Dec. 17th, 2015

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Agent Carter turns out to be quite good.
My plan to ration it at one episode per day is kind of blown though. I sat down for the second episode today and just now had to change discs.

And once again ran out of daylight and opening times. Ugh.
I need to phone a place that sent a phone number as a reply to my email, and I hate phones in the first place, and then whenever I sit down to phone I have to do all the deciding all over again that led to the first email, and really, that... that could be easier. Thing still not done.

I did put up the xmas decoration tree. I turns out to fit on top of the bookshelf if I fold the top down. The star is at teh base of the tree instead. It's all very shiny and festive.
... now my hand that pulled it out of the box has an itching that is not quitting. I don't know what the tree got on it but I may have to swap it out for a different tree even if this one was a present. Itch.
I'm hoping it's not the tinsel cause that's draped over a whole lot more books. *sigh*

Count the positives: my house is warm, my continuing ability to keep doors closed even if it does block lines of sight is enabling my heater to work really well this year, I have enough Ribena bottles to cope with my ongoing extreme hesitancy to use tap water, and there's plenty of food even if I do decide that hiding and hibernation are going to fill the rest of the year.

... I watch these shows about people doing daring deeds to save the world a lot, and I look at the things that seem challening in my life and just... *sigh*

But hey, Agent Carter turns out to be quite good, and I've only watched half the episodes so far :-)
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Okay, so, my attempt to ration the episodes and spend longer with it lasted all of one day, so today I watched all 7 remaining episodes in a row.
And they were rather good.

Couple of things that bother me.

Spoilers for whole first season, obviously.

Read more... )

So, much as I enjoyed it, those things bothered me.
And some of them are kind of big things.

But stuff I did like: Read more... )

And Peggy Carter herself is entirely fascinating enough to spend many whole seasons of TV with.
I pretty much just want to draw hearts around her.
Also fast forward to when she's boss of all the things, but still, basically hearts.

I'm especially fond of her fighting style, which seems to be, hit them with whatever heavy thing you have handy, repeatedly, a lot. I like a nice choreographed martial arts sequence, but I just like how solid she is. She's a bruiser and it's lovely.

And then give her a gun and she's even better.

Things I'd like to see in future season: more female SSR agents. Actual conversation with those women on the way in to the office, the ones with the guns under the desk. The idea that Agent Carter is not and never has been the only woman in a man's world. Her calling on some of her worldwide contacts who happen to be women. More women.

More diverse women.

And some actual disabled people. With disabilities. That they actually have.
Some of whom could be women.

But what we've seen so far was pretty good to watch.


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