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The more real world news I read the more I can only cope with fiction.
Which is not new to me, which is a problem, since the problems are more and the capacity for dealing with them is not.

Also my loo seat is broken
and this is now the sort of minor repair that is mine to do
unless I 'get in a pickle'
at which point the landlords will try and send a housing manager out
but I feel this is unlikely to happen swiftly.
So I have ordered a new loo seat
which is sparkly
because if you have to do things with loo seats you might as well make them sparkly.
Four working days until that arrives
so I shall have to have the next bit of the plan by then.

This is the kind of challenge I have to stretch myself to meet.
And yet, politics still effects me.
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I think I was swapped out for Parker today? Hardison was there, she wasn't, but I was only all over Eliot as per usual. But I am by no means bendy or athletic enough to be Parker, even in my dreams, so I had a different speciality, something more to do with magics I think. Because my dream version of Eliot mushes together with Lindsey pretty routinely.

So the dream plot was that he'd got epically beat up and he was freaked out about not being able to protect us, so he was going to go do another deal to get even more upgraded. Because he'd already done that once, to get the combat skills and some extra resilience and possibly a working hand. But the problem was he was doing deals with demons and sucking up the dark power to make himself more violent, and the payment was... nasty... but he was pretty convinced he was headed for hell anyway so he didn't think he could screw up his soul worse, after everything he'd done.

So I haven't watched much Leverage but that seems like a very Eliot compatible plot? Like, he doesn't like himself much, thinks he went really wrong, keeps doing it anyway. It's just the magical/literal manifestation of that, to make it about demon parts.

Me in the dream was AI made flesh, because dad was a programmer and wanted a kid. Pinocchio again. Read more... )

How magic works makes such huge differences to the universe, but is seldom systematically explored in TV.
Read more... )

Universe ruleset questions with a whole lot of different settings.

Also ways to make religious differences way interesting to play through. Especially in a three sided relationship, you can play more settings. And if only one belief set is correct, that's less fun, but if nobody is entirely sure because they all seem to work even if mutually exclusive, that's like a great big ongoing argument with cool FX.

Okay, it's Cleaner Day and I have other stuff to do, I should go do it.

... also, the electrician was here to fix the radiator, but it was simplest fix ever: it worked for him. *doh* I've spent all winter trying to turn that thing down! It didn't go down! Now he twiddles it a few times and tada, full range of motion achieved. He recommends using a penny for leverage if it happens again. *sigh* Okays, well, that's good that it was a quick fix. I just feel foolish.

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The light in my front room pretty much stopped working. So I went Outside to get a new one. I took the old bulb out, put it in a box, and went to a little electricals shop that still has customer service. I asked them to match it, and they could happily do that. And also I bought the toaster I had planned on getting some months ago. They remembered when I'd asked about it. Triumphant, I return with my purchases.

... stupid bulb won't go in the stupid hole and stay there.

It's the right sort. It matches the old sort. It has prongs like it's supposed to. It goes in, it just goes straight out again.

I tried twisting it one way, I tried twisting it the other way (not in a row, I didn't put it in and out), I have really tried but the stupid bulb remains outside the stupid fixture.

Also it is annoying how you always have to change bulbs in the dark. I mean, it's clearly logical, it's just annoying.

So I went and got the bedside lamp, which used to be the desk light until the other bedside lamp stopped working.

Everything keeps stopping working and I have Grand Plans for replacing things but they need to know what size house they're going to be in and, for strong preference, have that house be in Norwich.

So anyways, the lamp fixes the darkness issues for the area around my computer, but it's now both too bright and too dark in here. Perfect to read books by, requiring me to turn up the laptop screen, and impossible to vacuum in the dark bits. Well, possible, just likely to go clang clunk a lot and have things go up the pipe.

So. Sulking.

I shall ask mum if she can do it, and if she cannot I will have to ask the landlord and feel stupid. It's unlikely to be a priority repair, and that means being in the queue for a month. For a lightbulb. Which I have really proper tried to put in.



Feb. 27th, 2015 11:35 am
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The thing that was going BEEP is no longer going BEEP, however irregularly.
I phoned it in to say the Hush button wasn't working at about 0430, they upgraded the repair to an emergency at 0930ish and by 1130 the electrician had been and had swapped it for a whole new BEEP thing that was not BEEPing. ... he agreed it probably was just the battery, but he made it have a whole new thing anyway. *shrugs*
He was even shorter than me but he has a much taller ladder so that worked out.
I gave him a fortune cookie because yaay.
now, silence!

I may well go back to sleep, because sleeping 3 hours is insufficient.

I like my landlord's repair service.
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I have half way done many items on the to-do list.
... only half way, because booking things, taking them to the repair place etc happens and then there is waiting.
Read more... )

All of that in the kind of spitting rain that my hat can't keep off my glasses.

That was pretty good day, much achieved.
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I put 'tighten bolts' on the to do list only a few days ago, but when I went to look at said bolts, it turned out one had pretty much fallen out. I have been sitting in a recliner which was on its last threads. Reclining in it even.

So, that was a bit more urgent than I thought.

But also more complicated, since the set of hex keys I know I own and thought would fit turned out to have every size except the one I need. And one empty place in the keyring bit.

So then I had to go through all the drawers and jars and cupboards and tidies and little cardboard boxes.
Turned out it was in the tool kit.
Who ever looks in the tool kit?

... *sigh* ...
... also *ew* that tool kit needs cleaning. I've cleaned it already today but it still needs a lot of cleaning. Leaving it in the window and pretty much forgetting I own it had disadvantages.

So then I turned the chair over and tightened all the bolts. Except the ones I loosened. But then I tightened them again after. Probably. I think.

but it looks fixed now?

so if the chair collapses, possibly in an awful back breaking accident, it will not be for want of maintenance.
just skill.

It's 0815 so it looks like I'm up early, but I in fact forgot to sleep last night. I mean I went to bed early and had some quality lying down in the dark, but it wore off. So I'll have another go in a bit.

anything important to do can probably wait until thursday. right? right.
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It is chinese food delivery friday, but for a few weeks now that routine has not quite worked because Agents of SHIELD isn't on TV, and this week it's even worse because my TV reception is busted. According to the loud dude on the landing outside the aerial is busted or rusted or (rudewords) and the people who came out to see it can't fix it without permissions from somewhere. He had a lot to say about that. A lot. I had my door closed but I could hear him having a lot to say. So I'm just going to guess that everyone's TV is screwed and they'll all be grumpy for the forseeable. Lovely.

Also the front door lock is busted again/still, my cleaner noted it on Tuesday, I should remember to phone that repair in again.

BUT, today, I had a plan: The Hobbit Extended edition, with mum. Because I have two recliners now, even if one is the one I replaced for being a bit busted, mum says it's very comfy. So we can sit and watch things. And mum went with me to see the part in the cinemas right now without mentioning she hadn't seen the first part until we were on the bus. So that was easy to fix. And I got the extended edition at the supermarket and hadn't seen it yet. So I could watch new bits and mum could watch new film and we could have fun.

So that took from 7pm to 11pm. :-)

The food delivery did not quite work right. I phoned, and then it was more than an hour, and so I phoned again. The food was ready but they were waiting on a driver, they said. So it was time delay food. But it was still food, so that was okay by me.

Also I had to go to the supermarket just to get the cash so I can pay for the food delivery. It is a cunning part of this plan, to make a routine that requires cash, so I have to leave the house to keep supplied. So I went to Morrisons and bought bread and juice and frozen vegetables. In the dark. And cold. But thankfully it wasn't wet, so that was nice.

... I just did the tags on this entry and I guess that was quite a busy evening.


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... and now my nice pyjama trousers have a hole.


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I flushed the loo, the handle went right round in a circle and came off. It's not even come off a sticky out bit I could shove it back on, it's just a hollow plastic thing that has fully given up the ghost.

So I called the housing association 24 hour repair line, and thankfully the lady agrees this is an emergency repair. So it should get fixed today.

Though in the meantime she advises me to flush it with a bucket. Which I could do if I had a bucket. I'm not sure how that's going to work out, but there has to be a plastic thing around here somewhere as will work.

So, I will be spending the day at home to wait for the emergency plumber.

... as opposed to spending the day at home too anxious to go out, which was what I'd had planned...
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About two days ago I suddenly decided I wanted a donut
and it didn't wear off.
So, I went to the supermarket just now and bought some.
... now I'm sitting here thinking 'hmmmm, maybe different donut'...

Also at the supermarket I got bread and cheezly and juice. they don't have many things I eat.

they did have Pacific Rim on DVD and also Raising Steam by Terry Pratchett in hardcover book. So I win.

I noticed that the alarm panel in the hall was flashing orange and also there's a BIG hole in the ceiling where there used to be a wet patch. It doesn't go to outside, it just goes to beams and stuff. There's a light and some wires and dangly things. It doesn't look right. So I phoned the housing place. They say there's an appointment to fix it on the 26th, which seems a bit away for a dangly things hole in teh ceiling, but okays. Also the alarm panel needs the ceiling to be fixed and to dry out before they can fix it, so I guess that'll flash until the 26th too. But as long as it gets fixed I guess that's okay? Hopefully.

I was on hold for ten minutes and nearly fell asleep on the phone. Hold music is very restful.

Now I have to decide if to go to bed and try and wake up for Agents of SHIELD, or not go to bed yet and try and get my sleep to move around somewhere convenient, or go to bed and stay asleep and rely on the recorder box. Tricky.


Mar. 19th, 2013 01:08 pm
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some of my food didn't agree with me. to the point I had to stop a Doctor Who episode in the middle and go feel ill instead. But then I got better, like usual. It would be nice to understand a complete list of food that will do that because I'm baffled again.

So I had a night's sleep and now the cleaner is here. except it's not the usual cleaner so I will spend the week thinking things are Not Quite Right. Also I have to tell them things that I don't usually think of, like... I don't know what is making that noise right now, that's another non favourite thing, I usually know all the noises. Why have they not started with take the rubbish out? I told them that is the first thing! Huh, it sounds like microwave noises. Who starts in the microwave? ... I'm autistic spectrum, things bother me, this is a bothersome thing. I did not tell them to do the vacuum cleanering because I already dislike the vacuum cleaner so I'll just skip it this week when the person is unusual and the noises in the wrong order.

... *headdesk* ...
my brain, why, what, bzuh? *sigh*

I dreamed I was trying to vanish into a new identity. Read more... )

but thinking about what you'd have to change to vanish is like thinking about the parts that make you You, or the parts you couldn't walk away from. Like desert island discs only bigger.

So basically I can imagine travelling to alternate universes, as long as they have science fiction fandom. But if F&SF never got off the ground or people never thought of conventions? *shudders*

Someone from the landlord place visited with a clipboard to ask if everything is okay here. The hot water appears to be fixed so yes, and the front step that got really tall for a while has been fixed to be the proper height, I noticed on the way to shopping yesterday, though it has probably been fixed for a while. And the front door actually exists at the moment and opens and closes like anything. So yeah, things seem to be working here, so that's nice.

This flat is physically quite nice. Warm and so on.

... the tendency to 2am smoke alarms and 2pm big shouty talking in the big hall is possibly not so nice...


okay, cleaner should be nearly done, I shall do other things than typing next, like watch the rest of Doctor Who. It's dissertation homework and new season preparation. Win.

ETA: The rubbish went out last. Last! And there is still hair on the floor, and she left the new bin bags out on the worktop. It's the fall of civilisation, I tell you! *shakes fist at sky*

... *facepalm* *sigh* ...
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repair dude phoned.
he was an electrician. he asked if it was in fact water in pipes that was the problem. I confirmed this, just like I said at 0500.
he said I needed a plumber.

he also said that would happen today.
that would be nice.

ETA: With 2 minutes before 5pm I has hot water again.
The repair dude arrived and waggled the pipe.
It is good to know that highly trained pipe wagglers can arrive within 12 hours of reporting a repair.

seriously, he looked at all the taps to find the water no comes out, then he looked at the tank and looked puzzled, then he waggled the pipes, gently, with one hand, and suddenly there were water noises and hot water starts to happen again. apparently air got in it and then there was no more waters.

I guess next time I can poke the pipes before I phone, but I wouldn't want to do that too energetically since a no-water emergency is much easier to cope with than an all-water emergency.

now I can go to sleeps! Finally! only at least 5 hours later than planned!
but this will help me get my sleep hauled around to useful hours.
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I went to have a bath
the hot water gave me like two inches of bath and then stopped. None the hot water now. I turn the taps, nothing happens. And this has been true for about an hour. No more hot, hot all gone, no water noises happening from the hot water cupboard, empty taps.
taps are not supposed to be empty.

so now I have phoned the house repairs place.
they say they will get an engineer out today :-)
but not right now, obviously, because it is five in the morning.

So now I'm wondering if I should stay home until the hot water gets fixed
or go out first thing and come back quickly, because who is going to turn up at 0800 when I phoned at 0500?

most likely I will decide that those few slices of bread I have left for eating are perfectly reasonable food and not manage going out at all.

but in theory I need to decide.

I'm surprised though because previously taps going dripdripdrip have not been a same day sort of a fix
nor the toilet not flushing at all
but hot water not working at all will be fixed very quick.

I hope.
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I never have to show up for another whole 0900 lesson again.
... well, never at City College, unless I start a whole different course.
I have now done all the taught lesson parts of my degree.


I'm not sure how well I'll do on the assignment for this one. It's supposed to be Life Writing and teacher is not convinced that zombies belong in Life Writing, even when zombies happened in my actual life. If I can write about my actual life and it doesn't count as Life Writing then the rules are stupid. But it profits you not to point that out, ever, at all. So I can write about zombies, but then I have to explain exactly why I wrote about zombies in my life writing and why it fits the Life Writing we have been studying all term.

Read more... )

I didn't do the going to CCN to sort out finance stuff, which is actually important and needs doing in a red bills kind of way. But I was being dizzy and blinky and not keeping up with the world, and I still had to finish getting home, and also filling out finance forms when it takes me two tries to spell the word finance is not in fact a great idea. So I went home instead.

I did pick up my book at the book shop on the way to the bus stop. It's very convenient that the book shop is on the way to the bus stop. I have excellent excuse to go in and buy lots of books.

Next I shall sleep. And when I wake up I shall do more work. And eventually I will actually get this degree I started studying towards in 2002.
*blinks at the concept*
*shiiiiiny finishing line...*

In random unrelated news: I phoned the housing place because the front step is Very Annoying. I measured it today and now it has been fixed it is 9.5 inches tall. Read more... )

... I think I just learned more about building codes by way of google than I did about biography by going to lessons.

Maybe I should just ask google for definitions of life writing and how zombies totally count.


Oct. 7th, 2012 07:56 pm
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I had a bath. It took a bit of doing cause the hot water ran out.
Not as in 'turned cold' but as in 'turned tap and no water happened'.
That's peculiar.
Also there was not the noise from the water tank that usually happens when filling it.
So I had half a bath and a sulk.
Then I tried running cold water to see if I could put up with a cold bath (nope)
and then the water filling noises started and the hot water worked again.

... the internet needs to know!!!

no, obviously you don't need to know, I just need to write it down so I can do something about it if it happens again.

My days are very boring. And I've got through another week with zero college work done. Not on purpose, just there's only so much one can do when sleeping all the hours.

lessons again tomorrow.
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The electrician just swapped the sticky tape for the thingies that should be there instead, so now everything is, as far as I know, finished.
We signed the bit of paper that says nice kitchen is nice and all done now.
That's only a week after I expected.
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I don't know how they managed, they only picked it up once and put it down on the floor.
Maybe when they put the fridge down next to it they scraped it?
But I did not scratched it, and mum did not scratched it, and it is scratched.

The instruction book says not to use it if the door is damaged.
Mum says the door is fine, it's only the paint on the door that is damaged.
I am not convinced.

But now in theory my kitchen is reassembled and ready to use.
I could cook food that is not a sandwich.
... it's so hot and sticky and yuck around here I'm not sold on the 'food' concept, especially if it's hot and not a sandwich. *facepalm* *sigh*

there is also a bit of glue on the worktop mum says to just ignore, it'll be there forever and I'll just have a slightly bumpy worktop. also there's like a dent in the finish of one door, a bit of a hole. and some places the tile grout has gaps.

But basically, kitchen is finished, apart from the electrical thing they hasn't finished and said they'd be back for.
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The final shelf was put in the final cupboard today and the kitchen is finally finished.
Read more... )

Drip, drip, drip
stuff keeps HAPPENing but nothing ever happens.

I need to work on my zen.
A lot.
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The builders are here.
On Friday they reckoned they'd be in for a couple of hours starting at 0900.
I think they got here at 1130.

Also, there was wet from something they fixed before the weekend.
I didn't see it, it was sneaky, but now things are being done to cupboards as well as to pipes and whatever.

So, possibly more than a couple of hours then.

I don't know.
Nothing I do will alter the outcome.
I will listen to music and ignore the world.

In about half an hour the cleaner will be here. I had reasonable expectations of the kitchen being finished by then, which would allow her to clean it proper ready for use. But it seems unlikely now.

Today is sort of less than optimal.
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I do not like today so far.
I didn't sleep much even though I went to sleep with plenty of hours.
now there are power tools.

in my kitchen.

which is still not finished yet.

But they say they'll put all the things back in tonight, dishwasher and freezer and all, and then only need 90 minutes to finish on monday.
I can deal.


*can't keep hand away from mouth*
*looks more like icon than wants to*


Aug. 9th, 2012 03:36 pm
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Again there were builders. Wednesday Thursday Friday Monday Wednesday Thursday. Should have been Tuesday but wasn't. Originally they said they'd be done by now. Now they say they'll get the washer machine working for the weekend. Not that they'll be finished by then.

*deep breath*

Today was electrician day. So we still haven't watched the third bit of Lord of the Rings, because teh electric kept turning off. But now I have new everythings and the electric officially works, so that's nice.
They had to be in the front room to test plugs in the walls. My plugs are behind book shelves. Walls are for book shelves. There is one plug sticking out though so that just about worked after I moved all the furnitures that can move. There isn't any room to move it much though.

And I hadn't planned to let builders in the other rooms, this is my house, for me.
He also wanted to check the lights in the bedroom but no. I don't care if they don't work. I shall be in the dark. No entry. Mine.

My grumpy is getting a bit out of hand though.

Also, we have been subsisting on chinese takeaway for two weeks, and they only have one edible vegetarian option. Man cannot live on vegetable noodles and mushroom egg alone.
There are very seldom new edibles at all, let alone edible takeaway.
And then mum tells me off for not having a varied diet. Read more... )

Tomorrow, more builders.
And hobbits. We will definite watch hobbits tomorrow. It's in the machine and everything.

:-p to all this.
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The assurance we would have builders this morning turned out to be half a day optimistic.
Apparently there was a plumbing Thing in one of the other flats. Since one of the noisy flats was directly above me, take your time, please.
Then there were like three guys trying to fit in my tiny kitchen to do... I don't know, but they got rid of the flooring and made a lot of noise. Also they needed to plug their power tools in in my front room. They didn't needed to do that before and I do not like it. No room!
Had very much grumpy by time they were gone.

Also, the bloke in charge reckons he'll have the washing machine working again by this weekend.
Which is lovely as far as it goes, but they were only scheduled to be here until Thursday.
Are we not to be finished by the weekend?


okay then

Aug. 7th, 2012 01:18 pm
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builders will (very probably) be back tomorrow.
no builders today, just the supervisor guy explaining problem and the next level of talky guy phoning a bunch.
my mum is doing the talking parts (is very helpful)

I continue to think the new kitchen plan was a stupid boring plan of noise and dust and other stupids.
also the world is full of stupid stuff.

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We watched The Two Towers
mum got bored of the speeches and started supplying alternate next lines
in the bits I can quote from memory

To be fair I was thinking next time I'll watch the not-extended version of this one, cause it goes on a bit, but still.

The builder is done for the day. The really noisy bit was cutting tiles. It made him cough a lot. Tomorrow there will be a different person again. Also there is a lot of mess. A lot. Dusty messy mess.

I look forward to builders going away so I can get things proper cleaned again.

Cleaner was also here today even though half the things to be cleaned were inaccessible, so at least my bathroom is shiny nice and the bins empty.

7 working days they said. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Monday, three more to go.
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Today I was more cranky and my maths stopped working. I should be able to figure out simple sums without the numbers falling out of my head or me getting things the wrong way around, but nooooooo. Is no fun.
Also I'm going to spend the rest of the year apologising to mum. I'm really seriously doing my best, but my best is very cranky. *facepalm*

We watched Fellowship of the Ring.
I figured, we're going to be sitting here for really a lot of hours, lets watch something that takes really a lot of hours to watch.
Next week, two more parts of that.

Mum thinks they messed up Frodo and Sam by making them poofy.
... *facepalm* ...

Mum is getting foods, which is nice because I have had all the sandwiches I can stand for the moment.
I wish I'd figured out how somewhere to put the microwave so I could use it. But no, I could not find the space at all at all.

Next there is a weekend of no builders and no functioning kitchen, though they made the sink work proper before they went.
On Monday there is a new and different builder, and there will be plaster and tiles, and also decorators and electricians later.
Mum says it is all very efficient and they're being very nice. Is true, they are helpful people and they close doors and be polite and stuff. So, they're like optimal levels of disruptive.

this summer has not involved working on my college reading.
... surprise.
*facepalm more*


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