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2017-04-12 08:57 am

Willows and wolves AU

I have had four hours sleep and am not best pleased with being awake.

also I need a tag for this magic world I made with vaguely GURPS rules where 'demons' are thaumaturgic or thaumic elementals. It's the one with the gender system that has nothing to do with bodies, where everyone is default assigned Person and can be binary later if they like.

I think I've been typing the notes in word and saving it local. I tired, journal can have this piece.

There's two sorts of magic, vitality and thaumaturgy. Vitality covers colleges to do with living things, so healing and necromancy, but also animal, body control, plant.

Particularly skilled adepts can go into the earth or become one with trees. So, Willow wouldn't just reach through the earth to get a particular flower and feel it is all connected, under certain circumstances she'd go into the whole plant system.

But it's a particular test of skill to see if they come back.

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2017-04-12 02:19 pm
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Doctor Strange casting

I figured out another problem with the Doctor Strange movie, specifically the casting and performance of Strange himself.

The movie is his transition into a strange new world, one he and the majority of the audience know not of. But he doesn't invite us in or make a bridge for our understanding. From his role in the world before to every nuance of his performance, he's as alien to us as the new world is, an arrogant mask that bounces us off without understanding or empathising.

That leaves no one to draw us in. It becomes spectacle, empty, beyond us. And if we're meant to react with awe, well, that's one way to go, but...

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Marvel movies nag at me because they're playing with such rich ingredients but where they fail they fail... boring. Standard. Whitewashed and bechdel fail, sort of thing.

I'd rather they took more chances and failed more interesting, like the rich comics stew before them, but at their budget they're wildly unlikely to contradict orthodoxy even when the numbers say they really needed to.

Cast someone else as Strange - someone with the knack of showing characters the mask but letting the audience behind it. Cast him as the son of immigrants reconnecting with a culture he rejected, or someone cast adrift from his ancestral culture by the actions of colonisers and slavers, or someone who had to work twice as hard to be seen as half as good and has sacrificed everything on the altar of his talent because he knows how others have failed. Cast him as someone who gives an interesting, relatable, vulnerable angle just standing there, and you've got your way in to Strange, even as he tries to have a white man's arrogant swagger, and watches it all fall apart.

Instead they cast mighty whitey yet again there to school us on everyone else's beliefs, and it's just... empty. Without leaving us a space
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2017-04-12 03:31 pm

(no subject)

So far today I have used the dishwasher cleaner thingy, wiped onside the dishwasher and wiped the filter, put everything back together, and started it washing a grand total of four bowls. Because if it's going to fail again it can fail those, and if it appears to succeed that'll be handy.

It makes a lot of weird noises when I stay in this room to hear through different walls. Very sci fi.

I still think I'll need a new dishwasher.
I might need new dishwasher powder since the latest set says new formula, but I can't remember how long I been using it anyway. Less than a year isn't a helpful measure really.
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2017-04-12 05:03 pm
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(no subject)

the dishwasher test bowls appear to be clean :-)
... the dishwasher has bubbles. I shall have to check some of the dials and so forth. make sure I used the right bottles.

if it continues to work correctly then I get to decide if I want a new one instead of scrambling to replace before I run out of things. yaay.
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2017-04-12 10:04 pm

(no subject)

I like meditate
meditate makes me cheerful.

and I started out in a pretty okay mood today
so with the meditate
made of :-D

... still cannot sit still for long.
... need to spend more time at home attempting sitting, find a way that does not pins and needles anywhere, and then develop the sitting muscles which one seldom thinks about when one has a recliner.