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with a very fast engagement, Wally's mom, and a bit of an oops.

also the point where I'm pretty sure me knowing the ending means I'm not getting the same experience of watching this. so spoilers for later episodes below.

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Why is Barry having a big argument about killing Grodd
and nobody is mentioning
Al Rothstein, Eddie Slick and Griffin Grey.

Were there others? I honestly can't remember right now.

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I am also bored by mind control, so that's a blah.

But Grodd stories, especially one where the first half had Barry win by doing a Reverse Flash, are about how they're both shaped by how they were raised, and what that man Grodd calls father gave them. So there's three of Wells in this story, the two live bodies and the influence of the murderer. Which is cool. Barry deciding whether or not to kill is absolutely a story to explore with this kind of comparison.

But it really needs to remember he already did.
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Gorilla City, Grodd, and at least three versions of Harry.

I hate it when the characters are stupid. It gets boring.

... that's actually like 90% of my reaction to this one.

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I was just thinking an aspect of why I get interested in Reverse Flash:
because of paradox and going backwards, he has a whole story telling him who to be. And you can write him as striving to have an individual identity in the face of that imposed story. And that's usually a woman's arc, like struggling to break free of a spy training facility or whatever, the story tells her to be evil and powerful and she just wants room to exist.
That's not the main supported story that Reverse Flash is trying to tell
but I just realised where it fits in my pattern of interests.

He got told who he would grow up to be, and he'll break the universe if he doesn't become that.
Like it or not.

Of course Flash is told who he's going to be, but he keeps phrasing it in terms of future events to happen or not, not straight up identity.

Reverse Flash had his identity defined by his relationship to a guy. Hate hate relationship, at the simplest reading, but still. Usually that happens to characters getting called Lady Whatever because they're standing next to Lord Whatever.

And then to empower Barry - who he hates - Thawne sets aside his names, personal and family, and again lives another man's story. And yeah, saving Barry's destiny is the only way to save his own life, he props Barry up so he can use him, but. It's the story of someone setting aside their own name and career to support someone else, who is going to be seen as greater than them.

When Eobard got his wish in Doomworld he was still running a lab, but as himself, getting awards and recognition in his own name. That's his wish, but he can't have it, because Flash.

Of course all of this is way murdery. He loses his own life because he did a murder. He gets to live in a fancy house and all that rich stuff, this isn't a story of his suffering.

I'm just identifying the trope hooks that make his half of the story more compelling to me.

If you want to tell it that way, there's some very familiar elements.
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the one with the disintegration guy

I keep finding myself agreeing with Julian where the story clearly doesn't.
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Why on earth would the tv go with Gypsy as a code name, when it's rude and the character has nothing in common with the DC comics hero of that name?

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Lots of interesting bits
but this season has not grabbed me.
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moving in to their new place and actually talking to each other
... also some jewel thief had a shiny gun? and no personality.
... also also there was a STAR labs museum.

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I think I'm liking neither the mental health nor the time travel stuff, because of how they deal with it and talk about it, and that leaves very little to potentially like.

Ah well. Onwards anyways.
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Have I mentioned how much I hate stories where the only reason people do things is mind control?
Because it keeps being relevant that the only reason people do things is mind control.

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Um, this show appears to annoy me?

It's the mental health stuff, it can't really come back from that, it's a super bad model and does nothing good even for the narrative let alone the representation.

I keep rewriting it in my head like what I would do if I inherited STAR labs from my supervillain husband. Which obviously the tv is not going to be about.

But the All Star Squadron is a name they could put to work.

... ideas, I has them. no complains, unless in form of my own fiction...
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So, have now seen the start of the Invasion.
I'd like to say it makes more sense now, but they seem to have chopped it into three different types of story, of stages, or something. It's a mind boggling jam packed rush even from the start.

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They packed so much in the only bit I managed to properly care about was the Wally story. I don't get why Iris is on team lie to him though, you'd think someone on this show would learn. Well, Cisco has, but still. Ugh.

Yaay Kid Flash, and please to be telling him reasonable reasons, like he needs training and experience that are not dreams.

The appearance of the newspaper though... if they can even check that, what has happened to their Gideon, how much future knowledge is in there, and what reason other than temporal can of worms do they have to not use it for research? Even focused so it won't tell them tomorrow, what is it they're ignoring? More than just a page.

The change was good.

But it still mentions Reverse Flash, and I want to see if/when *that* changes.

Like, Reverse Flash was obsessed with that page for a reason. Top of my list of theories? It's his own personal future, a headline he hasn't participated in yet, so keeping that on track means he has a tomorrow.

Second is he knows the significance of the red skies.

Reverse Flash being undone should screw up that day along with all the rest. Grandfather paradox is a problem, not a solution.

... I am focused on the wrong bits.

Alien Invasion setup achieved. Now to wait for Arrow so I can see the middle...

... and in the meantime, watch more Flash.
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Killer Frost, Alchemy and Wally

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... I do not like how writers are presenting this, even when I can make it make watsonian sense.

What I don't like is the characters never have the conversation I would consider obvious, and just flail in maximum drama.

I should write, if I want a different story.
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Joe's first date in forever, Wally, Alchemy, and the first appearance of Savitar.
Plus a boringly underused Shade. I mean why even have fancy fx for a red herring with no motivation. blah.

Every time a story makes someone possessed or mind controlled or somehow no longer free willed, it gets absolutely and completely boring. It is the most boring of all boring versions they could possibly tell. It reduces the character to an empty meaningless puppet, and it abandons the most basic realism, cause there's always a choice. Not always a good choice, but always a choice.

The way comics and associated comic derived media presents mental illness has very little to do with how mental illness actually borks choice, in this case especially because it's presented as 'going evil' against her will rather than... anything actually people shaped. So, again, boring. No applicability and nothing to relate to.

So I'm getting the feeling I'm not going to likea major arc or two right here.

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Show could make better choices and is focused on making a bunch of deliberately embarrassing right now.
But still got some interesting.
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Julian, HR, and a giant monster.
Plus Caitlin's mum.

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Lots of interesting threads working pretty okay.
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Just watched the one with Mirror Master, the Top, and Snart
except despite how excited everyone got in advance there wasn't exactly a lot of Snart.
(kick the ball Charlie Brown)

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Episode had some good ingredients, but was just ingredients when it was done.

Makes me want to have another go at it with more theme and stirring.
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Watched the episode with Frankie, Magenta, and Jesse Quick.

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so, this is the new world...
and along with Barry, we get to realise everything we know is wrong, so that's... why do that to your viewers?

also the squirmy embarrassment of ao many social errors in a row had me watching through my fingers.

an entire episode of embarrassing flailing before he actually tells the truth
... is variably consistent, given that Barry's life for so many years involved trying to tell the truth about the impossible, and getting negative consequences for it
like, he should be trying, but he knows it's going to go so poorly.

I knew a bazillion spoilers before watching, so none of it had shock value to me and I have no feels about the new-new version.

... spoilers suck the feels out and I should get a tv channel that actually shows it this year.

... except I don't trust these shows enough to watch them without spoilers?

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Jay's demonstration with the coffee cup makes more sense than two seasons of Legends of Tomorrow, yet time travel is so inconsistent I don't even know if it's meant to be accurate. It's a really good reason to prevent all time travel, if true, and explains the end of LoT season 2, and yet we've got a time travel show to play in so nobody is going to conclude that alterations to time are too dangerous.

The thing that's bothering me that nobody brought up - Read more... )

So, as an episode, it gave me thoughts, but not feels.

Shall see how the season goes on.
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Just finished watching the first episode.
... Barry is... I do not follow his logic here. Emotion, sure, but...
... sometimes I think he is not bright.

I mean, I get that Wally was hurt, but he wasn't dead? Things seem plenty fixable?

I don't see how he gets from there to out loud asking Eobard Thawne to kill his mother.

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Basically the thing where Barry and other time travellers don't approach their own lives like a sci fi obsessed rules lawyer gamer somehow continues to annoy. They never try and finesse anything. And get so surprised when that has consequences.

But we get to see those consequences, so that's an improvement.

... I still find I have much sympathy with the Reverse Flash.

It's like that time travel with Hartley day, where Eo!Wells is sitting there waving his hands to try and shut time travel Barry up, but no, Barry just... charges on through. Fifteen years Thawne kept the secret and avoided time wraiths, and Barry can't last six hours. Lovely.

...the responding to it with murder is not sympathetic, but the level of frustration, ooooh yes.

I guess I liked the episode, at least for the consequences and the Reverse Flash bits
but now it applies the reboot problem
logically to the whole arrowverse:

everything we think we know may or may not be wrong
why are we still invested?

Shall see.
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I just rewatched the Flash season 2 episode where they go to Earth 2 and Barry replaces himself
and I don't get why they didn't just have an actual conversation.
I mean seriously, I cannot think of a reason they would have plan A be knock anyone unconscious or deceive people.

Why not just ask questions and make new friends?

I can't figure what they were thinking.
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That was a mess.

That was a caricature of Snart. Read more... )

So after that season I'm a bit borderline on if I like the show. I like Mick, and how much meaty emotional story he's been getting. But I don't like what happened to his partner, or how they mess us around with all the signs and signifiers of a love relationship, the ring, the saying love you, and then just hand us that as an ending. They retcon his whole relationship to be something we're meant to cheer him walking away from. I don't see why they want to do that. The end of last season gave us a problem of Mick being sad, but making like he shouldn't have been is not a solution I'm willing to swallow.

Still, Mick says Leonard becomes a better man. He still believes in them. After all that.


There's potential plot bunny in how they left him. Read more... )

The first season had a pretty good plot made of closed time loop.

... although logically the Hawks could never have killed Savage in their own past without making themselves not be born, but, they didn't, so not noticing that was on Rip and part of the cunning predestination plan.

But the whole first season was about breaking away from predestination and building better lives.

Second season is about keeping everything the same while team evil tries to save their families and their own lives.

Why were we meant to change sides on that issue?

So I am not sold on this show.

And the entire ethics of it depend on laws of time that just don't stay still to figure out.

But they do find new and interesting ways to break them, so hey, that could be interesting.

:eyeroll: *sigh*

I am looking forwards to the fanfic far more than to the next season.
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That was not Leonard Snart. The 'good boy' stuff sucked and seemed ooc compared to all else we've seen, but it wasn't the most fundamental part. Captain Cold is, in this episode, scared of going up against a speedster.

What do the writers think he does for a living?

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Last but by no means least
if the new plan is to go time travel to before the Spear was broken
what exactly was the point of chasing around after broken pieces all season?

All they'd need to do is get the Spear from slightly before it was broken, use it for whatever, and put it back where Rip was going to find it, and time wouldn't even notice you'd been there.

If the Spear doesn't have some special power to write protect its own history then the entire season plot is a bust.

OTOH I can see the Spear still being indestructible, just all its component atoms are either streaming in the atmosphere or hanging in the middle of a super hot reactor.

... but Mick's gun reaches absolute hot, so should have been able to do the exact same thing to it.

... I hate it when comics can't keep track of their own made up physics.

Didn't like the episode, don't see how it told us much interesting about the characters, mind controlled into humiliating situations isn't exactly revealing, Snart was so far out of character and Mick either didn't wish for anything or
only wished for Leonard.

... :(

... okay, that's pretty sad.

And then he couldn't kill him even after he'd seen him kill.
But that goes both ways, Len tied himself to serving Eobard just to keep Mick alive, and he didn't ice him or even threaten him back after stopping Amaya.

Even ooc they're a tragedy.
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This whole celebrity history thing is not my speed. This week they explain that Tolkien was secretly mostly quoting? There's a lot about the whole setup that didn't work for me.

On the other hand: Mick and Len.
Finally, more or less actual Len.
... the more or less being the frustrating part.

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That was ridiculous.
And not in a way I personally can roll with and find funny.
Humans doing those jobs do not work like that, so the whole thing is just... no.

The Heywood strands of the story are obviously emotionally affecting, but any noble sacrifice that could be fixed with a basic safety precaution like seatbelt or safety line is on I can't feel the way the writers meant me to.

Also, whoever wrote this understands physics even less than comic books usually do. Including comic book physics.

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Episode was made of interesting parts that just didn't grab me.

... I like Legends of Tomorrow, but I'm thinking I increasingly like it as a lego kit.

... not least because I know which parts I'm not going to like at all...
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The story clearly respects Mick. He keeps coming up with relevant knowledge, in this case knowledge of Time Master procedures that calls back to his Horrible Trauma, and reaching out emotionally to help other people and especially help them maintain their partnerships. Even after repeated rebuffs and being treated like trash by some of them.

The story respects Mick, the Legends do not, and man I want to see them all slapped for it.

Which makes it difficult to care about the other threads of the story. Read more... )

I like Mick a lot more than I like his friends, but Mick also needs to stop drinking and threatening people, so I can see where they're coming from.

If this ship had a Counsellor then like 90% of the plot would be fixable with 2000% less drama.
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I think I liked all the episodes Camelot parts if I don't think about them too hard.

And I love the bits with Mick.
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That was very American. Like, *very* American.

And a reminder that Rip and his accent never do read the same way both sides of the pond. Colonial oppression and part of him being Lawful Evil Slytherin. Which is difficult to remember when he's the one who sounds closest to normal.

Rip's brainwashing was most storyline effective when most plausible. His summary of the miseries of history and conclusion you might as well burn it all down, his pitch about dead relatives being returned to them, that's plausible without the machine. Which makes it frustrating the machine is involved. It's all very well splitting him up into heart and dark side, but it's all going to go away because shiny lights tech, so then it's blah.

Mick got some respect this time. And a speech about real Americans, as if any of that is uniquely American. Outcasts as a good thing for yaays. Congratulations from a founding father. And a statue of his own. :-)

... Sarah listing his statue as one of the ungood things they've just dealt with? References to Rory as the drunk uncle of the family, while continuing to ignore it outside of jokes? It's just niggly dripping bullying and I want to slap them all. All the 'it was implied' about saving Rory too, it's affecting their work, adversely.

Nate and Amaya have no excuses and might have borked all of history because they took time out for sex. I just... they are utterly incompetent, and I didn't think Amaya was incompetent before. Maybe Nate has a field. Why would they even? Ugh.

Also this show has a wonky idea of how long it takes to grieve and move on. All these shows actually, people don't stay single long. Well, women don't.


Jax was win. I have no complaints about Jax.

Mick, Ray and the rat was a fun thread. Ray poking Mick and Mick just twisting his arm around and Ray being "I have overstepped" is... like, yes he had, but Mick was also a teensy too violent. Just a bit. So I can see why people still have a problem with him. His behaviour is problematic, even if it has an internally consistent ruleset. ... but it was kinda satisfying. Why was Ray even blaming Mick? How much time has Mick been spending in Ray's room to drop crumbs there?

... er, atomwave goggles are kind of easy again...

Mick making faces at his new rat friend is the cutest. Best pet, best faces.

I'm not especially keen on the 'family' xmas meal because they seem to forget characters religions, but it was the least religious it could be, I guess.

Episode did good things with Mick and interesting things with Rip.

Think I liked it.
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Grand name for these bickering bastards.

I kind of like how petty and easily divided they are. But Merlyn and Dark fighting just reminded me of Captains Harkness and Hart, and it therefore lacked a certain something in comparison.

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The story is not doing what I wanted it to and the rules aren't as clear as I want them to be
and I purely don't understand why the crew makes a distinction between altered and unaltered and calls it fake and real.

I mean none of them have ever lived in an unaltered timeline. Do they not get that?

So it's all emotionally unsatisfying because they have a reaction I can't grok.

But the dead looking speedster is scary cool.


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