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Continuum is really good
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Good thinky stuff, with the usual caveats.

I've liked seeing what they're doing with their setup and I want to see how it ends.


May. 15th, 2017 06:31 pm
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After seeing two seasons and having a think I'm frustrated with Continuum for the usual reasons.

Like, I thought it was about Kiera Cameron. She's on the cover. She's in all the episodes.
But it's like the story doesn't even know how to be about a woman.
So she's isolated in a sea of men, all her significant relationships are with men or dead, every character who gets properly developed and elaborated on is a man, and women get fridged or turn out to be evil or just kind of fade away.

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Most frustrating is I like it plenty
this thing where women don't exist in networks of women needs to be fixed.


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That was a good one. Creepy to proper scary in the middle, political, and stripped the Doctor down to basics even further than usual.

I only tentatively like the end. I have to see what they'll do. But it's already more promising than when most shows go there, because it appears to be lasting.

I didn't like the beginning so much because it was all HAVE FEELS NOW from a standing start, but okay, unsubtle but themey.

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That was good to watch and only made me check the time when they mentioned it was running out for them. Proper Doctor Who.

Also the iPlayer on my new huge smart tv is a bit magic. I still haven't watched anything I've been recording because the iplayer works plenty good. Coolness.
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This was good. I've seen it before but it hasn't occupied much brain space since, probably because I haven't latched on to a particular character and don't feel the need to fix the plot.

It's just good thinky twisty stuff, with characters, plural, who have layers to uncover, and where people aren't who you first think they are. Read more... )

It did some things I didn't like, but lots of things I did, and it has enough of hope in it I want to keep watching.

Which is good cause I already bought the next two seasons.

... well, they're short.

This one is worth the shelf space.
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Well that was depressing. I don't know why they think people want to watch that. It makes me miserable.

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So I disliked it a whole lot.

I don't want to keep season two around at all and it's making me think twice about giving season one shelf space.

I might use it for parts, but, I really did not like that show.

And I won't be seeking out the last season.
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Defiance is annoying. I like Nolan just as well as I did when it started but everyone else is turning into the worst versions of themselves as worst things happen to them. It's grubby and depressing.

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I finished watching the first season. Or rewatching, but it's weird, I didn't remember any of that, even though none of it felt new either.

I can see why I'd give up after one season. Everyone's dead and it's boring.

There's no right way to behave. Being kind gets you dead. Reaching out to try and help someone gets you dead. Ambition also gets you dead. Basically everyone's dead. Boring.

And yet I now own season two and, knowing me, will watch it.

It's so annoying because they set up this multi racial world where team good guy is trying to survive the culture clashes and keep their diverse freedoms, they made a future culture where poly marriages are something the protagonists have thought of, just a normal thing, and they have queer relationships... and then it's all so twisty manipulative and depressing I just... don't want.

all the ingredients, bitterness pie.

so having watched a season with murders/suicides, relationship/spousal abuse, and dead bi ladies, I am now in a bit of a down mood. funnily enough.

I should have left me a note
if I even watched all of it before.

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I am up to episode nine of season one of Defiance
and I have noticed some things that make me not like it
everyone is doing nasty grubby things for selfish reasons
and when someone breaks the trend and tries to be nice
it goes poorly
for them and everyone.
it's dark, and I don't like dark.
I'd like a show about building something better
but this one keeps going wrong instead.

twisty politics that mostly breaks down to manipulation via sex is also not awesome.

which is annoying because it has many good parts.
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I'm not feeling it. Which is annoying, because it has many good ingredients and interesting threads. But it's just not giving me feels or making me have favourites yet.

And it has many cool female characters with interesting plot even. Some of them even talk to each other. So I'd like to like it better.

Mostly it's inspiring in me a feeling of wanting to turn it around and maybe shake it to see why I'm not into it. Like, this should be working. Maybe it's me.

I get this sinking feeling that what I think I want from stories isn't in fact what I want. Because the shows that grab me and take up residence are not often the ones that fit the recipe I've figured.

Although queer f&sf is a very good start.

Shall see.
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That was proper. Spectacle, compassion, anti empire anti aristo anti capitalism. Nothing not to like.

Meaning I don't have particular thoughts about it.

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So that was okay with some good bits
and I think I like the look of the next week bit.

cautious yaay.
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I started watching Defiance, because I bought season two and couldn't remember season one.
Having watched the first disc I am sure I've watched it before and yet still can't remember season one.
And yet is seems to have so many great ingredients, including excellent women.

I guess I get to be surprised by things over again. Yaay?

I liked the long pilot episode so I guess I'll see where it's going.
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Finished watching season three.
That was weirdly bland.
... also I'm still not happy with the color settings on my new TV and it keeps bothering me.

A properly absorbing story shouldn't leave me room to get distracted by the colors.

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I don't think any character was well served by this season.

Angst with no way out and no good choices is just... boring.

I'm bored now.

To watch season four I have to plug the old recorder box back in, and I am not currently motivated to do so.

Also, I feel like they duck their own question about how to treat Inhumans by introducing all this mind control stuff.

The more Marvel I watch the more I feel mind control is a story killing choice for a universe. I mean, I had feels when it was Hawkeye or the Winter Soldier, but it creeps me out when it keeps being central. There's always a choice.

I'm not really feeling it as parts either. There was just too much of the season that didn't give me anything I'm interested in, just people not trusting each other and getting mind controlled.

I want something else. Very else. Not with these parts.
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I have watched Agents of SHIELD season three up through Singularity.
I'm still not having as many feels for the characters as I used to. They're having big emotional stakes, I'm watching plot. It's annoying when you fall out of feels with a show.

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I was watching Agents of SHIELD season three last night and it got up to the episode where Bobbi and Hunter left
and it's supposed to be this big emotional moment
I just
How am I supposed to be sad that their actions had consequences at last?
I was just left shocked that they basically walked away from it.

I mean since SHIELD fell as an official organisation they've been just a bunch of private citizens illegally detaining other private citizens.
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And yes, this is exactly the superhero problem. A superhero is someone who decides only their own moral judgement is relevant to who to punch.

And yeah, this is exactly the CACW problem, who gets oversight and how.

But the answers in these stories keep on being undemocratic, and acting like there's no good precedent to work with, and it's just... creepy.

There has to be some middle ground of accountability. Same reasons we need courts as well as police, and police to wear their unique identifiers where we can see them. Stories that don't want to deal with that have ducked into might makes right territory.

And that's not where I want to be.
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I watched a bunch more of Agents of SHIELD season three
and this whole 'HYDRA is secretly older than nazis' bit is just... ridiculously stupid.
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I am trying to watch Agents of SHIELD
and I am kind of aggressively bored.
I started fast forwarding through specific subplots and now I'm just going through whole episodes.
I know I've seen these eps before but I don't remember where I left off and also things ought to have some rewatch value.
But this set of characters aren't giving me feels any more.
Don't know why.
Possibly it's the thing where they aren't allowed to make their world better and things always turn out worse.
Maybe it's that team how about we treat people like people is not synonymous with team good guy in this world
and the whole human rights rule of law thing is... really not happening.
Dystopia with supervillains isn't grabbing me.

I know I quit because of the racism with all the dead black guys, but I used to care about the characters, and that seems to have worn off.

Even though Melinda May is dreamy and wonderful and kicks all the arse.
Not sufficient.

It's sad and annoying.

Maybe if I watch more it'll get me again?

... probably not.
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Twelve and Bill Potts, and Nardole.

... I am feeling a bit slapped. I mean, we knew from the publicity she would be a lesbian, but Read more... )

I know it's Doctor Who and things are never simple, but I feel like this was sandpaper on the seat time. Like, if this is inviting more people in, it's a hell of a way to make them comfortable.

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Calling it The Pilot and then emphasising that you can start watching here is playing at being clever. Silly having a pilot for an over fifty year old show. And yet necessary to reintroduce all the basic concepts every time.

I have not been as enthusiastic about Doctor Who lately as is my lifelong habit, not the newer episodes. And this has not changed my feelings there. I am left hoping they won't do this again, and might do better.

Not a comfortable reaction to what ought to be my favourite show.

If other people are happy then I'm glad for them, but they must have a different set of filters than I do, to see only happy making bits.

ETA: I feel it's probably relevant to my reaction that Read more... ) has literally been a daydream of mine for decades. It's a good dream. You get to do many cool things that way. But seeing it depicted the way it was here? Well that seems much less good. Why do that?
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Finished watching season two of Agent Carter.
... you know I'm not actually sad that got cancelled?
... I should be sad.

Odd ending.

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I watched three more episodes of Agent Carter season two.
I dislike when they give team evil the speeches about equality. I mean, where's the percentage? Then they turn out to be hypocrites who hire because the people at the bottom of the ladder are desperate and easily manipulated, and they shoot people to further their plans without caring about gender etc. Well wow, who could have seen that coming? So it makes the equality speech all hollow. Except team good is a little short on diversity. I mean sure, plural women, a disabled guy, but the only black guy is a person of interest, not an employee.
I'm also really missing Peggy talking to women. She had a whole conversation with Dottie, but she's mired in this stupid romance subplot and talking to men all the time now, and all her friends like from her building or Angie, they're all gone. Wonky balance.
Also I couldn't care less who she kisses, I want to see her found SHIELD.

why they not do best stuff with awesome ingredients?

I also have now played with all the basic picture settings and still it looks peculiar. I'll just have to get used to it.
New is difficult.
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Pondering the emotional beats on Legends of Tomorrow
I can see how the writers are dragging us around by the feels
but I don't quite see why.

Maybe it'll make more sense after the finale.

But I just vaguely thought it also makes sense if they think their bad guys are bad guys, no matter what they do. Read more... )


Feb. 7th, 2017 08:49 am
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I finished watching Humans season one
It's intelligent, thoughtful science fiction
that made me miserable.

It doesn't help that I've got a headache that went from 'huh, maybe this is a headache' to actual out loud sweariness, and I only just took a painkiller for it, because I am not smart about pain.

But I'm pretty sure that the basic problem is that it is in fact about humans, and the things they already do to each other. Read more... )

I own season two, but I am in absolutely no hurry to start watching it.

It's just one of those times where a serious and adult and thoughtful register means kind of wanting to scrub your brain and hide under a blanket after watching.


Jan. 28th, 2017 12:47 am
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This was in the supermarket dvd section, and I remembered vaguely intending to watch it for a couple of seasons now, and I've been reading Merlin fanfic and oh look it's him, so, I started watching.

It's about synthetic humanoids, androids, again. And some of them are concious, but they get bought and sold just like the others. And some of them are on the run.

So far I've watched two episodes, and it struck me as very British. But then it turns out to be a remake of something that didn't happen to be in English, so I guess it's not British. But what I meant was it's intelligent, thoughtful, with layered and nuanced characters, and a slow sort of plot. Or, as I felt, from certain angles, a whole lot of fuck all happens, and I got bored.

Which is embarrassing, obviously, because if you asked me what I want from my science fiction I'd probably say something about the social impact of robot replacements would be just the thing, but as it turns out I want tidy slices of problem presented and solved once an hour, preferably involving blowing stuff up.


But it's not just boredom, I was uncomfortable watching it. It was trying to make me feel uncomfortable. Because it's very little about the singularity and advanced technology and suchlike, and a whole lot about the shit humans do to each other, specifically how they/we treat low wage workers. Or there was a whole section about the NHS sending a carer robot in and it deciding it was the boss and make him take meds and decide what food and it could restrain a dude and stop him getting out of bed at night. So it's about how people treat people they've stopped thinking of as people, but as a cog in a transaction, or a faulty part. Disability and class.

From a science fiction point of view it's not doing anything new with that yet, but it's only episode two. It has taken a plenty creepy enough tour of the crappy ways people will treat human looking people who don't fight back, or to their mind don't have the right to.

Don't know as I'm looking forward to watching any more. Might go back to superheroics instead.
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I have watched the other two discs of season one, and I end as I began : it hasn't grabbed me, but I'll keep watching, cause it's pretty much okay.

It was a lot less twists and a lot more fair play clues than I figured, which leaves less to figure out, and somewhat removes tension at certain key moments. Also familiarity with certain other texts, as well as general genre savvy, let me guess episode thirteen pretty much from the get go, as in anticipate all the beats. At which point if it were a book I'd have checked on the last page, because the journey got boring.

... which shouldn't happen. Just knowing the plot shouldn't spoil watching the characters. But they're not that interesting to me.

I do like that the guys are kind of useless and wanky while the women get stuff done. I don't like that the gender balance is still skewed male, and the android is only intermittently involved even. I do like how the white guys get fixated on each other like it's some epic key to everything and then... well, I like how that goes with them so far.

I like that Two just sleeps with people because she wants to, I don't like One or Three enough to respect her taste in that.

I like Three's wardrobe, but maybe with Six's coat.

... I'm finding the worldbuilding and characterisation really thin, I'm not bothered with trying to figure out the tech level because it's clearly not going to matter, tech will do what they tell it to and will not be the point.

Given that they all wake up blanked and that memory transfer and partial additions to memory is plenty possible, what with the alternate travel method, we've got a Dollhouse problem, again. Exploring what would remain if all the episodic memory were gone, what blank would even mean if it's a person, nature and nurture, all that stuff. And of course a potential apocalypse and override on everyone. Again. Is TV obsessed with that lately or have I just hit a run of it?

I'm disatisfied with their answers though.

And some of the actions and reactions are plain irrational, especially Read more... )

The whole thing suffers from me watching it right after Killjoys, which did grab me, gave me plenty of character in my characters, had a kick arse lady (once again fighting primarily for the right to have her own personality, what is with this, ugh), and did far more interesting things with tech and worldbuilding. Also used some of the same actors, locations, and corporate logos. And just made Dark Matter look limp. Sorry. It would probably have stood up better with even a week between them.

I like Dark Matter well enough, but, I don't love it, and the times it feels too much like an rpg where the players haven't read the worldbook are the times it least grabs me.

you're so busy finding things out a bit after they've happened that the tension gets weird, the significance comes in retrospect, it's... odd.

also there are several points where the crew or any one of the crew only survive because the bad guys are deeply stupid in the stay and gloat tradition. I mean, obviously there are people who will keep their enemies around so they can hurt them some more, but if that's what gives the crew enough loophole to live, it's kind of unsatisfying.

... I sound like I disliked it. I didn't dislike it, I just... wasn't enthralled.
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I watched the first disc, the first five episodes.
I'm... not hooked.
So it's about half a dozen people who wake up without their memories.
That means they want the audience to be playing detective games too. Which means we'll be wrong if we think we know things. And which presents the characters as puzzles, rather than as people to identify with or, you know, like.
Plus I keep feeling squirmy of something like embarrassment and anxiety, because these characters are crashing around the universe blind, they'd probably know as much useful stuff if they were ported in from this universe, and they probably are doing things their earlier selves wouldn't agree with.
So, it's not a comfortable viewing experience.
But it is interesting.

Plus they have three whole women on the crew, and four men, with a mix of ethnicities. And the show is thrifty, they spend a lot of time with just the main cast in their spaceship. So we get women talking to each other. Which beats baseline. So there's stuff to like.

I just feel off balance along with the characters.

Plus I keep dropping out of the story because the whole thing feels like a vaguely cyberpunk rpg campaign. Corporations, androids, mercs, waking up with memories wiped, a ship they haven't fully explored, it just seems like a game setup. Which would have a different set of goals and expectations to a story we're just going to get told.

All in all, I'm not quite into it.

But I'll watch the rest of it, so, near enough.

Also it suffered a teensy because I've seen two versions two days in a row that one episode where Read more... )
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Have finished watching season one of Killjoys.
Have also looked up when season two is out on dvd and sulked a bit.

They're putting together some proper Story there.

The down sides remain, for me, in that there's not enough women, too many white people, pretty much predictable results for black men, and really a lot of internal organs where you wouldn't want them.

But it starts out with this kick arse premise - bounty hunters who get to go anywhere for the warrant - and then gets proper political about how a system could get there and how that would work out for everyone.

And I like how everything clicks together.

I'm not sure about what the tech level is meant to be. Like, Read more... )

Okay so that sounds like I'm annoyed with it, but it's more like I like the world enough I'm tying to get a grip on it, and it seems slippery. To the point I can't guess much what might happen next, because with the tech we've seen it should be game over already, so I don't know how they'll get out of it.

But I want to see.


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