May. 17th, 2017

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I have a vague impression of vaguely liking F&SF, or at worst being uninterested in a particular story.
But when I add up my opinions story by story I turn out to have not quite liked a lot.

Witch's Hour, by Shannon Connor Winward.
Trigger warnings, rape and abuse and not even getting away from it by killing the dude because ghosts.
That one was unpleasant.
Read more... )
Just... wrong.

Dirty Old Town, Richard Bowes
Didn't really connect with the narrator, not my kind of thing.

The Prognosticant, Matthew Hughes
Things happen to this guy and he makes clever choices that achieve goals.
And if any emotions happen I missed them.
Story with no feels, didn't connect, not my sort of thing.

My English Name, R. S. Benedict
Story about someone pretending to be an ill, gay, human, Read more... )

A Thousand Deaths Through Flesh And Stone, Brian Trent
Uploads and backup copies, with as many new bodies as they please.
Because that action hero dude doing One Last Job becomes a renewable resource if you've got a backup copy.
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The History of the Invasion Told In Five Dogs, Kelly Jennings
Sad post apocalyptic thing with very little hope, told through bad things happening to dogs.
Effective angle.
Don't like the whole post apoc despair thing.

What The Hands Know, Gregor Hartmann
Fight club story, therefore boring and instantly forgotten.
Tries to do worldbuilding and politics and hint at wider conflict through one man's experience
but that one man isn't someone whose head I find interesting.

The Woman With The Long Black Hair, Zach Shephard
Skillfully written, plausibly characterised, achieved its goal, just did a bunch of bad things to characters to do so. So I didn't like it.

The First Day Of Someone Else's Life, John Schoffstall
Frenetic mix of almost intelligible strangeness of near future weird social evolution
through a guy whose deal I guessed pretty much from the get go Read more... )

Neko Brushes, Leah Cypess
Boy can paint so good it comes to life. Simples story with magic cats, and also samurai and politics and twists.
I liked.

Rings, Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Okay, but, why do we need a story about women taking men as slaves to breed from?
I mean, worldbuilding, characters, feelings, certainly a lot of women but why?
If it's to illustrate the stupidity of writing off half the human race I can think of a bazillion better ways.

... I feel bad saying didn't like so often, I mean stuff like I'd rather read things that left me in a better mood than I started, but all these certainly packed plenty of characters and ideas into decently written stories.

I don't know.

If I'm not looking for these, what am I looking for?

... more women that are less evil, and a sense that problems can in fact be solved, preferably by teamwork and application of intelligence.

... and yet the one that is all guy solves problems by application of intelligence doesn't work for me at all. So, also, feels. Emotional arcs. Becoming.

I don't know. Like this but not this.

Shall see if next month.
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I had to spend moneys to make it go away
and the piano remover spent some time poking the keys and pointing out it don't play - yes, I know, so does the shop, it's fine, it should be fine, I hope it's fine - but they picked it up and took it away!

... they said at least the older ones are light? and picked up one end each?
I haven't been able to get it to so much as budge an inch this century, but okay, it's light...

oh and the guy says he's got fifty years moving pianos
and I believe him
I thought the website meant the company, or cumulatively, but nooooo...
so a very grey haired dude just lifted my piano, carried it down the steps, and

That has been here since the 90s and I don't play it.
I have been trying to get it gone for two christmases.
It was a whole piano sized piano and it took up a piano of space in my one room council flat.

I'm just saying, this is pretty cool.

... and making me feel weird because it's one of the things that have always been here
but still

... and at some point real soon now I'll start to believe they won't try and bring it back...

(gone! away!)

(I can stand at one end of the room and see the other!)


3367 xp on habitrpg!
receive delivery is only 35xp, that's a very valuable achievement right there!
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We started to go to Norwich
but the car said Engine Fault
so we had to stop in a lay by which had picnic tables under a lot of green.

Employee called a colleague and made sure to get me home
and now they're going back out to see if they can fix their car.
One hour round trip but they tagged out and figured they'd stopped working when the car did.

I have decided that my cunning plan to get biscuits at the supermarket before we left is why the Fault happened so close to town.
Also it means I have biscuits.
So the evening has an up side.


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