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2017-04-19 07:29 am

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ugh, it's only day two of all snap election all the headlines, and already it's giving me panic breathing and ugh.

politics is very big and not very responsive and then what?

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2017-04-19 04:39 pm
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(no subject)

so I thought I was well, so I ate a food
and now my insides are making these spectacular creaky noises
like it's an abandoned pirate ship while the seas get higher and it maybe might fall apart.

that's a thing.

I woke up before six, decided that was way too early, couldn't sleep, read a bit, went back to sleep, woke up after two in the afternoon.

and I had the kind of dreams that are pretty much nightmares but in vague ways that fell apart when you poke them

like I was a Torchwood agent in the last one, and my mum was worried about it, and someone she knew from parents groups at a fancy school reckoned they knew someone who knew someone and gave her the address of the Torchwood retirement home.

which was then red alert creepy because Torchwood agents don't retire.

not and know they were Torchwood agents.

so she'd visited and came back all cheerful and the nightmare part was wondering what exact variety of Torchwood things had gone, and if cheerful mother was in fact my mother any more.

also a whole sequence with glass patio doors where I've been having basically that nightmare since I was shorter than chair seats, so that one was kind of worn out, but still, I hate heavy sliding doors that could slice carrots and then aren't any decent protection anyway.

oh, and fridge doors that are airtight but see through. like you can see someone stuck in there and it's clearly a problem and the seeing doesn't fix anything. hate that.

there were tons of scattered images though
and nothing compensatory by way of plot bunnies.

being a human is weird.
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2017-04-19 11:35 pm
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excellent talkings

I went to the Norwich Science Fiction Group
(first and third wednesdays in the basement at the Ribs of Beef)
and there was excellent talkings

three whole humans that were not me!
many topics!
never actually getting on to politics, phew!

Also I bought biscuits and shared them, so I ate only small numbers of biscuits at reasonable intervals.
... I have ate equal numbers of biscuits since I got home and opened the second packet, but, it was a good plan up to then.

I like it when there is talkings.

And there is every chance of further talkings in future weeks.