I could do all the things. That was foolish of me so I went and sat down again. But then mum and the furniture guy did all the work.

Now my bedroom looks huge, and has tons of space in. Kind of sad to put all the boxes back in later. Oh well.

The new bed very probably ought to fit. I think. I hope.
I have measured but you know what it's like when you put the thing together and it doesn't leave room to walk after all.

I also want new carpet and wallpaper in there, but don't know what order to do things in. Assemble bed so we know if it works in time to return it? Probably good idea. New mattress? Would make bed more useful. But then there's moving things out of the way for new carpet and wallpaper, and unless it can go up on one end, that's not so easy. Would be easier to do while flatpacked, but then might end up with £300 of unworky furniture. And very probably carpet is not a quick thing anyways.

Bedroom never got finished of painting. That has been vaguely embarrassing for at least 15 years. Probably I should make it either all the same color or look like I planned it.

But today's tasks are achieved. And the CDs are put away in the new drawers. And the old drawers are gone.

There is no more plastic furniture in the house. Very win.
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Today mum helped me take things to the recycle place. which was simples, it's very well organised and the taxi knew where stuff went. So I got rid of many electricals things and so did mum a couple things.

then we went to Morrisons to replenish my taxi money at the cash point and I found my magazine was in, so we sat at home and chatted about furniture and I fed mum pasta and pesto.

that might not sound like it takes up a whole day yet it did.

but we're getting much sorting out and throwing away done.

Also I made so many points on the HabitRPG today because the throw things away thing had been on the list for loooooooong long long. I got a new level and hundreds of points. big win.

... game points are surprisingly motivating/rewarding.

I cataloged my latest doctor who subscription with the cuecat scanner, but trying the same thing on DVDs still didn't work right. It couldn't find it on amazon uk and when it did find it on it had [import] right there in the title. So still the DVDs will have to go in a bit more laboriously, therefore they'll still be pretty much unlikely to get done at all.

Today pretty useful though.
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I was grumpy because it's December so its dark cold wet and busy
but now I'm not grumpy because i ate.
... I should do that more regular...

Mum is ill again/still and got all wore out. Brother is not staying to watch a film this time because that's more walking for mum. Also he don't want to I think.

All the food is back in its right places. I like that much better. Christmas food has its good points but it should be as well not instead.

We still have a plan to go proper shopping in Norwich but December was full of ill instead.

My other larger brother is visiting this evening at mum's so I sent his xmas present.

But I shall have a nice evening of quiet instead.
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Today there was no food at the cafe. It was 2pm and they were out of food. Mum had said we should go early so she was all 'told you so' but if we'd gone early we'd have been surrounded by all the humans that ate all the food, so I'm quite content with my timing choices.


They did not have double chocolate brownie bites in stock and all the new boxes were christmas things not buy it every week things. Yet they also didn't have a christmas biscuit selection of suitable magnitude when mum wanted to buy them. Is grump making. Also the toothbrushes were gone which is annoying. Not every toothbrush, my toothbrushes. But they did have Ribena. They'd only pulled the first row forward so we ended up taking every bottle we could physically reach. My brother is quite tall and he couldn't reach any the back ones. What's the point of shelves where you can't reach? Also they stocked neither the vegetables nor the quorn I wanted out the frozen section. But I did get bread and soup successfully so that's okay.

We bought food and went back to my house and cooked food and watched Skyfall because that was next movie. Mum went home after the first hour cause there's still like an hour and a half of movie to go. My brother enjoyed it as per usual.

This means his chair is full of crumbs and has new ink scribbles and he keeps on reading my magazines instead of his and I wouldn't mind if he didn't read with a pen. But is basically okay.

So now they're both gone home for the evening and our weekend is done again.

I put a battery in my clock and now it is tick tock in the kitchen telling the time :-)

You have to buy 8 batteries if you want one, is irritating. But they have C3PO and R2D2 on so that's cool.

I have a new torch because the older ones stopped working. It's not very good, but it's the one that was there, which beats not having a working torch. I shall get a better one later.

Now I can read my magazines and relax. Both were in stock and new at once this week, which doesn't usually happen, but I bought both cause they'll be gone again elsewise. Logically I should ration one until next week. Probably won't though.

Feel like the day worked fine though.



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