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Today my mum and my brother could visit
so we ate birthday cake that is Free From everything one of us can't eat
and I got an extra card and shiny present

and then me and brother watched a movie

Rogue One

... I realise everyone else has watched it but I heard it would make me cry
and indeed it did a bit
like it's brilliant, but, that's... that's a difficult ending.

I'm all for hope

Chirrut and Baze are indeed excellent
and I liked Jyn
though it's weird having like five women in that sea of men

since when does any room look like that?

But it was very boom and argh and wow.

... also my brother has a near magical ability to make maximum mess
so we paused a couple times to deal with messes
and the paper tablecloth did its job
but now I can't get a replacement the same colors
until xmas goes gold again.

turns out table is wobbly enough that really enthusiastic writing can spill drinks.
might want to poke it and see if I can fix that.
or it might be a design flaw.

I suspect I shall be visiting Ao3 for fixit fic or happily ever after AUs.

That is a very intense movie.
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Whoosh! Booms! Yaays!
... sad bit ...
... in the silence my brother pipes up "part three?"

I know what he meant, he's asking if it'll stay sad bit as much as he's asking if there's another movie later, but it did break the mood a little.

We went today because it was a subtitled showing where we could get the bus both there and back. This is the first showing that met all three conditions. So it being a hot and busy weekend wasn't going to stop us.

I was more anxious than I like though. So many humans.

Bits we liked: Groot. Also Groot. And that bit with Groot.
Really relatable content for life with neurodiverse family.
Funny bits. Many. Although many are made of *facepalm*, and some are laughing at violent yet stylish death, so.
Rocket and all his kabooms. He sneaky.
Drax and his direct approach.

Gamora and Nebula had both moments of awesome and an emotional arc.

But the whole thing was very Daddy Issues The Movie. More came down to Quill this time. But there were a lot of threads of that going on.

It managed to make me feel sad about someone I would not have expected. And like people for being basically a holes.

I liked the ending of the first one better, but this one was pretty good.

After that it was only 2pm so even on Sunday there was still time to do things. And we needed to eat. So I sad boring but reliable food, Sainsburys café. Which was a bit of a walk but they've made it nicer and easier the way we went, so that worked out. And they had food we can eat and we basically did Sunday shopping. But I only got apple pastries to take home, because I shop every week and have things. Except now I'm home I realise bread could also have been useful... Ah well.

Then the bus home and then it was now.

Tired but that was a successful outing.
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I figured out another problem with the Doctor Strange movie, specifically the casting and performance of Strange himself.

The movie is his transition into a strange new world, one he and the majority of the audience know not of. But he doesn't invite us in or make a bridge for our understanding. From his role in the world before to every nuance of his performance, he's as alien to us as the new world is, an arrogant mask that bounces us off without understanding or empathising.

That leaves no one to draw us in. It becomes spectacle, empty, beyond us. And if we're meant to react with awe, well, that's one way to go, but...

Read more... )

Marvel movies nag at me because they're playing with such rich ingredients but where they fail they fail... boring. Standard. Whitewashed and bechdel fail, sort of thing.

I'd rather they took more chances and failed more interesting, like the rich comics stew before them, but at their budget they're wildly unlikely to contradict orthodoxy even when the numbers say they really needed to.

Cast someone else as Strange - someone with the knack of showing characters the mask but letting the audience behind it. Cast him as the son of immigrants reconnecting with a culture he rejected, or someone cast adrift from his ancestral culture by the actions of colonisers and slavers, or someone who had to work twice as hard to be seen as half as good and has sacrificed everything on the altar of his talent because he knows how others have failed. Cast him as someone who gives an interesting, relatable, vulnerable angle just standing there, and you've got your way in to Strange, even as he tries to have a white man's arrogant swagger, and watches it all fall apart.

Instead they cast mighty whitey yet again there to school us on everyone else's beliefs, and it's just... empty. Without leaving us a space
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Without a bus ride between the closing credits and trying to talk about it
all I can say about this movie is
gets me right in the feels.

I mean I'm fed up about Star Trek being whoosh boom at the same time as finding that some very satisfying whoosh boom. And stuff Kirk says about having to let the war be over. And the final demise of that guy who thinks 'struggle' can only mean armed conflict, and the way it was unity that beat him, and just the way the crew clicks an everything works. Feels!

... and then reality feelings, because it's not just Spock and Chekov
and wow am I overload now.

... and now I'm feeling more sympathetic about the Doctor Strange bad guy, because death sucks, and you would want to bring everyone you care about with you if you found the out. But the out is not to get rid of time. Stuff happens an we make choices and become. Hating that it ends doesn't mean it's worth giving that up. Look at what they did.

One day humanity is going to go into space and take these movies with them, the heart of their mythology.

... or, you know, we'll all go boom and die, but Star Trek makes me believe in a future, and that's pretty damn hard some days. Together we'll make it.
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That was... thin. Or perhaps flat. For something that talks so much about dimensions...

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Empty signifiers and no roots.

Too busy to no good effect.

I'd rather watch The Librarians.
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Ate a food, watched a movie.

The not-cheese doesn't taste good and now I feel vaguely nauseous. Not a success. blergh.

And the 36th Chamber of Shaolin is a bit boring. I watched it on fast forward quite a lot and it was still tediously slow. It's not about people, really, the only characterisation is 'angry man', and it's not about monks even if there is a bit where they laugh at him for not understanding about Buddha. It's just one angry dude proving he is most tough by doing stupid training exercises that would kill most of the students. I mean there's a whole training chamber dedicated to headbutting hanging bags until you collapse a few times and then over months somehow learn how to not do that, without dying. It's ridiculous. And as for the one with the arm knives... I mean, carrying buckets with your arms out as far as they will go seems like a reasonable training exercise, but strapping knives to your inner arms so you stab yourself every time you get tired is just a way to lose a lot of students. The side of things that's doing small repetitive things until they get a specific sort of strong, fair enough. The bonus torturing themselves to get there, really stupid. So I watched it, but it's just a lot of blah in a row really.

I like better when they're doing ordinary everyday tasks and they add up to martial arts training. Makes much more sense.

Knives in your sides isn't going to make anyone stronger.
Especially pre antibiotics.

I realise the point is all the grrr toughness, but it's very boring to watch two hours of that, and then have him go out saying he's a monk, on the excuse that Buddha fights evil. Like, yeah, but on the whole, not like that.

I need different martial arts movies instead, maybe.
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i am watching a cartoon from Lionsgate / Marvel.
It keeps making really odd creative choices.

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That was not a competent story that made even vague sense.
It was a mish mash of pieces wrapped in crappy art and worse cgi animation.
Thematically it had nothing going on, no emotional arcs were resolved, and the whole fight sequence with the naked woman was deeply distasteful.

Most of all, it was not Tony's story. It wasn't his decisions that drove the action. It wasn't the action that drove his decisions. He had the suits and the company and the pacifism before the story started, and nothing changed, it just wobbled a bit in the middle. At most he witnessed this story, and why make a movie about that?

This film was really very rubbish.

I'm not going to bother keeping it.


Feb. 18th, 2017 03:21 pm
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Well that was a waste of time.

The science fiction elements didn't make sense, not the physics or the cyberpunk bits, not even internally.

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The story would have made more sense without most of the science fiction, just have a gated community with better meds.

But the attraction of the story was supposed to be messy and violent spectacle with a bit of space stuff thrown in, so, whatever.

... i fast forwarded through most of the messy violence. it was also inconsistent about tech levels. either the citizen shouldn't have died in the first place or the agent should have before the big fight.

boring and stupid.
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I started watching this, because the summary I saw wasn't clear enough it was horror on mars rather than sf, though it's usually horror on mars so I don't know why I didn't look it up.

Then it got as far as zombie with power tools kills someone, at which point the only thing left to learn was if it's the 'everybody dies' variety or the 'lone survivor' type.

Read more... )

I don't know, maybe the bits I skipped were more clever than expected, I just couldn't be bothered to spend an hour finding out once the zombie grabbed the drill. you know?


bored now.
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watched RIPD
kinda wish I hadn't
which I knew from about ten minutes in so I don't know why I bothered.

That was mostly blah
with a side order of something that smells like ablism in the 'monsters only we can see' subgenre features

and they didn't really establish what was wrong with the dead sticking around, except by making stuff break around them. like, that seems like a tragedy to bear, not an actual morally wrong choice on their part.
and they didn't make the choice to stay around as RIPD seem entirely distinct.

also i did not find it funny
and it thought it was really funny
plus i could see where the visuals were expensive but not where they were interesting.

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There's a trend in fiction that creeps me the hell out: where the victim secretly just wants to be the villain. I see it in the Arrowverse repeatedly where someone who has been burnt just wants to watch the world burn. But it's pretty much the defining feature with Magneto. For every way the world wrongs him he gives it back tenfold. And it scares me, not because Magneto is frightening, but because somehow there's people who will look at someone the world repeatedly screws over and only wonder when they'll screw them right back.

Magneto's story doesn't make me afraid of him, it makes me want to punch some writers.

I neither know nor care how many times in comics canon women die to fuel his angst, we need to stop doing that. Just put a ban on fridging any more characters. It has been done too much.

There were some really odd choices in this movie, especially about family, who knows and who tells. Read more... )

Weird and frustrating though I found many of the parts of this movie, I found myself forgiving it all for what they did with Jean.

I don't know if they did right by her compared to the comics, but the movies had a lot to answer for, and answer this did.

Women with power: you don't got to fear them losing control, you don't got to fear their anger. This time, they rise.

And that makes all the difference.

Superhero movies mostly make me want to get my hands on them and do them right.

But I keep going back to them because the bits they get right soar.

I look forward to the next one doing more.
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Frozen is really, really boring.
It was on the tele so I recorded it and then watched it because I'm pretty sure I've heard it several times yet I do not know the story precisely.
It was probably the overexposure but I found it charmless and bland.


Nov. 11th, 2016 04:16 pm
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I went to see Arrival at the Odeon cinema in Norwich, because subtitles.
Employee found out I wanted to go last night, and I think three or four people juggled their schedules to make it happen, so A+ being an employee there.
I only found out about it being on with subtitles at short notice, and then you never know if there will be a second subtitled screening, so I'm really glad everyone could juggle.
There were like seven, maybe nine people at the showing, and I know my carer ticket was free, so it could be they sold like five seats for that screen for those two hours. I can see why they aren't keen on subs. But if it were easier to find out when they'd happen, say there's a regular timeslot at the sort of times someone with a carer can actually get there, I for one would see more movies.


I knew it was going to require subs because it's all about communication, and xenolinguistics, and if I had to spend half my attention figuring out if that particular sound was even meant to be interpreted I'd probably have not had enough processor spare to appreciate the movie.

As it was, that was really good.

I knew about this movie because Jeremy Renner is in it, but I wanted to go see it because the story it is based on is proper gorgeous. "Story of Your Life" by Ted Chiang. I remember how it made me feel, and aside from the bit that can't be duplicated on a second viewing, Arrival did the same feels. Also did proper movie stuff to make it feel like a big screen. Adaptations always leave you xfingers hoping, but I reckon this was proper good.

If you're into a thoughtful meditation on life and love and time, with aliens, then you should go see this.

If you are more in the mood for whoosh boom then this is a movie for another day.

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I just read the review in the Guardian and I'm wondering what movie they watched, since they got, like, everything wrong? Did they only watch the trailer or the first ten minutes? The only bits they got right were that there's alien first contact and the film is good.

I mean they called Renner's character flirtatious, which, I know my social skills are not the best, but if praising someone's professional work and helping them translate things to aliens is flirting that's a new one on me.

Arrival is a good movie. I'm glad I saw it at the cinema and I look forward to it on DVD.
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Whoosh! Boom! Yaays!

... okay, so, it has not made me think deep thinky thoughts.

Plus it was a really long way home on the front seat of the bus in the sunshine.
And I forgot to eat since breakfast.

But I liked this one.
It was fun to watch.

Everyone got something to do and seemed reasonably competent and solved problems with their skill sets. Uhura listened, Spock logiced, Bones got to say 'I'm a doctor not a', Sulu can fly anything, Scotty can fix it, and Chekov can work the sensors and help with cunning plans. Kirk can get his shirt ripped again. Core skills.

My words have run out though, so I'll go food.
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We had food and we did food shopping and then we went to my place and watched my brother's DVD
which was 'Batman vs Superman'.
That was not a good movie.

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... I am annoyed of movie now.
... this is why I didn't watch it at the cinema.

I don't think it's too much to ask that movies let us believe in heroes.
Grimdark is a lie.

Okay, I will go away now and try and not think about this for long enough I stop complaining in my head.
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I watched The World's End
and then deleted it
not because it wasn't good
but because for the same reasons it's good it's both kind of hilarious
and depressing.

I mean, the characters have that kind of verisimilitude where even if you don't know that guy, you know that guy
and then it's just... too real
which sounds stupid what with the blanks etc
but that worked the metaphor really well.

Like, it's about alien androids taking over the world, but, it's mostly about that one guy who last had a good night when he left school, and his ongoing substance abuse problems, and how wrecked everyone else's lives get from a starting point he sees as kind of perfect
so, you know, depressing.

Also it's a movie that's very blokey to point out how epically fucked up that is.
Which I can appreciate but not particularly want to view again.

I like the ending though.
Both the triumph of the trash asserting their freedom to be fuckups
aaaaand what happens to the world after that kind of triumph.

So, like I said, hilarious, and depressing.

Now I will go and attempt not to look back and compare my expectations in high school with life as it actually happened
because no.

But on the plus side none of it involved alcohol
so, win.
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Today Sunday was swapped out for See Movie With Subtitles
... yeah I maybe look overenthusiastic about that, but, it is a new movie, and the subtitles are on at a time of day I can get to, and it isn't even the only subbed showing this week.
*basks in the awesome*

... actually when is the other one? is tempting to go back...

So, I liked Civil War. And it would be really, really easy for me to not like Civil War, because see icon for whose side I'm usually on. But having seen the movie, I am actually mad at Tony, but not mad at the writers for what they did with Tony. Which is a tough balance. They did it plausibly. I'm disappointed in Tony, but I see what they did, and it worked.

I'm not best pleased with Steve either though.

And I did like the plot, I liked where the story went, which characters did what.

The gender balance is still ridiculous. I mean if you've got less than parity it's bad, but the more people they put on screen, the more they filter for which characters they want to still have around, the fewer women there are. That is unacceptable and I'm proper fed up of it.

I think they did okay by black men, in a movie with three superhero black men, but if the only speaking black woman in the movie had a name I did not learn it. Not cool. And having said they did okay, read a spoilers if you're worried: Read more... )

There was a lot of stuff in this movie and honestly I could have lived with there being much less characters, but I think they juggled them pretty well. There were several characters with an emotional arc driving the story, there were several with emotional arcs that nudged the story around, there were some that turned up to fight but still had a personality and some interpersonal stuff going on while they did that. Nobody was wasted.

Also it managed to be very funny at appropriate times and super tense at other times. I held my breath at one point, I just, like, forgot to breathe until we saw how that worked out. And yet, other times, much laughing.

SPOILER goes under the cut, where I start going on about actual plot and details and stuff, plenty SPOILERS here :
Read more... )

I am super tired and I forgot to eat today. I mean, I bought food, but then there was a movie, and the food went all soggy in the bag instead of being eated, and then it was three hours later and it went straight in the bin. So my brain just sort of ground to a halt just there.

I'm too tired to squee... but I'm not sure it's a squee sort of film. I'm mostly thoughtful.

Oh, one other thing I bought today? They had Civil War cups. With a teeny tiny Black Widow figure on teh top.
... so yeah, I bought another Black Widow, for £2
but you can buy the cup without the drink
so I have a nice clean cup.

And a tiny Natasha.

*puts her carefully where I can see her*


I will very probably write more about this film later, but that's it for now.
Need food.
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Just watched the most recent Fantastic Four movie, because movies with brother Sunday.

That was really, really bad.

I mean, they managed to screw up every character. I can say this with confidence despite not having read the comics because they just... that was... ugh, such a mess. Whatever they were trying to do, they managed to mess up every character. Nobody got a payoff that matched their setup. Not one of them. How? Do you even? I mean writers can usually... but no, not one.

Read more... )

So this was teh grimdark high school or college AU where they spend the middle of the movie captives of a shady more or less military research program that throws them straight into combat, or on the run from same. And that's nothing I'd ever heard of associated with the Fantastic Four before.

And even just as a random movie it was really bad, because I spent the first twenty minutes to half an hour waiting for something to happen and then I just gave up waiting, it didn't actually do anything interesting. They had like one fight sequence at the very end, everything else was rubbish that could be in movies not about the Fantastic Four. My brother kept saying 'it gets better' but then he gave up saying it (though possibly because I was really grumpy by then).

I'm glad I waited until this was cheap at the supermarket.

... I'd still kind of like a refund...

(plus Sunday was just not quite right, because the food was soggy rubber wrong, and then the toothpaste all had the wrong words on it, and then the movie was rubbish)


Apr. 15th, 2016 08:34 pm
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Well that was a waste of my time.

I watched the first ten minutes and the whole rest of the film was obvious. I kept waiting for the twist but then realised the thing they'd done that was literally the only way the story could go from there was their idea of a twist. It was about a half hour of TV stretched into a giant visual spectacular of a Tom Cruise action movie.

Also, the Earth is still fucked. I'm just saying. They probably know that, given the whole emphasis on dying well, but, there was no saving the world there, it is way too screwed.

Also I really do dislike watching Tom Cruise as much as I think I do.

He just keeps being in movies that sound good on paper and then turn out to be like this.

So. Waste of time.
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Today I finally watched The Martian.

That was a very tense viewing experience. Very. Tense. I was sitting and rocking so much I think that film counted as aerobic exercise. I mean I know the ending and yet several times I wanted to pause it to double check the ending. But I didn't, because that was a ride. Like wow.

*happy eee noises*

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I know most people were already *eee* about this when it was in cinema, but, I slow.

This is really good though.

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I watched the third 'Mummy' film today and I kind of want to take it apart and put it back together.
The casting seemed to go a bit wrong. Not just swapping out my favourite, just, clunkiness happened.
Most frustrating though was the fight choreography, or lack thereof. Those people, and those fights are all we get? And it didn't even make sense in terms of the regular characters, she had some awesome and distinctive moves in the previous movie, where did they all go?


It's annoying, it has all the same good elements as the previous movies, where it's about relationships and family and so forth, it just... well I deleted it off the recorder box as soon as it finished. And in a few years I bet I will once again see it advertised, remember who is in it, and wonder why I don't have a copy. Because it wasn't bad enough to be distinctively bad and it just didn't manage to be good.


Feb. 13th, 2016 07:37 pm
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Today I watched Push, the one where Chris Evans plays a mutant only less trademarked.

The way they carve up the psychic powers is what makes the ending work, and some of those powers are a bit more sweeping than others - the forger is just mindblowing in the implications, way more so than anyone else - but they demonstrate their setup and then play through it fair.

The characters were acceptably interesting for a movie length thing, and the setup has plenty of play in it.

Plus it's very visually stylish, so that's cool.

Even the part I had a problem with, the way the romance was set up, worked well for the plot, so I guess I'm not even complaining about that.

Pretty good movie.
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I didn't want to say in advance in case it didn't worked again again
I finally got to see Star Wars

I got to see all the words! Yaays!
Today the subtitled showing let out early enough to catch a bus home, so mum agreed it was good to go to, even though we have to bring my brother on a Sunday and he'd seen it already. Mum reckons today was the 3rd time he saw it. But he was entirely happy to go see it again. which makes sense.

Awesome movie is awesome :-)

Read more... )

Am very glad I saw the movie, even though it does throw my weekly routine out. I'm all out of foods except egg potato things and pasta spirals. I was out of Ribena until I bought some for watching the movie with.

Before the film we went to the TV&Movie Store but I didn't know that was part of the plan so I didn't bring my shopping list and left without buying anything. Brother didn't want to buy things. Mum said he needed a bag and a warm thing and he could buy Many of DVDs, but he only chose a DVD in the last five minutes and didn't choose a bag or a warm at all.

... I kind of want a Stark Industries hoodie but I also kind of want an Avengers jacket and actually kind of need things that are not hoodies or jackets at all. But I meant to buy a t-shirt but got distracted cause mum told me to get brother on task. Mum was not pleased when I asked if he wanted a hat because she said he'd look stupid in hats. I am not pleased that look stupid is an override on warms. But he didn't want hats anyway.
... I'd want hats but they are either warm or have a brim, neither are both, so not suitable.

Now I am tired but in that way that's full of up movie and a lot :-D

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I got Ant Man for xmas so I just now watched it.

It was bad in exactly the ways I expected it to be from discussions.

Everything involving use of powers, all the stuff with the ants, the whole shrunk world thing, that was beautifully done, interesting, inventive.

Anything to do with plot or characterisation?


I'm making faces. They are not good faces. Epic blergh.

Read more... )

So, movie didn't surprise me, and I'm unlikely to rewatch it later.

But hey, xmas present, mum likes it when we have something to unwrap.
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Not the dialogue or the action sequences or, well, quite a lot of it
but the general feeling of 'I have written this fanfic (only with cat people and dragon wings) and now they filmed it'

Read more... )

The people and the clothes are all telling stories just standing there, and they went some on the diversity, so, yaays.

I will definitely watch this again some time.

But it's best for parts. Like, a bazillion fanfics, we can has them.


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