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I did a shopping! I did the *most* shopping!

Employee could finally get scheduled a daytime shopping, so I had to do All The Things, or at least all the things that are not at Sainsburys.

I got three new pairs of dancing slippers from Head in the Clouds.

I got a most excellent pirate hat at Beaujangles. ... it is too small, I think, which might make it only medium excellent, but it is for the pirate party at Redemption, and it is sufficiently excellent for that for £8.50. I bought a headband too and somehow will attach it to the hat to make it stay on. Or possibly will take it to chaos costuming and make sad face...

I did the donating at Oxfam so I got solar power and clean water and some foods for charity people.

I got new handbag on the market, one that is not held together by my keyrings, though I'm not quite sure of it yet and might get a different one instead. It seemed like the best at the time and it has the same zippers in the same places but ... well probably but I dislike change even when things have fallen apart twice now. It'll do to be going on with.

I got a new chain for my tardis key, though it is not as long as the old one. Technically I have some 'army dog tags' but it's quite the cheapest way to get a chain, I checked many places first.

I looked for a new coat but found that coats can be Very Expensive and don't tell you useful things like if they're warm and dry somehow even when very thin. And then the other shop wasn't where employee thought and then we went in the mall and the things were too much and many and I gave up on that bit.

Boots had vitamins and wipes for the first aid draw.

Waterstones did not have the rest of the Temeraire books. It had space on the shelf. Probably someone else has them.
Jarrolds has books in the basement but not Novik.
I shall order online.

Rainbow Wholefoods does have Cheesly :-) which is not awesome but has actual protein in pretend cheese form. Some of the others do not have any. They shouldn't call themselves cheese.
It only had two left though, so I'll have to go back sometime. If I still like these kinds. But still, achieved.

So I have shoes, a hat, a handbag, a chain, vitamins, and cheese.

That is a very plenty extra successful couple of hours.

It was also a whole bunch of traffic jam and annoyance.

But I win at shopping.

And now I have two or three hours of lying still before it is time to go dancing.

... I'm stubborn, so I am going, but I maybe might end up doing sitting down dancing.


Jul. 3rd, 2016 06:38 pm
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Good things: went to Morrisons, had a breakfast, did a shoppings, buyed a lot of things.
I found pyjamas with gold glitter stars on. I win.
... due to Morrisons only actually having pyjamas I have more than I especially need already, but, stars.

Less good: The £50 new shoes I bought? By the time I got home my right little toe thinks I needed the next size up. ... maybe if I do the laces differently?


I also bought new slippers but they were too small even though they said M.

But then we watched Fantastic Four, the Chris Evans one, with extra minutes. Most of those minutes were saying the same thing different ways, but they were still cool. Only one scene was saying the exact same thing twice in a row in different places, but really, you can believe Reed needs telling. Film remains fun though.

On balance a success.
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I do not like how I always overestimate how much I can do.
Also I suspect I have worn myself out already, and the weekend hasn't started yet.

But I got my hair done (it was not his most tidy day and the dye was stingy this time and then my face had like a black edge around it and also my ears and splodges on my neck. but it was all fixed by the time I left. just about) (and he used the hair dryer to get my clothes dry. I don't know how I got the back all wet but I very did.)

Then I went in to Norwich and put the books back to the library and explained that I am still a student. The computers at CCN and UEA both think my degree ended this year. If that meant I would get my degree now that would be nice, but as I have another year to go, not actually helpful. Library will fix it so I can get CCN library books out for the summer and tell the UEA the same thing. UEA will fix it on their own schedule.
My plan to avoid learning my results is working even though I decided it was a silly plan, since my results have been Awaiting Verification for a bunch of time now.

I went to the Television and Movie Store to do a big Doctor Who shop but I couldn't find my notebook of All Thing I Need To Buy. So I did a small shop instead. I have 11 on DVD and CD and Ace DVDs also.

Then I thought, vegan lunch!
First vegan pizza was... well when the lady asked me if everything was alright I tapped the thing, making a dull clunk, and said 'kind of needs a chisel'. Which is probably not the best way to say it. But I had been attempting to cut it and only launching bits of salad off the plate as the pizza fought back.
So they made me another one.
Then I could only eat two thirds of it.
Not my best lunch ever.

I bought the shoes, 3 pairs for £20, so now I have nice velvet slippers for dancings.

Also I found even more pretty shiny things and makeup. Two different places stock Stargazer and I had a bunch of things in hand and then thought, wait, do I have this stuff? And usually the answer is yes. Though possibly it could do with being swapped for newer stuff, I don't know, does powder makeup have a sell by?
But I have silver face paint now. I win.

Then to the book shop.
Science Fiction anthologies are pathetic at the moment. There was one with 20 stories and 3 women. Blah.

And then I caught the bus - just, I had to hurry - and now I'm home.

So, all I have left to do today is pack my new suitcase.

... after I have a sit down. A loooooooong sit down.
... ow.
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I have new shoes!
I have these shoes!

with a student discount, so clearly they are Not Expensive.
... no, it totally works that way.

I have been trying to resist shoes of glitter for like two months now, and the only result is me sitting here staring at the order page a lot. So. I really want these shoes.

Even though they're kind of ridiculous shoes.

The guy at the checkout kept telling me they were really good shoes, I'd chosen the best shoes, really great shoes I had there. Heh.

So my really good flamey shoes are now my second best shoes, and I have for this weekend Very Sparkly Shoes of Shiney Glitter.


... also, I went to college, and the teacher said my essay plan was good. My essay plan consisted of 'Eliot, Joyce, Bergson, something about Time'. This is not a plan. This is an extension waiting to happen. :eyeroll:


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