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had a dream that was sort of an elaborate horror thing, but I picked out the good bits to make it happy instead.
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Len's got a lot of friends, whether he likes it or not.

So we basically group hug him back to life
and when we get him back to regular reality try calling him Velveteen.

He's still got some issues. Like, if he's just the aspects of him we all loved and wanted, is he really him at all? Is the copy a good enough imitation?
I figure it's like an upload. Electric sheep.
Even if he's not the original, he's a person, so, good enough.

And he's still Cold, as in leeching heat out of people with a touch. But him and how many metas, right? Nobody much minds, they just work around.

The thing where he might not have a soul is more of a worry, but Sara's had that one fixed for her before, and knows where to go.

I like this version much better.

So, technically nightmares, but I woke up having worked out how to use them to get everyone ever back, just with maybe getting a little ate along the way. So that was fine.
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I’m not getting into the long brainwashing thread on tumblr because I still haven’t seen season two of LoT because no dvds yet, but:

The League of Assassins uses drug assisted brainwashing on recruits, specifically seen in the way Ra’s Al Ghul trains Ollie, which includes a sort of test where they kill their conscience, hallucinate facing a loved one as their victim and still killing them (Arrow 3x21). Darhk and Merlyn both came out of that tradition and have both used drugs to reshape loyalty pretty routinely. Darhk had a whole lot of HIVE followers taking yellow pills. Merlyn used vitura on his own daughter, which made her kill Sara (3x09), then used Darhk’s recipe on her later (4x22).

Basically if they recruit someone and *don’t* brainwash them it would take work to get an in character justification for modifying their usual m.o.

And this sort of discussion would be so much simpler with threaded comments.

I still don't understand why fandom isn't primarily here any more.
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ugh, nightmares.
I had to cancel yesterday because I hadn't slept, and now I've managed five and a half hours sleep in inconvenient pieces
full of Prison Break nightmares which seem unfair given I don't even watch it
some mess of chemical mind control and being in prisons and the whole thing being run by bad men
and in the middle of it all philosophical ponderings that people like stories that bring the world and its power plays down to a scale they can wrap their heads around, and then up the stakes until the while world hangs on it.

which, yeah, but I'd still quite like a good night's sleep, actually, and maybe to feel rested instead of blergh.

My anxiety levels have actually dropped a bit about this LJ thing but are still on the kind of high alert that feels further action is necessary before things get worse
but with these givens it isn't because not signing what I can't agree with so all done

I'm philosophically unprepared fr all done bye bye, even when nobody has been posting over there anyway.

oh well.

On the plus side I didn't dream Legends of Tomorrow.

The bits of the finale that made it to where I could see them were a teensy bit rough for someone that's there for Captain Cold and Heatwave.

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Honestly I'm kind of glad what I wanted Mick and Len for is a secondary world fantasy au they grow up in. Canon can't bork that and if I break them I can fix them.

I'm not best pleased about being awake right now.

Also, not all anxiety is because of tv and lj. RL in the tiny proximate sense rolls along as per usual, but reading the news is really tense. Why politicians want to drive us off a cliff I don't know, but it's kind of distressing.

I should go and eat a food and feel different later.
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I went to dancing lessons again. Today there were Many of people so I couldn't stand in my usual spot and ended up in front of the reflecting surfaces so I could see me dancing. I do not look like I think I look. And I do not like watching me dancing, then I'm watching and not dancing. But I did the dances more or less correctly, so that part was nice.

Then there was shopping, but in reverse order because the A47 was closed so we had to go the back way past ASDA. I don't know how long it usually takes to do all the things but today it took 3.5 hours, which was at least half an hour more than I wanted to be awake.

I woke up at midnight and have had only a couple hours sleep before the dancing. Not optimal.

I was thinking about Legends of Tomorrow, and in order for the writers to payoff the story they've set up, the saving the world at the end of the season has to
be Mick
being trusted
by the team
and by his partner, who he talks to and communicates with like he said before
and hopefully talks around into something approaching heroism
so they do Mick's plan that he thought of with his brain.

Whether or not he survives it rather depends on the writers attitudes to heroism and happy endings, so I am a teensy bit tense.

If they resolve it without those ingredients we will be grumpy. Because we will have had all these feels for Mick set up and then not paid off.

But that might happen, because you never know whose story writers think it is.

I'm also not optimistic on people getting their loved ones back, because while it is a time travel show kicked off by Rip wanting his loved ones back, it seems to be more about embracing time's arrow and moving on. Like with the Flash, bringing people back is not the desirable goal, being okay without them is instead.

But it's comics so plenty of people come back eventually, so I want my favourites, obviously.

Shall see really soon now.
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Pondering the emotional beats on Legends of Tomorrow
I can see how the writers are dragging us around by the feels
but I don't quite see why.

Maybe it'll make more sense after the finale.

But I just vaguely thought it also makes sense if they think their bad guys are bad guys, no matter what they do. Read more... )
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It continues to puzzle me what fandoms latch onto about a character or pairing.
Or not puzzle, about the quality, just, why do they decide it's essence of those assholes?

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The distance between the partnership they could have and the one they have right now is where the angsty drama tension lives, because what they want is thirty years of watching each other's back, and what they've got is thirty years of watching their back around each other. And wishing.

That's where the story lives, where they keep choosing each other and hurting each other, try as they might. And where we can hope for them to do better.

But reading the happily ever after as a given is sweet too.
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I continue to not have access to the latest episodes until they're on DVD in the summer
and I continue to soak up all the spoilers and see all the gifs I can get on tumblr
which probably gives me a weird idea of the plot arc.

But I feel like some people are reacting to this episode without remembering its place in the season?
Like of course things get darkest, just look what episode number we're on.

I'm super tense because I don't know which way the writers will jump next.
Like they have so far done what I thought they were setting up, but what they do next depends on the moral alignment of the series, which, well, we can only wait and see.

What I would do though is about Mick even more. Like Read more... )

So as of right now it's tense and unpredictable because we don't know who the writers think the story is about. Does it stop being Mick's story now? Or do they follow through?

Honestly I just want TV to tell a hero story where the heroes live better than the villains. If being a hero just means endless epic misery then they're not really selling it as a lifestyle. Someone should do the right thing and get the right ending for them too. For once.
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Got a whole plot bunny from spoiler pictures, from a show I can't watch until it's out on DVD, of an episode next week, so it won't work after next week and very probably doesn't work now since all I know is tumblr gif sets.


Mick Rory, Leonard Snart, Legion of Doom, Spear of Destiny, and the Oculus

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Happy endings, everyone exists again, happily ever after

... in a probably crime all up and down time sort of way...

I would just sometimes like it if being a hero lead to an improved situation and some visible rewards. otherwise it's all propaganda for team evil, who often seem to have actual fun.

If I could write and had any idea of the not a gif bits of plot this year I still couldn't write this before it got jossed.

But still.

In my head it's epic.
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Like, Legends of Tomorrow. Great setup, great crew. If the laws of time were even slightly more rigorous you’d need to work around history instead of profligately paradoxing your way through it. You’d collect all the available evidence and then look for the gaps. You’d watch all the cameras and then work in the blind spots. You would, in short, need to pull off a heist, timed to the second, every time you needed to make a play.

But that would make it Cold’s story, and they didn’t go there.

And if you want Time Masters, people working behind the scenes to protect the timeline, but you don't want to too detached time pigs they had, you need people who understand and care about people. People who have lived in time. But you don't want to disrupt time, you can't just pull in your favourite people - until history stops recording them anyway. You could recruit ghosts.

Careful timing, working around disasters, using holograms or the possibilities inherent in large scale organ printing, pulling people from the timeline just before they get dead, or just after and applying Gideon's advanced medical capacities.

Basically any of your favourite characters who didn't die outside time at the vanishing point now have a non paradoxical way back in, if you can pull off a sort of anti crime, a no trace kidnapping at the last possible moment.

They're just not able to intervene directly for anything other than the protection of the timeline, after that point.

It's a basic SF mode guardian angels story. With time pirates.

And sometimes having to play against your own younger self, if there was something you've come to regret.

Of course applied too rigorously you get Crime Traveller, and all the problems of painting yourself into a corner, but you'd have the most fun the further back in history you went, where there's less chance of ending up in the records. Until you get too relaxed, and sound of thunder your homeline, and find out why you don't usually do that.

But given how many ancestors you have, going back far enough, you'd get substantially more constrained in who you can risk killing, even while you can be flashier.

It could be so much fun.
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I might have said this before

It's somewhere between hilarious and really annoying
that stories that 'ship Leonard Snart with anyone else
kind of treat Mick Rory as the slash wife.

You know, the canon relationship they'd rather wasn't there, so they have to either write him out of times he really ought to be there or explain why he doesn't count.
I mean the one I'm reading right now says it in so many words, Mick Rory doesn't count.

It's also being ablist as hell, cannot seem to distinguish between different mental illnesses, and says he doesn't even count as a friend because he's too mentally ill
so I suspect I shall not be finishing reading this one
and it's pretty far on the really annoying side of the scale

but when it's hilarious it's because as far as explicit canon goes, Mick shouldn't be an obstacle to romance
and yet
most every story treats him that way.

It's almost as if the queer reading of those two is the one that makes the most sense
and all canon did was chicken out of giving them the words or a kiss.


Also kind of hilarious are gifsets of Captain Canary that literally cut Mick out of the picture to make it look 'shippy

... and canon expecting us to read those two as romantic when pretty much every time they talk to each other it's either about not killing people or it's about Mick. I mean I'll have to rewatch with het goggles on but I felt they at best made Cold that guy who pulls by explaining how things are really rough in his marriage. which, you know, awkward, and not romantic.

their first kiss being over Mick's unconscious body is really weird on a meta level.
.. also, you know, just as a thing.

I want Caprain Cold back and I want him and Mick to keep doing that thing where they're choosing redemption over their relationship and then getting really angsty about it and ending up tempting their other half into the light. That would be a good story.

I fear canon instead doing that love of a good woman thing where the choice ends up looking like dumping the bad man for the good girl. that would suck. with thirty years of partnership on the line all the charge of their story is with each other.

... see also right back to the start above: why I keep noticing and finding implausible when Mick gets made somehow irrelevant.

Write more threesomes, is what I'm saying.

And more Coldwave.
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He’s got stashes of almost everything he’s ever stolen, everything Lisa didn’t need and he didn’t need to live on. Like me when I ended up with a bedroom packed full of catalogs and ancient computer parts, so I found a desktop tower under a guide to windows 98 under a Next directory from 99. In 2014. Because You Never Know. It might turn out crucial later. It might be the one thing you need. And even the money, it’s rainy day money. So what if there’s flooding, it can always get worse. So he lives in warehouses and safehouses and hides the really important stuff so he can’t get arrested with it on him, and so many shiny things are just stashed someplace, for later, when he’ll really need them.

His pockets end up full of little trifles recently in other people’s pockets, because it helps him think. He wouldn’t say it keeps him calm. (It totally is about keeping calm.) The oldest lessons are the hardest, and the old skills need keeping up, even when lifting wallets hasn’t exactly been his day job lately. (It used to be. And when it wasn’t enough, they went hungry. Bigger things are better now.)

He plans like I plot, endlessly, elaborately, doing all the research he can get his hands on to fill his days, then filling in elaborate contingency plans when it might more usefully be time to sleep. And he’s very, very good at it. And the longer he goes between jobs the more he has the itch to prove that again. Because inside his head it’s tick tock clockwork, until it isn’t, until ways it goes wrong are all he can see, and he’s long since learned the point where he has to act or be frozen.

The Waverider messed with both of their heads, Mick because he couldn’t burn anything, Len because they never knew what they were going to do next until they were in the thick of it. This is a guy who knows response times to the second all over Central, who cases the place twice even when that gets attention, who spends months learning to take his equipment apart and put it back together before he uses it at all. Full tilt blindly is not his favoured way to proceed. And he is good, but not that good : they lose crew. They lose Mick, to torture prison, and nearly other ways. And it’s because the plan can’t keep up with the random factors. Because however good he is, he’s not good enough.

So he stashes Mick, somewhere safe, for later.

Which does not work out well for them.
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Things from Legends of Tomorrow season one I’d like to play through:

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Oct. 23rd, 2016 10:44 am
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Legends of Tomorrow is probably not trying for subtlety, in superpowers or anything else, but
it really bugs me that the super scary Pilgrim was such a lousy assassin
when her power could have been so *sneaky*.

She has temporal micro manipulation.
Which on the show means she can wave her hands around and stop attacks mid air, even turn them around sometimes.
It's big, it's showy, it's... such a waste of potential.

Look, even if the only thing you can do is stop time locally, even if there's a size limit on it so you can only stop something the size of a bullet without those big showy preparation required gestures
take a minute to imagine what you can do with
one bullet's worth of air
that cannot be moved.

It has no time passing, so it is in fact an immovable object.

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I just read another book that played with a simple time stop and how useful it was for assassinations. Different parameters, but a stopped target can't see you walking up to it.

Really, it was obviously cool to stop blasts of flame mid air and all that, but it's by far the least interesting thing you can do once the ability to stop time locally comes into play.

And as for selectively reversing it...

I just get frustrated sometimes when spectacle is, for even good reasons, prioritised over logic
or cool.

... also, sometimes I take a look at the stuff my brain happily comes up with and just... oops?
Eh, I'm optimised for fiction, it's fiiiiiiine...
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The more I think about it the more I think the 2016 the Legends crew arrived back in was not the same one as they'd left, Read more... )

It's frustrating with Dvds only having a couple of weeks to discover and chew over existing canon before new stuff Josses everything.

No point writing fic exploring clever theories of seasons past.
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Have finished transcript of second Rogues episode, Heatwave's intro.
I should not do this at two in the morning, I nearly saved over it with a blank document, that would be sommuch work fone poof. I'd blame it on new and fiddly programs but honestly i was just tired enough to muddle.

Cold and Heatwave together are fascinating. And the way they act different in front of a (Watsonian) audience is also fascinating. Like Mick being *super* creepy with Caitlin and about his scars... but to do that it's the first time in the episode and the first time in that base that he's taken his shirt off. Which, Doylist reading, cheapest way to only do scar makeup that once plus maximum impact on audience. But potential Watsonian reading, Mick is freaking her out on purpose for funsies. Still super creepy but in a different way. And again when they're arrested, Mick goes ballistic and growls and acts like he's going to try and bite the gun ... getting everyone's attention while Cold looks around at everything. So maybe he is just that mad, to contrast Snart, but then again, maybe it's Mick scenery chewing as part of a cooperative schtick. When they're alone again in the prison van Mick has every reason to be angry, and he is... quietly, intensely, voice mostly growl. It's private now and he seems perfectly in control. So some of the difficulties in characterisation between wild man here and crewmate later could be smoothed out if audience matters.

Len never takes notice of Mick's growl unless fire is involved. There's a particular bark to how he says his name when there's a flame lit. Says like it's not the first time, has to keep in saying it. Mick and fire is a serious distraction problem. And when he's offering to burn Caitlin, Cold uses that same voice. So Mick is indeed treated like a scary guy even by Len... if something is burning. The rest of the time his growl is answered cool and smooth, Cold not even looking up, if he has a plan.

All evidence is that Cold seldom shares the whole plan with Mick. And that winds him right up. Which seems fair.

When they're aiming guns at each other in 'give me one good reason not to kill you', the guns aren't fully lit up. When they're ready to fire they burn. In that scene they never do. Also Cold puts his gun up first and takes a breath - his turn to back down and cool down.

When he offers Mick the painting and a way out, same like when he asks in or out at end of first appearance, he isn't aiming at Mick. Which is entirely unlike his reaction to his crew trying to get out that first time, when he flat out killed the first and promised to kill the other two later. Killing his guy didn't bother him and barely interrupted him. Having a gun to his head didn't give him much pause. Life and death stuff doesn't much bother him. But Mick winds him the hell ip, and then he gives him the most leeway anyway.

Mick and Len are dangerous to each other, both practically and symbolically.

Mick is most obvious - he set the painting on fire, burned Fire and Ice, both of them. In an episode where Caitlin Snow is chasing after Firestorm, putting herself in harm's way with these two, that seems to be all foreboding for her story too. Also, on the bounce, makes the clearest comparators a romantic relationship going through a separation because one of them caught fire. ... sometimes I don't know what I'm supposed to be seeing without the slash goggles, you know? But Mick endangers both of them with his burning things thing. So why does Len go out of his way to keep him around?

Mick is a hundred percent right about Len's obsession changing his style. Dotting the t's and crossing the i's can sound stupid or mocking, depending on reading. But Len starts by counting seconds and then just... drops it. Until he's fought the Flash and is being brought in, and then his fingers are tapping and he goes back to acting Cold, while the next plan kicks in. In between he's just so gleeful about the fight... and he doesn't stop grinning as Eddie arrests him. Really, using the Cold gun doesn't quite do that for him, but the Flash does. ... they have a Thing and it's already winding up Mick. So why does Mick stick around?

Everyone Len worked with in the first episode either pointed a gun at him or got killed by him. Nasty backstabby world he lives in. But not Mick. He listens, even if he's not clued in, and sometimes even when there's flame. If that's the steadiest partner they've got, that's something.

But the guys who ran out on Cold in his first appearance said Central wasn't his playground anymore (snd he said sure it is). When he's making the pitch to Mick - take the painting and be rich, or stay with me - Len says home. If you want Central City to be our home.

So I figure that's why they stick together and go the extra effort to make it work. To be home.

And sure, that doesn't have to be romantic, the plot strand about living together has one set for Iris and Eddie and another for Barry moving back in with Joe, but the ones who talk about if they have an argument they'll have to workmit out because home is you? Romance.

Doomed romance to be specific.


So I know that those thus inclined have read it and written it this way for years by now, but I only just got the Dvds and am in full on overanalyse my faves mode for my shiny new fandom.

partly to distract myself from not yet being able to see shiny new canon when everyone else will.

Nut these guys are such a trainwreck of an otp.
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So I've been thinking about Captain Cold and Heatwave and why they seem to have ate all my brainspace (other than I have a predictable thing for the villain who saves the world)
and then I think, it's not really 'other than'.
the thing is
Initially I wasn't interested in the 'ship. Like, I noticed early on that I appeared to be crushing on Captain Cold (wtf whyyyy etc), and I concluded early on that Len and Mick were together, but it didn't eat my brain and insist on being fed with fic until Legends of Tomorrow.
because that changed them.

Most human connections are pretty basically 'You're a human? I'm a human! Let's human together!'

But the villain side, or the morally ambiguous anti hero, they look at each other and it's
'You're a monster? I'm a monster! Let's monster together!'
Which, you know, romantic from some angles, but if they actually mean monster then there's that small problem where they find it on occasion as difficult to look at each other as it is to look in the mirror.
I mean, if they're going to celebrate each other's difference, then that's one thing, but if the ways they fit are all the things they think are wrong with themselves... the initial burst of comfort that they're not alone is going to wear thin.

And that's what Len and Mick do when we first see them. Read more... )


Now it can be Mick's turn to make a counter offer.

You're the best guy I ever knew. You may not think you're a hero, but you're a hero to me.

That shouldn't be the final word on them. That should be their future.

... and of course, if canon doesn't give us that, we know what to do. But there remains a slim but shiny chance it could.

I wanted to write a longer version of this with quotes and transcripts and screencaps, but basically, this is why they're so shiny. Who they start as isn't who they're stuck as, and what they do to and for and with each other is super drama but either ends well (if you're one to accept endings) or has potential to go better places.

I'm still frustrate that there's no kissing, but you know, TV.

I'm just drawn in by the thing where they see each other's monster and then see how it doesn't define or limit them, or can be turned and aimed right, or isn't monster at all.
Not so much a redemption arc as a renegotiation of terms.

So now I just need to find other fans who think this is their shiny.
Judging by who is writing the fanfic I know some of them already but they're not where I can see them on LJ or DW any more.
And tumblr is an awful format for meta.

eh, I'm motivated, I'll try...


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