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An Ever-Fixed Mark (190537 words) by AMarguerite
Chapters: 19/19
Fandom: Pride and Prejudice - Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice & Related Fandoms
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Major Character Death
Relationships: Elizabeth Bennet/Fitzwilliam Darcy, Elizabeth Bennet/Colonel Fitzwilliam, Jane Bennet/Charles Bingley
Characters: Elizabeth Bennet, Fitzwilliam Darcy, Colonel Fitzwilliam (Pride and Prejudice), Georgiana Darcy, Catherine de Bourgh, Anne de Bourgh, Charlotte Lucas, William Collins (Pride and Prejudice), Maria Lucas, Jane Bennet, Charles Bingley, Mr. Bennet, Mrs. Bennet, Lydia Bennet, Kitty Bennet, George Wickham, Duke of Wellington, Mary Crawford, Mary Bennet, Caroline Bingley, William Elliot (Persuasion), Colonel Brandon (Sense and Sensibility), Marianne Dashwood, Eliza (Sense and Sensibility), Henry Tilney, Catherine Morland, Frederick Wentworth, Anne Elliot, Elizabeth Elliot, Arthur Wellesley
Additional Tags: Soulmate-Identifying Marks, Soulmates, Comedy, Deconstruction, Napoleonic Wars, Regency, Regency Romance, Pining, badass Elizabeth Bennet, Miscarriage, 19th Century Medicine, Battle Of Waterloo, battlefield descriptions, Mention of Surgery, medicine sure was fun before germ theory, Period-Typical Homophobia, Period-Typical Sexism, Elizabeth Bennet/ Mud, is the true OTP, Feminist Themes, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder - PTSD, Grief/Mourning, Slow Burn, Reaaaally slow burn, Burn so slow it takes like six chapters to defrost first
Series: Part 1 of An Ever-Fixed Mark

One would think that having the name of one's soulmate appear on one's wrist on one's sixteenth birthday would make matrimony much less complicated. It mostly does not. And not at all for Miss Elizabeth Bennet of Longbourne.

(A deconstruction of the "soulmate identifying mark" trope, using "Pride and Prejudice." Trigger warnings in the tags.)

Bookmarker's Notes:

A thorough and engaging exploration of soulmate marks and the influence of their interpretation.


As you can see, that was a lot of words, so that was all I've been doing for some days now. Good reading, interesting thoughts.
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I have been reading a soulmate au of Pride and Prejudice, which I did not expect to have taken up quite so much of my attention, but it is very long and thus far very good, and is making me want to read the original, which is for me a rare impulse. No elves or starships or dragons.

The soulmate marks idea seems simples but does complicate things in many interesting ways, and this fic runs through many options with it.

will rec if it continues good, but there might be a novel length of it left...

Did a shop

Feb. 14th, 2019 08:18 pm
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Did not do a dancing because just not feeling well, probably have a cold, quite annoying.
Tried Morrisons first but they didn't have any Ribena left at all.
Went with driver and got shopping at Sainsburys and went home.

But there was a nice cardigan at Sainsburys, and also the salad and apple things I like, so that's working nicely.

Now I have nearly a week to be better again before Outside is scheduled again.
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okay, daft question, but:
I have noticed not many people follow Ao3 feeds by following them on DW
so, how else do you follow them?
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I bought an eink ereader to read epubs on for longer
it took me two hours to figure out how to put Frankenstein on it
and as far as I can tell the only way to make it work
is to sign in to an account
which syncs everything
so the makers are watching you read
which I didnt anticipate and do not want.

might be sending it back.
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Every world through a door she creates makes me realise how this could make this character happy and also how, if they don't quite fit, it could be a nightmare. Read more... )

Good book, glad I bought, will buy next one.
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Think I liked this one.

'Pregnancy as a Location in Space Time' by David Ebenbach, about someone getting pregnant on a tiny Mars expedition, has an interesting format and memorable theme. Read more... )

Water and Diamond, Derek Kunsken (with dots above u)
Adapting to space, AI and VR. Read more... ) Worth the reading.

Incident at San Juan Bautista, Ray Nayler
The point of view guy is creepy but then it turns out everything else is creepier. Read more... )

Joyrider, Kristine Katherine Rusch
Good one. Space adventure with students going for a joyride, with big consequences. I liked how it gave us a tour and an angle on their 'verse.

After leaving this issue next to the laptop for a few days before writing it up, these were the most interesting/memorable ones. But the issue was good to read.
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First one I got to this year, so there was much talking and catching each other up on what we watched over the holidays.
There was something like a history of Doctor Who in 100 objects? And another 'fact' book about DW? I should look them up, those were good.
I took pictures of what I've been reading and watching as reminders and told about which bits were interesting. I said a bit about River Song but he didn't ask follow up questions so I don't know if he didn't want spoilers or wasn't as interested. And we chatted time travel stuff from other shows too. Many topics, lots of words.

The Ribs have started serving food so I got a Vegan Burger, which iirc is made of beetroot? It was plenty edible but I didn't eat the bun because seeds but they said they can change bits of it for next time if I ask. So I have a Plan and a thing to eat now. And the chips were nice.

Also we played the first chapter of a game I got that is tricky to play as a collaborate game because someone has to want to do the reading things out and get invested in the story and argue about choices and stuff. But it's more fun today than last time I tried it, so with an enthusiastic group that could still work.

There were more people in the basement. If the food gets popular we might have to change venue. That would be less good, I've got the hang of the Ribs. Still, if we do look for a new place, I can suggest prioritising accessability. Stairs are sub optimal.

I wore my new boots, which I think work better with the laces the way I had them today, and my new coat, which is as advertised both warm and waterproof, as tested on the way back to the car today.

Pretty good day.

River Song

Feb. 4th, 2019 07:31 pm
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I am half way through season 4 of the Diary of River Song and it continues to be gripping but a tiny bit dark. Like trigger warnings suicide and domestic violence dark. And the whole way River was raised, that was all nasty. So I like when she keeps being excellent despite it, but as a well to draw issues from, that's... a lot.

Spoilers within:

Read more... )

So I love that she gets to meet her love over and over and she enjoys the Doctor's company so much, and I love when she has adventures and gets to be very clever, but the stories do not duck the tough parts of being River, so those parts are harder.

I still like the stories a lot, I just forgot how difficult it is to get her a happy ending.

Still, six more discs to go before I'm caught up, lots of good stuff...
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Am listening to The Diary of River Song season 3.
Half way through and River is travelling with 5
and I am ❤ because they are ❤❤

Makes me happy.

Am increasingly sympathetic to the Doctor though. It's the memory thing, Read more... )

I'll have more to say about the plots later, but I very like the relationships, messy and timey wimey and fun.
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Read a very long de aging fic which was made of Feels. The thing de aging fic does is give people a chance to get the care they didn't the first time around, and this fic amply demonstrated the flaws in how the pair were raised. So then you're sad about fictional characters not getting any hugs, or getting all the love but conditionally so the thing they can't change about themselves is the thing their parents would never. And then there's just Sadness and Woe, and reading the characters being cute with the childcare, and then more Sadness the other way around, and it's just kind of A Lot.

Fanfic being categorised by Feelings rather than conventional Genre is handy, lets you look up the thing that feeds the feelings of the day.

I shall have to decide which Feelings I want next. Except that's usually casefic teamwork partnership, better together, and it's a lot easier to find Fluff or Angst or Kissing.
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Today I got woke up, twice, by stupid scam phone call of the pay us now or get cut off variety. Rude humans, go do proper things instead.

So I was daydreaming castles, as you do.

A castle is an intentional community with a purpose and shared goal. Read more... )

So I like castles because they are a symbol of safety, representing an ideal that can be shared with others in an emergency. But I dislike castles because it's always some berk who thinks they're all that who ends up in charge of them. And then what do you do?

Castles are also not the actual practical safety these days anyway. You'd be better off guaranteeing good access for emergency services and designing things to be accessible and not flammable. Secure nowadays does not look like arrow slits, because arrows are not a current problem, you'd be better off with decent fire exits.

... castles look so cool though.

There's a bit in CJCherryh's books, Cyteen and sequels, where there's a tension between people who want to spread out into the universe and people who want to fort up where they already are. Like, it takes a lot of resources to do either, they both want to allocate that budget to their preferred method.

And people can be politically expansionist, big empty universe, let's send people into it
but then with their friends and family they'll be trying to build that one safe central place.

Read more... )

The tendency to perceive resources as limited and outsiders as Threat is kind of embodied in castles too. That's not my favourite bit. I mean, sure, I'm scared of humans, but sort of generally, whereas many people are scared of them particular humans who are Not Like Us. I'm scared of people who think they're the boss because they have the biggest sharp thing. I'd rather have armour that can ignore the big sharp things. But that isn't really the current problem.

If you think of the European Union as Read more... )

But somehow the story still feels like Outsiders Take Our Stuff. Still feels like we need big strong walls to protect it.

... I'm a fan of big strong walls emotionally speaking, I like big stones and a general Keep Out approach to architecture, right up until I apply it to, you know, politics and actual factual people.

Because I'm reasonably certain that the point of walls is people. They look after people. Looking after people is the part that needs focusing on.

And I do not, personally, think that people stop being people if they're outside the walls.

... a historically unusual position, in castle times, I fear.

But you look at how much needs doing, all the agriculture work and care work and I don't know what all else, the proportion of the NHS that's from Outside and keeps needing to be, and you look at how many people want to come here and do things we need doing, and just... people. People are excellent even in a strictly usefulness based view. We need people, there are people, it's great.

But also, people need a place to be? That has water? And an ongoing lack of war?

And hey, we have a place.

Read more... )

Castles are so much smaller than cities. I mean you get story cities like Atlantis where there's a theoretical 200 people and you only meet 20 of them, but, I daydream castles partly because I feel like it's a much more manageable scale than the tens of thousands of people I'd have to deal with in a market town, much less the hundreds of thousands in a city. And you can put a lot of smaller scale units together to make those cities, but humans have been moving from the small places to the big ones for a long time now, and for reasons. Castles might not address those reasons.

Like, okay, I've seen a castle that had its own pub. But one pub. What about the other dozen in a market town? What about the other few hundreds in a city? Not everyone wants the same things out of their pub! Scale things down again and you're back to like it or lump it.

... and of course when I'm daydreaming it I can design the perfectly perfect one, but, communities don't stay the same, you'd need to find a community who agrees with you in the first place and then you'd need to maintain it and the adjustment of environment to community and vice versa is a never ending task. So the idea of a centuries old castle that remains Just Right is a silly sort of daydream because what do you do when your kids want to redecorate? Or their wives do? You don't get to choose everyone who moves in, they choose each other. Then what?

I sit down (or curl up) to daydream a castle, because castles are cool, and I end up with all this psychological and political stuff coming up. Castles make me feel safe and like life is basically under control. But whose control? Safe from what?

And then when you're writing stories, so many unexamined assumptions filter through.

I don't want a castle to defend against the goblin hordes for centuries, I want a decent farming system guaranteeing subsistence level food for all my neighbours, the small shouty green ones included. It seems like that would work much better. Universal basic income or big thick walls? Well which one actually addresses the problem? Which one will remove the problem at source?

So now we have very few castles, and they're mostly museums or hotels.

Which, you know, yaaay.

But then I go back to daydreaming castles...

Because they seem like a nice safe place to start.

Since it is much easier to make friends and influence people when you are not, yourself, dead.

... actually in a suitable F&SF setting that's not necessarily true. Ooh, support your local necromancer, his food distribution methods are the fairest, since he don't need any himself...
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I went to my brother's house with pizza
which takes some organising and a driver, but, pizza
and then we watched one episode of Thundercats, which I don't actually like, but it is his house.

Pretty good day
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Today has been a good day.

Things are clean, a delivery brought the correct size coat, and so far I have listened to episode 2.1 of The Diary of River Song, with plenty more to go.

She met 7 and he decided she was too ruthless. "Priorities!" "Principles!"
it's a good one because people think of 7 as one extreme of his range and she's still a bit much. It's like her calling 8 young, the Doctors who know her have been through *so much* since then. So she has a great perspective and these stories can show us so much about them as couldn't be shown else.


Tomorro I have a fun thing scheduled Weather Permitting, so I am hoping roads will be nice by day.

But today was pretty good.
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I relistened to this today, all four parts, since the other day when I started I was just in a bad mood.

Last time I listened I thought

I still like it by far the best when she's interacting with the Doctor, but I dislike part 3 once I know the ending because I can't go slap who needs it or help River at all. Which is obviously a problem with stories already written, but, you know, some days more than others.

The first story Read more... )

I have to say though, once I've listened the adventure with Paul McGann, about the only thing I'm thinking of is listening more of him, or more of River, or more of River and him. It's a problem with trying to have thinky thoughts about these, I just like him so much.

And I was sort of planning to write something for the River comm but this is about all I can think of. Like, yaay adventures, River remains excellent, I shall listen to more later.

While I was listening I tried making Sims of people, but my first go at making River crashed, and I can't get her right at all from the available parts anyway. But the second go auto generated a pretty good Amy. Rory and the Doctor aren't right though, and the clothes ended up closest to 10 who doesn't belong then anyways. I could make a whole household of Doctors though. Maybe later.
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I have been trying to imagine what my Best Possible World looks like, so I can think of bits I can actually do.

It's tricky because I keep trying to fix the entire world at once, which, obviously, big.

But walking around town the other day I said to my employee that I would very much like to live somewhere with NO CARS. Which is true. Pedestrian zone for the win. But, it makes deliveries much difficult, and getting the food home. And many people need more help that makes No Cars not actually accessible. And you'd have to have a place at the edges for picking up and dropping off, but the edge would have to be pretty close to home if people had mobility issues. Also babies. It is right tricky getting plural small children anywhere. Making people walk makes it trickier than necessary.

So I have been thinking, and I reckon I like the way the university (UEA) has it, except with far fewer stairs. Read more... )

Now I'm imagining like a sorting hat but for where you go to live now. Shared interests having a shared address. Town of the Star Wars Fans. City of the Football.

... actually several cities of football, because geographic devotion seems to be baked in to that one.

Or it would be like university departments, but instead of university towns you'd get like the history school city.

... interdisciplinary studies would involve so much commuting...

So: Ideal world, I would find people with shared interests, like, plural people, and talk to them, every month, and also be able to find food in every food selling venue.

I mean that seems achievable.
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I went dancing, skipped shopping because delivery yesterday, and got a pizza on the way home
which I just finished eating, which makes this an excellent day.

The fog on the way home was *not excellent*
like at one point there's a wall of white and maybe two catseyes showing and the driver is like
well the satnav says the road is straight.

... then they started talking about these being the worst driving conditions they've ever driven in.

... we were on the A47 and i had no alternate plan so I was just all locked with tension and staring very hard.

I hope next time we figure out it is bad to drive before the actual driving part.

... but dancing was fun, even if I dont know the dances after the long break, and pizza was good.
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I started a relisten of the River Song audios
but what I have mostly learned is I am not in the mood.
Think I'm worn out from yesterday.

The Boundless Sea
didn't exactly grab me, even though it is a perfectly good adventure.

Think I'll go have a nap.
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Time travellers from the future change themselves every time they change the world. Time travellers from different distances of future would have different lengths of time to change, and change differently from each other. While this might get lost in the vagaries of human memory, some scales of change would show up in observable behaviour. Fading in and out of existence is the extreme end, but several versions of a person could have cause and means to have travelled to that point and been involved in that incident, meaning you could end up talking to several versions of a person in quick succession, as you change the timeline.

This obviously is inspired by how time travel works in DC TV.

Read more... )

So you could write a time travel story where you've got a bunch of time travellers intervening at a particularly sensitive moment in time. And they're from different eras. And gradually they realise that they don't just need to get the big picture fragments in place, the ones that they set out to fix, the ones that avoid huge and notable paradoxes. They realise they are building the futures that they come from, and who they become there alters what they would do here, and how they'd do it. They can find several stable ish futures, ones that the web of time can carry the remaining paradox from - but the people they would become in those futures, that's a whole other argument.

So say they're intervening around the time of the first time traveller. They might not be on the first iteration. So you have stacked layers of time traveller that are currently stranded, until they rebuild the mcguffin, but can't bootstrap paradox their way into building it, they have to set up the world so it can happen. Only there's one guy who broke time travel in the first place, and while he is now working on the same goal as them because he doesn't want to be trapped here either, pretty much everyone else think he's the villain here. Only they all have a different idea of who he is? Because as it turns out, he's all of those, depending which future is dominant that day. He's from teh furthest forwards maybe, or the most effected... huh, maybe the furthest guy is just from a wasteland and there's a point past which the future gets very samey because apocalypse. Hmm, lots of possibilities. Like the apocalypse guy would want any future where he doesn't exist, right? Because there's a world to live in so he didn't have to travel? And his continued existence could be considered a problem by everyone else. But they all have their ideas of what a Better Tomorrow looks like. Edit wars. But there's one guy who is the most different depending whose ideas are dominant today, so we get a framework for flashforwards through that guys flashbacks, his memories are the future built here.

So doing things the way with secrets and secret prisons and murders and all, that might build out the tech they need, might seem like a stable future a handful of years from now (like five, because a show might get renewed often enough to catch up and turn one time traveller into a linear native). But people from further forwards get meaner or more desperate or something, or just have background assumptions that... make us in the here now not want to build that background.

You'd have to get good actors, put in some verbal habits, make some wardrobe choices. Color coding is cheap but effective. But you'd have distinct versions of a person every time the future changed out from under them.

And everyone around them would be trying to build a survivable future, but also one that made their favourite version of this person. Like if someone was only in love with one of the timelines, to start with, but then they'd see what was consistent or good in the other timelines, and it would get complicated. Or if someone was only in it for the money, and could pitch that as a selfless goal, look prosperity for all, but the hyper capitalist future wasn't one the rest of the travellers wanted.

But people would also be choosing their best selves? Like it would get... really complex, figure out how memory could even work, or how you could reconcile in yourself what the historical record said you have done with what the person you remember growing up to be even would do. It would be worse than mood swings. But maybe you have a few days where you're just better, by some personal definition of better, and working to be your best self seems like the best of all possible worlds.

Just, get a bunch of time travellers focused around a crucial moment, like Thawne trying to get Barry to be one of history's first travellers, and play out a bunch of arguments about what the future even could be, let alone should be. But in the present day, making changes that can only be observed through human behaviour, and could therefore be entirely a bluff or a mistake, but are all you have to work with.

You'd have a bunch of ethics choices to make and then know people who lived in the worlds they made, and people would want to both avert and build their own timelines, and it could be a mess. But the fun plot making way.

Or you could have just the one time traveller, but he disagrees with himself from day to day. That is a whole different mess indeed.

Don't know who I'd build though.

I mean, one set would be Time Masters, like everyone is a Time Master, like there's one group that built a monopoly on time travel and one set of actions makes everyone we know suddenly their Time Master selves but does nothing to the temporal natives.
They don't have to be the Legends version of Time Masters, just, monopoly enforced by time travel and raising people as part of the new group, that's one of the logical setups.
But also creepy, so all their friends in linear time would have Opinions and try and get their people back, but it would be difficult.

You'd have the Web of Time as people's lives connecting load bearing moments, but you'd get the idea that it can be different people doing things different ways. And that would matter, because the work might get done but the reasons and methods would change, and the knock on consequences rewrite everything whilst not actively paradoxing it.

It could get complicated.

I just like the idea of having the people-consequences walking around showing possible results of the decisions that might seem easy or obvious in a superhero or SF context.

And I kind of like how much you could complicate the relationships when you have competing or contrasting timelines bringing people together in different versions.

I mean the scheduling gets complex in a regular poly arrangement, if you have to have a set of if thens for whose personalities are doing what, that's going to get Difficult. And give people conflicting motivations for what is 'best' for the future.

Generates lots of possibilities, and is slightly different shape than time travel stories seen already.
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I am very behind in reading my magazine subscriptions.

This issue was sort of October spooky, and quite a lot of bits are not to my taste.
Read more... )

The sort of dark tone isn't where I want to go with stories, but, I am happy to have read like half a dozen of these, including novelettes, so that's probably most by length.
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The Doctor, Ryan, Yasmin and Graham save a world from civil war, and leave thinking it'll be happily ever after... but Ryan has to go back for his phone. The time coordinates slip a bit and they find the story of their visit has grown in the telling, and the locals worship the Good Doctor. Sort of. Their images of the Good Doctor all look like Graham...

I read this today and it made me happy
but also made me think. Read more... )
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This weekend I am not at a convention and it is kind of getting me down.

But I spent today thinking of and researching small achievable goals, things I might actually get to.

And I can think of it as marathon training and get back to doing more eventually.
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Just got my suitcase out to check
which means I just rediscovered where my socks went two years ago

thanks a lot past me
I would indeed unpack Later...
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These are the last three of my subscription, read one after the other, so that's six months of story.
Reckon I'll only comment on the ones I can remember...

September/October 2018
Read more... )

November/December 2018
Read more... )

January/February 2019
Read more... )

There were more that were okay to read, but, the hit to miss ratio is not in their favour.

So I guess that's the last issue of Analog I'll read, at least for a long while.

Which feels weird.

But whatever it is I'm looking for from science fiction, new ideas, new solutions, new ways of looking at the world, I don't feel I'm getting them here.

So, off to other magazines for the forseeable.
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I dreamt Mick was trying to go somewhere in the present day and everyone was all suspicious, especially about the bolt cutters so he had to leave those behind
so they/we followed him to an out of the way mansion
that looked abandoned
except for this one weird glow that came out of a hole in the ground
and when we got close enough to that, we found him
trying to free
a chained up unicorn
with a horn glowing like a lightsaber.

I know Legends did unicorns and getting rusty chains off that one seems like a Mistake
but this one seemed nice?
And far from the only magical creature confined down there.

There were Aeslin Mice.

So this... basement? Cliff edge basement? I want to say grotto. It had stairs leading in from outside so you needn't go in the house to get in. And it was dusty and gave an impression of being overgrown, like you wouldn't want to look too hard in the shadows maybe.

But Mick had gone back after an Adventure - probably a long time after on the calendar - because he'd figured out where it was and how to get in and you couldn't just leave everything trapped like that.

Only technically it is still breaking and entering, because on paper someone still owns the place even after the mansion's magic is broken and the owners vanquished.

So while the police man was going back to the car for bolt cutters (and probably trying to talk himself into having seen a horse)

I asked Mick, exactly how rich was he getting from his books?

And he grinned, and sent some messages
and by the time the police got back
this had been Rebecca Silver's mansion all along.


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