Feb. 7th, 2017 08:49 am
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I finished watching Humans season one
It's intelligent, thoughtful science fiction
that made me miserable.

It doesn't help that I've got a headache that went from 'huh, maybe this is a headache' to actual out loud sweariness, and I only just took a painkiller for it, because I am not smart about pain.

But I'm pretty sure that the basic problem is that it is in fact about humans, and the things they already do to each other. Read more... )

I own season two, but I am in absolutely no hurry to start watching it.

It's just one of those times where a serious and adult and thoughtful register means kind of wanting to scrub your brain and hide under a blanket after watching.


Jan. 28th, 2017 12:47 am
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This was in the supermarket dvd section, and I remembered vaguely intending to watch it for a couple of seasons now, and I've been reading Merlin fanfic and oh look it's him, so, I started watching.

It's about synthetic humanoids, androids, again. And some of them are concious, but they get bought and sold just like the others. And some of them are on the run.

So far I've watched two episodes, and it struck me as very British. But then it turns out to be a remake of something that didn't happen to be in English, so I guess it's not British. But what I meant was it's intelligent, thoughtful, with layered and nuanced characters, and a slow sort of plot. Or, as I felt, from certain angles, a whole lot of fuck all happens, and I got bored.

Which is embarrassing, obviously, because if you asked me what I want from my science fiction I'd probably say something about the social impact of robot replacements would be just the thing, but as it turns out I want tidy slices of problem presented and solved once an hour, preferably involving blowing stuff up.


But it's not just boredom, I was uncomfortable watching it. It was trying to make me feel uncomfortable. Because it's very little about the singularity and advanced technology and suchlike, and a whole lot about the shit humans do to each other, specifically how they/we treat low wage workers. Or there was a whole section about the NHS sending a carer robot in and it deciding it was the boss and make him take meds and decide what food and it could restrain a dude and stop him getting out of bed at night. So it's about how people treat people they've stopped thinking of as people, but as a cog in a transaction, or a faulty part. Disability and class.

From a science fiction point of view it's not doing anything new with that yet, but it's only episode two. It has taken a plenty creepy enough tour of the crappy ways people will treat human looking people who don't fight back, or to their mind don't have the right to.

Don't know as I'm looking forward to watching any more. Might go back to superheroics instead.
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I have watched the other two discs of season one, and I end as I began : it hasn't grabbed me, but I'll keep watching, cause it's pretty much okay.

It was a lot less twists and a lot more fair play clues than I figured, which leaves less to figure out, and somewhat removes tension at certain key moments. Also familiarity with certain other texts, as well as general genre savvy, let me guess episode thirteen pretty much from the get go, as in anticipate all the beats. At which point if it were a book I'd have checked on the last page, because the journey got boring.

... which shouldn't happen. Just knowing the plot shouldn't spoil watching the characters. But they're not that interesting to me.

I do like that the guys are kind of useless and wanky while the women get stuff done. I don't like that the gender balance is still skewed male, and the android is only intermittently involved even. I do like how the white guys get fixated on each other like it's some epic key to everything and then... well, I like how that goes with them so far.

I like that Two just sleeps with people because she wants to, I don't like One or Three enough to respect her taste in that.

I like Three's wardrobe, but maybe with Six's coat.

... I'm finding the worldbuilding and characterisation really thin, I'm not bothered with trying to figure out the tech level because it's clearly not going to matter, tech will do what they tell it to and will not be the point.

Given that they all wake up blanked and that memory transfer and partial additions to memory is plenty possible, what with the alternate travel method, we've got a Dollhouse problem, again. Exploring what would remain if all the episodic memory were gone, what blank would even mean if it's a person, nature and nurture, all that stuff. And of course a potential apocalypse and override on everyone. Again. Is TV obsessed with that lately or have I just hit a run of it?

I'm disatisfied with their answers though.

And some of the actions and reactions are plain irrational, especially Read more... )

The whole thing suffers from me watching it right after Killjoys, which did grab me, gave me plenty of character in my characters, had a kick arse lady (once again fighting primarily for the right to have her own personality, what is with this, ugh), and did far more interesting things with tech and worldbuilding. Also used some of the same actors, locations, and corporate logos. And just made Dark Matter look limp. Sorry. It would probably have stood up better with even a week between them.

I like Dark Matter well enough, but, I don't love it, and the times it feels too much like an rpg where the players haven't read the worldbook are the times it least grabs me.

you're so busy finding things out a bit after they've happened that the tension gets weird, the significance comes in retrospect, it's... odd.

also there are several points where the crew or any one of the crew only survive because the bad guys are deeply stupid in the stay and gloat tradition. I mean, obviously there are people who will keep their enemies around so they can hurt them some more, but if that's what gives the crew enough loophole to live, it's kind of unsatisfying.

... I sound like I disliked it. I didn't dislike it, I just... wasn't enthralled.
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I watched the first disc, the first five episodes.
I'm... not hooked.
So it's about half a dozen people who wake up without their memories.
That means they want the audience to be playing detective games too. Which means we'll be wrong if we think we know things. And which presents the characters as puzzles, rather than as people to identify with or, you know, like.
Plus I keep feeling squirmy of something like embarrassment and anxiety, because these characters are crashing around the universe blind, they'd probably know as much useful stuff if they were ported in from this universe, and they probably are doing things their earlier selves wouldn't agree with.
So, it's not a comfortable viewing experience.
But it is interesting.

Plus they have three whole women on the crew, and four men, with a mix of ethnicities. And the show is thrifty, they spend a lot of time with just the main cast in their spaceship. So we get women talking to each other. Which beats baseline. So there's stuff to like.

I just feel off balance along with the characters.

Plus I keep dropping out of the story because the whole thing feels like a vaguely cyberpunk rpg campaign. Corporations, androids, mercs, waking up with memories wiped, a ship they haven't fully explored, it just seems like a game setup. Which would have a different set of goals and expectations to a story we're just going to get told.

All in all, I'm not quite into it.

But I'll watch the rest of it, so, near enough.

Also it suffered a teensy because I've seen two versions two days in a row that one episode where Read more... )
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Have finished watching season one of Killjoys.
Have also looked up when season two is out on dvd and sulked a bit.

They're putting together some proper Story there.

The down sides remain, for me, in that there's not enough women, too many white people, pretty much predictable results for black men, and really a lot of internal organs where you wouldn't want them.

But it starts out with this kick arse premise - bounty hunters who get to go anywhere for the warrant - and then gets proper political about how a system could get there and how that would work out for everyone.

And I like how everything clicks together.

I'm not sure about what the tech level is meant to be. Like, Read more... )

Okay so that sounds like I'm annoyed with it, but it's more like I like the world enough I'm tying to get a grip on it, and it seems slippery. To the point I can't guess much what might happen next, because with the tech we've seen it should be game over already, so I don't know how they'll get out of it.

But I want to see.
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I sat down and watched the whole of disc one of season one of Killjoys, five episodes in a row.
And while I did that I did the monday cleaning, because that's just fill laundry empty laundry change program repeat, or dishwasher same. But that made it a very accomplished day, so I win.

... I win with a headache. That feels like too much staring. Maybe my glasses are not quite right? I barely wear them for reading anymore cause they feel odd, but I need them for the TV.

ANYway. Killjoys.

I like it. I don't love it and I only vaguely like the characters so far. Gender is only balanced if you count Lucy the ship. And it does that thing where a woman needs an excuse to be kickarse.

But it's having fun with worldbuilding, there's a bunch of female characters being politicians and so forth, and there's lots of running around shooting things or having horrible things happen to them yet enduring.

It's a bit dark really, it keeps making me ponder what I'd rather be watching instead, with less internal organs showing.

And yet I watched the whole disc in a row, and have only stopped because feeling a bit blergh.

Oh, also? Picture quality as it should be, so it's just Agent Carter discs being wrong.

And the subtitles are excellent, they're the very rare sort that care about where on the screen they are and tell you who is speaking by where they're put. They're a joy to watch. Ten out of ten, would employ whoever did these to resub everything else.

... I get frustrated when this is a thing that can be done, yet subs get thrown on as an afterthought, if we're lucky.

But for true, these are the good stuff.

Maybe I want to watch something where political marriages and trade deals save the day. I don't know, seems like I'd have to go out of genre for that.

But this was good to watch.

Just very biological quite often.
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Have watched the last episode of season two of the librarians
sort of
because the joke of much of it seemed to be that the actor was pretending to be a terrible actor, and that's just embarrassment squick territory for me.
also their Shakespeare seemed out of character?
which is a weird thing to say.
So there were only bits of it left to like.
I liked the time travel shenanigans. the joke with the first time traveler picture was hilarious. the time machines the library has in storage including the TARDIS and that car seemed cheeky, but since the entire season has been about magic potentially brining fictional characters to life, it's entirely logical. and the eventual solution was elegant and fair play.
Also I like the idea of the quotes the Librarians used
but I had been hiding from the embarrassing bits so much I wasn't feeling it.

Also I'm sure it makes sense of you've watched the things he was in before, but the thing where Flynn turns up to save the day for the finale feels really weird if you've only seen the series. I mean, he's not a regular, and yet, it's his show. Except he's also the comic relief, and sometimes love interest, so it don't feel entirely wonky. Just weird.

I now want to see season three. which exists. more than half the episodes already. just not here. in the uk. where I know how to get it.

DVDs are increasingly yesterday's tech, and yet, they're what I have the hang of.

I feel increasing sympathy for generations of olds before me.
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Today I did a meeting, watched a bunch of The Librarians, and ate food at appropriate intervals.

My plan to buy a packet of dark chocolate biscuits so I could eat one at a time has hit the small snag that biscuits are delicious. I ate Many. This may go poorly.

Actually I'm sitting here feeling super anxious and like sky is falling, so it's possible something is already going poorly, I don't know. Probably things remain thing like, but I have worries and worries right now. Unhelpful.

There are not many episodes of The Librarians in a season. Which is annoying, for they are excellent fun. Also I do not get tired of staring at Kane.

Probably I will watch the last episode in a minute, but when I do I'll have run out until the current season is on DVD, so I stopped in an attempt to ration them.

I like how they give an impression of a big magical world but do a lot with a little. The video game episode was cool and full of feelings and required a real minimum of sets, because loops. I like how their happily ever afters have to be so hugely exaggerated because their regular selves are really pretty implausible. And as ever I'm all <3 at stories where team will do anything, risk anything, sell their souls and jump off stuff and give up their happy endings, all for their team and because they trust them. But they've also got character development and a bit of a big bad and such. Many sorts of fun. Every episode leaves me full of :-D , which is all I ask of them.

... and now I really want to watch the last episode.

... I will go read the internet instead, and see if I can wait until tomorrow.
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The thing with characters having seriously overlapping issues with your own is it makes them harder to watch but when they win it is so, so satisfying.

Read more... )

I liked this episode a lot and feel full of happy lightness now.

In other news the tablet computer came with a keyboard dock, and it has turned into a cranky bastard of a thing when I wasn't using it. I don't know why. It wasn't greatness to start with, but now it keeps on randomly either not typing or screaming the eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, and it takes a dozen tries to get it to dock right at all, and it'll only work at certain angles, not the one I'd like it at. Going to have to take it to the shop. Which is irritating. But I didn't end up using it half as much as I thought, not hardly at all, because annoying though it is to try and type on a touchscreen, it's still less hassle than finding the keyboard and putting up with its quirks. Even at its best it won't always hit the space bar and randomly decides I tapped the touchpad instead.

And I wrote that much about it partly as a test drive. Because it is being annoying. And random.

Back to the touchscreen way. *sigh*
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I love The Librarians.
I have watched all of two episodes of season two. The lack of subtitles on my set still frustrates me, but everything else is delightful.

Except for gender and ethnicity balance, but, it's TV, I'm taking the win at 'two named women', cause some shows stop with one.

It's fluffy cake as shows go, but I like hanging out with these people and they brighten my day. So, excellent.
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I finished watching the first season of The Librarians :-)
... well, I'll be :( of it being finished in a bit, but right now I'm all squee.

I like how they tied all the episodes together even if it was ridiculous.
All that running around fixing the world is very satisfying.

Read more... )

I at least a little want to keep all these characters, and it's really just fun to watch.

And I have a whole second season just waiting for me to watch it :-)
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Today I have been mostly watching The Librarians season one.
As expected my desire to save them up and savour them failed to slow me down, so I have watched Many and have only two left.

They're not exactly meaty but they are a lot of fun. I like the characters. And as previously and frequently mentioned, I can watch Kane at great length and repeatedly.

I liked the one where they got sucked in to fairytales. He's just wandering around with an axe and a glove for a great big owl, because fairytale. But I also liked the bit where he's quoting Byron. I may listen to that again a few times. And every time he notices something about the architecture. Or when his worst self turns out to be just really grumpy about art. Or how he's just like the other Librarians, so enthused by the possibilities of all those texts he's in on his day off. Every time he geeks out about art.

His favourite things are my favourite things, making him once again one of my favourite things.

And every time something happens and he grabs up a sword.

And just... I'm heart eyes about him, unsurprisingly.

This is so fun.

But there's a maximum time I can go without checking the internet and today that is two discs. So.

But everyone should watch The Librarians so more squee.
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I watched The Librarians season one Christmas episode
and now I have feels I was not prepared for.
I mean it looks like it's just going to be deeply silly running around having fun, and then boom, heavy stuff montage.

So that was a thing.

I think I love Jacob Stone rather a lot. I mean looking like that I'd want to, obviously, but, talking like that? Architecture is just art we live in. And his genuine enthusiasm for his subject area is just... and all the code switching and translation? Not that I could watch that bit with the sound on because can see the joke coming and squirmy embarrassment is not a favourite thing, but, he is so good with words. And then the physical confidence as well? And! Grabbing the arts to threaten, but, diving across the room when it looks like one of them really might get hurt, cause he can't. I just... his favourite thing is my favourite thing, can he be my favourite thing now?

So, I am having fun.

And I am warming up to the rest of the characters too, because there are in fact several.

And the compass rose they have on the floor under their main table is going in the file of me trying to find the perfectly perfect one to get a tattoo of. I mean my tattoo plans remain plans, but, in theory. That and the Waverider are both good.

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I watched the first two episodes of The Librarians tv series.
my dvds have no subtitles. i forgot to check again. but i'd have bought them anyway.
the things I do for Christian Kane.

I stopped after the first two because I think this is going to be fun so I want to hang out with these characters longer and spread the episodes out. I mean obviously it could go wrong, but it's fun so far.

and as long as I don't strain my brain trying to sort the words out without subtitles it will be more fun. so. plenty of rest breaks.

I'm hoping it's fun because I bought the first two seasons already. along with all of leverage.
... Christian Kane looks like an actual grown up, so I'm happy.

... I am aware there are other people in the show. I'm just focused.

so, :-)
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I have finished watching nineties Flash.

It wasn't very good.

The last three episodes had Read more... )

Trickster's part could still have happened with very little alteration because 'Prank' fixating on him is not Flash dependent. So what I wanted to know as possible background for new Flash is now known.

But I'm kind of frustrated that all those parts didn't go together to better effect. It could have been a lot better.

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I watched the one with Mirror Master. It didn't use any mirrors. It went to a fun fair only to ha e a static conversation that could have happened anywhere. It didn't have funhouse mirrors or a chase through a mirror maze. It did, eventually, have like a shaving mirror set up to bounce a laser for a death trap, but I got the feeling they were like 'oops no mirrors' and just chucked a mirror in for no readily apparent reason.

Unfortunately that is fairly representative of the level of skill as foes into the writing of this show. They keep missing the slow balls amd it's sad.

Also they had a genius discover a fire, fail to follow basic fir safety instructions such as hitting the fire alarm, and then take the sudden appearance from thin air of firemen at face value. A genius. And a woman. Guess which weighed mor on the plot here?

Also for a woman Barry always says is his partner getting him ot of trouble she don't do a whole hell of a lot.


Also a different woman kisses Barry every week and yet Tina is still supposed to be some kind of romantic interest? Ugh. How do they think women work anyway?

And they had a girl criminal in this one, introduced by looking at her cleavage as she types and hacks into a computer system. Guess which is more important to the plot after that point? :eyeroll:

I'm bored and sad of this show. I cannot lower my expectations enough to find it fun.

I just want to take all the elements of this one - mirror master, illusions, girl from high school, deception, vanity... and whatever was going on with Tina's subplot with her mum, that was about her being very self centered but then they said a couple sentences and hugged so it's all okay now... what would I do with that... both women are seeing in the other the reactions they actually had? Imperfect mirrors of opinions of those close to us? How parents want a little reflection and get a person instead? Something. And the high school bit of Barry's plot gives us nostalgia and ... well, high school, for all the messes that had. It's like Tina's plot had all the right ingredients but didn't do anything with them. I don't know. But I do know that Mirror Master should use the actually mirror based parts of his powers, even if they're going for a high tech feel instead of the pure weirdness that could bring.

It's frustrating when I feel sure I could brainstorm something better in a half hour than they actually got money to make.

Yes I'm adjusting for the nineties, even so.

Not many episodes left to go but it's so annoying I keep only watching one a day so it's taking forever.
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I purely don't understand stories that treat clones as something different than humans. I mean there's a person right there in front of them, how on earth does it matter how they got there? Except in terms of experiences a forced growth clone who has never left the lab is indeed very different, so I guess I mean I don't understand when they're treated as inferior or less worthy of human rights or in any way less worth mourning.

But we got a one off episode with a clone Barry, and all Barry got from it was a sense of his own mortality, not any lingering grief for his short lived brother-son. Twin made from his dna who lives only a short while is just a kid and a relative. Why the bit in the middle of the story where they treat that as not obvious?

Well so they can have the drama of that resolved with the happy we're all people two or three sentences. And then undermine that by never treating him as such.

Every way to look at another person and doubt they're just as much a person as you are? Treating people as things? That's where evil starts.

I'm also super tired because they did the thing where he has the mind of a child in an adult body. So it's basically a story about intellectual disability. Without it knowing that. So they do the reinvent the wheel bit and the whole story is oh no he has adult strength but doesn't understand consequences, how unprecedented, there is no guidebook, what do what do. And then they duck responsibility and resolution for that and just kill him off. Because having a sad tragic reference to Frankenstein and sacrifice to save the progenitor is a nice tidy story with an awww at the end, and committing to spending a fair chunk of your life helping him is not.

How about stories never again treat disability and mental illness with a good being killed, hmmm?
Yes I know this one was 1991 but it's not like it gets less relevant.

So blergh to this episode.
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1990 Flash isn't very good. Their version of Captain Cold isn't even punny. Also he's an evil albino mercenary who ends up frozen solid.

The reporter lady who works for the kind of paper who will print Flash stories before anyone believes in them was potentially interesting but they made her super annoying and 100% wrong. She sets a trap for the Flash so she can interview him without thinking through that she sets a trap for the Flash and there's a supervillain also trying to do that. Also she's super annoying and bad with people and tells lies a lot but thinks she's a great reporter. The episode is there to tell her to quit her day job. Because Flash knows best. Blah.

Also the thing where a different woman tries to date Flash every episode is just really tiresome. But I want to make speed dating jokes.

Deadly Nightshade was funny because Nightshade is the local pulp hero, long retired, Flash has been getting advice from, and Deadly Nightshade is the grimdark reboot version. Like Nightshade has knockout darts and Deadly Nightshade has machine guns. Watching it I just kept thinking that if this was a *late* 90s show the grimdark reboot would have replaced the other one, instead of getting carted off to prison being called crazy. The story had a psychiatrist called Rebecca Frost who was there to call the Flash an adolescent fantasy and be proved wrong by the end. Again with the clumsy telling off of women trying to do their jobs. She would b much more interesting actually trying to understand vigilante psychology and launching a discussion about values.

Mostly the ep was interesting because Richard Burgi, Jeri Ryan and Denise Crosby.

So now I'm thinking of Deadly Nightshade getting out of prison and trying to show modern Flash how it should be done and launching a discussion about vigilante morality with better writers.

I keep trying to adjust my expectations down to the cartoony thing Flash keeps trying to be but I keep on thinking it's just bad anyway. Boo.

Want to use it for parts still, more or less, but it's not a rich vein.
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I don't know quite what to do with that.

I mean, I have reactions, but my main one is utter exhaustion at the death rate of characters of color on TV. Read more... )

Quill though... on the most shallow level, does anyone know where to get Quill's shirt? Because that looked awesome. Read more... )

When is next season of Class then?
Is next season?
Because I feel the structure of that episode only made sense if they're absolutely certain of a next season, and indeed one in the really near future. As a mid season finale it'd be fine. But I can't find word one about renewal so I'm puzzled about their priorities.
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Episode thirteen, where Tina goes evil because of a short circuit and a bad dream, is actively terrible. I mean even by 1990 standards and compared to other episodes. It was super extra rubbish.

If you're going to turn someone evil it's an excuse for them to use power and say repressed things like they'd be too polite to the rest of the time. So the bit with the poison dart because Science was the only vaguely interesting bit. Nothing else she said or did had to do with her regular personality, unless interrupting Barry's date was supposed to be the thing. But that was so cartoonishly awful. And I know this is far more episodic than I'm used to but to do all thwt with no repercussion and all the personal stuff dealt with by ignoring it is both ridiculous and a waste of a plot. I mean she even got a tattoo and then said she'd just remove it in the lab.

The tattoo should be a reminder of things you can't take back and the evil she's capable of if she lets rip. She should have to transform it, like by getting it made colors or added to. There's no point getting a symbol and then just vanishing it.

Supergirl did turning bad much much better.

This one was rubbish.

And also extra creepy : Tina goes bad necause she and Narry are hooked up to a machine and he thinks of his nightmare and she starts acting it out. She goes good again because reconnected to the same machine Barry thinks of her crying and being sorry and saying she's his friend again. Okay, but, did he 'cure' her or did he just reprogram her?


Episode 14 was just an excuse to have Barry be cute with a baby. Tina was more useless with a baby than Barry was, since he was initially competent enough to impress the mom, which is kind of refreshing considering. Aside from proving they'd need lots of training before they should try that again there weren't much else to it. Could have put more work into some angle about the creepy bad guy wanting to breed the perfect heir so he picked a girl he didn't love and tricked her, then when he saw the Flash he wondered if the powers were genetic, but apparently bad guys wanting a super for a breeding program is not a twelve rated plot. Eh, babies are cute, wouldn't mind a plot with Barry having to look after a baby in modern Flash, only he should stay good at it. Also the bit where he calmed all the babies at super soeed shouldn't really work, that would be a bit stressful, so really it should be a time Flash needs to slow down.

... I watch these things solely to pull them apart for bunnies already. Oh well.

Class 1.7

Nov. 29th, 2016 12:18 am
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What Quill did indeed. It's weird, it's good, it ties in to the whole rest of the season so far, but in lots of ways it's its own show, like Quill goes off in her own subgenre.

I'm not keen on one specific point: Read more... )

I like how Quill accessorises. Choker and bracelets solid metal looking. Not letting observer forget.

I don't quite know what to do with the Doctor leaving her like that in the first place, or the whole presence of freedom fighter terrorist slave in the story at all. I mean she's interesting, but she's an argument, and not one that resolves.

Though I like how school governors fit in the argument here.

I liked all the locations in this episode and the excuse to take a tour of alien thought patterns and the argument about religion or lack thereof and how freedom is just plain complicated as a concept. And how they started with the overlooked ones, dreaming of freedom. It's the power of belief, the power of stories, hope in a box again.

I have no idea how this all will wrap. I can come up with some ideas, they've left a lot of parts around, but I don't know what they'll do with them.

And now I care enough I'll be tense all week wondering which way they'll jump.
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They locked the main cast in a room together and had them yell at each other for a whole episode
that's the masterclass right there
and I was gripped.

I mean now the episode has finished I'm finding less to sink my thought teeth into
but while it was running I didn't do anything but watch
so it clearly won.

I now have to plug the computer in for another hour before it'll last long enough unplugged to watch episode seven
and it is five in the morning
so possibly that is not the best plan
... but I'm still fairly likely to do,it.


Nov. 28th, 2016 03:14 am
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am doing that thing where I'm too busy watching episodes to write how good they are
even though I meant to watch like one a day
am now considering starting episode six.

so, quite good.

am unsure about what it is doing with disability
but it is certainly doing it more interesting than usual.

am paused because the power ran out and the power cord is a bit short for how I was watching
but once recharged will watch more and pout until I run out.

Am also sad I haven't been watching as they released
because more think time.

weird conflict.

Everyone is so good though
characters everywhere
and complex personal stuff under the winning.

also now the iplayer mostly works for me without sticking mostly
there's tons of other stuff i didn't notice
suddenly easy.

I always feel daft when that happens.
like probably it was always easy and i didn't the right buttons.
but, interesting now.
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This series is very good.
(also, on the bbc iplayer if you can get that)

Feelings! All the feelings!
I had to pause it at one point to have a feelings.

More m/m in the DW verse again. More in the DW verse than the rest of F&SF as far as I can find. I like the idea he's choosing a new family vut since this is where they're starting I fear drama's tendency to go horribly wrong.

I'm not so much having big thinking about this one because see
feelings, all of them.

but this is very good.
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This might be gorier than I'm really up for. I mean I know I watched Torchwood but I had to get really analytical on some of those episodes to avoid being freaked out. Skinned bodies are just... a bit much.

Also my tablet gets rather hot watching video. not awesome.

The characters and plots and everything are proper complex and I like the rather a lot. Read more... )

Very much enjoying the quality of the writing here.

Also I always forget when I'm not watching a British show how much easier it is to read and how much more I can get out of it.

... though this one is a bit making me feel old and disconnected, because youngers world has a set of assumptions that are new to me, and ease of use of computers to stay connected that I realise is simples now but which is still new to me.

... am I going to turn into one of those olders who only watches reruns and things with people my own age?

... or is high school a setting designed to make others feel oooooooold?


beccaelizabeth: my Watcher tattoo in blue, plus Be in red Buffy style font (Default)

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