Jun. 1st, 2017

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I was in a school investigating stuff.

Around ine in the morning the stuff included Ollie Queen and his demon doppelganger, and there were rooms embodying the deadly sins, in a school-ish way, so Pride was probably the one where you got to see your own confidential files and they all said excellent if Slytherij things about you. But that could have been envy, because also other people could see you file, once you had. And Ollie couldn't so much as open a door because if it turned out to be Wrath we'd all be dead.

Now I'm awake I consider that an unfair assessment, because really, he's probably felt all that before, and he got it under control. Nut he wouldn't risk it.

And the demon bit started because there was a possessed book, where reading it would let out a demon, and it was disguised as the latest one on a series. Probably the Dresden Files actually. But unfair much, teasing a reader. I mean if it's a huge great leather thing with Necronomicon on the cover you know not to pick it up, but if it looks like the latest paperback you're going to bring it home with you. ... unfair but cunning.

This morning the school went all gender divided and I had to camouflage myself so it wouldn't eat me, so I went to the uniform store and bought black and white and lots and lots of grey. I ended up wearing a shirt under a dress over a skirt over a longer skirt. All stripes and pinstripes. Like wearing a teacher costume over another teacher costume over a manager. Probably there was a pinstripes jacket to go with it.

... Probably I need to buy some more clothes that are actual colors. Or start wearing the ones I do have.

But there was a throwing axe lying around that nobody in the girl's school would admit to, so we went over to the guy's side. Where we found a bazillion axes, none of them quite matching. And then they wouldn't let us out. The door wouldn't go the other way, we'd have to go to another level to get back, but wherever we went it got more first person shooter or dungeon crawl with trap after trap and it just would not let us out. We found a teacher three levels down and they started shouting at us about pressups and never leaving a buddy behind. There was a wall of books but it just swung open to be a secret door, you couldn't read them or anything. And the secret door led to the corridors used by the janitorial staff, who couldn't get out neither. The teacher, who looked kind of like Kurt Russell if he was badly photocopied a few times, declared we'd only get out when we learnt how to be real men.

Explaining that we were not in fact real men didn't get us anywhere.

So then flash forwards nine years of study and there was a parade of men all ready for the next step. The ones going down more levels had some super orky clunky looking cyborg bits, and the fixed snarls of people who had run straight through walls one too many times. The ones going back up into the world looked kind of like movie stars, but more like movie extras, with that stamped plastic resemblance and no particular spark. And then there was me, still too short and in no way shaped like them, graduating on the supervillain track. I got a black t-shirt over black cargo trousers and eyes that had gone red and gold. The teachers were dubious that such a commercially available pattern just happened to be how I turned, but I was the correct level of defiant and deferential, so they'd let me pass anyway.

On the way out I got to set a whole bunch of traps for the next set.

I calibrated them for teachers.

Soooo... I woke up and felt like that was a very My Gender Issues, Let Me Show You sort of dream.

Also like I need to wear actual colors today wherever I dig them out from.

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I went to dancing again :-)
we have reached the end of the dance!
... this is not functionally equivalent to 'we have learned a whole new dance' due to the it with getting lost and zigging when zag is required, but *in theory* we have reached the end of a whole new dance!

So that is fun :-)

Also we are learning a second dance but the teacher got her lefts and rights mixed up and then tried again and then my feets had things all backwards, even including the bit I already knew. So. Not quite there yet.

ASDA continues not to have my juice. Boo.

But Sainsburys continues to have many foods. Not my vegetables today, because they were on special offer, but that just means if I run out of one sort I'll have to eat the other. I have many foods and I remembered the hand wash and I stared at many things.


Thursday achieved.


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