Jul. 19th, 2017 11:46 pm
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Went to science fiction group
(first and third wednesdays every month until xmas)
had conversation, including section on Doctor Who, and me mini reviewing memorable bits of Analog and Asimov's.

hopefully i remain interesting and they don't just listen because it's difficult to inconspicuously quit a goipr of which you are the last members.

am cranky and wound up by all the background noise and the way the breeze necessarily involved the smokers balcony. but is good to talk.
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Norwich Science Fiction Group at the Ribs of Beef again
there still needs to be more group in our group, but the conversation with the one guy that was there was plenty entertaining.

Also the pub has redecorated and I want their rainbow cushion.
... not the actual pub one, because people, but.

Meetings are first and third wednesday of the month, so next is in two weeks.
... so I shall get on with reading and watching and listening stuff to talk about then...
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Whoosh! Booms! Yaays!
... sad bit ...
... in the silence my brother pipes up "part three?"

I know what he meant, he's asking if it'll stay sad bit as much as he's asking if there's another movie later, but it did break the mood a little.

We went today because it was a subtitled showing where we could get the bus both there and back. This is the first showing that met all three conditions. So it being a hot and busy weekend wasn't going to stop us.

I was more anxious than I like though. So many humans.

Bits we liked: Groot. Also Groot. And that bit with Groot.
Really relatable content for life with neurodiverse family.
Funny bits. Many. Although many are made of *facepalm*, and some are laughing at violent yet stylish death, so.
Rocket and all his kabooms. He sneaky.
Drax and his direct approach.

Gamora and Nebula had both moments of awesome and an emotional arc.

But the whole thing was very Daddy Issues The Movie. More came down to Quill this time. But there were a lot of threads of that going on.

It managed to make me feel sad about someone I would not have expected. And like people for being basically a holes.

I liked the ending of the first one better, but this one was pretty good.

After that it was only 2pm so even on Sunday there was still time to do things. And we needed to eat. So I sad boring but reliable food, Sainsburys café. Which was a bit of a walk but they've made it nicer and easier the way we went, so that worked out. And they had food we can eat and we basically did Sunday shopping. But I only got apple pastries to take home, because I shop every week and have things. Except now I'm home I realise bread could also have been useful... Ah well.

Then the bus home and then it was now.

Tired but that was a successful outing.
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went to the pub
one human there
did talking for two and a quarter hours
but the background music defeated me slightly early.
also two weeks of reading and viewing does not seem to translate to two and a half hours talking if just one person there.

need to get more fans to our sf group.

but talking is nice.
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I went to the Norwich Science Fiction Group
(first and third wednesdays in the basement at the Ribs of Beef)
and there was excellent talkings

three whole humans that were not me!
many topics!
never actually getting on to politics, phew!

Also I bought biscuits and shared them, so I ate only small numbers of biscuits at reasonable intervals.
... I have ate equal numbers of biscuits since I got home and opened the second packet, but, it was a good plan up to then.

I like it when there is talkings.

And there is every chance of further talkings in future weeks.



Mar. 15th, 2017 11:25 pm
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Our science fiction group needs more group in it
but I did have a successful 2.5 hour conversation with the one guy who does turn up
so that works.
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We kind of need more group in our group, it was just me and the organiser again.
But it was good talkings that bounced along for hours
so win.

... anyone who happens to be in the Norwich area
Ribs of Beef pub
first and third wednesdays of every month until xmas party season.

but that was nice social
on top of my already extremely social week.

NSFG again

Feb. 1st, 2017 11:28 pm
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science fiction group was once again one other person
and we ended up talking all the topics, not just f&sf, but politics religion sexuality gender. and only sometimes about captain america or the doctor.
so that was a lot of talk.
also it was upstairs in the noisy and I didn't like it much there.
but I had my lemonade and 2.5 hours conversation per fortnight, so that works out.
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I went to the buddhist centre and did a meditate.
I am not very good at sitting still. And their cushions are the special sort that are harder than the floor. And he said at the start that sitting like I chose was only for very flexible people, and I said it's how I always sit at home, because it is, but then I couldn't sit still and felt like I'd been foolish. But I know I couldn't sit still on the chairs or kneeling neither, so, *shrugs*
I ended up a bit grumpy but I started out anxious so technically that's an improvement.

I liked it well enough to go again, but not to say that goes in the routine.

Also it is less fun going at night, because then all the after dark people are around, and you have to figure out which person sitting on the ground in the cold is a danger, or is in danger, or is about to throw up, or you have to cross the road to avoid the probable puke. Daytimes are a bit simpler. So I still hope we can sort out to go in the daytimes.

It took three hours to do a one hour meditate, because of getting there and back. We got there fifteen minutes early with no traffic no delays easy parking in expected place. So we can probably trim that a bit, but not all fifteen minutes.

This is why I wanted to live in Norwich, all the things are there and take two hours of transport to wrap around anything.
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the talking is back
and will be first and third wednesdays at the ribs of beef norwich
until next year's xmas break.

we talked many things
and I was enthusiastic about The Librarians
and listened to many recs for classics of SF.

then on the way home we stopped at Tesco, which opens until midnight
and now I have enough drinks until regular shopping time, and also chocolate biscuits.
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celebrate looks a lot like Sunday except we also went to the computer shop
where the birthday guy didn't actually want the sort of computer we thought would be good, he wanted the one that had a bigger screen and barely enough battery life to watch one movies.
so no computer was bought.

but we did going out and I said Happy Birthday
and then I went home before they did, because it is Very Wet out there
and also tonight is a whole extra set of things and I want to not be worn out by then.

also also later he is going to watch Doctor Strange, which I don't think I want to.
but we got two new dvds also
and that will be a pretty good celebrate.
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Today was the last NSFG of the year.
And it had a bit in the middle where it turned into a discussion of Trump and Brexit and immigration and how the best way to reform something is to leave and ... I don't know, make them miss us? I did not engage. Because political discussion with drunk people is seldom productive.

But we also talked science fiction and I said Arrival was very good (which it was)
and we discussed Blakes 7
and... lots of random stuff. Lots.

There will now be no more talking to them until maybe third week of January or first week of Feb.
... I need more opportunities for talking out loud.
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Science fiction group was two whole other people to talk to :-)
Also upstairs in the warm but loud section, because people were watching football in the usually cold quiet.

I should do more stuff so I have more varied conversation.
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I win at Be Social.
Went to the pub. Four whole people were there that I wasn't employing. We talked.
actual out loud conversation with humans. winning.

the more of my regular life I'm getting back in place the more I remember I wasn't actually content with what I had when it was working
but that's a whole separate problem.

talked about SF.
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Went and talked again. Some of it even on topic. Winning.
Also played Munchkin for like half an hour. Because when I asked driver if we have one hour she did not understand that is what I was asking. I shall be more clear next time.

The Ribs is quite nice and I brought as many warm things as needed so the basement on the river was nice to sit in.
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went to SF group, did a talking
pretty successful

there has been many weeks it is just the one other person lately
maybe needing to find more people?

but as long as I keep watching and reading new things then I'll have new things to say every couple of weeks, so that should work out...
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I get to go to NSFG regularly now. Is good.
I had not much knowledge of the topic tonight and only one other person turned up, so we talked same usual things and even I have noticed I mostly complain same things all the time, but I'm sure that's okay. Also there was a board game. I did not win, but it's more interesting than staring at the walls in here, which is the baseline standard.

Next group 3rd Wednesday Ribs of Beef pub Norwich.
Topic something to do with audios and podcasts and suchlike.
If I can talk about Big Finish all evening I can actually topic.


Jul. 20th, 2016 11:44 pm
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Norwich Science Fiction Group happened once more
and this time there were three whole people who wanted to talk about science fiction.

I am now in the phase of the evening where everything comes back in my head to the soundtrack of my epic social anxiety. It's boring. It's kind of running as a background process right now.

It is SUPER WARMS around here. My house is super warms. It was the correct temperature in the basement of the pub, because they're on the water with a fridge behind it. Most of the year I have to wear jumpers and a coat, but today, correct temperature while wearing lightest outfit. That is super warm, and it is not wearing off as fast as would be nice. Plus I am as per usual having to balance outdoor air making probably allergy discomfort with indoor air being broiled. But tomorrow it is supposed to get properly cool again overnight, so I look forward to that.
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Success! New transport arrangements functioned correctly and I went to the science fiction talking :-)
... and so did one whole other human, so that was nice.
... probably in other weeks the group will have more people. probably.

I talked out loud with another human
I win.
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With a bit of help from mum to get me launched, I win at norwich science fiction group.
Two and a half hours of talking with all of two people.
Where I said the same usual complains in the same usual way, mostly, but, it's still social.

I must watch and read and listen more things so I can have proper conversations about them.

We did talk Doctor Who and what we would do if we were the boss
to which my usual answer is to make the Doctor a woman, so it's sort of a short answer really.
Said some other plot bunnies too.

With any luck at all it will be easier to go to future weeks.
I will try to go anyways.

It's just such a lot of fuss just to have roughly the same conversations again.

I should think of a much better conversation then.

But today I win for I managed to go Outside and on the Bus and to the Pub and talk to Humans.
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went to the social group
then went to the science fiction group

there was another bunch of people in our basement so we ended up upstairs, but that is warmer, just with background music and people noise. Much less people noise than there was for the first hour in the basement though. The seats were actually full. Nobody could hear. Noisy.

It was theoretical topic Doctor Who and we talked some about recent episodes. Or, rather, mostly complained. I don't want to be That Fan but I didn't start it.

That was some good talking.

Also I went to the library and reserved the next volume in A Song of Ice and Fire, and gave away the first 3. Well, four, but labelled 3. ... I want to know what happens next, I don't want to keep them.

I got 3 books out but now I can't remember which 3. They'll probably be interesting. And if they're not, they go back quicker.

I still have bunches of reading in this other fantasy epic series I'm getting through. I'm a bit bored of how the same girl gets kidnapped in every book. They get her back at the end, but then she gets gone again. It's tedious.

Today was pretty good going places though
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Went to both the AS women's social group and the science fiction group.
In between sat around and read books.

I now have Captain Marvel with a 3 on the edge. I have also Captain Marvel with a 1 on it. But I don't even know if they're the same 3 and 1. I have gaps but I don't know how many. Shall find out.

Waterstones has all the graphic novels in cupboards behind teh checkouts now. Probably because of the thing where what their computer thought they owned and what the shelf had on it so seldom matched. Shelves plenty empty looking, but many things in teh cupboard. Difficult to browse though. Probably they would get them out to browse if asked? Seemed rude to ask though, much plenty heavy.

I also bought Ancillary Mercy and a Best Of anthology, plus a Doctor Who book by Una who I met at Redemption. They were on a buy one get one half price offer and apparently I'm more likely to buy books if the author was nice at a convention.

I tried to get the next Game of Thrones book at the library but I think I've managed to get the middle one of three that I haven't read. There weren't as many on the shelf as the computer said and also I didn't really know what I was looking for. So, shall need to try that again.

Science Fiction Group had plural people at it, though I remain the youngest and the only woman. There was much talkings. Topic was Time Travel, for Back to the Future day, but as per usual actual conversation wandered all over the place.

Now my head is very full and noisy.

Also I forgot the correct route to get a sandwich on the way to the pub so I need foods now that are not lemonade or crisps.

Successful social interaction.

Kind of want to find social interaction that's more like Redemption only more frequent than once every two years.
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Today was the NSFG summer picnic, behind the pub, so it turned into the regular NSFG in the pub at the usual time.

I took a bunch of stuff to give away if people wanted it but only one book was wanted. The thing with trying to share with people who like same things is they already have same things. Is cool though. I'll just send them to the charity shop after all.

I forgot the 'bring food' part of the picnic. Except for two bags of hula hoops and a fortune cookie. :eyeroll: But the other two brought many plenty foods. Just nothing I can actually eat? So I had a nice bit of bread and a blueberry. Just the one. The texture is offputting and I don't recall the taste because unusual. I am really embarrassingly not good at new foods. *sigh*

I did much talking. MUCH talking. Talked comics and movies and TV and books and history books and the things I found out about anglo saxons and we discussed how to add dragons. Many different sorts of dragons could be added.

It was more difficult than usual though because more busy. The picnic place was... not best. There were many people and they were drinking alcohols and doing cartwheels and being unpredictable. A homeless person asked for some of our picnic, which was duly shared, along with the much more useful telling them where there's free meals and shelter, which I did not know but the Norwich locals did. Another person on a bicycle randomly stopped to talk to us. This is not my preferred mode of interaction. And then in the pub there were MANY humans, which is good for teh pub, but they go through the middle of the room and sit outside and keep the doors open and make much noises, which are hard to hear through. And then one drunk guy in a green shirt - VERY drunk, incoherently drunk - invited himself into our conversation repeatedly. And then one of the NSFG decided to be really very blunt and told him to F off. Which worked poorly because he got rude. But then the landlord came and asked if he was a problem? But he apologised so the guys were too polite and said not a problem. I think he was a problem. But then it was ten minutes to taxi so I went and waited instead of sitting with the group for the last ten minutes. Well, I say group, only two people, but that's two more than I've had a conversation with since last month.

Taxi was calm and quiet and helpful this time. Rather a relief.

So now I am home and it is 2322 and the picnic started at 1800 and that's quite a lot of hours of social.

I am now fine for at least another two weeks. Possibly another month. Very possibly.

Also today I went to the library and put books back and got some out. I didn't make much detailed notes from the second volume of the nice history books I had, but I can do that another time if I want. I was more interested in anglo saxon stuff so I have three books about that out now.

Then I went to Waterstones and finally picked up the last Fraction Hawkeye volume :-)
I'm not reading it tonight because huge tired, but, that's pretty cool.

I'm just really full up of noise and the thing where there were many humans and mostly alcohol and noise and did I mention noise?

Nice flat that is mine, I like much better right now.
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I walked in the parade. Read more... )

Much rainbows, many humans. :-)
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Today had some serious drawbacks.

So, it was AS women's social group, and I decided to go. Got up, got dressed, went and caught the bus, no problems.

Read more... )

SF group at the pub was three blokes. We talked. I think I annoyed one guy at least as much as he annoyed me, and there were many things I tried not to say. Read more... )

So then it was 10.30pm and the taxi arrived and I thought yaay, escape now!

... the taxi driver asked what I'd been doing, I mentioned SF club, he asked if I was into space science and started rattling off a list of space exploration we've been doing lately. Yaay! Conversation about shiny things! I mentioned Pluto and all seemed well.

He followed up by saying that of course they'll be disclosing the presence of alien life in the next ten years.

And then he mentioned Ancient Aliens and things went rapidly downhill.

The problem is not his theories. Though I haven't followed that shit since the 90s and I'm still better informed than him. The problem isn't even that he didn't seem to be doing a joy of sharing thing, since he seldom acknowledged when I added a detail, and wasn't keen on me being able to answer his direct questions since he would then repeat back to me what I said only more emphatically. The problem was he talks with his hands.

Both hands.

While doing 50 in a 40 zone. And then again on the motorway.

Now call me strange, but I feel the driver should hold the fucking wheel on occasion, and indeed further feel that those occasions should be all times the vehicle is in motion.

He on the other hand felt that it was substantially more important to illustrate the angle of the secret stairs in the Mayan pyramids that lead to the stone sarcophagus that shows a dude in a space suit, doing more than the speed limit in a built up area, or to illustrate the exact principles of warp drive and what it does to spacetime, while doing 70 on the A47.

I was sitting there with all my fingers crossed praying not to die an ironic death. I only wrote for Fortean Times that one time. My X-Files phase, while devout at the time, is long over. And if I crashed FT wouldn't even know it was one for the Strange Deaths files, unless someone could report the conversation.

So while I understand the joy of finding an audience and could in other circumstances have a happy conversation about this stuff - and possibly lend him some of my reference library because dude really needed to polish some of those topics, and seriously, the pyramids thing isn't that hard, no you don't need to be in space to align buildings correctly especially when there's so many fucking stars you could line any three points up with something in the sky, and really finding it surprising that ancient people knew shit is not fortean but simply racist - in other circumstances I could have a fruitful discussion on this stuff, but not while he's driving.

After the gestures for emphasis over the whole 'all religion is sky dudes' thing, where mentioning that Buddha was pretty much just a dude did not go down well, I decided contradicting the driver was clearly not of the good.

So then we arrived at my house pretty rapidly. And I think my shoulders are still up around my ears.

Wow do I prefer the time I got a taxi driver who talked Doctor Who actors he'd picked up. Or even the silent ones. Silence is fine.

I've been trying to figure out if I should tell the taxi company? Not about the aliens, dude wants to believe, but the speeding and the hands.

Not tonight though, tonight I'm going to hide under a blanket until my eyes stop doing OO


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