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I watched 'Captain America'. I think it's another film where all the good bits went in the trailers. I liked it okay, but the bits that were yaayness were all bits I'd seen before.
So I should go back to ignoring advertising and just watch films I've seen people talk about. Or, more usually, write fanfic about.
On the plus side I like him in the movie just as much as in the fanfic, so I can keep liking the fanfic no problem.

I think it bothered me a bit about the film that there were enough characters for a team movie but it was just about Steve Rogers and his ongoing awesome. Humble awesome. But it felt weird, like the speaking was about him being just another guy and a Captain as in leader of a bunch of soldiers, part of something larger, and respecting the other soldiers just as much, only the film was about him being The Hero with a bunch of... redshirts around him. I don't know. It's like what it said it was about and what it did weren't the same thing. And then there's the bits at the beginning and end that make it that the whole thing is just a prequel to Avengers, which also pushes every character not Captain America into the superfluous pile. I didn't like that so much.

I like teams. Teams are good.

Did it fail at 'two named female characters'? There were a handful of women but I can only think of one name.

Okay, I'm going back to inventing superheroes in my head.

But Steve Rogers is nice.
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Martial arts movie with Donnie Yen and a bunch of other people, Iron Monkey is awesome. Read more... )

I also watched The Forbidden Kingdom, mostly because I'll watch anything with Jet Li that happens to turn up in the supermarket. Read more... )
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Today I watched the Sarah Jane Adventures, and also Thor. One of them I have been looking forward to a long time and I love it and hug it and wish to keep it always. The other was just vaguely disappointing. Guess which one has the big budget?

The Sarah Jane Adventures makes me sad also, because I keep remembering she's gone. Sad. But the story is happy making. Read more... )

I look forward to next week.

And then, Thor. *sigh* I know reading the fic first was not calculated to maximise my enjoyment, but Loki is so much more interesting than Thor. I kind of can't see the point of Thor. He was a big fighty shouty man at the start, and he was a big fighty shouty man at the end. When did he do any changing? Read more... )

I want to see a Wonder Woman film so it can be about mothers and daughters, trying to live up to the legacy of her mother the queen. Read more... )

Wonder Woman could go to America and fight... what specifically? Is always the problem. Easy to throw her at gorgons, not so simples to work her into this world.

But I like the mothers and daughters story. And then there's a third generation, or more, depending how many you import. And then it's like being big sister, or raising daughters. Mothers and daughters from both sides.

I looked at the deleted scenes on Thor and they seemed to get rid of his mother. Also Sif. Funny how that happens. *sigh*

The Sarah Jane Adventures has lots of women in now. I likes it.
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Another Cine Asia film from the supermarket, and a total win.
Martial arts and magic, with some real art going into the magic. Not just throwing fireballs, though there's plenty of fire, but some interest and elegance put in to how the magic gets called.
And Woochi is a trickster-wizard, playing with people, so it's not just knock down fights.
Plus, it has an evil rabbit. A giant evil rabbit. A giant evil rabbit goblin of doom. Win!

It could have had more women, but that's slightly complicated - Read more... )

There was stick fighting, and fights with a fan. I like fighting fans. Weapons that are just weapons are inelegant.

There's also lots of changes of clothes and an intradiagetic soundtrack, because Woochi considers these things important :-)

I read a review that was all blah about it saying it had seen too many films just like it. But I haven't seen anything like it. This might be because I haven't watched very many Asian films yet, but I think it's cause this one is really well done.


May. 7th, 2011 04:16 pm
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You know how you watch things as a kid and certain scenes stay in you mind, and then sink in and become part of the structure?
And you know how rewatching things as an adult you get a whole different perspective on why?
I just rewatched Legend.

The bit of that film that stays with me is Lily and the dark dancer (link goes to YouTube; if the music isn't to your liking try one of the other links to roughly the same clip to get music from a different cut).
I loved that whole sequence, the dress and the sparkle and the dancing.
The thing I notice now?

Darkness is setting out to seduce her - that's the specific word. So there's food (in shades of red and black) and diamonds glittering and skulls and bones in silver and incredible goth dresses.

But mostly there's this glittering darkness, this beautiful dancer, this woman. She's sent to seduce the princess. She dances for her, flickering like the flames and with stars in her face. And first the princess is afraid, running, in rags and tatters, but then she's watching, the dancer cupping her face but not quite touching, watching her dance, and then she dances out with her. The dancer pulls her out, and they dance together, wild, then spin apart, and then the princess reaches out for her, welcoming, wanting her.
Then with a swirl of dress the princess is the dancer, dark and beautiful.

It's very gorgeous, very goth, and very very queer.

It has that tangle between wanting and wanting to be. It's not just about a good girl getting seduced to the dark side, and the power she finds in the darkness. When she embraces the dancer she still rejects the man that sent her. Well, great big horned beast, this not being a subtle film in any other respect. She rejects the stripped to the waist muscular man, and embraces the dark woman. ... so, not exactly subtle there either, except I somehow doubt it was intended.

I know there's a whole film around this scene, but it tends to fade out of my mind.
I just remember the dance.

... sometimes I look back at me as a kid and it makes a lot more sense from here...


Apr. 18th, 2011 01:01 am
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Again as a picked it up cheap I am watching Tajomaru Avenging Blade.

If this had trigger warnings on I'd never have picked it up.
Read more... )

The back of the box says "A royal brother leaves his kingdom to protect the princess he loves"
Which doesn't resemble the plot very much at all.
Not least because they're not royal or a princess, unless I've misunderstood what deputies and councillors means.

It's more than two hours long. If it started as a television thing the pacing might make sense, with the mid film recap.

And it's really really rubbish weird bad.

I'm considering throwing it away. That bad.


Apr. 17th, 2011 10:00 pm
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In my continuing quest to watch whatever happens to be £3 and not a gross out comedy at the supermarket I just watched Legion. Some of it was really funny. Unfortunately it thinks it's a horror movie.
So there's a diner in the middle of nowhere under siege. Inside there are two black guys, one of them disabled, three white women, one of them pregnant, and four white men, one of whom leers at his own daughter's short skirt and is the first to die. Guess what order the rest die in?
If you guessed 'disabled black guy then other black guy' then you may have watched movies before!
... yeah, I wasn't impressed.
Then there's the roles of women. It's a base under siege story where there's enough guns for everyone. Clearly this is an opportunity for women to kick arse!
... in another genre.
Read more... )

In case you think my objections to the movie were all race and gender based, no, it was mostly just the thing where it was rubbish. It wasn't just following genre conventions, it was telling you about them first. "They've tested our strength, now they'll test our weakness!" And there's a drunk guy and an upset woman! Wow I wonder what happens now! :eyeroll:

The angel wings looked pretty cool though. Wings are not so easy to do well. There was some very flash stuff with these ones.

Unfortunately they were mostly used to stop bullets, at which point my brain commentary kept going "My wings are like a shield of steel!"

Which, you know, kind of undermined the dramatic impact.

I think I've now spent a lot more words on this film than was in any way necessary.

I also think that £3 was about £2 too much.
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Today is studying Jane Eyre day. ... the more I study it, the less interesting it gets. The more I read the arguments the less plausible they get. There's some utter bibbeldy gobbledygook said about this book. And it's all on our assigned reading list.

So I got fed up and watched a film version I recorded off the TV the other week. Or started to, at least. I was watching it applying the stuff from Textual Transformations class, fully aware they'd change things and tweak the ideology to suit themselves and all of that. But the specifics really annoyed me.

Starting with the first image of the film: They have a book with 'Jane Eyre' on the cover and they open the book to a printed page and read out stuff from it, but it's not from Jane Eyre. It's just stuff they made up. Which I guess is fair warning for the rest of the film.

Read more... )

And then there's the characters they've taken out and added in. Basically they've taken out women and added in men. Read more... )

So... that was a very long set of notes and quotes there. Hopefully it was useful study time and not just extended growl time... Given that I started this at 11 and it's now nearly 4 I seem to have spent a bit of a long time on it.

Conclusion: The film strips Jane of personality, voice, her own words, her educational and vocational attainments, her financial independence, indeed any vestige of independent life.

In contrast Jane Eyre, the proper one in the book, has all of that. And a spiritual life, and multiple suitors, and political opinions, and options.

I thought I was bored with the book but I'm downright offended with what this stupid film did to it.

End of film I can see when it was: Orson Welles and Joan Fontaine, 1944

:-p to that version.


Mar. 13th, 2011 01:18 am
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I watched the DVD of Inception that I got for Christmas.
There's not much rewatch value in it. Most of it is endless pointless fight scene either way, and Cobb's issues with Mal just don't resonate with me enough to want to see him chew them over again. Cobb's issues with reality on the other hand are a little too close to crazy home, and I could quite live without.
It remains creepy that the exact same thing, kill yourself to wake up, turned up in Doctor Who too.
When I die in dreams all that happens is I kind of float around for a bit until I get bored and recorporealise.
Or I just switch point of view to a different character.
And it's still bizarre how absolutely ordinary these 'dream' spaces are. Not a lightsaber to be seen. Do people really dream so close to reality?
Even when I dream real places like college or wherever I can go through the walls and end up somewhere completely different.
Also, when I dream, if I realise I'm asleep, usually I get killed by a horde of zombies or similar.
... I don't know, my subconscious probably doesn't like me very much.

So, anyway, all that, that's the value in Inception. Everyone dreams, the idea of shared dreams hits all these shiny possibilities, either to use as presented or to tweak to be closer to right.

Plus characters like Eames and Arthur had just enough detail to be engaging without having enough to get in the way of making up whatever the hell we like. Fanfic bait.

And together they've got that Ocean's 11 heist crew thing going on with added gravity-optional fight scenes. Layers of awesome in the potential there.

I'm just not thinking the actual movie was especially awesome. Not twice, anyways.
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My head feels Wrong, the world feels Wrong, I can't get my shoulders to relax down to shoulder height, I have horrible swooping embarrassment about my new computer on account of how often it crashes (it makes me feel like I made bad judgements in selecting it, and I go in a I So Stupid spiral), and I have Feeling of Impending Doom.

Also today I read about anti domestic violence charities get 100% cut in funding, which led to looking for good charities to give small regular money, which lead to Patrick Stewart talking about domestic violence as a patron of Refuge, which lead to some other reading of related topic.

Then I moved on to watching A History of Horror, and the first UK season 3 Being Human, the one with the vampire (addict) and werewolf (violence problems) and ghost (killed by domestic violence). And to round out the relaxing video portion of the day, I watched Iron Man 2, the one where he's a drunk in a super weapon suit and watches his father be an alcoholic too on tape.

In retrospect I think I can see the problem.

... I'd facepalm, but some days it just isn't enough. Fuck.

On the plus side I just realised why watching Inception (next film down on the stack) would be a deeply bad idea right now.

I think I'm going to go back to my GURPS books and making fiddly twiddly charts and putting numbers around the world. Nice and relaxing.


Jan. 19th, 2011 07:26 pm
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I watched Confucius. The back of the box promised action, which seemed odd but what do I know? But the back of the box was mostly lying, cause there was only one fight. The rest was a lot of people sitting around and bowing and quoting stuff. Possibly subtle stuff happened I'd understand with more context. From where I was sitting people wandered around getting kicked out of places and not appreciated for like an hour. I was bored.

The one fight did have a lot of soldiers and fire and stuff, but mostly, no fighting.

Box said spectacle, action, drama.

There was some pretty landscape sometimes. And one fight. And sometimes people died tragically, which I guess is dramatic.

Bored now.

Red Cliff

Jan. 19th, 2011 03:36 pm
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I watched Red Cliff as part of my project to watch more of the world than just all movies full of white people.

It is spectacular.

Takeshi Kaneshiro is a very good looking man, and I like his character in this. He's the brains. Read more... )

Now I want to watch the really really long version.

Also, I want to figure out a bunch of movies to watch on purpose because they're good, rather than because they're in the supermarket on the cheap. That might be helpful.

ETA: I poked Wiki for more information and it's one of the big famous bits out of one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese Literature. See? I know nothing! ... it's fun not knowing the endings of things, but still, I need more knowings.
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Today I thought the plan was to phone mum after 0900 so we could go in to Norwich and hand my essay in and go read stuff.
Mum thought the plan was to phone her AT 0900, so when I didn't do that she went back to sleep.
I phoned a few times, but by the time she phoned me back at 1410 I had run out of the mood to leave the house and decided to head blanket instead.

So that didn't work out quite as planned.

Luckily essay hand in is tomorrow.

Unluckily the extra time has simply convinced me the essay is utter rubbish of no relevance or academic merit and the only way to fix it would be to delete it all and start over.
Which I haven't the time to do.

Also, I have a headache.

So that could have gone better.

In the meantime I watched movies. Read more... )
I'm now trying to think what film to put on that wouldn't be made creepy put next to those (so no kids films) but would clean my brain out a bit. There's only so much epic dead you can watch in a day, really.

Bad movie.

Jan. 4th, 2011 11:29 pm
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I just tried to watch 'The Seeker', the book allegedly based on 'The Dark is Rising'.
The differences were winding me up.
... I kept yelling 'liar' at the screen...
Read more... )

Now I want to read the book to do comparisons.

I suspect it would be bad for my calm.
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I had not watched this before.
It has kind of an ugly ending.
I didn't like the songs or the music and didn't see the point of Oogie Boogie or why he was supposed to be bad compared to a whole town dedicated to scaring people. I thought it was a bit boring really. But mostly it was okay.
Halloweentown guy sees Christmas and decides it is more shiny, Halloween people join in to make their best Christmas, he goes out with the glowy nose dog in front to make a Halloween Christmas. Happy story.
And Sandy Claws is a fun idea. But all he does once he gets kidnapped is be kidnapped, which for a guy with that many superpowers is kind of weird.
But then everyone hates and fears the Halloween Christmas and Santa is just scared the whole time he's in Halloweentown and by then end everyone is back in their box. So people born in Halloweentown who look like Halloween people are in fact stuck with doing Halloween. Only. Every year. Forever.
It's a 'know your place and stay there' story.
That's ugly.

If I was writing it Santa would discover his inner Sandy Claws and the Halloween Christmas would please goth children and freak out their parents everywhere. People would be sad when the skeleton santa got blown up, because how uncool is it to blow up someone for giving presents? By the end when they swapped back Santa would have new ideas for jack in a box toys and Halloweentown would know about snow and the longest night. There's be an actual point where people could go be Christmas people if they felt like it. Or Halloween people if they felt like it. Or whatever.

Why write stories that are all about how freaky people get shot at and aren't allowed out except for Halloween?
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Have just watched the film 'The Spiderwick Chronicles' as recorded off channel 4.
That was good, with a couple of things I weren't sure about.
Read more... )

saw a film

Oct. 29th, 2010 07:43 pm
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I went to see the film 'Red', which is great fun. Things go boom a lot. Old people kick arse. It does what it says on the tin, basically.

The getting there was somewhat complicated by my employee arriving here half an hour late and with her car in a state, Read more... )

So. Anyway. I need to make a plan that involves goals I can look forward to and work towards attaining. A plan with people in it. A plan I can actually do.

Because at the moment I just end up going to see whatever is at the cinema for want of any better ideas.

Which is of very limited use.
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I couldn't get to sleep so I watched some more TV.

Malcolm Reed is pretty but his role is mostly to get wound up and melodramatic about CGI trying to kill redshirts. Or sometimes to suicidally heroic when actually bringing someone qualified to do the work quicker would have worked pretty well. It's like Enterprise in any incarnation is only really crewed by the bridge officers, unless someone needs to die. Freaky loss of realism there.
... I still likes him. Suicidally heroic is kind of my type. *facepalm*

Then I watched Ghost Rider. The film with Nicholas Cage.
After the first five minutes I watched it while trying to figure out how to fix it, because this was clearly not a good film.
Read more... )
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I went and picked up my new glasses :-)
I wore them all evening at the NSFG at the pub, but I did not wear them to watch the film because I kept on being all 'wait, are these more fuzzy? the world is fuzzy. did that bit of the world be fuzzy before?'. I started out wearing them but got all through the trailers thinking that stuff so I gave up and dug out my old glasses before the film proper started.

My new glasses are sort of square and have stars along the side and I keep seeing them in my peripheral vision, they block a lot more of the edges than my other pairs, because of being big for the star patterns. New glasses are always like that though, it's all, wah! What's that! Oh, still my glasses. So I figure I get used to them.

I disapprove of the world being fuzzy. It should be crystal clear for my convenience.

I wanted to buy a new fridge freezer, but we went in the shop and there were a bazillion of them and yet none of them precisely like the one in my head, or indeed the one in my kitchen, though that one is currently busted so I don't want one exactly like it anyway. So we got brochures instead.

Then we went and watched Inception.
I wasn't wowed.
I liked lots of bits of it, but if that's what their dreamscapes look like? They lead an impoverished fantasy life. Read more... )

Film said started 1700. Finished about 2000. From there to the pub, where there were lots of people in the basement where the NSFG meet. They were invited to the NSFG meeting, but they did not want. So, the same usual people again.

The topic was Women Writers. I know a bunch, other people knew a bunch, we none of us knew the same bunch. The topic kind of ran out.

I am finding there's an upper limit to how many times one can have the same conversation. Read more... )
New people could have new conversations. I think the current configuration has had their conversations and keeps having them over again.

I need to find something to squee about and people to squee with.
Is much more fun.
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Watched a Jet Li action movie that's mostly in English.
Good thing: not a lot of white people. Black people vs Chinese. The ethnicity-bechdel test therefor passed pretty much constantly. Refreshing change.
Not so good thing: girl bechdel test failed on 'named' in 'two named women'. There is only one. The Girl. Read more... )

more stories need more women.
this remains true for a frustrating long time.


Jun. 17th, 2010 10:46 am
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I decided to rewatch The Lord of the Rings. All three extended edition films. Preferably in a row, if I can stay awake long enough.

Thus far it is not going so very well. I got all twitchy and was eagerly anticipating the disc break and not just because I wanted eatings. I was, much to my giant surprise, getting a bit bored.
Read more... )
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I just watched these two films in a row. Read more... )

Didn't much like the second film, and it helped undo my appreciation of the first one. Blah.
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I saw the dragon film :-) Read more... )
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I'm watching some film called Static, because it sounded cyberpunk/psionic in the TV guide summary. I'm 50 minutes in, nothing weird has happened since the teaser, and they only just got as far as implanting the chips that the summary was all about. That's a bit annoying. But the part that kind of sucks? The writer is really deeply insecure.

They've mastered show-not-tell, but they don't seem to believe that. So we alternate between scenes where they show the personality and personal relationships of their main characters, and scenes where two of the three sit down and talk about their motivations in the adjacent scenes. I'm not even slightly kidding. First the show, competent if dull, and then the tell, at length, every time. If they'd cut those bits out it would be at least a quarter hour quicker and a whole hell of a lot more interesting. We'd still know we've got a White Knight, an Angry Nerd, and a Prove Herself Princess, but they wouldn't have lost our sympathy by whining at each other about it.

Also I'm not hopeful for the plot. So far it has taken all this time to get to the point I'd say they'd need to be at after ten minutes, maybe 15. This says to me they don't have enough plot to fill out a film if it went quicker. Shall see.

ETA: Have watched second half of the movie. Yeah, shortage of actual stuff happening. Plus the usual fails. Read more... )

Not worth watching, except in that way that bad movies are like candy to newbie screenwriters, cause I can see what they did there and I can do better than that.
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This semester I'm studying 'Researching Popular Culture', which is focusing on crime fiction.

The idea is to see how ideology and myth play in a particular genre of fiction.

The stories we're looking at were written by and for a particular class (and ethnicity, and gender, and so on) of people, in a particular place, at a particular time. They got really popular. That suggests a large number of people found them both useful and comfortable.

Read more... )

I feel like I've spent a lot of words and gone round the long way to get to not very much conclusion at all.

And to do a presentation for class I have to start it with close reading something from the time we're studying, so this kind of general flapping isn't helping me pass.

Also not helpful is the scheme of work has us starting to study Chandler in week 6, after the assessment. Next week is week 4, but he told us to bring the books in and we'd probably start on it then. Before the week 5 assessment. That's 2 weeks less to do the reading in, and one of those a week we'd rather spend studying texts we can actually get marked on. But no. So now I have to (a) read and close read a text to go with the Victorian Studies Reader essays and turn into an assignment and (b) read The Big Sleep, both before tomorrow afternoon.

It would really help to have done more of that already.

Also, to get sleep that actually works, instead of the draining kind.


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