May. 5th, 2017

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Well that was depressing. I don't know why they think people want to watch that. It makes me miserable.

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So I disliked it a whole lot.

I don't want to keep season two around at all and it's making me think twice about giving season one shelf space.

I might use it for parts, but, I really did not like that show.

And I won't be seeking out the last season.
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the trouble with trying to do voting like a responsible citizen in a democracy
is now I care about the results
even though I have only one drop of influence
and won't really understand the effects
even if anyone does
since I can't usually keep up with all the all.

there was a bit in the guardian about how there should be more and easier information about local voting, which sounds like a good plan, because informed choice makes nice engaged voters.

there should be adequate and easy information about all things
and libraries and so forth to help you access it.

the other trouble is caring about politics in places far away where I have not even a drop of influence.
terrible things happen, fast and slow, by neglect or by action, and keeping up with reports about it is going to do absolutely nothing, since I am here and it is there and if they gave a monkeys they'd not do it in the first place.

what does it take to build Star Trek already?
not the awful backstory bit, to skip to the everybody's happy post scarcity bit.
even stories seem to have given up on that.

I need to write better stories.

I need to write any stories...


May. 5th, 2017 10:33 pm
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So the thing with depression is:

I used to daydream about Ted Kord, science hero gadgeteer inventor and basically fun guy, funny and friendly and super dedicated to his best friend.
And then it was more about Tony Stark, billionaire science hero gadgeteer inventor, life of the party when he's wearing his public persona, working through PTSD and depression and fighting off alcoholism when he's just being himself.
And now I'm pretty much daydreaming on villains.
Harry Wells, billionaire science hero inventor and one time murderer because reasons, is only a little bit dark side
but Eobard Thawne is at least as interesting, once he's wearing Wells, and pretty much a serial killer.

And still the whole scientist inventor getting stuff done thing is a theme.

But I used to think I was the kind of person who could get along with Ted Kord and fit into that kind of superhero life, and then I felt for Tony and his screwed over life, and then I just... it's like I'd felt bad for so long I felt like I *was* bad, and then what?
Well then supervillains.

I mean, they might be murdery threats to your existence in an ongoing sort of way, but only on the grounds you get in their way, not because they're judgey.

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But a lot of this theory sounding stuff is fancy justification for a simple thing:

when I feel bad I hang out with bad in my head.

And I try to make it better.
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today's research topic: short men with tall women.

Like Steve Rogers with... anyone? Pre serum Steve with She Hulk would work.

I keep finding pictures where a three inch height difference is described as 'towering', or where she's clearly basically crouching for the photo

and like


show me 5' 4" dudes with 6' tall women,
possibly in heels,
where he is not standing on an apple box.

Just, height difference, a normal human variation.

... I possibly started out looking for that one panel of Big Barda picking up her husband Scott and carrying him, and then got frustrated when I couldn't find it.

Just, dudes can be heroes and very much shorter than the statuesque amazon women around them
that is a thing.

And also, more muscular amazon women would be a great and awesome thing.



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