Jun. 5th, 2017

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Today's dream: postgraduate study at Hogwarts.

Turns out that university and postgrad levels can be handled rather differently than school, though it has gone out of fashion of late. Nobody is quite sure exactly how it works, and the options are a bit mind boggling. Plus actual postgrad study requires a full quartet - one from each House - and they'll be together five years.

But on the up side, from outside, the whole thing, a three year degree and five year doctorate, takes about eight hours.
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But the good bit as a dream was just having such a lot of good work to do. Fixing up the building was going to take all of us and stretch our skills, especially because as well as the plumbing we'd have to get the magical flow right. Wizarding buildings are potentially alive, so restoring a ruin is as much a resurrection as a construction challenge. But we'd be reshaping it to new purposes. A proper research group, designed to bring together every strand of wizardry. So we had two towers for Hogwarts already, one for our quartet and one for whoever Draco brought along, but for the other towers we invite groups from other schools of wizardry.

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Still though, me as Slytherin... and who would the other three be? And what kind of place would Hogwarts be if everyone knew you needed to build up a friend group from all four houses, or be shut out of getting a Doctorate?

I was thinking when I woke up it's weird I keep dreaming about flipping Draco Malfoy. I could just blame The Flash. But the thing with fic of the 'more from' school is it tends to emphasise the bad points of the protagonist, seeing as they were skipped over in source, and the good points of the enemy they're being slashed with. The good guys get shown as needing a little more of their enemy in them, which makes them seem more reasonable. And trying to lead the protagonist through falling for their enemy gives the reader a really attractive view of them. So someone being remotely likeable in canon is basically irrelevant to how a fanfic reader gets guided to react to them.

... honestly I should just stop feeling apologetic about it, I mostly read enemies to lovers, it's what works for me.

... but some of those enemies, from a pure canon point of view, really should just go to jail for pretty much ever, so, apologetic it is...

But fixing a whole culture through who your study group house shares with seems like a good spark.
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Today's anxiety levels are stuck around arrrgh, but that's an improvement over the earlier AaAaAargh, because imaginary Mick Rory imaginary dragged me into the kitchen and told me to eat a food. I know full well what happens when I don't eat a food. Too anxious to want to eat? Tough, it's not going away until you do eat, so eat a food.

See this is why half my imaginary friends are mentally ill too, that shit sounds condescending when it's not from someone who knows just as well.

... and me telling myself without imaginary assistants just wasn't getting me anywhere.

Sometimes my coping methods sound just as crazy as my crazy.

But prettier and much more interesting.

I started rewatching The Flash from the beginning. Two whole episodes so far. I am reminded why I liked Eo!Wells so much. Which is a problem due to the being evil, but he's such a helpful and supportive evil, you know?


Do we know any F&SF shows that are primarily about people around forty? Or over thirty even? I mean, some shows get there before they get cancelled, but so much story is about school kids and college and figuring out the start of things. Where's the shows for people who are still waiting to figure it out by my age?

And the shows where people my age or older are neither obstacles nor evil?

I have a whole bunch of TV on DVDs I could watch, but when I'm this anxious, new can be a really bad idea. I'm just going to stick to reruns for a little while.

But I know I like them.
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It has been pointed out that there are Many TV shows starring actual adults
and I have just been watching the wrong shelf.

It's a basic Why Is Story Not About Me sulk, really, and if I'm the one choosing which stories I kind of know why.


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