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we were so bad when we tried the newest dance at the start of class. so bad. it was hilarious.
the people we usually copy were not there and the teacher did not do the dance, so she could see how we did.
we did very little...

But an hour later we were back up to 55 seconds of correct dance, so that was big win. much learning.

my hip is doing something uncomfortable, orsort of over my hip, but my back is much better. so that's nice.

shopping mostly worked, but my apple trellis pastries was not there.
i think it is just as well
buying a packet of biscuits yesterday evening and eating them all by this evening is not behaviour to be rewarded.

but I have nice proteins and bread and vegetable soups and many nice meals for the week.
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I was unsure that dancing on top of the week I had would work out. So I just did a shoppings instead.

ASDA clothes are usually not nice textures. There was one black and red shirt there that looked promising but only had three quarter length sleeves. Sainsburys clothes have gone colors I don't quite want. So I looked at everything and bought only new slippers that promise Machine Washable and seem soft nice. ASDA had a nice lightshade though, so I bought one to swap out with the purple one on the hall. I think purple light with yellow walls isn't quite the thing any more.

Sainsburys had all my foods, so now I get to eat apple trellis pastries and decide what main course I'll want out of many options.


Feb. 16th, 2017 09:22 pm
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... I went to type this, the page jumped, I marked all my messages as read.
which is far from the worst thing that could have happened, but still. 83 pages, now all same.


I win
I went to dancing, and while not speedy and a bit wobbly, I danced the whole time
and then I did my shoppings.

I'm kind of headachey
and my hallway smells a bit not good from some of the new stuff

but I did all the thursday things, so yaays.
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I did a shopping! I did the *most* shopping!

Employee could finally get scheduled a daytime shopping, so I had to do All The Things, or at least all the things that are not at Sainsburys.

I got three new pairs of dancing slippers from Head in the Clouds.

I got a most excellent pirate hat at Beaujangles. ... it is too small, I think, which might make it only medium excellent, but it is for the pirate party at Redemption, and it is sufficiently excellent for that for £8.50. I bought a headband too and somehow will attach it to the hat to make it stay on. Or possibly will take it to chaos costuming and make sad face...

I did the donating at Oxfam so I got solar power and clean water and some foods for charity people.

I got new handbag on the market, one that is not held together by my keyrings, though I'm not quite sure of it yet and might get a different one instead. It seemed like the best at the time and it has the same zippers in the same places but ... well probably but I dislike change even when things have fallen apart twice now. It'll do to be going on with.

I got a new chain for my tardis key, though it is not as long as the old one. Technically I have some 'army dog tags' but it's quite the cheapest way to get a chain, I checked many places first.

I looked for a new coat but found that coats can be Very Expensive and don't tell you useful things like if they're warm and dry somehow even when very thin. And then the other shop wasn't where employee thought and then we went in the mall and the things were too much and many and I gave up on that bit.

Boots had vitamins and wipes for the first aid draw.

Waterstones did not have the rest of the Temeraire books. It had space on the shelf. Probably someone else has them.
Jarrolds has books in the basement but not Novik.
I shall order online.

Rainbow Wholefoods does have Cheesly :-) which is not awesome but has actual protein in pretend cheese form. Some of the others do not have any. They shouldn't call themselves cheese.
It only had two left though, so I'll have to go back sometime. If I still like these kinds. But still, achieved.

So I have shoes, a hat, a handbag, a chain, vitamins, and cheese.

That is a very plenty extra successful couple of hours.

It was also a whole bunch of traffic jam and annoyance.

But I win at shopping.

And now I have two or three hours of lying still before it is time to go dancing.

... I'm stubborn, so I am going, but I maybe might end up doing sitting down dancing.
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I went Outside! On my own! To the shop, because I have been craving chocolate biscuits for three days now and enough is enough.

... taking three days to go from 'want to shop' to 'actually left the house' might not appear impressive
i did it.

now I have bread rolls and quorns and chocolate brownie bites and biscuits and ribena and toothbrushes.
so i win.
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I like dancing even though I'm really not very good at it.
I didn't remember the new dance, and there's a bit on the middle where even if I do remember my feet don't do the things, but I have a lot of fun anyway.
Also my back no longer hurts, pretty much, and I can do dancing for the whole length of the lesson with no extra sitting downs.


Shopping was also excellent. ASDA had twenty four juices again so now I have Many and shopping there is optional for ages. Sainsburys had the nice foods as usual, except for my breakfast teacakes, those were empty so I got a dofferent sort that might not be correct. Shall see.


I am in a plenty good mood.
Meditating and dancing seems to work pretty good.

Also I did a ton of laundry today and it mostly worked as intended. One set of drying did not in fact dry; I think it needs to cool down before the sensor knows what it's meant to do. But that set is in the dryer again now so with any luck it should work.

I don't think the laundry smells the same though, even though we made the packets match quite carefully. I dislike when things just get changes and there's no options about it.

I did laundry all afternoon while I also slept, so I woke up and changed the settings or took stuff out and put stuff in and then went back to sleep. Efficient ;-)

Pretty good day.


Jan. 19th, 2017 10:35 pm
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I went to dancing and it was fun. I know more dances than I think, but not as well as I'd like.

I got all wore out though. All the way up to All Done without actually being done. It was weird feeling tearful and cheerful at the same time.

I finished the shopping though so that worked out. And then I made large food, because I forgot to eat today except biscuit, which probably explains a lot.

I am sooooooo tired. I was just on autopilot to finish eating.

Next I should sleep. But that involves getting out of this chair to go to bed...
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Sunday shopping worked for the first time in aaaaages
but brother did not want to watch a movie, so I feel like it only half worked.

I don't need many foods from there if I'm not eating brownie bites and I have regular shopping elsewhere.
amaybe we need a different sunday routine.

but I like when I can feed people, even if all the cooking is done by the store
and it's not exactly awesome eats.

Dancing :-)

Jan. 5th, 2017 10:05 pm
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Today I was going to do double dancing but my back hurt last week so this week didn't seem like a time to double my exercise.
But I did one hour of dancing lessons and it was fun. We started a new dance, and it involves quite a lot of traveling around the floor, which always leads to laughing and bumping and oops. But it stayed fun oops, so, that was fun.

Then it was shopping time. Asda had all of three Five Alive. I guess I bought all the juice that time I got twenty four. It would be nice if their computer could learn I want nine to twelve every week, but I guess it can't if there are not nine to twelve to buy every week, and I keep pouncing on twenty four. So.

Sainsburys had my apple thing though, and bread and quorns and tea for mum, and also a silver top for half price that will do nicely for the convention next month. Also there's another set of china that I like the look of. It's like I've had for years only probably nicer. But now I am home I remembered I was planning to get two different colors this time, and this would be two of blue. But it is nice. And it has nice pasta bowls too, interesting shapes. I shall think on it.

Now I am tired.

But I have nice foods for eating. I win.
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I especially win because the actually christmas-y parts of shopping I already had. except mum said to buy backup chips because the potato might not work.

We went to Tesco and ASDA and Sainsburys.

Tesco had some good shirts and some fluffy trousers for cheap. I got the shirt in blue but already am thinking I should have had red or black or both as well. Maybe go back later. Half my wardrobe is me buying all the color options of a thing.

ASDA had twenty four of five alive! Actually they had more extra, they had five alive on top of the shelves and the staff guy got them down. I bought twenty four and still left several for other shoppers. Excellent shopping. Means I probably don't have to go to ASDA next week.

Sainsburys have my apple thing and have been told I shop in daytime next week not evening. My apple thing is an order so I figured I should say. I also remembered to actually look at my list and so have bought the thing I came home three weeks running and thought doh because I'd forgot it. Yaay food. And I got batteries, because of vague feeling that christmas batteries always run out, even though I don't currently buy things that need them. But I think I swapped batteries on the zappers and there's maybe not many around? But they were buy one get one, so now I have 16 batteries. I suspect that is sufficient for a while.

and now we are home, half an hour early, after starting quarter of an hour late.

next week is daytime shopping and I shall think of many places to go so I can use up all the time. I can go to places that are not late night opening supermarkets. it shall be grand.
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It was the last dance class of the year so we did dressing up and trying lots of old dances. Teacher reckoned I wouldn't know them, because been away long and long. But I knew seven dances :-)
... not well enough to figure where my feet go. or where I should be moving around the floor to, so I did mostly sitting down dancing, but still, I have studied Many, and would only need to polish the memory up a bit.

I wore long gloves with the shinies down the side, and a waist scarf with jangly coins. I do not have xmas costume. Nut others were a nun or... well, one person brought a whole bag and changed between dances, over the top of a batgirl with a cape, so there was not really an overarching theme.

Teacher gave us all cards and presents :-)
I shall find out what present on present opening day.
but, present :-)

Asda was adequate, Sainsbury's had my foods, and I found the paper tablecloth I need for xmas, with gold stars.

Pretty good day.
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Dancing again today. I couldn't quite concentrate. Also sometimes felt a bit like on remote control. Boo. I usually like dancing. But I didn't crunch anyone today so I still winning.

I was thinking what dance Mick Rory might get into.

Maybe morris? Big blokes, beer, and big sticks. Plus I found some on youtube calling itself a fire dance, but since they were just wearing black and orange tatter coats rather than actually on fire he may find that disappoint.

ASDA had only 3/12 the five alive I wanted, Sainsburys hadn't got my apple pastry though they did apologise plenty good, and they don't sell some of the first aid stuff I was look for neither. Also I forgot my penguin bag because driver was ten minute early so I didn't get all the freezer things neither. not a very successful.

but i'm home safe so that's okay.
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dancing was nice
we have learned the whole of the new dance and are now trying to be good at it
which takes a bunch of work.

shopping worked. five alive worked. apple pastry worked. plenty of pasta. And Sainsburys sell a sparkly loo seat, so hopefully this third one will go on and not be broken. loo seats are ridiculous.

I was so tired this morning I had to stop before the end of the fic, when they'd done the Daring Adventure and the Horrible Misunderstanding and they were ready for the Happily Ever After. So I have that to look forwards to.

but right now I get to eat apple trellis :-)
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I remembered the Twist dance I learned last time I went to dancing lessons. And that was many years ago. I danced it like everyone else today.

Winning :-)

I am slightly more of a muddle about the dance we are currently learning, because there's bits where you end up facing backwards and can't follow the same people. But I didn't crunch anyone so that works out.

Thursday routine takes 45 minutes longer when we have to do the shopping backwards and use the back roads :-(

But my juice was there and my apple things were there and I have many foods now, including everything for christmas if I don't eat it first. That's not very impressive, for christmas I cook quorn chunks and steamfresh vegetable bags, and maybe micro chips if mum doesn't want to do roast potato. But she has said she will do the potato and gravy this year so my half is ready.

I don't like the coats on sale at the moment. They happen in too short, and too small, and far too many are too dark. They are not warm and waterproof at once. Most of them are for looking fashionable on the way to the car. What if you want something to function correctly? And why do only worker coats in the yellow have any reflective stripes? Everyone needs to be visible at night, it seems like they could incorporate reflective bits more widely and creatively.

I took a couple pictures of DVD sets I wouldn't mind getting for christmas too so I can tell mum those next time she asks. We're difficult.

I like Thursdays :-)
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It was Dancing again :-)
Dancing on the opposite side of the room makes everything awkward again. Also I kept finding uppy downy bits and the floor isn't supposed to do that.

While I was dancing the security guy came in and said he'd found an exhaust and someone's exhaust had fallen off. Which turned out to be Employee's. Which, you know, was awkward.
It was only the bit at the back and apparently it works fine without that, as evidenced by our arriving home with all the shopping as per usual.
But that was not a good day for Employee.

I have as much Five Alive juice as I wanted :-)
Also I have nice apple trellis pastries like I wanted :-)
And ordered same again for next week so I can has next week too :-)

Quorn or Sainsburys have changed what is available though, so I do not have what I was planning to eat. If they've stopped making what I was planning to eat I shall be Very Annoyed. Again.

But today was a pretty okay day, unless you are Employee, who now has to fix the busted stuff.
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I thought it was going to be Board Games Night, but when I got there they had decided to do board games at the previous meeting, which they had not told me existed at all, and tonight was Watch Ghostbusters. The old one with guys in. And it was going to cost a money.
So I didn't stay to do that.
It was annoying though, because they said they must not have my contact details, but they did because they texted me a month ago about the meeting then. So they just... hadn't sent a text. And had changed the plan. Without saying so. Which happens, and if they'd just said oops I wouldn't be annoyed much, but they didn't, so I have grumbly instead.
If they'd said in advance it was Watch A DVD then I'd have gone to dancing instead. Dancing is more interesting and reliable.

So then we did long shopping instead. ASDA had a nice duvet cover that will match my walls when I get the wallpaper done. Sainsburys didn't have stuff I wanted so much but it did let me order some for next week.

So now I'm done, and grumbly, but I have foods to eat so that'll be okay.
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There is an alternate universe where I just got my brains splat by a car
cause I went out and dropped my shopping trolley
bent over to catch it
straightened up
and saw the car glide past right in front of me.

I went to the shops because I ran out of loo roll
which can't really wait until tomorrow night.
Should have got it yesterday.

shopping successful
but my opinion of my safety Outside on my own is mostly confirmed
though obviously I am not ghost posting so I'm basically okay.
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Today I went shopping and bought the things I went out for

First I went to the Library to get the Which Report and copied down the Best Buys in my price range
then I went to the shop and found out which ones they could sell me
and then I chose the one that has the brand Which says is Most Reliable.

This seems like a sensible method
even if it don't work out perfect
I have proceeded correctly.

Read more... )

I am not a fan of New though
but this one is really supposed to be Improved
so xfingers
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I did Bollywood Sparkles dancing and did not have to have a sit down except when it was sitting down time

Then we did ASDA shoppings and the Five Alive was in stock, so I have twelve as intended
And Sainsburys shoppings worked too, because the food I ordered was indeed there, so I have apple thing to eat again :-D
Plus I maybe found a trousers. Trousers are difficult so I bought them but I'm not sure. They say Short because Regular went on the floor but I don't know if Short will be too short. I can take them back later if they don't work. But they're grey on grey pinstripe in an acceptable texture and autumn/winter weight, so they're pretty promising so far.

Pretty good day.
And plans for next week were made also :-)
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Or a bit difficult, anyway. Today my back was hurting when I did one specific sort of twist move. It worked okay, just, not optimal.
And the shuffle jumps make me nauseous and dizzy, which is unhelpful, and then I have to have a sit down, and today wasn't the usual place so there was only one chair, and my employee had to keep getting out the chair so I could sit down until I felt more well.
But I still like dancing. When it works. Which is tricky.

They also did a stick dance today, which looks like more fun because going round in circles with sticks going CLACK. But that dance lesson is on Wednesday so I'd have to decide between that and talking about science fiction, and generally I choose talking about science fiction over anything, so.

ASDA click and collect only kinda worked, because even with a week's notice they only had 8 of my chosen juice, and one Ribena but by the time we got that home the lid was missing so it won't pour right or reseal. The silver seal held though so no sploosh. I think it got squashed when we stopped for the car stopping for the cat. That was a bit abrupt.

Sainsburys didn't have my chosen food but explained its because it's a one day food so they reduce the price at 5pm so they'll never have it by 9pm. But I can order one for next week. So I did that. That'll be good, hopefully, if I chose the right thing. And then that will work every week if it works at all. Improvement. The pasta twists however just didn't be there. *sigh* I have four left but I've been eating one every day so four is not optimal.

I took the books back to the library book drop. Library was closed but that'll still count okay. I didn't ever read them, just failed at Go To Library a lot.

I got the information I needed to set up another thing (Thursday afternoons maybe work)
And tried to set up a shoppings in next week, which only maybe might work, but might is better than nothing. I need to go to the shops and stare at washer dryers. Soon. They're tricky.

That's six tasks achieved since six pm. Including an hour of dancing. And talking to people in shops.

Guess I'm winning.
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got a grand total of four hours sleep. starting at about 0900.

went to dancing anyways.
felt nausea and got dizzy in the spinny parts and had to have a sit down a bunch.

went to shoppings.
juice shop no has my juice, apple lattice shop no has my apple pastries.

now I am home.

so on the plus side nothing big bad happened, but on the minus side the good things did not work.

also if I feel like this tomorrow it is not much point trying to have an Expedition. So we get to find out in the morning if any sleep has been achieved or if I still feel ill. and I can cancel if I feel unwell. but I don't want to. because I want to feel well enough to be excited about going to the museum like I planned for months.


but now I'm home, so that part is working fiiiiiine.
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went to dancings
did a shoppings
ASDA click and collect drive through functioned correctly, but Sainsburys shopping at this time of night is not so much useful, things have been ate that I wanted.

feeling kind of flat. It's a better flat than there was before dancing and shopping was achieved, but still, flat. I think its because if this routine keeps up I have fixed things that I know how to fix, but life is still sort of ... needing fixing. somehow. if I can think of a way.

like, dancing is nice, but it's not world changing or anything.
and I still need to figure out What To Do Next For The Rest Of My Life.
which is a lot of figuring.

still, routine is very nearly established as planned.

and next week's plan for an Expedition to the British Museum is in place too.

so this week achieved and next week looking good.


Sep. 15th, 2016 09:43 pm
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I went dancing again and didn't crash into anyone and only mildly hurt myself!
... okay, so, it was not optimal today.
The teacher decided the hall was Far Too Hot, and she indeed had a point, but that meant trying to teach us outside. Nice smooth dancing floor is MUCH better than trying to dance on two different textures of asphalt and concrete. it kept trying to grab my feet, and one time I found a twig with my foot, and it was Not Good. I only a little hurt my knee but I am displeased at the conditions that led to it. Also it got dark and it's stupid trying to dance in the dark when you're trying to see the teacher and the floor isn't smooth.
So I got grumpy, and then I was grumpy I was grumpy, because dancing isn't supposed to make me grumpy, so then there was a grumpiness spiral.
But it wore off on the way home, so now I'm feeling :-) again.

Also I might at some point learn this dance? It's quite difficult being new when the dance isn't, but I might at least get the hands part.

Then we went to ASDA for my juice, but it turns out that someone else bought it. The guy we asked was chatty and informative about why there was not juice. His beep machine said that it only sells one or two a day usually, but then someone bought a whole case today. Usually that's me. So maybe there's someone else annoyed that I keep buying their juice?
I think I shall try to Click and Collect it next week. If we're going a regular schedule I can try that.

But I found a Captain Marvel figure in the toys section :-) Actually my employee found there was a girl looking one while I was still checking the shelves higher up for any female character at all at all. None except Captain Marvel, but three of her, so I have one now.

Sainsburys was better, though they didn't have my apple lattice pastries either. Which is better for my waistline, but not smile making. They did have excellent new shirts so I have a shirt of many colors for autumn now. I wanted trousers, because it will soon not be summer trouser weather, but did not find any today. I did find both seasons of The Flash that I wanted, season 2 of the current one and the set of the 90s one. So I have many things to watch.

And I can do all this again next week. Freedom is grand.
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I bought a new computer :-)

It is probably not a best computer. I don't know. I couldn't figure out which things are what.
But it's a computer that the computer shop I've always gone to sells and says they can explain to me on Saturday mornings if I get stuck. Which I feel is therefore a good enough computer.

It is supposed to be silent like phones, and it shall read my books and play my audios, though it needed an extra plug in bit to store all my audios because they are very many.

I think it has the same size storage as my old college laptop, but that is now very small.

It is Windows 10, which I shall find out if that is acceptable. I think there's privacy settings that need poking?

And it is in an acceptable price range, so even if I end up not liking it, that will be okay.

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We had a food, but mum can't eat anything from the cafe any more so that's less fun.

We did a shoppings, and I think I remembered the things I wanted.

And we went home and watched Avengers Assemble.

... I'm not really feeling it any more. I mean, I like the characters, and there's some great whoosh boom once they're actually fighting the bad guys, but the parts where they're fighting each other? Ugh. So tired of that. They keep doing that. Over and over and over. So many films, so many episodes, so many hero on hero fights. Writers need to be better than that.

... yeah, that's honestly all I have to say about Avengers any more. Let them fight bad guys and I might get back on board.

But aside from that, yaay Sunday.


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