Apr. 1st, 2017

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So far today I have done a bit of tidying of the sort that doesn't seem to leave things any tidier
moved stuff around a bit
and made space on my other table for the old TV for after the new TV arrives.

New TVs don't have all the sorts of plugs, so until I'm sure I don't need it for anything, it's simpler to just keep the old TV.

Not tidier though, and I'm not sure I have enough room in my house, but so it goes. One problem at a time.

I have also copied to DVD some of the things from the old recorder box. Though I know I never actually get around to watching any of the many other things I've copied in that way. This way I know I still has, even if I get rid of the old box, which again I'm not doing until I'm sure I don't need it.

I'm kind of not looking forward to the new TV even though the old one was never the quality I wanted and has been a bit broken for a really long time and I can't even change the volume without fiddling around behind the sides. The new thing will be new. Resenting it on that basis is irrational and I will ignore this feeling.

I think this is going to be the third TV I have owned. The first one was before flatscreens and took up really a lot of my house. The new one is delightfully slim in comparison, but really large, because small only starts at 32" now and doesn't have all the features even.

... I really really hope the new TV will fit on the desk. Just, fit well enough to be going on with. I can get new furniture for it later, I just need to know it will work first.

... I like this incremental improvement thing I've been working on but only in the way it reduces changes to bite sized portions, not in the way everything is change and nothing is finished.

But next week is piano week... as in I'm really determined this time... and then it will be shelves time, and then tidiness and books in their correct places, and then I can figure out what to do about the desk.

Also today I did some more exercises. They're very the same on account of there only being one body to make shapes with. I like dancing better but wish to improve in ways dancing hasn't fixed yet.

Also I'm sure dancing more than once a week would help more, but that loops back to the furniture problem, because there's only so much exercise you can do with a piano in your way.

Waiting for deliveries is weird, because only two short things will happen, but they could happen any time between 0700 and 1600.

Also I discovered that Argos text you about an hour in advance of your delivery slot. Even if said slot starts at seven in the morning.

Good thing I've been up since midnight.

I feel like I've got nothing to do even though I have the usual range of things to do. I could write even. But I'm spending the day waiting to be interrupted, so it don't feel like I should start anything.

I shall have to choose something and ignore that feeling.
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Little handheld sega retro games thing has arrived and been played.
... should have bought the cheaper one. That way I could relearn I don't actually like them without having spent quite as much.

Also there's a thing on the screen, think it's a dent or something, not best.

A lot of the frustration is that the instructions for things like eternal champions and mortal kombat just say abc xyz is three different strengths of punch and kick. pretty sure they have special attacks and so forth too? but not in this instruction book.

plus some of them are just frustratingly bad. how did I ever play golden axe? you walk off the edge of things and can never tell if you're in line with the stupid bad guys. and every time you get a mount you get knocked down again.

also I'm just bad at games now. the dexterity trainer to test your timing? so bad at it.

also also and probably the gripping hand, now I feel nauseous. I thought that was a 3d movement thing, but no, tiny pixels games are making me feel nauseous.

so. experiment in handheld retro gaming: ugh.

maybe my brother will like it.


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