Jun. 10th, 2017

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So I've been thinking about the bit where a woman raised by women in an all women place finally meets a man and is like oh wow how strange what even is it, with or without the I like this part.

And, like, have you seen women?

Even just afab cis women?

Have you seen all the shapes at the olympics? Because there are many, many shapes. There are short women who are skinny all over, there are tall women who are large all over, there are curves but not necessarily, there are women doing shotput who I feel more superheroes should look like but know they won't because them and the hammer throwers are, like, emphatically not Power Girl shaped, even though their discipline is mostly power.

And even the whole facial hair situation, it's really variable on whatever gender, and now there's shaving, so, depending on culture, unlikely to be relevant.

Basically as long as they've got their underpants on they're just, you know, maybe sort of stocky, not very femme, but not actually entirely novel or surprising.

And the other way around, okay, past a certain point women are more notably new shapes, but men can be soft shapes too, it takes a lot to be a mindblowing new view.

And, like, we're used to society and language categorising everyone as one of two things, so we divide them up at a glance, however rude that is, and however often we're really getting it wrong. But if you live somewhere that just doesn't, you just wouldn't.

Like Leckie's Ancillary books. That's the only time I can remember right now I've seen this done plausibly. Though Bujold's Athos had a go.

Like society is really invested in the idea there are clear and obvious differences between two binary genders, but, you know, no.

... this is one reason monosexuals puzzle me deeply, but it's their thing, I'm not being judgey. I'm just kind of confused at the idea that the attractiveness of biceps or shoulders or muscles all doing stuff together somehow depends on which gender category they're in. Or, like, hands. Hands are awesome. Why are they variably awesome based on plumbing? I can see why personality might put you off, but I really don't get it about gender.

But still.

If man gets washed up on island of women, I figure he's probably just going to get called sister a lot, until he gets assertive about pronouns.

Unless of course she finds out she's fine with that.
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Graceling is continuing to not be the book for me.
Don't know why.
The boy got left behind and now she's climbing mountains and she just fought a lion, which really ought to be exciting.

And yet it holds my attention so well I have rearranged my bookshelves and carried things between rooms until two whole shelves of the bookcase I'm getting rid of are clear.

Progress is nice, but this book is going to the charity shop when I'm done with it.

I keep washing my hands. Even once I've dusted and wiped everything, old things just have the idea of grime. It's awkward.

But I have given myself ample time for the task, so I can stop whenever it starts messing with my head, and wait as long as I please before trying again.

Is best way.

Also today two books I pre ordered arrived, both some weeks before I expected. But they'll almost certainly be good to read, so yaays. I just worry for the author's sales figures, but it's not like I can do anything about that.

I need to stop eating biscuits. But I keep thinking of so many good excuses. Like, "there is a biscuit right there." That's a compelling one. Still. There is such a thing as too many biscuits.

I have been told.

Today in my house, pretty good.

Doctor Who

Jun. 10th, 2017 08:03 pm
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Writers killing the one black man to demonstrate someone else is evil
kind of has a built in problem.


Also it's no fun flinching all through the episode in full expectation it's going to happen.

I don't see what else the episode had going for it.

Felt like the Doctor was just watching and he and Bill could have been swapped out for any number of other people.

Not my sort of thing at all.

The last couple of minutes obviously have potential though.


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