Mar. 6th, 2013

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So I woke up with feeling of impending doom, found messages about NSFG at the Ribs tonight, would quite like to go, actually need to get as far as CCN library or the interlibrary loan books will be late and they asked me very nicely in particular not to do that, and when I started getting ready for the day I realised (a) I hadn't done the laundry from the con due to ill and (b) due to breakages the laundry from the con is all my laundry. So I has no bras that aren't in the laundry or thrown out due to the little hooks falling out. And that's kind of wildly inconvenient.

Laundry is running now.

So I have until 5pm before I have to leave the house. I catch the evening bus, I go to CCN library before 7pm, I could even get to the Ribs for 8pm.

Did I mention feeling of impending doom?
Today is feeling Very Difficult even if all I want to do is not hide under my blanket.
I would quite like more brain working, but no, it is full of Doom Doom Doom.

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Today did not involve going anywhere. Or doing any college work.
But I did do all the laundry and dishwasher and bath jobs, so that's progress.
Haven't hung up the laundry to dry yet, need to do that before I sleep.

I keep reading the news. I think this is a mistake in terms of mood and ability to come out from under blanket, but it's important things to know, and people are not being fully informed by useful channels like letters that tell you things directly. Also the government are flat out lying about things, which they aren't allowed to do and they get told off by lots of places like their offices that are meant to keep track of how they use numbers but they just ignore that and lie some more. I don't mean small differences in interpretation, I mean flat out saying the opposite of the truth.
It's quite difficult to know what to do about a government that does that.
Some people are taking them to court about some things, but so many things keep being changed so quickly.
Including legal aid for taking them to court about things.

There's stuff about this 'spare bedroom tax'. I keep reading up on it even though I only have one bedroom. This is because they keep changing the rules. They keep making rules about how old you have to be and still share accommodation or they won't pay for you to have your own flat. I am over 35 now so I don't have to keep up with that until they move the line again, but there's a rule. I couldn't share a flat, I'd never sleep, I've tried it with hotel sharing and even with nice people I share interests with I can't sleep because there's people around and it sucks. Actually come to think I can't sleep when my mum is around when we go places. But when mum is there I wake up and she's staring at me and saying how I haven't changed since I was a new baby and she stared at me then, and really mum? This is not helping my insomnia. Or paranoia. Yeesh.

BUT. The point is: The government keep changing the rules to say people have to share a flat. Because housing may be necessary but housing of your own is a luxury? I don't know.

The thing with 'spare' bedrooms is the same thing: the rule is not what you think it is. They don't mean 'spare' just as in a room that is empty and has no person in it. They don't even mean 'bedroom' in the sense of a room you could reasonably put a person in. There's a lack of definition of 'bedroom' and it can mean rooms you couldn't fit a full size bed in, let alone a double. But the big problem with 'spare' is that for the purposes of counting to see if you have a 'spare' room, all children must share a room. All. Gender matters after the age of 10, but up until then mixed genders is a okay. After that only matching genders have to share a room. But if your kids have one room each, then one of those rooms is 'spare'. Read more... ) This government is making too many changes all at once and even devoting time to following the news every day I can't bloody keep up. They all stack up and they'll all hit together and they'll all hit the same people together.

They'll hit the young people, women, single mothers, and disabled people. Especially disabled people. Every which way all these changes they hit disabled people.

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