May. 31st, 2017

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I discovered I was on a 9am panel at a convention
on a topic I vaguely remembered adding to a list two years ago
but for a book I'd never read
and I was the moderator
and the rest of the panel wasn't there by ten minutes past
*and* it was only the first of a packed schedule

which was keeping me away from my important work securing the food supply of our first year space colony
which had put on a convention when it realised it needed an unscheduled unbudgeted shipment of heavy equipment
and if it sold enough con tickets the ship would pay for itself.

... my anxiety dreams are kind of multi layered here...
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So far today I have unfolded the table and taken three things off the shelves to stack there instead.

The shelf dude said they'd be ready in two to three weeks, so I'm giving myself a nice leisurely run up to getting the old shelf cleared.

The table is a bit wobbly. We put it together ourselves for xmas. It probably doesn't like being dragged along the carpet whenever I want to move it, but I tried lifting it and that did bad things to my back, so it can put up with it.

... possibly there's a way to fix it to be more steady?

... possibly I need a solider table instead.

I like this one though because this is the first time since xmas I've needed it unfolded. Even using it to put random stuff on hasn't needed it unfolded. Even using it as a desk for a laptop would work perfectly well folded up.

I should just find the right spot for it and turn it around so I only need to unfold the legs as designed. But that means leaving the other less pretty side facing the room all the time. Oh well.

It's a pretty good table if I don't knock it down.

Everything is very dusty. The old shelves hold the Analog collection, about a quarter century of it, and while I have no intention of getting rid of it I don't tend to actually read it either. The new shelves will have room for that and any new issues I get, plus Asimov's and F&SF and that manner of thing from years past. But the shelves will be made of wood instead of white, and won't look weirdly textured from the layers of stickers I removed from it, or have that section where the stickers wouldn't come off so I updated it with x files trading cards.

... the shelf has not been updated since I moved in. In 1998.

So from many angles it has served well and honorably, but I'm buying new shelves that will be made of actual wood and all match each other, so.

... if I had a spare room to put it in I would. But nope, too small here. So I'll have to find which charity place wants it.

Then someone else can have perfectly functional shelves.

I am really looking forwwards to new shelves. There is a chance - a small but real chance - I will have enough shelves. It is just about possible I will have somewhere to put every book I own, in order even.

That would be exciting.

... and probably a first in three generations...

Dad used to have more books than I inherited, but sold many before he died. What is left seemed like it was a weird mix of ones he wanted to keep and ones no one wanted to buy. And there's no knowing from here which was what.

But I've sorted many since then, and sent more away. I like to think they find new owners who like them. It really Bothers me to imagine there being fewer books in the world.

Data loss bothers me. We write in sand.

I have nothing to do this evening. I should do meditating on my own. But if I was good at that I'd be spending a lot less on going to the classes.

Eh, I'll think of something.
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The trouble with trying to meditate at home is the sirens and the people apparently trying to break the main door down are somewhat distracting.

Also that it's so easy to go on the internet and tell everyone that you managed all of ten minutes with a break for drinking a water in the middle.

Also that all of tour stuff is right there looking interesting.


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