Jun. 2nd, 2017

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My blue trousers have torn! Not even along a seam, they're just busted! I shall need new trousers :(

I have many trousers but all of them are black or grey and these were the only properly summer ones. And I only wore them last summer, so I'm not impressed with their resilience at all.

Maybe the washer machine ate them? I shall have to pay attention of it's going to start eating things.


Maybe I shall wear a skirt today. ... I seldom do that and even less often like it. Ugh, decisions.


Jun. 2nd, 2017 02:35 pm
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I went to Norwich and went in many shops!

I did not find new trousers, and skirts remain uncomfortable for several reasons.
I also did not find a new and lighter dress for dancings.
But I looked many places.

I looked in Inanna's Festival too, but none of the wands were precisely right, though they were nice. Always many things that are good to look at in there though.

I did get books from Waterstones and DVDs from the television and movie store. Which was as planned. And then we went to Rainbow wholefoods and I also got some not-cheese and a tiny ice not-cream. Which I think survived the car home okay also, though in this weather you never know.

I times things correctly and we got home when we needed to and it was a successful day
even if it was mostly finding out what won't do.

We also stopped to see where I donated my piano to, because I had a minor mystery of not being sure if I sent the piano music in the piano stool with it or not. This was not answered, because of the new and interesting mystery where they say there wasn't a piano stool with it.

... okay then.

But they had a section for piano music that didn't have my piano music in, so there's that.

I definitely do not want the piano back. It is gone all gone. Is good.

... my head is still mostly ????? about it, but it does no good fussing if the whole thing has gone invisible anyway.


Had a nice shoppings in the daytime. Many books to read now :-)
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politics is kind of annoying
because things are kind of screwed
and every few years they give you some menus of which flavour of screwed things could be next
but once you choose you get whatever they give you, on menu or not
until the next time
and the best humans seem to manage is to lurch between different forms of screwed

I mean there's always worse, so many forms of worse, this is the least worst system we've come up with thus far,
but it's still really frustrating
whatever you choose

reality just happens so much.
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Some characters you say OTP because there's only one relationship they'd realistically in canon in character want to end up in
and others you just... you have all these feels, and if they're not with their OTP all the feels are sad.

Like, I can clearly see in assorted canon that Captain Cold at least talks like he wants to date a lot of people
(for varying values of date)
but after Legends of Tomorrow I just can't poly or multiship Mick and Len.

Thirty years as partners.
However messed up they were
you've kind of got to wish for that specific happy ever after.

... and instead canon gave us multiple angles on til death do us part...
... canon has weird ideas of satisfying storytelling.

These feels brought to you by:
All the Coldwave writers are busy together rewriting the season
and all the Mick or Len fic is some other ship
and it gives me a sad
even if it's quite well written and the characters are kind of happy.

Of course the other thing is that
writers who think other ships are obvious
just have very different ideas of how humans work
and what happily ever after even looks like
and who would have to change how much to get there.

I understand wanting to work through characters opposing philosophies and assorted issues to get to a happy ending
Rogues be rogues, right?

I mean, writing Robin Hood settling down into the grey grip of bureaucracy seems passing strange no matter who he's shagging.

... Captain Cold is no Robin Hood, but that is a popular angle to take on the rehabilitation of rogues.

Also there's pointing out the basically law breaking nature of vigilantes
and asking where heroes get the right to call themselves heroes
when they mostly go around punching people really hard and putting them in solitary in private prisons.

There's middle ground to be found whenever they get to punch people they all hate together
... though the whole let's fix the legal system approach has its own distinct appeals.

I guess the specific happily I'm looking for is where they don't have to fix their mental illness or stop being who they are, they just have someone who gets them and digs them anyway.

... the part with the temperature themed weapons gets fixed in canon by having Len promise not to kill people any more, on behalf of himself and his rogues, so it feels a bit too easy to ignore. Like exciting heist adventures rather than that crunchy pieces noise the cold gun can lead to, or the burnt police officers the heat gun left behind. All in the past! Ish.

And the version of Mick and Len I'm interested in reading don't ignore their mental health problems or let each other spiral, they help and support. ... just it's going to lead to burning and thieving. ... which is not optimal.

... sometimes it would be a lot less embarrassing to not be a villain fan.

I like to think it's because villains take more thinking on because heroes are either already doing what you want them to or clearly in need of balancing out by particular villains.

But sometimes it's just because those are the characters my age or older, and actually pretty.

... still, a lifetime admiration for the Doctor, Chaotic Good who stole a blue box and ran away, that sets some patterns...

I know if I can't find the fic I want I should write it myself.

Bunnies and plot present, words... *sigh*

But maybe someday.


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