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Someone seems to be working on the fire alarm. Either that or someone has screwed up and keeps trying to fix it. The box in the hall keeps beeping like once every three seconds and the main alarm is going off at random and silencing after a couple of seconds. If it doesn't quite it in the near future I'll have to go outside the flat and stare and find out what is happen. That sounds difficult though, possibly I'll just hide from the noises for a bunch more minutes.

fire alarms

May. 8th, 2015 03:17 pm
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Note to self: the day you slob around at home with no underwear is of course the day the fire alarm goes off.
I had sufficient for decency and a healthy fear of fires due to earlier experience, so I just spent half an hour hanging around outside with all my neighbours and none of my underpinnings. I doubt anyone noticed, but, *sigh*

The fire alarm is the annoying but harmless sort this time, there was none smoke and the fire brigade didn't find anything fire like, so they saw us silence the alarm and got someone to sign to say it was a false alarm and then went away.

I phoned for the fire brigade and then I phoned the landlord because the alarm is silent but has orange lights now so I don't know what it doing. I really don't like use the phone. I am all stutters and lose words and my english doesn't come out in a straight line, why is it me who uses the phone when this happens?

On the plus side the mobile phone does what I bought it for and actually does call the fire brigade when I try to. Rather than, as with the previous phone, attempt to change my desktop wallpaper.

Neighbours spent time on the steps complaining at length and in detail about the repairs that aren't getting done around here. The windows are in a state. I reported mine but they're all like it. The front door isn't fixed. I guess I could report it again, it's possible it gets fixed but only very briefly. The fire extinguishers are at best not where they should be. Everyone is grumps.

Upstairs windows had two cats staring at the fire engine. Which is funnies. As long as nothing cat related gets down here.
Being allergic to my flat because neighbours would epic suck.
I did think there's no pets allowed in here though.

Now neighbours are being loud in the halls instead.

I really hope the moving house plan works in some form. That would be nice.
Mum thinks I should try being a student at the UEA again so I could live there. Last time I looked it up that wouldn't actually work, but it would be lovely. I'm somehow not allergic to the UEA. I mean I need to blow my nose like once an hour but compared to a lot of the world mum even noticed I'm not allergic to outsides at the UEA. Also it often smells good. Plus it is full of learnings. And I love the architecture. Millions wouldn't, I know, but I do. Probably 'as long as I don't have to live in it' goes in there, cause I know the problems with the stairs, heat, cold, light, and every now and then stuff falling off. So I guess I'd like to live there but only in a good bit. That is somehow quiet a lot? Which probably adds up to wouldn't like to live actually right there.

But somewhere I can walk into town or catch the 25 bus between the libraries would be lovely.
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more fire alarms.
neighbour fire alarms, which are bad but not worst.
why so many fire alarms?

I really hope everybody is okay always.

it's no fun sitting around just kind of hoping things will work out.

I am still looking for a house.

I hope to find one that is both nice and in my price range in my chosen area.
I've kind of found four so far, but one needed £17K of repairs, one probably has a mould problem they painted over (grey streaky blobby windows and plug in air fresheners in every room but still smelling of wet plaster), and the other two didn't have long enough leasholds.
So if I've found nearly four then there will be more. Probably. Just, prices tend to go up, so the longer it takes the less likely it is.

I'd just quite like something with fewer neighbours and none fires.
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I hope my neighbours are having a nice safe albeit noisy day.
Fire alarms and a fire engine, at a different front door to the same building, so I get to sit in my flat and not be in the rain which is nice.

There are too many fires around here. Read more... )

I do hope my neighbours are happy and well, I'd just kind of like to be further away and safer.
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on the plus side, I can be woken up by next door's fire alarm
on the minus side, I have been woken up by next door's fire alarm
and now it is 5am.

I got up and dressed and looked out the window but couldn't see anything wrong and then the noise went away so I'm just going to assume false alarm. but it's a very insistent alarm.
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I would like to live someplace that does not need fire engines so often.
Or, just possibly, ever at all.


Sep. 30th, 2012 03:33 am
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got woke up by the fire alarm, but not in our block thankfully
hope the neighbour people are okay
there's a fire engine now.
it took about ten minutes to get here and it has its blue flashers on.
just what three in the morning needs, really.
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so I got home, I posted, I realised I was too tired to bother thinking about eating, I shoved the remains of my packed lunch in the fridge and I went to bed.
Somewhere nearby a fire alarm went off.
I thought maybe I smelled burning. Or not. Or maybe.
I decided that it was only my problem if alarms went off in my particular flat.
I kept on deciding this, vaguely, as I dozed off, while the fire engine arrived, with lights and sirens.
I don't know when it left or what was up with that.
I guess I was too tired to actually worry.
... bit not good?

Now I've gone 24 hours since I had more than half a packet of crisps, so I should probably make actual food.
I'm really not enthusiastic about food.
Possibly because food I personally can shove in a microwave and eat isn't the world's most enthusing menu.

Okay. I go heat soups or something.
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I heard some people in the hall being shouty, so I muted the game I was playing to listen, but they got quieter so I figure maybe they'd worked it out. But then the fire alarm went off. I got up and put shoes on and grabbed bag with phone in it and the keys and left the flat. That takes thirty seconds, I count. I got to the hall and there were no people. but the push to start fire alarm box has some red on it. It's a bit worrying, an alarm with red on it. So I went outside and looked around the steps, in case someone ran away and fell down. But there was no person. Also then I was locked out. But my neighbours started arriving and let me back in again. So lots of my neighbours came out and a lady with a dog was sure it wasn't a fire it was an accident and so were all the other people so we have turned off the sounders for the alarm. The box has a code and a silence button. I phoned the housing place and they will send English Security out to fix it. It needs fixed after all this all happens, because the box is still pressed. But then I thought, maybe someone making red was pressing the alarm for help. So I went outside with a torch and looked in dark places by standing far away. But there was no person, so that's okay.
Now the English Security guy phoned and said he'll be here shortly. So that should be fixed.

I would like to live somewhere with not so many neighbours. Granted, it's possible that in a three flat building you get two bad neighbours. My first flat the downstairs neighbour was a deaf heavy metal fan. The posters on the walls shook. It wasn't cool. But the more neighbours per front door, the more Stuff happens. I'd like a life with less of this adrenalin Stuff.

But it is pretty good it has been such a long time since last time this kind of Stuff happens.

Many of the neighbours are new. I only see them when the alarm goes off. All of them got pants on before leaving the flat but many of them stopped there so I saw quite a lot of them. Also, robes work better when they're belted.

Someone said their baby is all scared now because of the noise. :-(

But the fire alarm definitely works, so :-)

ETA: 5 minutes, one clever little key thingy, and it is fixed. The security guy arrived and fixed it. Must be very nearby indeed.
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Someone is mucking around with the fire alarm. I don't know what they're doing exactly but the box keeps cheeping. Then the fire alarm keeps going off for about a second at a time. It is making me very jumpy. My heart jumps every time the damn thing goes awoooo.

I could go out and ask what they think they're doing but that would involve interacting with humans.

I'm pretty sure the damn thing isn't signalling there's a fire. If I turn out to be wrong that would be a really stupid way to go. *goes to get dressed*
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There was a fire. I fell down some steps getting away from the fire. Now my knee hurts. The fire got put out by firemen and they said we can go back inside now. Also I knew how to make the fire alarm silence and nobody else did. And the fireman was surprised because never elsewhere has he seen the code for the fire alarm written on the alarm box. I guess it makes it a bit useless to have a code if you write it on the coded object. *shrugs*

I went on the NHS website and answered questions until it decided I needed to phone NHS direct. When I phoned they said I need to talk to a nurse, which will be a call back, any time in the next six hours. Yes, they said this at quarter to midnight. They did point that out. I said I'd probably be awake anyway. I woke up at 1430 today, being awake until 0400 is pretty reasonable. So, anyway, they said rest/ice/elevation, which I can do. I have chopped onion and I put that on for 20 minutes. Now I'm in my lovely recliner chair. Which is more like 'flat' than elevation, but I can't put my feet up on the sofa cushions on account of I upended the sofa to put my chair in. So it's the best I can do. It's a very nice recliner.

I thought there was a fire because I smelled something bad and then there was a *BANG* like fireworks, so Read more... )

Then I came in and went on the website to check the NHS and went on the phone and used the ice like they said and then wrote up the whole evening on my computer for y'all to read.

I would quite like to live somewhere with less potential for catching on fire. I would like to live somewhere the bins are not underneath the people. I would like to live somewhere this doesn't happen so bloody often.

I keep applying, but apparently nothing about the building I'm in makes moving me any urgent at all, so I'm back of the line.

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Today the weather forecast actually looked better than yesterday, with the snow having vanished from the predictions, and I didn't have a headache, so, I got the stuff together and went out :-)

I took the shopping trolley full of 2 lamps up to the one charity shop that accepts electricals. I did tell them the things only probably work and probably need new bulbs even in best case, but they said alright and took them. The were amused by the UFO lamp. I said I hadn't used it since the 90s. It's not that I want to disown it, quite the contrary, it's still shiny, but, really, time to pass it on.

Then the Mencap shop was open, which it almost always isn't when I'm going past. (They have leaflets that say SOS - Staff Our Shops!) So I looked at clothes and found some very nice deep red trousers in a fabric I could certainly live with and in a size 18. They'll be a bit long and I haven't tried them on yet but for the price worth the buying. :-)

Next I went to argos and got new bulbs for the remaining lamp. Hopefully that's all it needs. Or else that'll be off to the charity shop too, and I quite like the shape of it. Desk style lamp with a very elegant curve. I'm hoping to get it set up so I can read in bed again, without hopping out to get the too bright ceiling light. I think I got the right sort of bulbs, and if I didn't, no worries, is only cheap.

After that, Morrisons, and breakfast. Meat free breakfast no fresh tomato extra hash brown :-) I like the egg. I'm thinking of extra egg next time. Egg is good, but when I cook it, not so much, and also it coats the inside of the microwave more often than not.

I figured out how to hang my shopping trundle off the back of their shopping trolleys, and then I did the shopping. I remembered Marmite and multivitamins, which were the important bits, since I'm all run out and feeling run down. Also the vitamins were on offer :-)

Then I trundled everything home.

Where I could hear from the end of the street that our fire alarm was going off.


There was someone leaning out their window retelling the saga that had happened while I was out, with the young idiots crunching hte alarm, and the fire engine, and the police, and it was business as usual.

So I took the trundle in, unloaded the frozens (but forgot the fridge stuff until just now... an extra 45 minutes in the bag won't hurt quorn, will it? Oops.), grabbed my backpack full of things to do, and went out.

Which plan would have worked better if I hadn't gone all dizzy before the end of the building. I had to duck into the Factory Shop and grab a seat. Which was easier said than done at lunch time, I couldn't sit in the cafe, I ended up in the changing cubicles. And a nice old lady kept asking me if I was okay. Looking at me in the mirror I didn't think I was okay. But I had a sit down, and then went around the shop, and bought something silly. By which point it was obvious I wasn't going anywhere, and I really needed to go home and have a proper rest.
But I got a cute axe and shield out of it. (Axes can totally be cute.) It has a pattern on that will match my belt buckle, soon as I get a belt to fit it.

So, home again... and it turns out to be Win because just as I arrive the English Security guy arrives to turn the alarm off :-) So I get peace and quiet, and I'm also in the hall where he explains how we can silence the thing ourselves. Apparently the sticker with 'Code:(number)' on the front was, to an alarm guy, sufficient information. To the rest of us it was mystifying. Someone needs to have a word with them about user interfaces. But, now I know how to make it quiet, and so do two other people live here, so there's a good chance one of us will be able to next time it's needed.

And now I'm on the computer telling you all about it.

Pretty good day :-)

(Though it would be nice if people would stop messing with the alarm)
(any time now)
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Yesterday I saw some workmen doing things with the fire alarm box, while I was on my way out to college.

Today I get to find out what its fault mode sounds like.


It says 'general fault' and 'zone one fault' and it has a bazillion lights and it says to refer to the instructions but I don't appear to have any :eyeroll:

So I phoned up the housing place and they can explain it to the relevant alarm fixing persons.

If I don't know what the lights mean I don't know what the serious lights are, though there are now two rows for 'fire' and 'fault' that would show me if there was an actual fire.

I also don't know what any of the buttons do, and I only just learned them for the previous box.

I'm sure someone thinks this is the simplest useful thing, and I'm sure it has its uses, but what's the point of it if nobody here knows how to use it?

I would be much less annoyed about this if I could just ignore the

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I think they're fixing the fire alarm, it went off for a couple of seconds then stopped. Yep, same bloke from before is here, fixing the glass in the alarm in the big hall. I was the one phoned about it. I don't think anyone else in this building phones except the guy across the hall. When I got in from shopping the alarm box had a yellow sounder fault light and a red zone 1 fire light, but there was no smoke alarms going off. So I phoned the housing place, and they phoned the security alarms place, and now it will be fixed. But it would be more reassuring if it didn't need fixed so often.

So, anyway, today:

Woke up at 0930, felt lazy, figured I could brainstorm plot bunnies - got one about Grey from Torchwood being sent to Dean and Sam from Supernatural for rehab, because his restful death theory could be put to pretty good use in hunter work. Not terribly helpful given that I don't watch Supernatural, but that's bunnies for you.

Then it was 1200 and Tesco delivers. So that was clearly a productive morning.
Also it would help if Tesco followed the instructions about buzzing before they get the boxes out, because otherwise I have to get up in a whole hurry, and I always forget to put something on. Today it was only glasses, but you never know.

Then it was cleaner day, and everything got clean and shiny again, yaays!

Then I went to take the computer to the shop. They said before xmas that they weren't taking things until after xmas, come back January 4th. Which was a couple weeks ago, but there was snow. So I go today, and there is no more computer shop! All closed, no more DCS. Which is weird, I bought my first computer there and haven't shopped anywhere else. Friend from high school worked there, though no can call friend no more when no talking for so many years. Wonder what happened?

So I wander around town some more. Two bakeries also not there, one for long time, one closed monday. Enough to make me guilty about shopping at Tesco. but I don't emerge from the house often enough to buy local. *sigh*

The chair shop had moved in to the bed shop, which seems efficient. I tried some chairs. The ones with handles do work better, but there's a weird sliding sort of an action to get the hang of to make the back tilt back. But you can put your feets up and not lean back, so, neat. They've got a lazyboy on sale for very cheap compared to internets, but it's because it's the last of its kind, discontinued, show room chair. It's a bit butt ugly. I'll cover it in a cloth to make it match things anyway, but still, odd color. There weren't many options to try out in the shop and they're mostly costing more than £500. I have that much, but it's a whole bunch of money, so I'd have to be very sure. Sale prices better.

Why so many chairs and things made with 'real leather'? Dead cow isn't my idea of a nice thing to have around.

*jumps at alarm for 3rd time*
... guess the fix isn't taking yet.

I went to QD and bought only what I went in there for. Yaay me! I bought one of them wheely trolley things, and got them to put the wheels on before I bought it, because I couldn't figure them out. I used it on the way home and it's quite nice. Bright red bag on wheels, doesn't bump into me. But I took it around the supermarket and realised I couldn't drag it along in one hand and have a basket in the other and actually shop, and I couldn't prop anything on anything because the bag is soft, and it was only once I'd given up and put the foods in teh bag (and practiced saying 'I'm not stealings!') that I realised I could hang it on teh back of a trolley, but then I didn't have trolley coins anyway. But the bag worked, so that's nice.

I went in to one of the charity shops on teh way home and they take electricals. So my lamps that probably work with new bulbs would be just fine with them. They have a guy who can check them so they can sell them. So I can get rid of the small heap of lighting in the corner that seemed like a good idea at the time.
... the UFO lamp was interesting for, oh, hours and hours after I bought it... many years ago.

So now I'm home and it's not very peaceful in here because of the alarm but it is warm and I have foods and I have nice trousers that are an interesting texture even if it does pick up every bit of fluff ever and now I can do anything I want with the rest of the day. This is being rich. *nods*
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The engineer arrived to fix the fire alarm.
... yes, it has been going eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee since about 2pm and it's 8pm now, but it is xmas eve, and he turned up in a santa hat, so, shiny.

I watched him fix it and he just pressed the buttons. One is for when the sounders are going (2nd down?) and the other is for when it's orange lights and going eeeeeeeeeeee (3rd one?)
BUT that's exactly what we did earlier. I was there and watched then. So I don't know why it worked for him.
Possibly the top button was involved? Or possibly it was when he thumped it one.
It would help to give us written instruction. Except it's written on the box and still don't make sense nor work neither.

The key to the alarm box is missing. I reckon someone had it that don't live here any more.
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another flippin fire. this time someone's food caught fire. fire engines have been and gone, now we're just waiting on the fire alarm being reset. and hoping that food fire was the only fire.

It took me a whole 90 seconds to get out of the flat this time cause I can't run outside in my pyjamas in the snow, because I like my extremeties and wish to keep them. I must practice getting dressed quicker and keep my fire clothes more organised.

also, the housing place to phone to get the alarm reset knows my name now. They say it's okay phoning again. there's good reasons.

ETA: As well as people going back in for their cats, a practice I have been persuaded has its noble side, there was also:

"My flat's full of fire! Come and see!"

... *head flippin desk*

Yes they did go back in to a smoke filled flat to show people it was a smoke filled flat.

Why does nobody take smoke and fire seriously?
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So: This time there really truly definitely was a fire.
3 fire engines and a police car of a fire.
Flat 109 upstairs opposite where the police broke the door down and arrested them and it was in the papers and they boarded it up again so the fire men had to get the board off the door first.


Well, I guess nobody is mad at me any more.

Read more... )
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So, thus far today, there was a power cut, which I attempted to ignore cause I was asleep. Who needs the lights when you're asleep? Further, I knew the power since the last cut was provided by a generator, so I assumed we lost power while they were switching to a permanent fix. And maybe they were, I don't know, I was tired enough I got back to sleep despite the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee noise the alarm box makes when offended.

My neighbours are... my neighbours are in great need of learning when not to push the button. My neighbours are presumably also offended by the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee noise from the alarm box. Because the fucking fire alarm keeps going off. The time that got me out of bed lasted 90 seconds, but that was just because they were stupids who didn't know how to undo what they just done. Since then a selection of people have come in, heard the alarm going eeeee, made some loud possibly drinky sounding comment from the hallway, and then, oh what a surprise, the fire alarm goes off. Last time it went off with an interesting warble effect as people tried to fix it by pressing the alarm button repeatedly.

I miss sleep. I realise 9pm is not a traditional time to be waking up, but that really shouldn't matter. And I know fire alarms are brilliant excellent win at their intended function, but I'd really like it if people would stop using ours to play tunes.
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I am awake. I did not wish to be awake. I especially did not wish to be woken with worrying in quick succession if I was about to be burnt to death or if I was about to have a heart attack. The fire alarm only went off for a count of 8, the worrying if what was happening in my chest was qualitatively different to mere panic this time went on for much longer. The fire alarm repeated a lot though. I just feel kind of sick. I ran out of easy food and I've had less than 4 hours sleep so kind of sick is pretty much usual.

Then the fire alarm engineers knocked on the door and wanted to check the fire alarm sounder. I had to get up and get dressed. I checked their ID card thingy and it matched the vans that always come out when the fire alarm goes off. And all they wanted to check was literally if the alarm was still there. Because people take them down??? I realise how tempting that's got to be, but you'd have to be thicker than bricks to actually do it. ... ah. Yeah. ANYway. All the repeated false alarms are just training us to ignore the thing anyway.

I like it when fire alarms save us from fiery doom.
I very much dislike it when they just make everything all jumpy and horrible and match the permanent eeeeeeeeee in my ears.
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I hate this building
I hate this building
I hate this building

someone set the fire alarm off and ran again.
I was in pyjamas but there's nothing quite like running out in the middle of the night to make you realise how low the neckline is.
Also now my pyjama trousers are wet at the ends.

I looked under the building and I can't see a fire. I looked where the bins are and there wasn't smoke or fire. I looked where the cars are and I couldn't see a fire.
My neighbours took my word for it.

The alarm is turned off - the guy from 109 has a key to turn it off, how did he get that? But it's still going eeeeeee in the hall. Someone else said they'll phone the landlord to get it reset.

There was sort of a comittee in the hall where long term residents explained to newbies that this happens every couple months but you have to get out the building every time because also sometimes people have actually set it on fire.

But we couldn't find any fire, it's just the alarm button by the front door.

I very much and very urgently wish to move to a new building, with far fewer people per front door, and none of them inclined to let people in after pub out.

I also very much wish the blessed painkillers would work to get rid of my headache, which was a problem even before the alarm siren went off.

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To be woken up by the fire alarm.
The alarm got turned off before I got out of my flat.
Everyone decided it was a hit the alarm and ran away situation and not an actual fire.

I am sitting here Very Awake and will continue to sit up dressed for a bit of a while until I'm quite sure the smoke alarm isn't going to declare Everyone a bit stupid.

I never know what's the good idea though, once the false alarm is declared. I mean, I could go stand outside on my own, but for how long? And I can't call the fire brigade when I'm told there's no fire, can I?


stupid world.
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Somebody set the fire alarm off again.
I think it was a somebody, others think it is a fault in the box, for it to go off at about the same time many times.
But I do not know of faults that break glass.
I think the glass is broke in the push box on the upstairs landing. It seems broke to me. others think there was no glass in it in the first place so the thing in it is not in fact broke. This has logic but I believe they are wrong.
I do not believe it is a fault, I think it is a people being stupid.
Usually it is the box by the front door that gets broke, but this time it was not.
If it was a fault then it would always be the same box, yesno? Even if it can go broken on its own.

Whatever it is, it needs fixing.

Nobody could find a fire and everybody came out to look so I guess there is no fire.
If there ever is a fire then we shall have to yell 'fire' really loud because otherwise people will think it is a fault.
This rather negates the value of a fire alarm.

Also I just checked and this month it has gone off at one in the morning, two in the morning, three in the morning, and now three thirty in the morning. That is not about the same time, it's just godawfuloclock either way.
Also it goes Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Friday. No consistency there either.
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Bastard, bastard, bastard, fire alarm.
Everyone came out from their flats to look, nobody has a smoke alarm or fire, and the alarm box next to the front door has been set off again.

I can't see how it can be a coincidence that this only restarted when the visible cameras in the hall disappeared.

Someone is phoning the alarm place to get it turned off.
I hate this.
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The fire alarm was set off again, using the box by the front door. Again.
This time someone has figured out how to turn it off without getting the alarm company out.
I don't find that reassuring at all.

Someone here reckons that Clive at 115 put the CCTV in with his own money.
This I had not heard before.
I wonder where I put the letter saying there was going to be cameras? I think there was one. Somewhen. Last year.

The thing about the fire alarm is, it is meant to be alarming.
Last night after the alarm I didn't get to sleep until after 0600.
Tonight, if I do that, I will have half an hour sleep before class.

Also, I have no number to cancel the car to college.

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Did I mention fire alarms earlier?
I should know better.

0109 and the bastard fire alarm went off.

Everyone is treating it as a false alarm. I don't know how they know. But by now I think most of the flats have come out and said that they have no smoke alarm and no smoke and no fire. I dislike that 'most'. I dislike that the first reaction of the first person to get to the alarm box was to try and turn it off. Everyone ignores it.
It took me to count to 45 to get out of my flat, because I had no clothes on. I consider that a long time. Yet it was several minutes after that before anyone else was out of their flat.
This is a problem.

The little cameras on the box in the hall are absent. They were CCTV cameras put in to monitor the front door where the fire alarm problem was happening. Hopefully there's now film of someone nicking them.

I'm going to email the housing place and mention that this fire alarm has become useless due to non reactions.


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