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Dreamed I was with Team Torchwood, minus Gwen, and they all thought I was great and part of the team etc
Clearly something was up
but I'm not Adam cause I'm not creepy
and also everyone seemed to be having a nice time and be happy and stuff
... so, yeah, something was up.

Turns out that in a 'verse with psychic monsters that feed on pain and fear and nightmares, somewhere that has a something that can be pulled out of people to feed on either eternally or for a really long time, there's a niche in the ecosystem for ones that feed on happiness.

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Torchwood heaven.

A farm for making everyone Jack cares about as happy as possible for as long as possible, so a psychic parasite can eat it.

That seems to work.
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Today I listened to 1.04 One Rule, 1.05 Uncanny Valley, and 1.06 More than This.

1.04 and 1.05 were solid in their ways, though two dead gay guys in a row is not really what I was hoping for, even knowing the source text. Writing gay people and killing gay people do not have to be the same thing. Except for when your stories are so economical with their characters that everybody gets killed at least once. At that point things get depressing.

1.06 needs trigger warning for suicide, and yet ended on that grey morning sort of hope that Torchwood does best. Of the three it was clearly the best. And I loved the setup, that Torchwood needs planning permission so they need to explain to the planning guy exactly what Torchwood does. After that it's a lot of running around Cardiff and just when you think it's a romp it goes all serious in the exactly right degree. And then after the end music, the last funny. It's the mix of tones and the SF in the everyday that Torchwood does best. So I liked it best.

1.04 did its share of running around Cardiff too, but the cover character is pretty definitely a bad guy, so it does not turn out well for anyone. Vivid characters, well drawn, rather dark.

1.05 I keep turning over to try and decide what I think of it. For a start the cover seems misleading, since it's not quite what's inside, but there's angles where it's commentary instead, which is a bit interesting. Read more... ) a very Torchwood story that I don't really see any other show doing in quite this way. It's doing some very SF stuff that make the layers where it ties in to the Torchwood arc seem a bit of a distraction from the interesting bits, yet they make sense in the plot.

And Jack being Jack he's going to get dead so he can do his party trick, that's kind of what he's for.

... but I still can't like stories where everyone is queer and dead. That's just...

So Uncanny Valley mostly just bothers me.

But it's a proper story that uses all of its parts effectively in both an SF and Torchwood way.

More Than This is better.

But having listened to the whole first season now, Fall to Earth is best, and not just because Ianto. Though also because Ianto.

I'll happily get the next season of Big Finish Torchwood audios.

... but I'll be careful about my mood before listening to them, because they do get dark.
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The Torchwood audios jump around in time rather, so this one is Gwen and Rhys five years after the Miracle, and their back and forth is proper revealing. There's also Jack as you've never seen/heard him, and to interesting effect; I think I like what it says about him, and the possibilities opened up. Good mix of funny and sudden epic serious. Plus an ending that's only kind of a downer, which most weeks is the best Torchwood can manage.

I kept getting distracted thinking about how much fun this sort of thing would be for actors. The cast list says something like 'other parts played by the cast' and they are not kidding.

Also I liked the use of Welsh, and the lack of it being the indicator of Something Very Wrong.

Gwen was never my favourite character (by rather a lot) but I can listen to Gwen & Rhys like this quite happily.

Plus I'm liking the audios cause I can get on with other stuff while they're on. Had forgotten that while I was using the headphones, being tethered to the computer is less useful. Must remember to play them via the TV more often... or get computer speakers that can actually plug in to my current setup.
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I read this because the local library is not oversupplied with F&SF. It's a Torchwood novel from after I stopped wanting to watch Torchwood. It features Gwen, Rhys, and a series of nightmares about dead team mates. And Gwen was never my favourite. To put it mildly. So I was never tempted to read this one.

It turns out to be surprisingly good. I mean, given that I didn't like any of the elements of the setup, I was surprised, but it was good. Engaging, funny, full of the tiny grimy details that make Torchwood feel more real and local than the standard SF fare.

It's set right around the time Gwen's baby gets born. The whole 'children do mind control' thing is unsubtle, is in fact spelled out clearly at several points, but is on occasion hilarious. Read more... )

Very Torchwood.

I liked it, enough to remember why I liked Torchwood.
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I opened this window to post and then mum phoned and asked me all about the weekend so an hour later:
Still home from the Hub :-)

That was fun. Three nights of dancing, some conversations, lots of guest encounters, lots of taking notes, watching talks, screenings, and a quiz. Many LOLs. Couple of photographs. And some being in the lift with guests. Quite a lot of that actually, I seem to have got on a synchronised schedule. I think I even made appropriate conversation noises when addressed. Or near enough.

Absolutely definitely more fun than staying home would have been, which was all I wanted out of the weekend.

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I didn't find much edible at the hotel though, so now I need to eat.

And then sleep.
I don't think I've slept more than four hours a night, and I couldn't sleep past 0630 at all at all.
After staying up until after the party ended at 0130.

Catching up on reading list logically should wait.
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The schedule for Hub 8 is up
and there's not so many talks, but there's plenty many extra Guest Encounters. Which is like talks where there's less people in the room and there's having a chat.
... so I'm wondering, how few of us are there, that they can fit us in with all the guests in reasonable sized groups?

I booked on Saturday and my ticket has come through Standard 52.
There's probably lots of Gold and Silvers as well though.

I must think up some good questions if we're doing chatty things.
I know what questions I always think of to ask writers, only I know there's no good answers apart from 'write good stuff and then write more of it'.

... oh dear, I'm going to have to very not think about my Rhodri stories that I've got all bunnies for and a world sketched out. Because nobody else at all wants to know. Even if in my head Rhodri is played by Kai Owen.
... it's worse than remembering not to be boring about fanfic, it's not even same fandom.

But I have been watching Torchwood eps so I should have things to say about them.
(It's socially weird to go meeting actors when you've been watching them wander around naked and have sex. I mean, mostly that's not data you have about people who don't know you back. Weird.)

I have started on season 2. I skipped Sleeper because I don't think I'm going to get to watch all the eps by tomorrow evening. I'll skip Adam too. There's good stuff there, but almost everyone's out of character. And I'm going to fast forward through bits of Reset because there's less story than time.

Captain John Hart: Always fun.

Ways I can tell I still care about these characters: It's weirdly painful watching Tosh admit she worried Tommy would see her get old. Wouldn't have happened.
And Ianto knows it.

Jack/Ianto kissing <3 <3 <3

... coherence, I no has it...
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I finished rewatching Torchwood season 1.

I have nothing new to say about it, because it is as I watched over and over already. Is still good.

Captain Jack Harkness <3

Though still Toshiko's plans are not quite with the sense making.

Mostly though just all the <3 <3 <3

End of Days... much as I love watching everyone fall apart, and the tearful reunions at the end, the bit in the middle with the chewitt monster Abaddon is just impossible to take seriously. Read more... )

I like Torchwood as television, but if these are the people one must rely on to save the earth, there is only fear and *facepalm*.

Still, it's ridiculous how much time I spend with them in my head, half a decade later.
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That was more interesting than I remember. Not the fight club per se, Owen and Gwen.
Read more... )

Torchwood are not the good guys. Way too messed up.

But they're the ones that turn up and try.

All things considered I'm not sure that's quite a good thing though.
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I skipped the shoes one. I'm fairly sure I've skipped the shoes one ever since first broadcast.

Being bored of Gwen makes watching a bit difficult. Read more... )

It's also a bit hard to like Gwen when you like Rhys.

Torchwood season 1 has a lot of times nobody looks good but it's sprinkled with shiny times for everyone.
... when was Gwen's?
... and why am I so sulkily against her this time, when she were fine other times I watched?
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I was going to skip Countrycide but then when I did I was :-( so I decided to watch it after all.

I like how it used the camera things that usually mean 'scary monster we're saving for the first scream break' to play on audience's expectations. And they're putting the team through their paces, like with Cyberwoman they trap them among all their toys and see what happens, and this time they strip the toys away. Except for Jack's, because his gun and his wrist thing are always with him.
... they don't do so very well without tech.

... Torchwood are a bunch of idiots. I mean, it's not just Owen, it's all of them. I know they don't know they've walked into the wrong genre, but even accounting for that. And Gwen... how is it she's supposed to have been a police officer but human evil messes with her head? Humans are creeps. Surely the police know that?

Also, Gwen is so socially useless. Read more... )

Greeks Bearing Gifts: That really didn't make any sense at all.
Read more... )

I think I said ages ago how I'd fix the episode and be themey about Torchwood at the same time: Mary isn't the prisoner, she's the guard. Read more... )

So next is They Keep Killing Suzie, and Gwen is new and improved depths of useless.

Torchwood in season 1 were not the good guys. Read more... )

Got to love team Torchwood.
Makes you feel good about your own potential in the face of such things.
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Since I decided to go to the Hub next weekend I've started rewatching Torchwood. I've only got the first two seasons on DVD but that's because I'd only want to watch the first two seasons, so that works out.
The subtitles are quite a bit wrong on Cyberwoman. I'm not sure about the others, but I've done a transcript from the TV version for Cyberwoman and I know which version I believe. And it's character changing stuff, not just trivia. Very irritating.
Also my discs keep doing that thing where it freezes for a second and then picks up again, and I don't know if it misses a second or three around there or if it just be slow.

But: Cyberwoman.
That is a beautiful bit of TV.
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So, anyway, I'm skipping the one with the fairies because I can't remember anything particularly shiny about it. So now I'm trying to decide watch or skip with Countrycide. On the one hand, another strong episode, plenty of character stuff. On the other, it always creeps me out. I need my layer of distance, and F&SF metaphor is it. Creepy things humans actually do are a whole genre I try and avoid.


Also today I have read an entire book on The Cabinet of Dr Caligari. Granted, it was a BFI Film Classics book and really tiny, but I totally read it. What I mostly learned from it is there's a big argue about the film and who thought of doing what and when and who kept the rights after. So any other book that has one coherent version of what happened has picked and chosen its sources. Which is useful to know, but doesn't tell me much about who to believe. Still, it's interesting to read.
... now I'm imagining a DVD commentary track from these people. It don't sound like you could have got more than three of them in the same room at a time without a bust up. Possibly only two. If that.

Modern texts have a whole ton of interesting extras. But the more I study texts people have thoroughly poked the behind the scenes story of, the more I am sure the whole story never can get told, because everyone has different ones and they evolve. Is interesting.

The Hub 8

Apr. 5th, 2012 10:32 pm
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Is anyone going to The Hub 8?
Guests include Kai Owen and Gareth David Lloyd, and some other people from the first two seasons.
It's next weekend.
I got an email about it, a tickets are still available please go sort of email.
This is going to be the last Torchwood convention from Massive Events.
So I was thinking, I may as well go.
But I don't know if anyone else at all is.
Can't be many, if it's stopping.

Torchwood fandom has been acting like canon closed years ago. Winding down for ages.

So now I have to decide before next weekend if I want to go party.
At an event that as far as I can see hasn't announced the party themes.
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I went to the shops :-)
I nearly tripped over a stringy branch bit :-(
I telled the customer desk about it, because it's their path, even though its probably silly to say :-/
I ordered hot food :-)
Only one egg went on the receipt so only one egg arrived to eat :-(
(plus the beans and hash browns that I usually have :-) )
Also the plate was small and food kept escaping :-(
Then I went around the shop and bought all the things on the list :-)
Including loo roll, cause I wrote it on my hand :-)
But not apple lattice things, because I asked and they said they don't make them any more, only big pies :-(
now I am home :-)

On balance a :-)

Torchwood Miracle Day was shelved with the Comedy Chart
... *blinks* LOLs???
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I have read more about the aired episodes of Torchwood that I have not watched yet.
And I just deleted it from my recorder box. All gone bye bye done.
... which, given the thing never actually would record it, may be mostly a symbolic gesture, but clearly it was trying to protect me, so I like it still.

I read a thing on that crystalised my feeling this season has changed genres. It compared the first couple of seasons, which I liked, with the most recent, and said the first couple were about monsters and this one is about humans.

I watch science fiction and fantasy because humans already scare the crap out of me.
I'd rather watch monsters, and see them dealt with by the end of the episode.
If that's just not going to happen, I'm not going to watch.
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Okay, so I can't sleep and I'm having a bad brain day, and my brain has decided to chew over Torchwood.
This was on the list of reasons I didn't start watching this season.
Sometimes I should listen to me.

Spoilers for Miracle Day up to ep 3.
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I need to get my brain a new track. I've tried listening to music and reading stuff but my brain remains unhelpful.

Since CoE I have spent a truly ridiculous amount of time and brain space going over the whole thing and thinking on where+when I, if I had time travel, and lived in the appropriate universe, knowing what I know, would intervene to make everything turn out different. It's not a one point intervention. Read more... )

Of course I do know this is nuts. I mean, I'm in this universe. I can stop thinking about this. Any time now. Really.

... then my brain will pick another groove. I don't know which yet, I just know it always has something to chew on.

I get fed up of stories which just kill people and make their lives miserable. that's easy. that's the problem you set up at the start of the story. The tricky story, the good one, the ones we need quite often, that's the story of how to keep people alive and well and happy. Just stating the problem is rubbish. I want to fix things.

... I'm not very good at fixing things.
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I watched two more of Torchwood.
I watched them on fast forward and I'm still bored.
I did slow it down a couple of times to watch Jack have conversations, so I still like Jack, but I'm pretty sure I could watch Jack in re-runs and know him just as well by now.
Also the pictures that should be pretty keep bugging me with the lighting and colors. I don't even know why. I definitely don't know why it bugs me. They just all look weird all the time. and they did something to Gwen's hair. and I think Jack is using a different color dye. And I'd quite like to quit noticing now.

So, spoilers
Read more... )

I just now watched two episodes but I feel like I can't remember enough plot for one.

Read more... )

I miss Jack.

After watching two hours of his show.


PS: Read more... )
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I'm only on episode one but it's still spoilers.
and I think I've figured out why everyone looks different. The lighting is different, the colors are different, I don't know why, but it's making everyone look weirdly photoshopped. And it's bugging me.
Read more... )

So, funnily enough, I was right the first time: I do not like RTD's writing, I do not like his idea of plots, I do not like this new 'Torchwood' with all the Torchwood-y bits taken out.
... now I have watched the first episode I will almost certainly watch more, because I'm stupid like that.
... the BBC will consider this Job Done. Drat, there's a reason to illegally download it if ever I heard one...
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You know what's not helpful? Having developed a tendency to giggle whenever Ianto says 'Lisa'. *facepalm*

Lots of spoilers: Read more... )

So I was all blah blah, yada yada, blah blah, thought I would be bored...
and then I pretty much quoted all the last bit.

So I'd say the ending worked. Really quite a lot.

... unfortunately, now there is no more. This was why I was saving them up and rationing them. All done now.

*hugs Ianto*

So for themes from these three audios we have: Read more... )
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that was good. I want to listen again. :-) Read more... )

So that was a proper well done audio adventure with proper Torchwood in it.


In other news, my recorder box has apparently taken against Torchwood Miracle Day. I set it to record. It's still set to record. It's just it doesn't seem to think there's anything to record. It's got the light grey of 'still looking for something that matches' same like it has for recording Doctor Who, rather than the bright little red clock of 'hey, you pressed the record button, and we noticed!' I did too leave it so it had the red clock, but apparently on the relevant night it decided it did not. So. In other years that might be a problem. This year it's on the iPlayer with 2 months still to go, so I can take my time about it. We live in the future.

Still don't know if I want to watch it.

Do want to listen the next audio adventure now though.
but if I do that I run out of audio adventures.
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Jack, Gwen, and Ianto. I have hopes of a happy.

Read more... )

bored now.

let's hope it got them in good practice to do the other two plays, cause the writing on this one gave nobody much to work with and fizzled to nothing.

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I've been reading about the basic premise and I'm worried what the basic message will be. Read more... )
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Kai Owen reads this but Rhys barely features. It's much more the ordinary sort of audiobook with a narrator who isn't in the story and is doing all the voices. So it's not as cool as Ghost Train.

Character stuff is also a bit thin. Weirdly less character revealing than the comedy bits in Ghost Train.

But the plot is nice and creepy. And everyone gets some investigating and some action and some relationship stuff. Plus I like the use of the economic background, the store in administration. Sets it in geography and time.

I like when it keeps finding inventive ways to kill Jack again. It's like road runner. He's not the road runner.

I also like Jack/Ianto and menswear ;-)

Only average, but a solid average.
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This was a bit brilliant.
Most audio books, even when they get one of the actors to narrate, have a sort of detached narrator voice to go between the reported speech. This one was read by Kai Owen, and it was Rhys telling us a story. And it is so much fun. There are places where the SF reader/listener is going to be ahead of Rhys, and that's part of the fun.
I am so sleepy right now. I wrote this review in my head right after I'd listened but that was six hours ago. Mostly I'm remembering 'fun'.

This was set before Children of Earth, so the team is Jack, Ianto, Gwen and Rhys. Everyone gets their turn talking to Rhys and we get his views of them.

The major relationship is of course Rhys/Gwen, and we get a lovely Rhys-eye view on what it's like being married to a Torchwood agent. The Rhys view on Torchwood's Cardiff is great comedy, mixed with him dealing with his concern for his wife, and him knowing and being mostly content with being the bloke who doesn't save the world. I love how his version of Torchwood saving Cardiff has all these everyday details built in like what it does to the traffic, and how his expertise and local knowledge drags him in to the story sideways.

... this one is his story. So guess who gets to save the world...

Other relationships: Ianto is in a lot of the story, and Ianto/Jack is threaded all through it. Plus hints of Jack/Rhys and Ianto/Rhys. Read more... )

The plot was great, with an excellently tangled how do they get out of this cliffhanger at the disc change, iirc. ... I didn't stop for more than a moment at the disc change. I stopped a bit when the fire alarm went off at college, so unexpected delay there, but the story didn't suffer any for it. I wanted to know what happened next even when I was pretty sure what would happen next. And plenty often it surprised me, or did an extra flourish I hadn't anticipated.

I thought everyone was fun and in character, and Rhys was brilliant. Plus I liked all the voices, this time not as much for the skill in imitation but for hearing Rhys doing the voices. It's properly him in character knowing he's doing the voices - there's a bit where he stops and says he can't keep doing that voice and sums up instead :-)

Conclusion: 5 stars will listen again.

I'd still like an audio play but this one voice version made a virtue of its limitations.
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I am being notably less crazy. I am burning some of my crazy to DVD and then I'm going to delete it from the hard drive.

At Redemption last weekend I ended up talking about Children of Earth, and I said all the same usual things I said online and at the pub many times before, and somewhere in there I realised, I just don't particularly care any more. It's not that my objections stopped being true, it's just somewhen they stopped being personally important. One more TV show ate the parts I actually liked about it. Boom. *shrugs* It happens.

I suspect it's kind of like after the break up when you realise that whole relationship is filed firmly in the History folder.

So I'm burning CoE to DVD and deleting it (Day 5 un-rewatched) from the recorder box.

... Yes, I've had it on the recorder box saying 'New' ever since. I did mention this was a portion of crazy.

It's kind of sad though, because it's not that I got okay with what happened to Torchwood, it's that I stopped caring about actually on the TV Torchwood. This leaves me one fewer thing to look forward to. Though it has been pointed out to me it is possible to like some parts and not others, I will not be watching until I've read a lot of other opinions and as many spoilers as I can get hold of. The trust is gone. The excitement is long since vanished.

2 episodes on disc, 3 more left to do.

in more physical junk type news I have cleaned out the corner where the DVDs live completely :-)
I immediately filled it up with the big plastic boxes full of Stuff, including my recorded DVDs and my Doctor Who Stuff collection. They had been forming a room divider. now they're in the corner I can actually get at the paperwork collection.

... the paperwork collection is deeply daunting.

I still have nowhere to put the big box of plastic weapons (what, most people don't have a sword collection?) I guess I'll shove it back in the bedroom while the electrician is here.

I've moved the shelves in the bedroom so there's room to move the plastic drawers. Now I either need to prop two corners up or break off the last two wheels. Then I can put all the plastic drawers back in and get instantly much more tidy.

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BFA 46 Flip Flop
Read more... )

and then I heard

BFA 47 Omega
Read more... )

Also I re-listened to Torchwood: The Dead Line, basically while I was doing the shopping. Ianto's speech to Jack is still really good. Mixes oddly with trying to remember your shopping list though.

I miss Torchwood. I miss being all excited about Torchwood. I have successfully repressed Children of Earth but that just makes it a really extra long time since there was actual Torchwood. *sigh*


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