May. 9th, 2017

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If I think of this as buying a 'short novel' with a bunch of filler stories then it's okay.

I quite liked the cover story, The Runabout by Kristine Kathryn Rusch.
There's a crew of people going for salvage, a mystery they find and more or less resolve, weird tech, and actual emotional character arcs. Also, women.

Everything else... I just sighed really big, so, that.

Story by story reviews under the cut.
Read more... )

So that's one didn't suck, one interesting ideas, one where it's kind of interesting sf but my main reaction is vague embarrassment for the protagonist, and then a whole lot of forgettable and grubby nastiness.

I'm not liking the scoreboard there.

But hey, Runabout was a space adventure.
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annoyance: food splosion. quorn stew is very overflow prone. and doesn't even taste awesome.

could be worse: today is cleaner day so my inadequate attempts at cleanliness will be fixed around lunch time.

... everything else about this morning has been blergh.
I mean, nothing bad happened, my brain was just not cooperate.

it's annoying when nothing is wrong but everything is Wrong.

I have started rewatching Continuum, which I only vaguely recall, but kind of remember liking. lots of women, many shades of humans.
but also a time travel plot primarily hinged on figuring out if they can actually change anything or if they're just screwed from the get go.

I am not fond of time travel plots at the moment. I keep getting stuck on the idea that things can only get better if we started like a generation ago. which, you know, problem.

I'm too depressed to play when the idea we're all screwed from the start gets floated.

Also, America is freaky weird. The idea you can mug the police for an arsenal is just ... kind of terrifying. As is the idea this is perfectly normal.

I like it when the world is much less armed.

Something is weird with the picture when they move fast. Leaving lines behind, weird. maybe needs different settings? it's new with these discs. shall have to read instructions or something.

ugh, today is like drizzle in my brain, I shall go try and concentrate.
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This was good. I've seen it before but it hasn't occupied much brain space since, probably because I haven't latched on to a particular character and don't feel the need to fix the plot.

It's just good thinky twisty stuff, with characters, plural, who have layers to uncover, and where people aren't who you first think they are. Read more... )

It did some things I didn't like, but lots of things I did, and it has enough of hope in it I want to keep watching.

Which is good cause I already bought the next two seasons.

... well, they're short.

This one is worth the shelf space.


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