Mar. 17th, 2017 02:54 am
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The s in vision started to bother me.

… I’m reading Avengers fic, it came up.

But it’s not quite like other s sounds, so I just kept looking at Viz or Vis as abbreviations and they’re not quite right.

So I looked it up

wait, does that work? It’s a sort of curly z. ʒ

It says other words with the s-in-vision include

equation, usual, seizure, luxurious, genre and beige

which by my count means spelling it with an s, t, z, ge and half an x.

Unless it’s a translation, then it’s zh.


So now Viz, Vis and Vision will continue to bother me

but in a more informed way.
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i am watching a cartoon from Lionsgate / Marvel.
It keeps making really odd creative choices.

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That was not a competent story that made even vague sense.
It was a mish mash of pieces wrapped in crappy art and worse cgi animation.
Thematically it had nothing going on, no emotional arcs were resolved, and the whole fight sequence with the naked woman was deeply distasteful.

Most of all, it was not Tony's story. It wasn't his decisions that drove the action. It wasn't the action that drove his decisions. He had the suits and the company and the pacifism before the story started, and nothing changed, it just wobbled a bit in the middle. At most he witnessed this story, and why make a movie about that?

This film was really very rubbish.

I'm not going to bother keeping it.
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Today Sunday was swapped out for See Movie With Subtitles
... yeah I maybe look overenthusiastic about that, but, it is a new movie, and the subtitles are on at a time of day I can get to, and it isn't even the only subbed showing this week.
*basks in the awesome*

... actually when is the other one? is tempting to go back...

So, I liked Civil War. And it would be really, really easy for me to not like Civil War, because see icon for whose side I'm usually on. But having seen the movie, I am actually mad at Tony, but not mad at the writers for what they did with Tony. Which is a tough balance. They did it plausibly. I'm disappointed in Tony, but I see what they did, and it worked.

I'm not best pleased with Steve either though.

And I did like the plot, I liked where the story went, which characters did what.

The gender balance is still ridiculous. I mean if you've got less than parity it's bad, but the more people they put on screen, the more they filter for which characters they want to still have around, the fewer women there are. That is unacceptable and I'm proper fed up of it.

I think they did okay by black men, in a movie with three superhero black men, but if the only speaking black woman in the movie had a name I did not learn it. Not cool. And having said they did okay, read a spoilers if you're worried: Read more... )

There was a lot of stuff in this movie and honestly I could have lived with there being much less characters, but I think they juggled them pretty well. There were several characters with an emotional arc driving the story, there were several with emotional arcs that nudged the story around, there were some that turned up to fight but still had a personality and some interpersonal stuff going on while they did that. Nobody was wasted.

Also it managed to be very funny at appropriate times and super tense at other times. I held my breath at one point, I just, like, forgot to breathe until we saw how that worked out. And yet, other times, much laughing.

SPOILER goes under the cut, where I start going on about actual plot and details and stuff, plenty SPOILERS here :
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I am super tired and I forgot to eat today. I mean, I bought food, but then there was a movie, and the food went all soggy in the bag instead of being eated, and then it was three hours later and it went straight in the bin. So my brain just sort of ground to a halt just there.

I'm too tired to squee... but I'm not sure it's a squee sort of film. I'm mostly thoughtful.

Oh, one other thing I bought today? They had Civil War cups. With a teeny tiny Black Widow figure on teh top.
... so yeah, I bought another Black Widow, for £2
but you can buy the cup without the drink
so I have a nice clean cup.

And a tiny Natasha.

*puts her carefully where I can see her*


I will very probably write more about this film later, but that's it for now.
Need food.


Jan. 11th, 2016 02:02 pm
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MCU theory after Avengers, during Agents of SHIELD, into Winter Soldier:

Fury kept Coulson quiet and classified the same way you drop dye in the water to see where it goes colours. Level 7 to know he exists, Level 10 eyes only to know how.

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Fury? Really really wants to know if Tony Stark is still in his system.

Read more... )

Fury didn't tell the Avengers. That's the only fact here. But if he specifically did it to see where the data went, he got a lot of very criminal splash really fast.

And ultimately they led to HYDRA.

Which is more plausible, to Fury: that he'd missed HYDRA in his own house his entire life, or that he'd missed it in Stark's?

Read more... )

But if we start from the idea that Fury keeps secrets because he believes it keeps the world safe, he's got stacks of reasons to not trust Stark.

I think fic could do better by him when addressing the whole Coulson secret. Just act like he's got a reason and see Coulson as the company guy who is really dismissive of the bits of SHIELD that went private after the fall. That fic plays out much different.

And probably with less Clint kisses, so my reading preferences could be heavily slanting what I seen there, but still, that's the challenge of ongoing canon, how can we keep the 'ship without throwing out the new episodes. Do the two guys as we know them now still fit together, or did we just AU them forever. Not knocking the AU, just wonder how the new canon could work.

Also think the future new canon is going to work much less well without noticing where there are actual tensions in the existing story.

But, today's conclusion: It makes sense for Fury to worry about Stark post Avengers movie, because he set out bait for Stark and got nibbles from Centipede, the Clairvoyant, and HYDRA. Sorting out where they weren't connected could easily take more time than they had.

Meantime, Coulson was very lively bait, which went poorly for a great many people.

Is fun.
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I'm reading a long fic and Stark just gave Fury a 'suck it, boss' speech, after smashing through a SHIELD base and kidnapping/freeing someone, where the punchline was the Avengers are going independent
as long as they do less damage than the Chitauri they can do as they damn well please because the world needs them.

I stalled right there, because that? That is a supervillain origin speech. And I don't think the fic knows it.

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A world that needs superheroes so much they'll let them smash all the things is a world with some pretty major problems, many of them now superheroes.

And yeah, sometimes it's as clear as aliens pouring through a portal or a robot overlord crashing a flying city, so someone's got to do something. The story really pumps up the contrast so you can't exactly argue for pacifism. Diplomatic solutions don't work when you don't even know the enemy exists or acknowledge their sentience/sapience/rights.

Not cool. Don't think there's RL equivalents. Not pretty ones, anyways.

But as I understand it the whole law and courts and trials thing is there to see if the actions taken were reasonable, proportionate, vaguely legal. So why shouldn't a superhero be subject to those same processes of law?

... the usual comic book answer is their utter corruption, but if the story stops there it's pushing a morally bankrupt rule by titans that I want no part of.

... so basically I just sat down and wrote out which side of the superhero civil war I'd be on.

Accountability is a necessary prerequisite of civilisation.

Freedom's necessary too, but not to the extent you can stand there and go You Can't Make Me over laws about if you're allowed to hit people and never answer for it.

Bad laws need fixing, but bringing down civilisation and letting rip with the might-makes-right is not the way to do it.

(ugh, okay, so my Chaotic Neutral tendencies are all D-:< right now)

Bad law needs fixing, bad systems need protesting, bad regimes even need replacing, but people just standing there saying they're outside of law and beyond judgement because they've got the biggest weapons? Are the problem. Never the solution.

... why am I reading superhero stories if...
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I got Ant Man for xmas so I just now watched it.

It was bad in exactly the ways I expected it to be from discussions.

Everything involving use of powers, all the stuff with the ants, the whole shrunk world thing, that was beautifully done, interesting, inventive.

Anything to do with plot or characterisation?


I'm making faces. They are not good faces. Epic blergh.

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So, movie didn't surprise me, and I'm unlikely to rewatch it later.

But hey, xmas present, mum likes it when we have something to unwrap.
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I have rewatched Agents of SHIELD season 1 up to the end of Yes Men.
It's less fun that I'd hoped. My feelings for the characters have mostly fallen out.

It's fun to see how fair they played it now I know the end of the season. Everyone's reactions were right there to be read different once you know.

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Yes Men pisses me off because of the utter stupidity of the setup. A woman who can control men with her talking, okay, fair enough, comic book rules. But once SHIELD has been told that, and May has confirmed they really do mean only males, then why in any 'verse would they send men after her? Read more... )

Neat how they switched the ICERs to that darker more 'realistic' version in time for a major change in tone. I liked the glowy cartoony weapons better, but, scarier time next.
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Am watching The Bridge, season one episode of Agents of SHIELD, when my C/C shipper brain perked up. Because rewatching with Age of Ultron in mind gives a whole different spin to some lines.

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The thing is when I read C/C fic it's pretty obvious that the fandom has not embraced Agents of SHIELD and is pretty much in denial about Age of Ultron. I've read maybe two canon compliant fics since AoU in Clint/Coulson fic. Which seems like either a failure of tag searching on my part or a failure of imagination from writers. We have all these new pieces to fold in, but nobody folds them.

But this is the first time I've gone back and found something that sounds more C/C after AoU, which is fun.
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Okay, so, my attempt to ration the episodes and spend longer with it lasted all of one day, so today I watched all 7 remaining episodes in a row.
And they were rather good.

Couple of things that bother me.

Spoilers for whole first season, obviously.

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So, much as I enjoyed it, those things bothered me.
And some of them are kind of big things.

But stuff I did like: Read more... )

And Peggy Carter herself is entirely fascinating enough to spend many whole seasons of TV with.
I pretty much just want to draw hearts around her.
Also fast forward to when she's boss of all the things, but still, basically hearts.

I'm especially fond of her fighting style, which seems to be, hit them with whatever heavy thing you have handy, repeatedly, a lot. I like a nice choreographed martial arts sequence, but I just like how solid she is. She's a bruiser and it's lovely.

And then give her a gun and she's even better.

Things I'd like to see in future season: more female SSR agents. Actual conversation with those women on the way in to the office, the ones with the guns under the desk. The idea that Agent Carter is not and never has been the only woman in a man's world. Her calling on some of her worldwide contacts who happen to be women. More women.

More diverse women.

And some actual disabled people. With disabilities. That they actually have.
Some of whom could be women.

But what we've seen so far was pretty good to watch.
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This cartoon is actively bad.

I have watched a bunch of episodes now and there were maaaaaybe two with Black Widow in, and Black Widow is the only female character.

Worse than that, the Avengers aren't just out of character, they're borderline bad guys. They're petulant and childish and wreck stuff for fun. They're mean, cruel, beat each other up for fun.

Tony built rocket boots for Cap and they bounced Cap off the ceiling repeatedly and Tony did nothing to fix it, just filmed it and posted it online. Hawkeye brings his arrows everywhere and repeatedly draws on friends and team-mates. Hulk mostly interacts with Avengers by knocking them around and trashing the tower, and I don't just mean Thor, I mean he just threw Hawkeye out a window at the top of the tower.

These are not good guys. They aren't heroes. And the clunky aesop of each tale just doesn't work in that context.

I don't get how these can be so bad when they've got comics to draw on and when EMH was, compared to this, so good. I mean with EMH I was complaining it needed more women, but there were always two women around as heroes, let alone in the background, which is hugely better than very rarely even one anywhere.

Avengers Assemble is only vaguely interesting if it's some kind of lost boy alternate universe where they have a huge smurfette problem in actual gender ratios and toxic masculinity is all they've got left.

Everything else is just bad.
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This is shiny. I am probably going to give it five stars on LibraryThing.
It's just it's also confusing, or not confusing because comics so you just give up on canon that doesn't fit.

It's Agents of SHIELD Coulson, company many since after college, leading a team including May and FitzSimmons, doing a bit of a tour of 616 and showing how he and his fit in there.

His secret superpower is being an epic fanboy. The kind of fanboy who knows exactly how x could defeat y. He has them all memorised and can figure how to use diferent power sets, hero or villain, on an instant. And as a senior agent of SHIELD he can pull them all in on short notice to get things done, and they know and often like him. Like, he plays poker with Avengers, and wins. Everyone's friend and walking database full of clever tricks.
Obviously I can see the appeal of this setup.

The problem is I just finished reading Secret Avengers, which already has a 616 Phil Coulson, and he's an entirely different guy. Cheese, a Ranger in Afghanistan with best friend Marcus, joined SHIELD kind of later in life. Different history, different position within the organisation, different everything.

So this comic is great for new fans being brought in from the MCU, but it counts as a major retcon for 616 Coulson.

Which, this is comics, that happens. It's just frustrating? They've basically introduced him from scratch twice now.

... however I can see how the end of Secret Avengers could in fact lead to this exact effect, so, that's... kind of fun... *sigh*

Perfect Bullets only has Director Hill turn up a little, but it also features Agent May, Simmons with some backstory about her family, Valkyrie, Ms Marvel Kamala Khan, Scarlet Witch, and Sue Storm. Excellent choices. And they all get to show off a lot. Is good.

A great many characters only turn up for long enough to make you want to know more about them, and the whole thing is kind of an ad for 616, but in a good way. I mean I've only read Fraction's Hawkeye, six Secret Avengers trades since Reverie, one Captain Marvel and one Ms Marvel, so it's not like I have much background on 616, but it seemed to me the right balance of interesting to potential puzzling. I do indeed want to know more. And read more of this. So, win.

... is there more of this?
... how to find out is one of the things I'm fuzzy on. Thus far I find these things on the shelf in Waterstones or in the library, or read panels on tumblr.

My upstairs neighbour is doing their best to make me not like AC/DC, since they're blasting out 'Thunderstruck' on repeat. It actually takes a lot of work to put me off AC/DC but they may in fact be approaching that point. Ugh.

Also I need to leave the house to do late Sunday and buy chocolate brownies and bread and other essentials. But nope. That is a thing that has been persistently not happening all day.

Even when the alternative is music that is too damn loud even through the walls.

*big sigh*
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Needs More Women. Epically needs more women. Read more... )

Now I've watched all 8: the boxes aren't honest about who is in them or how many women there are around. Jan and Carol cannot represent all women between them. And there were fewer women as they went along, which is Not Cool.
They introduced a bunch of black men, like T'Challa is core team if they ever remember to do anything with him, War Machine and Falcon and Power Man all turn up at different points, and of course there's Fury, but that's about it for ethnic diversity outside of random SHIELD agents. And again, it gets less diverse in random people as it goes along.

The stories rely far too much on Avengers vs Avengers fights.

But the way the whole 8 volumes / two seasons winds a couple of big over arching plots together and follows through on the threads is great fun. I wasn't convinced by the moment Stark was all 'this is what that time traveller warned us about', that seemed less satisfying than the earlier story, but it was consistent and interesting. And it was a lot like comics, the way stuff never really goes away and loops together and makes a very busy world.

But also just like comics it ducks all questions of oversight, who anyone answers to, responsibility, and just has people who criticise them turn out to be secretly evil. Which is pretty boring.

It skims the interesting stuff and you have to read pretty hard to find feelings in any of these people cause it's mostly fight fight fight scenes.

And this isn't a 'verse I'm likely to hang out in in my head, unlike the MCU and some corners of fanfic that pick and mix.

But I'm glad I bought them and will probably watch them again at some point.
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This was sort of disappointing. When Carol was added to the team I thought she'd be as well as the other female characters we'd met, not instead of. But no, on this disc, we have Jan and Carol, with Amora on the bad guys side. There's a few images of Pepper but no actual Pepper. Jane isn't even mentioned. Mockingbird is missing, I think since the end of the first season. Black Widow same. Maria Hill and Quake are likewise nowhere. This disc is such a sausage fest. Snore.

Also it has Black Widow on the box but not in the episodes, and it says Featuring Iron Man, Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, but there is no Hulk. That's just plain cheating.

This still concentrates on the big fights, usually hero on hero, and is light on the character interactions I'd rather see more of. Genre, I guess.

Powerless: Read more... )

Assault on 42: Read more... )

Ultron Unlimited: Read more... )

Yellowjacket: Read more... )

I liked when Hawkeye was watching TV and someone told him off for it and he's being all 'you do research your way, I do it mine' and had in fact found journalists talking about the current topic.

Emperor Stark: Tony takes over the world in less than a month. Rock on. Read more... )

Code Red: Read more... )

This disc was not awesome. Needs more ladies and more actually fighting bad guys and not each other.
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Continues to be fun, but I am mostly frown face today and haven't as much to say about it.

Read more... )

The art has been less creepy about butts. Like, sometimes men are seen from rear views, and sometimes women are drawn almost the same as them. But male butts never have a line up the middle and female butts almost always do. Which is weird and creepy. But not as egregiously as when I was complaining about it with Black Widow.

Yes I know this is a detail I'm going to sound creepy about pointing out.

I like the twisty stories and I like some of the characters, Tony had more moments to actually seem like a person this season, Steve got to be cool, Hawkeye is a person but kind of not the one I've been reading fanfic about. There still need to be more women around, because new women only seem to turn up for an episode at a time. Is parity such a difficult concept?

I have more episodes to watch so I'll probably keep doing that.
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Ultron! Loki! Grand plans coming together!
and a cliffhanger ending!

I am appreciating the way the stories weave together with this version. Stuff gets seeded twenty episodes ago and eventually pays off. It's fun.

And y'all want to watch without reading these spoilers, to see how they do it, if you're tempted to watch at all.

Read more... )

That's some impressively twisty stuff for a punch the supervillain show.


I am now looking forward to how they undo this knot.

And trepidatious about what will happen to the team in the meantime.

As I should be.


... wait, 11pm already? guess that was proper interesting then.
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Alternating tasks with Avengers episodes has worked pretty good.
After accidental two hour bath I have actually got through the whole to-do list.
Which included cleaning out the blue boxes, putting some fandom t-shirts in them for long term storage, stacking the boxes as tidy as they go, putting away the dry laundry, hanging up the damp laundry, and running the washing machine. Also changing the sheets. And wearing nice pyjamas with the shiny boxes and hearts pattern.

All of that, only 4 sandwiches and 3 episodes of Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

I'm surprised by EMH. Specifically, I like Ant Man. Read more... )

I was comparing this EMH in my head to Batman the Brave and the Bold. They're completely different shows, structurally especially, but I was getting frustrated because BBB is all about team ups and he repeatedly demonstrates more ability to get along with people he's only just met than these Avengers do to understand their team mates who they live with. In one episode Batman and Green Arrow, who have a 'friendly' rivalry that gets closest to actually fighting each other, manage to convey crucial information and formulate a plan and agree who plays what side of some sneaky stuff and what undercover personas they're going with, all in the space of a couple of sentences that look like a fight. With someone they don't even like. They're more competent in moments than Clint manages to be with his partner in many, many episodes. And then they get on with fighting bad guys.

But EMH is going with some long term character arcs and really working its regular cast and their intra team conflicts, which is an approach with a lot of interesting in it.

I just get really frustrated on those occasions (many) when it makes them look substantially less than competent.

But I want to see where this show is going, it's doing fun stuff.
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I like it. Twisty plots are twisty.

Also, Ultron!

Read more... )

Basically, nice story, but these are not the characters I've been hanging out with in my head, even when sharing many of their characteristics. Which is interesting.

And I find myself liking quite different people than expected.
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I'm on Volume 3 of the Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes DVDs
where they introduce Mockingbird (yaay)

her costume has wings which glide!
wings, but no leggings.

I'm getting really *very* creeped out with how they animate Black Widow, and now Mockingbird. They get special treatment no other character gets. And by special treatment I mean butts.

After I noticed how they were framing Natasha (from behind, close up, butt crack wiggling on a black catsuit) I spent the rest of the episode checking for other butts (yes I know how that sounds shush serious crit is serious) and no, nope, no other butts, except for Mockingbird.

Guys do not have behinds. Let alone behinds in skintights.
Black Widow and Mockingbird mostly have behinds.

And it's really jarring compared to the quality of some of the other animation. Sometimes facial features don't even make sense, they're kind of awful in off moments, but someone went through lovingly animating every line of the butt wiggles.

Creeping. Me. Out.

Yes I am fully aware of how comics do this kind of thing. I just... really? Everywhere? This now? Blergh.

I admit it makes Widow a lot more mysterious, since there's only so much you can learn about someone from that angle, but really.

I am liking the plots.

And they don't do this to every female character. Carol and Jan wear actual clothes so far.

It's just once I notice something I keep noticing, and, creepy.

In other news it's cute how Tony still thinks he's the leader while everyone else ignores him more and more.

Also I was vaguely pondering how Hawkeye in this 'verse starts out as a SHIELD agent and Black Widow's partner. Like, compared to the MCU. EMH Clint mentions the circus, which is more backstory than we have on MCU Clint. EMH is 2010 and Thor with brief Clint cameo as SHIELD agent is 2011. While in 616 he was an Avenger first? Variations.

Here it's mostly so he can make pouty face about Widow betraying him and remain deeply perplexed about it and also be rebellious against two completely seperate organisations, SHIELD and the Avengers.

He's stubborn and not quite bright, but good at thinking sideways for his job, like tactics stuff. Also funny and quippy and brave.

... the way they draw him makes me think his nose is on upside down, it sticks out weird like here, it's unfortunate, and then there's the pointy mask on top of that.

But the stories are all making a complex universe full of conflicting motivations and they're quite fun.
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There's a certain amount of stupid I can believe, and the sort of stupid that gets in arm's reach of Hulk and challenges him to a fight is... genre appropriate, but Read more... )

I do not like having headaches. That part of my evening is annoying. And I already took painkiller, so I appear to be stuck with it.

I am really glad the movies didn't go with Hawkeye's purple design quite the way it is in this cartoon. It's the pointy head bits I can't quite be having with. The rest looks like perfectly reasonable vaguely asian skirt whatsits or a purple robin hood. The mask is... even with my expectations reset to comic book I keep noticing it and instead of story I'm all Clint what is on your head.

I don't know why, it's hardly the weirdest thing in marvel.

Now Hawkeye has had stuff to do he seems super good in a fight but weirdly untrusting and confrontational considering what they keep saying about partners.

Not my favourite character set.

but that was the first 13 episodes and end of volume 2.
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two more episodes of Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes
10 Everything is Wonderful
11 Panther's Quest

Theme: For a genius, Tony sure is an idiot.

Read more... )

Tony's an arrogant ass who needs to consult before he acts, use his words, and maybe notice that he's not the most brilliant at everything, ie leading the Avengers. It's weird him giving orders to Cap, even if it worked out well this once. I like it better in the movies where he notices how Cap is kind of good at this fighty stuff relatively swiftly. The Avengers being brought together with Tony's money, Tony's property to house them, and Tony reckoning it's all his idea and he's the boss, only sets him up to be an idiot repeatedly.

In other news I have to actually like this version of Ant-Man, which frankly given what comics 'verse has him having done is making me feel a bit ill. But he's the guy in the cartoon who is all 'you don't want to be a villain, fighting isn't solving anything, how about we actually talk'. You know, like I would. So I'll just have to divide up the universes. The guy who is all about maybe we can rehab them is much better than the guy who just wants to build a better box to store them and their toys in.

Cap needs to catch up and have a personality though. I mean, being a walking :-( is entirely reasonable, I wouldn't tell a real person to grow a personality, have a sad, totally fair, it's just as a character he could be more present.

Jan is overconfident in fun ways that very nearly almost work. She's fighty, and then she's in over her head, and then teamwork. She's also enthusiastic about superheroics, as opposed to business or science like some of the others, so she's there for the same reasons we are and that's kind of helpful.

I'm going to watch lots more episodes of this. Which is good cause I have 8 volumes of it.
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Have watched two more episodes of Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes
basic plots were
'everyone fights Hulk until he changes his mind and saves everyone'
'everyone fights Cap until he changes his mind and saves everyone'

Is it always like this with Avengers?
Is Whedon doing this just following tradition?

Read more... )

This cartoon series is being a lot like comic books because it clearly has a vast and complex backstory you're not expected to know, a lot of which whizzes by while you have a few fight sequences, and you only get small episodes in a larger interconnected story with each episode/issue. It could be cool. I'm not sure I'm in the mood for it, but it should be cool, doing longer stories in smaller chunks.

Avengers Mansion in this is introduced as used to be a museum for the Maria Stark foundation. So that thing I theorised about a certain location in Avengers Age of Ultron, where the art got moved out and the war moved in, that is pretty much canon for Earth's Mightiest Heroes Avengers Mansion. Only it's Tony doing it there, which is different from what I was thinking because he doesn't identify so much by the museum parts, the sub level tech stuff is more key to his identity even if he wasn't flying around wearing it. Also that thing where he sold all his art at once in IM2, and he was buying overpriced pieces he knew little about for investment and never seemed to look at much of it. Art character doing it would be different.

Avengers Mansion has 12 bedrooms. Read more... )

Jan is still Most Interesting, not just because she's The Girl, but because she seems interested and excited and like she actually wants to be there and doing the things they're doing. It's hard to get particularly excited about grumpy faces who fight each other. Tony is next most interesting because he's like, here, have a club house, have a training room, that was the easy setting, wanna play more?

Also, already he and Steve get along better than they did in the MCU and he has tons to say about how everyone looks up to Captain America and his dad told him all about him.

Now I could watch more episodes or go outside the house to do the errand I told myself I would do at 2pm.

... probably episodes, lets face it.
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Have started watching Avengers Earth's Mightiest Heroes
Read more... )

So, okay, I did just write a long reaction post while watching 155 minutes of Avengers cartoons until 9pm, I suspect that means it's amusing enough to buy the rest of them tomorrow.

But they weren't very good yet?

Also, needs more women. Always needs more women.

It's much more serial than other cartoons I've seen. It hasn't even put itself together yet, it's all Beginnings, threads getting made, still all loose. So, okay.

I shall take the tip about making sure I watch in intended order, it's clearly doing a thing.

The voices are weird and I'm not convinced. But the worst that can happen is the charity shop gets a donation, so, onwards.
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I went with mum to vote and then we caught the bus in to Norwich to go visit the Avengers.
As you do.

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I'd kind of assumed the personhood of at least some existing AI in the MCU was a given, and understood by their creator at the very least, but after Age of Ultron I'm having to examine that assumption.

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I'm reading a meta about themes of family and legacy in Avengers Age of Ultron. So, SPOILERS Read more... )

I think leaving Bruce out of this equation is misleading and unhelpful.

Also, why everyone blame Tony for everything? Only true for many things, really.

Oh, also, theme 'Together' : Read more... )


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