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Mum woke me up by phoning to see if I wanted to do Sunday Breakfast.
(all the booms etc made sleeping slide round the clock again)
so we went to Morrisons and did food.

The cafe order was more expensive than expected but before we'd all sat down or had time to check they realised we'd got someone else's fish and chips on our order. So they refunded that plenty well.
We always order the same thing so mum reckons someone noticed when they went to cook it. Is quite likely actually, some of the checkout people have our order memorised.

Mum got a lottery scratch card and won £1 and turned it into flowers that she won. :-)

I did shopping and got bread, though I had to go back a few times to find a human to slice it, and also got cheesly and brownie bites and toothbrushes and juice.
I need to get a shopping trolley I trust the food in, or wash the one I've got or something, juice is too hard to carry in bags like we've been doing.

Morrisons didn't have my magazine so mum said we'd go to the co-op and then boots for vitamins. But the Boots part didn't work cause they were closed and their opening times sign had sunday covered up so I guess they stay that way? But the co-op had my magazine and also my brother's , so that worked out.

He chose a cake today. He doesn't often express opinions about food, so if he chooses something he gets it. So that was nice too.

And now I am home and can start checking the internet.
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I am winning!
I have sorted through every single piece of paper in the five layers of plastic drawers, and thrown out a bazillion of them, after tearing them nice and small.
... a shredder might have been useful.
I have even put the Doctor Who CDs in the emptied drawers. 3/5 are Doctor Who now. Much better.

Sliiiiiight problem: The frame has crumpled so the drawers can't go in and out properly.
I guess they weren't meant to be load bearing.
Sooooo.... I need to buy furniture that's actually fit for purpose.
Unfortunately I also need to have space to put said furniture.
Slightly complicated games of reshuffle must ensue.

I'd quite like some nice filing cabinets. I could sort things out all neat and tidy and know where they were for next time. I like the wooden ones but there's only ever two drawers, like a home office won't have very much paperwork.

There's some nice gull wing cabinets for CDs too. Expensive, but they pack a lot of things in together. But they're usually short too. Tall shelves could be better if I ever had any space for more shelves.

... new house has more space. new house plan is a bit slower though...

I have also done the Sunday jobs. Shopping with mum, bath, laundry and more laundry. Much winning.
... I hope the laundry worked correctly, it didn't take as long as I expected.

I am currently listening to Doctor Who "Eldrad Must Die". it has Turlough so is automatically ahead on points. But then everyone puts on Portentous Hypnosis Voice and it gets less interesting again.
I'm still liking it though.

Sunday of win
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Every time I order from them it's only because it has been long enough since the last time I forget I'm Not Shopping With Them rather than just haven't shopped for a while.

This time it was dumping everything in the hall outside my door in flimsy torn plastic bags
not bothering to mention there's substitutions
or stick around long enough to take the bags back
and, as it turns out, swapping vegetable soup for chicken.
Chicken soup.
In a vegetarian order with many vegetable and vegetarian options.

Clearly it could be worse but it's blooming annoying.
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Cleaner day happened
and I did my half of the jobs
which now includes Vacuum All The Things.

... my floor is much less sparkly now, but at least I can tell I did the work.

and then I sat down with a Doctor Who audio on and sorted old paperwork for the whole length of the adventure.
I can't tell you much about the adventure, except the Doctor and Mel saved the day... possibly by doing things the audience didn't get to see and then explaining them? Huh. Er, not engrossing, compared to checking the dates and tearing up a bazillion pieces of paper.
But I did make mass progress on project throw out all the things.

It's hard to decide how long to keep bits of paper. Last time I got asked for paper from Before I had to send two years of things, so if it's more than two years old it can probably go. I don't think I've been very consistent though.
I did find a stash of christmas and birthday cards, some of them from people I even still know who they are.
And there's a whole stack of torn out pages from homes magazines that I suspect are from last century. So that's interesting.

I still have 3 or 5 more drawers that need sorting. Three if counting by same volume as already sorted, but the lower drawers are sub divided so five. This is not a swift task.

But progress is progress, so yaays.

I can also console myself thinking that the longer it takes to find a house, the more of this stuff I can do before I move. Which clearly makes up for the ongoing lack of new properties on the market.

Food delivery is scheduled between 7 and 8 pm because I left it late to order yesterday. and it won't include the proper sort of apple thing because I was ordering from one of the shops that actually sells my juice.
it would be really handy if one supermarket stocked all the foods.

But today's tasks are achieved, except for 'eat food'. Oh, and 'empty washing machine', has to hang things up.
I like it when things get done.
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Did the shoppings, ate the breakfast (which was kind of blah and rubbery but it's only a supermarket cafe), bought a house magazine because it has a free... something with many pages that will probably be fun to look at.

my regular Sunday of awesome.

I need to sort out the shopping trolley situation (needs washed and is currently full of washing) because trying to carry it back got painful and then mum carried it but probably that's not comfy for mum.

Also need to remember to ask mum before inviting sibling over, cause she did veto it today after they'd agreed, so then everyone was :-( But I gave them my spare giant amounts of printer paper for a printer I probably don't own any more and even if I do it probably don't work. So they're probably ahead on the day.

Tomorrow's task list looms long, but today's tasks are rolling along nicely.
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certain items should never go in the washing machine.
sequins, especially glued on sequins, are clearly on that list.
... so why do I not remember that on the way in?


on the plus side, my floor is super shiny now. raining silver!
and I have an excuse to shop for a new shiny thing before next dancing opportunity.
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I'm not very good at being a human. It's annoying. I keep thinking I could be more social, then reviewing previous attempts at social, and kind of giving up on it. People are many and there's much noise, or people are not there and there's none talking. I don't know how people do this.

I'm also kind of annoyed about houses. Because of the one that went away. I feel that if other people did things quicker and more efficient then I could have a house. But then if different other people did things slower I could also have a house. So mostly I'm a bit sad of not having that house.

Also mum keeps being all no worries the universe is just saving up a good one for later, and I'm really annoyed at that whole attitude. Read more... )

Any minor irritation with mum gets amplified by the thing where, on account of having no support or seeing people in college or regular social engagements, mum is the only one who talks to me most weeks.

And while I'm not in Norwich it will continue to be just as difficult (ie mostly impossible) to get to (or importantly back from) social anything.

So I continue to look for houses.

It's annoying because I have found more constraints than I initially knew about, which narrows things down a lot. Read more... )

So now I just need to find again the right sort of stairs, and the right placement of bathroom, in the right location, with a freehold or very long leasehold, not built too recently or too long ago, and at the right price.

And all the searching and attempt to buy has resulted in useful progress type stuff, so that's okay.

... asking the universe like a wish list doesn't seem useful, but as a way of letting this stuff go so it don't go round and round in your brains, may be of help. Or I could just meditate and try and empty all the things...


Oct. 9th, 2014 03:56 pm
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I am all packed ready for Starfury Time of Angels tomorrow. Even the shiny things.
... shiny things have a truly surprising ability to tangle in the drawer. I can't figure out where they get the energy. Do footsteps truly transmit enough to get everything wrapped around each other?

Everything fits in the suitcase. Surprisingly well, this time. I got a bunch of vacuum pack bags, as part of the clean all the things / maybe move house strategy, and three of them are travel bags where you don't need a vacuum cleaner you just curl them up and lean on them and the air goes out the one way valve at the bottom. I'm surprised it works, but it does seem to work real well, and saves bunches of space. And logically it would work on the way home too. Except probably by then it will all be in the laundry bag. But that's what expanding suitcases are for.

... must remember to pack laundry bag...
... and done.

See, this is why I tell the internet. I get on here and realise what I should have done.

Daytime clothes, party time clothes, sleep time clothes, shiny things, phone, snacks.
Paper, pens, sonic screwdrivers.

I can only pack the alarm clock in the morning.

Think I'm packed.


Okay, goal for the weekend is have more interesting weekend than I would sitting in my recliner.
This is realistic and achievable.

I just have to get through London on the way there and back.
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I packed for Friday. Then I unpacked and repacked. Then I dropped some of it on the floor and decided it needed washing. Then I started the washing machine. Then I realised it was 2100 and I was not being a nice neighbour.


Read more... )

Okay, I'll go think of something else to do that is not telling the internet about my laundry.
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I did Cleaner Day, I did vacuuming, I did two loads of laundry (well one coat and a load, the coat turned out to be machine washable but I didn't want to take chances on what it would do to other things). Laundry is just now starting and happily making machine wash noises.

I sit down for lunch (at 4pm) and get pasta sauce down my dress.


I have phoned places and been told to phone back later. I don't think I will. It has been more than a week of this and this time I phoned back at the specific times I was told to and if they can't be bothered then they don't get my hypothetical money.

I have been phoned and answered, even though the answer is currently that it's out of my hands if this plan works at all at all. I would like the plan to work, but even if this version doesn't work, the general outline of the plan might eventually work, so I'll just see how things go. But still, talking, on the phone.

I have earned my apple thing.

Also I may just go and hide under a blanket early tonight.

That day felt like a lot of days on top of each other.
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I have done Sunday jobs, I have done Monday jobs, and I even started on Tuesday jobs.
And I have an hour of Monday left.
I win.

I'm fed up at the moment because I keep having to use the phone and contact humans and then I get all wore out of communicating and the actual nice messages that I'd be quite interested in just end up sitting there because they're not to do with money and they don't have a deadline. Just a gradual death of interest from everyone who ever talks to me even a little.

I'm also fed up that so many humans won't use email even when they tell you to email them, the only reply they make is to ask for your phone number. Read more... )

I'm really super frustrated at everything lately. I feel like I'm doing at maximum capacity all the time but things just don't.

And then I'm a cranky human and it's less than fun.


Okay. Day is done. Frustrations can stay in the working hours.

human life difficult.
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Sunday breakfast and Morrisons shop achieved.
... I just realised I forgot the cheesly, but I did remember the toothbrushes and tissues, so I feel on balance that's a win.
My preferred homes magazine was in :-)
Also I spent another 39p on another bag because mum uses them for all the things so sometimes if she's brought me stuff I have many and sometimes like now if I've been sending stuff away there's none here.
Mum carrying half the shopping is very helpful though.
It's still pretty exhausting.

I'm pretty sure it would be less exhausting if it wasn't the only time a week I stuck my nose outside my flat, but this is what happens when all the support goes away because conservative government.

I think some of the sunday jobs aren't going to work because I forgot to hang the laundry up to dry yesterday. So that's monday jobs instead. boo.

Monday jobs already involve online shopping and contacting people. Lots of people. Probably to be told things won't work.


I need a new plan. And the energy to do it.
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Ways to tell it is nearly convention time: I refresh the page several times a day to check it has not secretly changed weekends or been cancelled.
Next week shall have to involve choosing clothes from all the bags of cleaned stuff that are in no particular order. But hey, everything is for certain clean now.

Today I attempted to contact people (who were very busy and I shall have to try again next week) and waited for people to contact me (though since the thing I asked of them is everso unlikely, the longer it goes without a definite no the better, sort of).

Then I sorted my folders of pretty furniture and decorating things again again again.
I have managed to find things cheaper than the ercol to want. Not cheap, mind, but about a third the price of the other stuff. And I also have a small collection of cheapest things I could find that I can live with, so things can work while I save up for the super shiny things.

... yes I know very likely I will be saving up for pretty much forever and have to live with the interim stuff for a really long time. That's why it's not the absolute cheapest.

So now it is the weekend and things will start again on Monday.

There is a lot of waiting for things in life.
Having hobbies to fill up the waiting is helpful.

Today was also take away day and I watched more Agents of SHIELD.
If the new season is starting soonish I will have to watch more and quicker. :-)

And tomorrow is Doctor Who.
... I'm not best pleased with this season so far, but, even annoying Doctor Who is Doctor Who. Ish.
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I am currently poking around trying to get more data from at least half a dozen places and hoping to change at least that many numbers. Otherwise I can't afford this house we've been looking at. Which would be a bit annoying, having got this close.

Routine jobs are not quite getting done, and I forgot to eat until dinner, again. Is very annoying, I was doing pretty well when stress was only the normal things.

I watched the rest of Fringe season 4 today. I stalled because I ceased to care, so I've been trying to figure out why. Read more... )

So I'm pretty bored with the whole direction the 4th season went in, and feel like we're not meant to care, so I didn't.

The 5th and final season will have to do something actually interesting to get me back, and I don't expect it will.

I did like Astrid but liking Astrid isn't sufficient reason to keep watching a whole TV show.

I'm pretty grumpy at the moment and TV is not fixing it.


Eh. Maybe i'll win on the premium bonds and afford all the houses. That would be nice.
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Whenever I think I have now washed all the laundry, I find more laundry.
I realise I also wear clothes, so some of it has gone around a few times by now, but some of it is just me looking behind another door.

I do not know where the Garment For Leaving On Chairs went. I haven't washed it yet. Presumably I left it on a chair.
There were also two black Warm Things and I can now only find one.
... many things are warm but these are like a square fringed blanket with a line cut to the middle on one side, I don't remember a word for thems.

There are three bags of stuff that can go to the charity shop. Sparkly is not sufficient reason to keep everything if I don't wear it. Especially things that I last wore in the 90s.

... making me giggle whenever I look at them is sufficient reason, and covers several things I last wore more than a decade ago.

The next convention I'm going to is in about two weeks I think so I'm going to have to go through all the nice sealed bags of clean things and sort out a reasonable weekend's worth. I strongly suspect I'm going to go with a plain trousers and t-shirts theme, with much less dressing up sparkly.
Also my suitcase is a bit busted and if I can fit everything in the backpack that would be much simpler. Hasn't ever worked yet, but, in theory, simpler.

I have so much stuff. Stuff accumulates until you're standing there thinking if you really need that free con t-shirt from a decade ago that almost certainly never fit and you've never had cause to wear.

Also stuff takes up as much space as you give it. I'm pretty sure I don't need as much drawer space for my nail varnish collection as it currently inhabits, but I don't have anywhere else to put it.

Also, books can and will cover any available surface. All the surfaces. Everywhere.

I was looking at estimates for removals today (though I'm no closer to moving) and they have huge long forms that ask after items of furniture in all shapes and sizes, and then how many packing boxes there will be for your stuff. Librarything estimates my books require 46 U-Haul book boxes, which would be more useful if I looked up dimensions for U-Haul book boxes. Since there are also books that are not in the catalog, that's at least 50 for the books alone, before the DVD collection even gets a look in.
ah, book boxes are 12" x 12" x 12" . which in metric is about 30cm a side, like rulers.
That's roughly the StorePak heavy duty small boxes.
If I need 50 of those I need to budget £100 for packing boxes...

The StorePak one bedroom housemoving set has 15 boxes, some of them medium or large. I figure that's still woefully short.

This stuff is complicated. And tempts me to get rid of as much stuff as possible before the removals part, even though that still means picking up and making get out of the house the exact same amount of stuff.

But, removals: they all want your name address and phone number before there's a quote. But they tell you that at the end of many pages of detailed tick boxes. Including guessing how many boxes you'll have. I guess many.

And a piano.

Up an L shaped flight of stairs.

... it's an ancestral piano, I can't leave it for the next inhabitants, but oh the temptation...

It's an ancestral book collection too. I found one that was for dad's mum when she was a child, once. Not in great condition but still existing. And a lot of the SF is dad's. ... quite a lot of which I'm getting rid of as I find we agree on very little, but, also lots of other good stuff.

Really I should be doing more actual sorting rather than telling the internet all about sorting.

... typing is clearly easier.


Sep. 22nd, 2014 07:20 pm
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I am one, maybe two loads of laundry away from having cleaned all the things. Every sheet, duvet cover, blanket, and item of clothing that I own, washed and drying and mostly put in them handy vacuum bags.

Read more... )

... I guess this is a job list rather longer than two more loads of laundry.

But I have very nearly washing machined all the machine washable things.
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I washed all the red things together, plus a purple towel to fill it up. Now I have a very red purple. I didn't think I would mind but it's a very peculiar colour.

Laundry is hard.
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apparently I put something covered in stick on sequins into the regular laundry.

so many shinies


My floor has shiny now. And the washing basket has gone totally disco.
Yet, strangely, I can see no gaps on the original garment. It still sparkles. So that's nice.

I shook sparkles off everything else in the load and wiped them out the inside of the washing machine and I'm still betting there will be more. and more. and more.

As laundry errors go it is relatively benign, and I might even like the effect, but it still looks like fail so now I feel totally *facepalm*

... little silver dots I will be discovering for a while...
... okay, secretly I am :-) but still also *sigh* ...
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There was a long and complicated to do list that involved leaving the house multiple times Read more... )

I did like the bit of the day where I looked at the wallpapers in 3D instead of just on the computer. I like wallpaper shopping lately. If I get a house I might decorate. But as I suspected the problem solving paper designed to go over the top of woodchip is epic ugly. I mean, not to the point of preferring woodchip, that's crazy talk, but, seriously ugly. Most of the embossed patterns aren't much better.

There's wallpaper with silver shiny writing on it, which on the one hand, yaay, writing, but on the other is just inane drivel on repeat. They should do wallpaper with no pattern repeat that's just epic scrolls of out of copyright classics. You could wallpaper your room in book. Granted, you'd have to do impromptu editing to fit the light sockets and electrical sockets in, unless you could be lucky with chapter breaks, and if you had any furniture you'd probably miss the best bits, but you could read your walls instead of just staring into space.

Actually there's places that do digital printed murals and so forth. Maybe that's a for real possibility. That would be cool. Though of course you always could just print it out yourself, but papering the room in A4 is less fun than it sounds. I stopped before I finished the door even. Getting a whole book to line up would take aaaaaaages. Proper wallpaper would be better.

... but then you'd have to choose which books...
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Cleaner is here. Pre cleaner jobs were accomplished. Rubbish in the bins, rubbish taken out by cleaner, bins back where they belong.
I'm just super jumpy today so every clack or clang makes me try and push through the back of this chair.
Which is a recliner, so that's less than helpful.

Read more... )

If I get a new house I will need to make sure I still get a cleaner.

Also discover when it is polite for people to go across back gardens to get to the back door. There are probably unwritten social rules to go with the one where it is legally permitted. But back doors are for all the practical things like shoppings so it arrives where the fridge is.

Cleaner all done now I can hide in other activities while bravely running the laundry.
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I've been planning to get a map in my phone, or to be precise a phone that could potentially have maps, for plenty long times now, but before when I went to ask about it the shop guy said it would cost money every time I made a map. This time the shop lady explained how to turn off the internet and just use wifi to make the maps, and then the GPS will tell me where on the map I am all the time. I still need to do some deciding about what wifi to use ever, it's confusing what to throw through the air at unsecured networks, but this with the map I can start at home and then it just keeps working.

It is so much harder to get lost and disoriented how. The little maps have a compass and a direction you're facing built in, even. If I'm feeling ill at ease with my place in the world, the phone can now reassure me. Like the way the unlock screen tells me what day of the week it is every time I look, this makes me feel so much better.

... embarrassed that it makes me feel better, but still, on balance, better.

And that's just the maps. There's bound to be bunches of other things it can do more better. Useful apps, if I can figure out how to make it have apps.

I've figured out how to make it have web pages, so I have shortcuts to both HabitRPG and LibraryThing. The Habits game is already working pretty good, and I like how if I set 'eat' as a daily it takes bits of life off if I forget to eat. LibraryThing will mean I can check if I own a book while standing in the bookshop, if they have wifi. That'll be awesome.

Cyborg brain is so much easier than normal brain.

Mum thinks of me as good with tech. Truth is I got the hang of a few things in the 90s and didn't feel an urgent need to learn more. So this is kind of like time travel, even though everyone else has been travelling at one day per day and enthusing about the changes.

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today proceeds as per plan
*touch wood*

Slight sequence error means washing machine is running while cleaner is here. Cleaner says she don't mind the noise, but I do, so I apologised cause it's not nice to do what you don't like. Also now it is running with the door open. Boo.

Also now I am stressed that cleaner will do things in the wrong sequence and make more messes, even though this is good cleaner who actually makes things clean.


Got the receipt from the mattress back in the post. I shall have to start again with finding a good one now.
On the plus side I am actually sleeping whole numbers of hours in a row on the air mattress now it is not squeaky. So I have time without going steadily more nuts. For that reason. Anyway.

I think my jobs for the day list is down to things other people would need to do their half of first.

Also HabitRPG continues to work. My little dude has a pet fox now as well as a pet desert wolf, and I could have a panda except all my potions now are skeletons and why have a skeleton panda? I mean skeletons in general, yaay, but pandas with no black and white patches aren't much panda any more. I like how pet eggs and potions and food are all random drops, so any task you do might get you an extra shiny thing. Also I like how often I seem to be leveling up and how quick the gold happens. I can have a shiny at nice intervals, feeling like I did work and hence get a reward, but not getting stuck sulking in between. So now I have an axe and a chainmail coif and I'm saving up again. Motivation game of win.

Food delivery is not until 8pm today because it was cheapest then. But now I have no juice, no ribena, and no Tuesday lunch, so I think this was not my best decision. I drink water and try and persuade self to eat food that is not Tuesday. :eyeroll: This is the down side of forming habits. Get stuck in them.

mind, I already had leftover quorn cottage pie and vegetable steam bag for breakfast, some time before 0600 when I went back to bed, so I'm not stuck starving or anything.

... also 'habit' and 'regular routine' are not so much samelike when sleep/wake cycle does not to 24 hours conform no matter what I do.

My life is exciting.

... actually with little RPG dude and a big world boss to slay with usefuls, it kind of is today...
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There are a number of people who would make their lives and mine much simpler if, when they phone, they would just leave their contact information.

Do they think it turns up automagically? Are they relying on that thing technology from the actual 21st century can do where it remembers stuff for you? Because mine isn't, so it doesn't.

So I don't know who they are beyond a first name and a promise to call me back later.
Clue: the exact same thing will happen later, just like it has the last couple of times, because I don't answer the phone without a run up.


This is a problem for Contacting People Day. Aka Monday. ... I needed to make a day for not hiding from messages. All days can be Contacting People Day, if I feel like it, but today I have already emailed someone who said they'd do a thing and hasn't, and phoned the mattress place to get them to take it back, arranging to have actual humans visit some time between 0700 and 1900 tomorrow. That is sufficient Contacting People for one Day. So, the rest can wait. But if I feel like that for too many days in a row things tend to go wronger, so, Monday.

I'm really quite frustrated at the moment about how difficult it is to get things to work the way they should do under the rules, the way they in many cases were working until it all went, and the way I did all my half to fix up properly.

One great appeal of hero stories is if they do their half it actually does something.
Often a very messy something involving body parts, but hey, something.

You know that thing where you've been given an assignment and you've got to work in a group and you're the only one that's done the reading, actually read the rules, and started writing your part? And you can't complete it alone? And nobody else bothers to turn up or answer messages? And, on at least one occasion, someone key slopes off with the declared intention of getting very stoned? You know that feeling?

I feel like that all the time lately.

I did my half correctly and yet nothing can happen.

Only it's worse because the people not doing the work are more like teachers, in that they assign and grade and make a vast difference to your future, and do not appreciate it when you point out it would really help if they made said difference now-ish and in a nice direction.

... is actual work like that a lot too?

... all them stories about striking out in your own spaceship and building a planet all alone make so much more sense in this kind of context. That feeling it would in fact work if you could just set it up to not need other humans. Except of course everyone always needs other humans.

Blah. Right. I've been awake since about 0200, I'm going to call that a day.
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... in what world does 'one hour delivery slot' equal 'phone an hour early, turn up fifty minutes early, look cheerful as I zombie?'
... Sainsbury world, clearly.
I think they just beat ASDA's record, but they did at least phone first, whereas ASDA just arrived at my front door while I was in the bath.

I would have been awake by the actual delivery time.
By my standards.

okay, Tuesday, I should be able to do this.

Already I did the dishwasher and the putting away of things.

Note to self: Need a bigger bin. Have needed a bigger bin for at least a year. Get on that.

Further note to self: It has been a year since employee left. The jobs list has not appreciably changed, much less shortened. Because it's hard to do things without employee, hence even the government agreeing I need employee.

Now if I could get the social worker to answer at all at all I could try changing this particular impasse.

... this is what cuts mean, invisible help and people even worse off than they were to start with. boo. it is not saving money when it drives everyone nuts. more nuts. including staff.
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Breakfast at Morrisons achieved.
I took a trolley full of glass to be recycled. Mum did the last few yards across the car park and the actual throwing away part, because I'm not keen on the noise but mum actually likes making things go crash smash.
So me and sibling did the ordering food parts and mum caught up.
Then we did shopping. Sibling followed us round this week. Showed interest.
I bought flowers for mum because she was saying she bought some for herself cause nobody buys her flowers, so I bought her sunbeam flowers. That's the little bunch with red and orange and yellow and lots of different shapes. She had to carry them cause flowers make me blinky sneezy but she likes them.
Sibling got paper and pens.
I got bread and cheesly and juice and cakes and chips and beans and kitchen cloths that I might not need but I couldn't remember what I do need and I was standing next to the kitchen cloths. Oh, and tissues, which are this time in a black and white box with glasses, bikes, top hats and mustaches all over the box. I like that they do fancy patterns boxes but some of them are odd.
I also got House & Garden magazine because it was in a triple pack this month so there's lots of house mag for your money. But I realise that if I don't like any of it then this does not actually work out at a saving. But I haven't yet tried all the sorts of homes magazines so maybe there's one that will be things I like.

Now I'm home again.


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