Apr. 22nd, 2019 04:36 pm
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Today mum and my brother visited and we ate foods and then watched Aquaman.

Aquaman is plenty good. Whoosh and boom... or sploosh and crunch. Visually very imaginative and impressive.

But I liked best that he won by Read more... )

I liked many parts of this film and the story and the spectacle supported each other and it did a grand job of making a whole alien world that's just under water.

Also it's one superhero movie with a good answer for why he just doesn't ask his superhero friends: they can't breathe down there. He has a whole world of his own. Pretty cool.

I am very impressed that they made me impressed and invested in an Aquaman movie when I've been reading comics and being a DC fan for so long and just, like, barely paid him any mind. That sounds mean but I mean, whatever wasn't working for me before, they've fixed it. Pretty cool.

So that was a pretty good day.
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Today turned out to be mostly sleep
but I did read some fic off a rec.
I think it was labelled fantasy AU but that mostly meant they were climbing mountains and dodging arrows so it was sparse on worldbuilding.
It also was short enough it probably mostly relied on resonance with canon, because without having seen Teen Wolf it was just, like, two guys huddle for warmth then kiss then shag then magic married. Fair enough.

But I went looking for something longer with more to get my teeth into

and I think I either need a guide or to learn the magic words for filtering things out
because after applying all my usual Do Not Wants so only no archive warnings apply, and then choosing long finished english fics, all the top ones were like human au? so i filtered those out, and then they're college au? so I filtered those out, and now it's always a girl variations on top of the list. so I filtered those out and... these aren't tagged au but do not greatly resemble what I have read about the show... or they are tagged but how do you get rid of a/b/o fics when the fandom canonically has Alphas?
So now I have not chosen a thing to read.

and without watching the show in the first place it seems like aus shouldn't be a problem, but if the au is college, coffee, everyone is human, or some kind of arranged marriage thing with abo mpreg, I feel like I could read that in fandoms where I have a mental image to go with the names.

Also, I do not want to read about teens, dear self, why are you even?
Because I do want to read about found family pack.

... I also wouldn't mind reading found family superheroes but I feel like lately there's actually been more straight up divorce fic or stories about how one of them is abusive.
and I don't want to tell anyone what to write but it seems to me people looking in the tag for / are not looking for fics where they abuse or divorce each other.
too many statements of problem, ongoing lack of finding fixes for problems.

so reading was frustrating today
and whatever it is I'm looking for from fic I am looking for in whole new fandoms, which is kind of a bad sign, when I have so many pages of marked for later that ought to be a happy place already.

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The fic I'm reading at the moment is fun because they are just
so bad
at being a human
so so bad
it makes me feel that even I with my limited social skills could make helpful suggestions
and it is Relatable.

Also they are still getting along plenty well enough, they like each other fine, even though they cannot human outside a work context and possibly not even then
so that is Encouraging.

Plus there was a whole section where they shopped carefully for date clothes with the right Texture
which makes sense.

So I'm liking it so far.
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I watched Infinity War
that is just a bad movie.

The way it was filmed and framed and all only made sense if we're meant to give a damn about Thanos having feelings
like, we get multiple moments that should be about fallen heroes or something and we are instead watching his face
and it's... junk. I mean, his argument for doing the thing is junk. That should go without saying. He is a bad guy doing a bad thing, and we don't care if it hurts his feelings.
So the movie is garbage.

Also, I was bored. Actively, wandered away to get snacks, stopped half way through for a while, bored.

Read more... )

I realise I've seen all the spoilers and all the crit on tumblr and I'm echoing a lot of the negative opinions here, and I guess the film makers were really invested in people seeing the movie without spoilers, so they'd say that would be a different experience. But that wouldn't answer the problem I had with it, because I wasn't expecting it to be bad in the specific ways it was bad, that still surprised me.

Also it's not just the specific plot that pissed me off, if they want to tell a story about superheroes screwing up then this was certainly one they could tell, everyone had feelings at mostly plausible moments. It's just how it was told, it seems like the writers like Thanos? And think he made any tiny bit of sense?

Which is garbage.

So this film was boring nonsense.

And this is meant to be the set up of the payoff of ten years work?


I sound mad about it but I'm mostly not? Like, this was boring, it was mean, and I had known that in advance.

If I had the stones and had concerns about finite resources I would not answer them this way. I would start with like ringworlds and other such stellar engineering meant to harness the maximum amount of energy, and then see if we ran out of space in the next few million years. Maybe use the time and soul stones to bring a bunch of people back and do that thing where you put people from different years down next to each other with enough space for them each to live on and end up with a timeline all living at once. That seems interesting. Answer the big purple idiot with a more efficient use of resources and demonstrate exactly how much more room we have.

It's so very boring to get power on that scale and use it for killing. You can do that without it. Why bother?


I am not currently thinking I need a ticket for Endgame.

Kind of sad I spent money on this one.
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Today I listened to all four parts of Doom Coalition 2.
My attention span only really lasted for three of them, but the fourth had River Song so I tried listening regardless. I think it was a pretty good one but I'd gone all distracted and fiddly so I should probably have saved it for another day and may relisten to it later.

Things I like about these sets: The Doctor is positively surrounded by women, and they talk to each other a lot, about adventures and saving the day and such.
Things I do not like: The bad guys have mental health problems, and this is what makes them bad. Read more... )

So I liked the stories plenty, but I should take a break between discs and not plan a four hour listen in future.

On the plus side I got many dragon things done in Flight Rising, so that was nice.
... I'm kind of bored of Flight Rising too, the Coliseum gets boring when you've got optimised dragons to play with, but I did win a really expensive battle stone today, so that was good. And my Toni dragon is level 19 now. ... though I'm feeling like teh build is out of character because I just have been using the optimised numbers Mark III and Mark V have, and really a Tony Stark type should be an Intelligence build, even if those don't seem to work as well because Eliminate is so decisive. Oh well.

Doctor Who and dragons: A good day.
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Had a dream that was mostly a lot of running around trying not to get killed by, for instance, stairs or the wires making elevators work. That was kind of tiring.

But there was also a thing with a woman and her boyfriend of four years, and they're on a train in a compartment with no strangers around, and he just asks her where she goes. And she can't tell, it's classified, so he starts telling her, about the other worlds all around us. How many are there? And she sort of gives up, tells him a tiny bit, and says it's complicated. The absolute minimum on any area they've ever found is 8 other dimensions.

Read more... )

I guess if a world has a simple system where one gate leads to one other realm, you wonder why people don't just use it. Temporal differences are a good reason but still. Making it so there's at minimum a rainbow of options, and humans have to learn how to navigate it by some kind of synesthetic perception unique to each traveller? That's not a transit route, but it could be an adventure.

I'd rather make it an adventure with no possession and far fewer dead people, but, that's the difference between dreams and writing, once awake I am in charge...
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Today I have done all the Cleaner Day tasks, but stopped the dryer because it is making Noises. I do not think it should growl. Might be a problem.

I have also been watching Killjoys. It's a show I enjoy while I'm watching but then stop thinking about once it is done, which is kind of sad because it has many interestings. Like, this season I'm watching cast a whole bunch of disabled actors to play cyborgs, which is definite progress. And an interesting story, even if not very woven in with the rest yet. I'm interested in seeing where the show goes, but not invested. So it's fun. And I think I'm like a season behind even once I finish the DVDs I've got, so that's more to look forwards to.

I'd say I'm still more of a fan of Agents of SHIELD even though I keep meaning to quit it, because I spend more time thinking about it, even if only to organise my arguments to tell everyone off for, like, everything. I still care enough to think of fixits. Is just frustrating when tv has a different idea so persistently.

I should write my own stuff, obviously.

... I have been so annoyed for so long I don't so much have stories as lectures. Loud, tired, lectures. So. Not optimal. yet.
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The hibernal den unlock slots is successfully making me spend way more time on flight rising, trying to get the weird assortment of things that are worth a slot.
I'm not sure it's fun, and yet, I keep doing.

I have room for my entire Iron Man collection, the Avengers I've successfully bred so far, and about 30 more slots I've not filled.

I am breeding so many dragons. so many. in an attempt to make Captain Marvel, Dr Strange, and Bruce Banner / Hulk. I have a hulk but is a girl and Eldritch not Radioactive, so I'm working on a few different aspects there. Captain Marvel is definitely getting close, and Dr Strange has a good start.

If I'm going to keep using the hibernal den I'll have to figure out how. Right now it's like exhibition collection dragons for keeping, but I have so many spaces, I think I need to figure out if I can leave dragons there to wait until they can eggs again, and if so on what schedule.

I also need to sell more dragons faster, or just actually exalt some.

... I'm still not sure this game is fun...
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Today I listened to
Doctor Who Doom Coalition 1
but I don't really have many thoughts about it.

It did that thing again where the characters are put in peril by *seeing* a thing, but we are on audio so we're safe. which is boring and not tense.

also two stories in a row featured blind characters but somehow there was no connection.

I like 8 but that's the main thing this set has going for it.

Also I'm using a new computer and I'm not impressed with the battery life. I had to plus in before the end of the third disc. Not many hours.
The screen is lovely but if that's the trade off I'd rather go back to low res I can use all day.
Still. Shiny.

I have an ereader and I must figure out how to use it soon. That's supposed to last ages.

Today is okay.
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Cleaner day was good.

Agents of SHIELD is depressing.
I know I keep deciding to stop watching it but then it's in the shop and now I'm four discs in to the season with the time travel.
Read more... )
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Woke up wondering what the bathrooms are like in Starfleet.

Because dream Q asked me to take his dog to go, and it seemed like a truly multi species facility must have an appropriate corner. Admiral Archer managed, after all.

But bathrooms are not a good topic, so speculation moved on.

A boarding school is not a bad place to stash an alien asylum seeker, especially one who appears to be an unaccompanied asylum seeker, and if so was a child soldier. Turlough got treated as well as the children of the local ruling class, it's just the way the local ruling class treat their children is... like that.

But a boarding school with an ex UNIT man in charge (now with a stubborn lack of memory of some of the key facts)(or possibly a suspicious one, if Torchwood were involved), well, that's a pretty good start. Could end up like the Wayward Children books, everyone from different worlds, waiting for their doorway home. Or to learn to integrate well enough to graduate.

Though boarding school teachers have a certain degree of room for eccentricity in a controlled environment too...

Don't think I have any boarding school stories to tell right now though. Or adventures in multi species bathroom design...
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If Mr Freeze was in Pathfinder then his quest to acquire diamonds would make perfect sense as a way to save his wife.

Read more... )

I haven't really grasped what Pathfinder expects about wealth though, or how permanent death is expected to be. If it's a quick trip to the nearest temple, or a spell one of the party has probably learnt, that's a different world. I mean you can reasonably expect to make it to 9th level in a game, the Adventure Paths can go through level 20. But compare that to fantasy stories and it's so massively more powerful. I mean having casually raising the dead be a feat you manage like half way through an adventure is... a lot.

Legends of Tomorrow gets an entire season arc out of wanting to bring a dead loved one back repeatedly. In Pathfinder, they'd have to be pretty cheap to not be able to do it like *snaps fingers*.

That's just a very different approach to storytelling.

... I think I prefer having to arrange epic heists to get the diamonds for a dead loved one before the deadline. Lots of motivation.

So I was thinking about what Pathfinder!Eobard could to, after killing Nora Allen. Like, not what he would do, and not involving time travel, so not very Eo, obviously. But if he could kill someone, immediately regret it, and run to a temple to undo it, that's a very different life.

Though if the temple just let him there's not a whole lot of story in it...

Also it would be way harder to falsely convict Henry Allen in a world where Zone of Truth is a thing.

I think I want to find a group and go play rpgs again. I'm getting frustrated with the kind of stories that don't let me do anything to them. Nobody listens, always the same, very boring.

Give me Pathfinder and a route to becoming a deity, and then I can really get things done...
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I watched Venom and then read Rydra Wong's Walked Right Out Of The Machinery, and so now I have Thoughts about parasites and symbiotes and civilisation. Not on the whole new thoughts, but I thought I'd write them down again anyway, since I keep going silent around here.

Stargate set up the goa'uld to be very alien and very limited, in their unbonded forms. The Tok'ra were living with the same biology, but made different moral choices about what to do with it. The Venom parasite has different constraints, not least that it eats its hosts. And then there's Jadzia Dax, treated very differently than all of the above, since the Dax symbiote doesn't stay a seperate voice in the host, an old being taking over a new life, they just conjoin completely, becoming together an entirely new being, or so the legal argument went.

We don't know much about the reproductive biology of Trill symbionts, or at least I don't. I hear there's stuff in the comics about Venom and his lot, but I don't know it. And that's a bit frustrating because you can go from the goa'uld's biological constraints to explaining their whole society. ... no I don't know how much the writers intended, and I haven't watched canon recently, but still, thoughts can happen. Read more... )

The thing is, Stargate wrote goa'uld as profoundly limited, biologically speaking. Impaired, compared to humans. Limited senses, no fine manipulators, possibly even limited capacity for thought. They are utterly dependent on their hosts for most functions.

And then Stargate presented them as evil because of this.

Read more... )

What would be a fair arrangement, for two minds in a single body?

Answer that, preferably with an array of choices, and you've got a solution to the raised problem, rather than just a Biologically Evil Species.

True symbiosis, instead of parasites.

It's frustrating when the story doesn't want the same answers.

Just a more efficient war.

Of course another answer is what Baal did, to create more bodies that didn't have their own minds. Cloning technology opened up a whole new vista of possibilities for his species. Read more... )

Whether the symbiote needs the body or the mind of the host changes a lot about how they'd structure their society.

It's the difference between getting an exoskeleton and getting a friend, or teacher, or student.

The Tok'ra made a start, but they weren't great at it, and didn't take the symbiosis idea far enough. Individual, still not cultural. They could have magnified their ideas through far larger groups, but they were too constrained by secrecy to avoid being wiped out in that war.

... I feel like if they'd just bought a bunch of slaves and set up an experimental world somewhere they'd have done much better in the long run.

See the stories I'd tell, starting from the same biology, wouldn't so much be about the nukes and the shooting. That's the Problem. The solution is a lot about learning to be good neighbours, which means everyone getting their needs met. How they understand those needs is part of that. And they'd come up with a lot of different answers.

Read more... )

I haven't watched most of the source texts for this for a really long time. Rewatch long overdue. So I'm sure I'm missing or misrememering a bunch of stuff.

But I had a thought to take for a walk, about parasites and symbiotes and the societies you'd need to build to make those lives work for everyone in them.

They'd need to work out a balance of priorities so both species had freedom to pursue personal projects and could improve the conditions for their own species and their own children.

The human ideal of attachment to a small group or an individual presents a model for a healthy relationship between symbiont and host.

But potentially the goa'uld greater good of improving the environment for the support of all future generations could present a model to improve how humans manage their worlds too. I mean, if you wanted to write them that way. They'd changed their whole way of life and engineered civilisations to support a far lower infant mortality rate for future generations and spread from one world to many. That was all good stuff.

It was just unfortunate that by making it more comfortable for the individual goa'uld parasite they'd cut themselves off from the data source that could let them understand how to make the whole thing work for everyone.

It would be way more interesting to write about sorting out that civilisation and working through the rebuilding than it is to write just blowing it up. Blowing it up is the same every time, figuring out how to mesh very different sets of needs is different.

I should write stories some time.
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The other day at the dentist I saw a guy in the waiting room wearing a HYDRA lapel pin, a fancy metal one
and it is still annoying me.

I mean, fictional bad guys is fictional, I know that, but ffs ugh.

... I am a villain fan but not those villains. lawful evil only lightly reskinned from the worst times is just No.
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So I said while writing about the Omnibus that the JLI in my head is the good bits version. So I thought I'd write a bit about what that version is? Only, not meaning the 'edited highlights' version that was the source of it, just meaning, the bits that interest me about these characters, if I'm going to write about them now.

And writing about them now I'd be drawing on their whole history since then, but filtering it for stories as still need told.

The basic Justice League setup where they work within a formal framework of checks and balances, and draw steady pay and benefits for it, I like and would like to keep. No secret government offices engaged in coverups, just places any random walk in all over the world can visit if they're having the kind of problems only a superhero can help with.

The team in my head is

Beetle & Booster
Fire & Ice
Guy Gardner
Big Barda & Scott Free
J'onn J'onnz

And in all cases it's the personalities and relationships I find interesting, not the power sets.

Read more... )

So I just spent many, many words and about an hour writing only about Beetle and Booster. And there's so much more good stuff in having the whole team.

I mean if I was writing them now they'd end up Beetle/Booster, Fire/Ice with a whole Guy complication, Scott/Barda with Scott being a notably slight man and Barda being a very tall muscular woman. I'm not saying she's trans, but there are certain models of women we don't see so many of on TV. So it would be fun if they're trans, like, both of them, rewriting their own definitions, but it would also be fun if they're cis and just Like That.
But if they're trans, and the shapeshifter is genderfluid, then pretty much the whole team is LGBT?

Except Guy, but there's stories we can use for that. Read more... )

Wow that's an hour and a half of typing, I've covered five characters, and there's still more to go.

Scott and Barda are easy though, what I like about their relationship is summed up in a single image, where Barda is carrying Scott upstairs to bed, carrying him slung over her shoulder up the stairs in their little house in the suburbs. Read more... )

So that leaves J'onn, and I like the Supergirl version of him, but he's very different in the League. Read more... )

So that's pretty much two hours I've been typing and my fingers hurt.

And the League in my head are not as detailed as I thought. I pretty much can go on about Beetle and Booster and then... their friends, the Justice League. Eh, I could talk about Guy too. ... people with their own titles are easier to know than people in a team book? who knew?

But I like how I can tell a lot of stories with how they fit together, even if the only story I can think of for Fire and Ice is that they really like and support each other. I mean, how often do you even see that? Let alone with two women?

So this is what I like about the team in my head, a bunch of sets of partners that can fit together to be a team.

... the actual comics kind of didn't do that.

... the actual comics spent a lot of time on pranks and people being annoyed at each other.

Like, some of that, but mixed in with saving the world, and actually liking each other.

And I can't be having with comics time no more, it tells like two or three episodes a year, it's so sloooooow. They'd get through so much more story at TV speeds. I want to do that.

And also engage with the different attitudes to superheroics and authority that you definitely have in that team. Like, this incarnation work for the UN and within a legal framework, but you've got Guy who wants to ignore it, Booster who leaves it for more money, Fire who kind of infiltrates it? And Scott and Barda who came from a dictatorship and don't want to go back to one. That should all be interesting.

I want to think up meaty stories and then play with these people.

That would be interesting.
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Or, this time I'm definitely caught up.

My slightly epic backlog of unread magazines got finished, then this dropped through the door. Meaning more good reading :-)

Read more... )

Not sure any of this issue grabbed me. Quite a lot of dark and nasty. Not exactly my thing.

I don't know what I'm looking for from stories but it still isn't in this.
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Stross broke my brain again.

The Time Traveller's Almanac is a really big thick anthology, which I read very slowly because all the stories need thinking on. I would read one or two and go ponder them and come back when I thought I'd thought them through. Took a while.

Throughout these nearly thousand pages (big pages, smallish type) there are stories on a variety of scales, doing time travel from many different angles, showing civilisations and cities and towns and families are just one life. I like the love stories. And the settings range from very everyday, plus a bit of time travel, to some very weird.

So I get to the end of the book thinking I've read a sweeping selection of time travel fiction, and then, Stross broke my brain again.

Last time I read Stross' Accelerando and while from here I couldn't tell you the plot or characters I do recall feeling that science fiction as I can imagine it is far too human and far too small. The future is huge. And not only weirder than we think but weirder than I can think.

Palimpsest, by Charles Stross, does the same perspective vortex thing to me. The future is really ridiculously gigantically enormous. Time travel and it's consequences are enormous, and I have been thinking far, far too small.

I mean this story goes from the creation of the universe to when all the lights go out repeatedly.

*blinks a lot*

So the setup is Read more... )

So I read an entire huge anthology of time travel stories, and now only have something to say about the last one, which is making me stare at my own ideas and just... *sigh*

They should logically get so much more complicated. So much.

I mean it's hard enough to follow The Flash and Legends of Tomorrow, and they've just used time travel for a couple handfuls of characters for a handful of years. I have to draw it on a mental whiteboard and I'm pretty sure I can't make it all make sense as one timeline at the end anyway. Now imagine how much more complicated it would get if there were more players. More than that. More than that. And for a length of human history that makes the gap between here and the Legion be... like adjacent Green Lantern sectors.

Time travel would be... big, and complicated, and woah.

So that kind of mind, as long as I don't get depressed about it, is actually a pretty good way to end a book.

And a lot of the other stories were very plenty worth reading, I just didn't write them up as I went along, which in retrospect was a mistake because I've been reading this for months now. So. Some have faded in recollection even before they were eclipsed by the grand finale.

The Time Traveller's Almanac: The Ultimate Treasury of Time Travel Short Stories, Edited by Ann & Jeff Vandermeer
definitely recommended.
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I finished reading the JLI omnibus. Turns out the first month of comics I bought that turned into a regular collection was August 89, JLI going inside the mind of Blue Beetle, and the JLE where Metamorpho's wife comes back and seeing her new husband restores his memory. Turns out this omnibus ends very shortly after that. But the last few issues were what I remembered, international intrigue and big adventure mixed in with the bwahaha. So, maybe after that they save the world a lot.

There was a lot to like in this omnibus, but the good bits were not all the bits, and there's stuff I notice now that I skimmed over at the time. Like, feminist just means being angry when team sexually harasses them. Every man is the same kind of sleezy to every woman, unless they're married or Batman. Women happen in varieties flirty or angry or... sort of nothingy, like the writers can't words them if they're not doing either of those. Comedy is a male thing, apparently. Though to be fair so is whining continuously or having arguments about who is in charge. After Canary left women wore less, except for Barda. Barda gets armour, even though she can stand being blasted with a mega rod. Women who have no super healing or armour are running around in swimsuits with super high legs and necklines to the navel.

And yet, I liked it. I thought it was plenty feminist. Because women existed, and got to tell off guys for being that way, and fought just as hard as anyone else.

I am so happy we raised the bar. So. Happy.

... we can argue about how high later, but, some things are better.

I liked the characters, I liked the setup, I liked the comedy and how they had adventures too, but the version in my head tends to edit the adventure to comedy ratio quite a lot.

So as I have concluded many times, I should go write the version in my head, because this version is trapped in the late 80s forevermore.

But it was cool then.


Mar. 31st, 2019 05:49 am
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I have been rereading the old JLI omnibus
the good bits version in my head is much better than this.

Also I remember it as them making jokes while saving the world
but on reread I can understand the reading that says they aee the jokes
and that is annoying.

I have not yet caught up with the issues I was reading though, iirc, so probably the ratio of world saveage goes up later?

It's making me understand the whole thing where Beetle and Booster meet and Beetle thinks Booster is so childish now, because Booster didn't get written as much in other comics so Beetle was more grown up now. Except I'm still sure that was exaggerate. But, I get it.

So now I feel like I'm being grumpy at old friends.

But I understand better how frustrating time travel would be, since everybody is going to still be like this on that page every time you visit, but you are different every time. Nobody fits the same way again. And crankiness ensues.

I shoyld write the stories like they are in my head, that woyld be more fun.


Mar. 31st, 2019 03:15 am
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I have had this film since it was new but kept putting off watching it because I read it would make me cry.
I thought today I was all resilient and ready.
... I cried for so much of that movie. So much. I mean it was cry worthy before people started dying, and then?
... I maybe might be crying still a little.

So! That was a hell of a movie. Made all the feelings it set out to.

... if those feelings were mostly cry.

I mean I think I'm glad I watched it.

Powerful installment of the story.

But it may be a while before I watch it again.

... going to go and have a feelings for a while...


Mar. 30th, 2019 10:24 pm
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I have watched Venom.

I read a review just before watching that was like, this is a terrible superhero movie. Look at this, scene by scene, none of these are the beats of a superhero movie.
And I was like
if none of it a good superhero movie
it is not
a superhero

But somehow the reviewer didn't go there.

Read more... )

That is not a superhero story. That is something else. And I guess (re)viewers who cannot roll with that are not going to like this movie.

I liked it fine. Did what it set out to do.

Read more... )

So I had fun watching that. Can see what it was doing, liked it. Not a big fan of the ultra violence parts, can see how the two symbiote fight was kind of a mess visually, but okays, fun movie.

... but I had way more fun watching the like five minutes of Into the Spider Verse at the end than I'd had with the whole movie before it, so, think that might be more my speed.

Shall look forwards to it.
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I dreamt that a mere two portals away, stable portals with sensible opening rules even, there was a universe almost exactly like our own but
the houses cost like £10,000.

Now that's some pure wish fulfilment fantasy for you.

They even knew about portals and had easy rules for immigrating, no fancy paperwork, you just took your money to one specific gold merchant in this universe, because they'd bid for the contract, and that merchant would turn it into portable financial assets at rates that compare favourably to most places in this universe. Then you'd stroll on through two doors, with a mere couple hundred yards walking in between, and lo, you would be in the universe of cheap housing.

We looked around too and their department stores had plenty of nice things in, just a few years behind the current fashions here, only all mixed up and with some new bits, so they weren't just copying. And that meant they were mostly selling stuff I was mostly liking, unlike here where everything went grey and I can't get the good stuff so easy any more. The bathroom tiles happened in blue mixed with pearly white and flame effect copper, super pretty. The furniture started with ercol spindles and mid century modern but did some lovely things with shapes and different colors of wood as well. And the games department had many board games, though I made sure not to buy the trivia games, since all the trivia was likely to be different. But they had a Doctor Who trivia game. Which was promising. And it had a Sontaran on it, the new series sort. So lots of stuff in common.

And still, only two portals away, so as long as I could walk it, deliveries from home universe would be pretty simple.



Well, why was there so much spare housing?

Maybe they just didn't want to live that close to the portal, through which admittedly absolutely anything could arrive. My universe wasn't the only one in strolling distance, in that middle universe, there was practically a circle of universes available. The odds on them all being nice seem low. But my universe hadn't had any problems with it, so why would theirs? ... luck is a factor, but enough to tank the house prices?

Maybe their entire economy had developed differently. Maybe they didn't have mortgages and nobody stored their money in a theoretical house price. Maybe something grand like that was different, which was why the houses was so cheap and the department store just kind of affordable.

Or maybe something more fantasy was happening.

Like, at the tail end of the dream, there was mention of elves, and the possibility of having half elf children.

Humans in Pathfinder are adults at 15, half elves at 20, so it takes slightly longer to mature but a manageable sort of amount. There's no indication they're slow students neither. But a human is Venerable at 70, where a half elf just hit middle age at 62. They could retire with the good health of a Pathfinder 35 year old. And maximum age on a human is 70+2d20, while a half elf could live to be 125+3d20. That's a lot more years of health and a long, long, possible future. Dying of natural causes wouldn't be expected until 128! Instead of 72 for humans. And the average age at death for either would be... well they're using d20s so the probabilities don't curve right, I only know what they'd look like as handfuls of d6, that would be prettier. But still! Being a half elf has such generous health effects, for very little extra parental effort.

Maybe once elf became an option, everyone rushed to give their babies length of days.

But elves aren't very fertile, in most stories. Not so many children each. And the fertility of half elves is a topic of discussion, not a known quantity.

So maybe the world had enough generations of half elf that the population is going down, even while it is living longer and healthier.

Lots of houses, fewer families needing a big one unless they fit more of that family under one roof, maybe lower prices.

But importing fertility technology from a couple universes over, or running an elf sperm bank here?

That would be a world changer.

... yes, this is the kind of thing I think of. Portal adventures to import long life and move out to low house prices.

Would your benefits get cut off though? I mean theoretically you're still in England, you're just in England in an alternate universe. I feel the letter of the law is unlikely to cover that as yet. It would on the other side, on account of them knowing about the portals, but here? Well if there's holes into alternate universes that are stable, and people exporting gold through them, there would be people trying to tax the import/export opportunities, that's just sense. And what happens to your pension and benefits might be like all this Brexit stuff is making news, where it is all about diplomatic relations and trade agreements with other countries. It'd be nifty if benefits could be paid in here and then turned into houses there as like a regular thing.

But then who would we be exporting?

Like economically they'd like the new neighbours, but if they've systematically turned themselves into a new race for the ageing, there's a lot of ways new neighbours could be weird.

I mentioned before about caring responsibilities and elves. Like, difficult to get your head around how long they commit to raising a child. So the discussion wandered around, like, would they not like humans, or would they not mind being carers because it's still easier than having an infant who takes 55 years to get to be an 8 year old.

Sending all your disabled people to be looked after by elves while importing elf donations to a sperm bank is an interesting updated take on changelings. No kidnap required, and what you spend on exporting their benefits, you probably save on removing the strain on the carer system.

Wonder what elves would make of pensioners? Would end of life care be really weird for them?

Also, we're not quite there for really advanced biotech, but we'd be checking out elf genomes for useful and interesting bits. We'd want to see if we could turn them into anti ageing drugs, rather than just breed for half elves. Helps more people quicker. ... possibly less help for the elves, if rather than their genome we needed, you know, them.

So, started with dreaming of cheap housing, ended up with a whole plot about disability and age and biotech.

... still find the cheap house part most appealing...
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I ran out of ideas of things to do, so I resolved to read one short story and tell the internet about it.

The trouble is I picked up the time travel stories, so now I'm thinking about mortality and inevitability and being trapped by circumstances.

... I would not recommend The Weed Of Time by Norman Spinrad if you are having a down mood.

the earlier in the anthology story Come-From-Aways by Tony Pi was nicer, seeing as it's about romance and choosing to head into the future together. But having read the others it's also a closed loop that creates itself, and a story about losing everything every couple of months as the storms sweep you forwards again.


Time travel: not for low mood days.
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I read six months worth of F&SF and caught up! ... which is three issues. Also the last issue I got is Jan/Feb and it is now the end of March, so I don't know if I need to worry about that. Eh, it's fine, it'll turn up eventually, probably.

... I'm hoping that the post person knows that they have to dial the door to get let in at the moment. Some post persons do, because they have done that a bunch, but any day with no post leaves me Concerned. Also it would be nice if the door got fixed, we've all reported it.


I'm mostly going to only mention the ones I like, but there's a couple I mention cause they need warnings.

F&SF September/October 2018
Read more... )

F&SF November/December 2018
Read more... )

F&SF January/February 2019
Read more... )

There's more in these issues than I mention. I find good bits in every issue, but I wasn't wowed by these, and some of them were way darker than I like. I don't know, if I don't know what I'm looking for it makes it hard to find it.

Still, there's always next issue.
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I got around to watching Antman and the Wasp.
I can see how that could be a fun movie for people that are not me.
Not exactly my sort of thing.

I did like the Wasps and Ghost and how the plot got resolved.
Also how much of Scott's home life is hugging now. That's nice, we usually get stuck with unresolved animosity, now there are hugs.

I just don't find much of the funny funny and all the shrinking growing stuff somehow doesn't wow me even when it is objectively quite clever.

Also what was with that credits scene???
Like, this is a fun family movie for kids!
... right up until everyone *spoilers*.
I do not see how that positively contributed to the movie
and it would have been better as a cliffhanger if it had stayed Scott's pov to the last frame.

Not the best movie but it didn't suck.


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