May. 20th, 2017

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Somewhere past the end of the great and bountiful human empire, lost in space, there is the Torchwood Archive. And it's having a theme week.

Someone arrives with an alien item and a whole lot of questions about Object One. They find holographic ghosts of the Torchwood we know, still being themselves, together after thousands of years. And they get a tour of Torchwood from the very beginning.

Trigger warnings for the usual: murder, murder of friends and family, suicide, homophobic violence, things being darker and twistier than they seem.

And it's in a whole lot of little sections. They weave together. But it felt to me like a lot more plot than character, just because there's so many characters there's hardly any time for each particular one. We learn lots of neat and interesting glimpses but it's not like we can hang around to have feels.

It gives lots of answers to long running plot arcs. What the little locket was that got opened on new year's eve of the new century. What's even up with the Committee. What would Toshiko even do if she managed to be happy for a couple of days.

Spoilers, though predictable: Read more... )

Okay story. Lots of neat bits. Interesting way to pass the time.

But whatever I'm looking for in my media consumption, this leaves me still looking.
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Now the piano is gone I have Space in my living room
so I can move around
so I did an exercise sheet :-)

... it says repeat five times but I suspect one times was too many if you're me and I should have chosen a different set. So I am having a sit down.
But small steps is still steps.

Later I shall still have space, and also sheets of exercise, and I can choose a whole different one to do.


Two! Two exercise sheets!
... I like the pillow workout. like, the shops try and sell these huge great weights and all, but the nhs is like, no, we know you haven't moved since you left school, just try lifting a pillow.

I don't think the mat I bought is appropriate to this task set. Oh well, it was cheap.


Three! Three exercise sheets!
I win!

... I do not fit on the exercise mat lying down, even though I am not a very long human. This does not seem optimal.

Also I need to vacuum more better. Even though I did vacuum.

Some tasks are not going to work best even in the newly spacious living room.

Is cool to be able to swing my arms around and lunge though.

Imagine a fancy house with so much room I could learn swords too.
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Great big giant recurring trigger warning for suicide, since it's pretty central and many many people.

Also I can't trigger warning the other bit without giving away the ending : Read more... )

So there's a lot of aspects of this one I'm not keen on.
Some I'm even hoping I've plain misinterpreted or misremembered.

Flip side, there were many good bits, and I actually liked Nardole. Which takes good work on their part. Read more... )

So there's interesting stuff, but it was ... diluted rather, by stuff I just... don't see why they put it in there. Why they want us to buy it even for the length of a story. Why it belongs in family viewing.

I want an edited together version of That One Good Bit, and then to not touch the rest of this ep again.


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