Jun. 3rd, 2017

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This one says DC UNIVERSE REBIRTH across the top, and also Volume One, which apparently means it just sort of stops when things are getting ominous.

But the magic words on the cover were Ted Kord.

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I won't say I'm hooked, but this is an angle that could work, and what with everyone being more alive than when I quit reading there's all sorts of possibility in it.

But comics are so sloooooow. I don't know if volume two even exists yet, and if it did it would be more likely to put characters further up a tree than to resolve bits yet.

Also, still won't be primarily about Ted.

And never has been about his obvious partnership.


I may read the next bit but may also be tempermentally unsuited to reading an art form that's pretty much the world's longest and most complex WIP.
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Steady progress today: ornaments cleaned and moved away from two whole shelves, with inroads made on the other three. Three items moved to the 'probably for charity' area. Half a dozen gone to the bedroom, waiting for me to be able to access the blue boxes, to go into long term storage. Many items I don't want to get rid of but no longer feel the need to display in my living room. Like my teeth.

... the teeth have been on the shelf behind the piano for an unknown length of time, and were somewhat of a surprise to me when I moved the B5 postcards out of the way and found them. They're the cast the dentist did to figure out the whole tooth brace situation when I was like 12, and I think possibly the teeth he removed too. I'm not going to unwrap that bit to check...

But I feel that next to the dining table is a bit too quirky a display place for them even for me.

I mean maybe if it's a whole skull of something, but teeth just kind of grin at you.

I have been wiping the dust off things quite carefully and it's amazing how many things are not in fact grey. I mean I know Gandalf is more of a Radagast, but it's only evident when I reach the shelves regular enough.

I think I have to call it a day now because there might be many shiny things left but I've reached the point where I'm not touching things with my actual hands but I still have to go wash my hands after every item. If I don't want to end up in full on Everything Is Dirty freak out, time to change activities.

... this is why I have a cleaner.

I need to remember to wear my glasses in the house more often. Many things here are pretty, if I can actually see them.

I also rediscovered the checklist I made of which copies of Analog I have. There's not quite 25 years of them, starting in 1970 except for a handful of earlier issues. And they're a Collection now, so even if I never get around to reading one again, I'll keep them on their shelves together in order for the forseeable. But with the new shelves I'll have room for the new issues too :-)

Steady progress got me this far, and I've very nearly swapped out everything as needs swapping, which was pretty much everything at all. Things are more good now and very much less broken. Pretty big win.
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Ugh, my endless daydream of doom, where I am most awesome and marry all the villains and get them to go good ish and kind of conquer the world but without the hard work parts and so on and so forth, the daydream where the cast changes every time I have a new fandom and I get new superpowers and stuff to fit the setting, the daydream that is supposed to be all awesome good stuffs?

I just thought things through to a logical conclusion and really depressed myself.

I mean, I'm making up the rules here, so *obviously* I can make everyone secretly unaging immortals who never get sick and use comic revolving door rules for 'death', but, however setting appropriate that would be, I'd still know I got everyone out of the corner by going lalala my rules all good again.

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I get fed up with comics stories because nobody acts the way I would or considers obvious the things I consider obvious. So obviously I should write my stories instead.

... except they're usually either really light on plot, or shadowing the existing seasons plots but all changes because of comics me. so they'd fail at being original and at being fanfic.


still, not the most useful set of thoughts at this time of night.


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