Jun. 12th, 2017

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Today I looked up the etymology of Tory and Whig, and then started trying to find lists of more stuff like that, because fun.

Turns out it more or less means the Plunderer or Outlaw and Country Bumpkin parties.

Which I had heard but wasn't sure I quite believed until I saw it in respectable etymology. Because they called themselves that. Like, not at first, but for ages they happily owned it.

So all these fantasy politics stories that make up ordinary sort of color and animal names for political parties? Not going hard enough. Turns out you should start with Monster Raving Loony Party and then pretend they got elected a few hundred years ago and everyone got used to it.

Though if you do go animal mascot, the US Whigs were apparently Raccoons, so now I'm having some very Guardians of the Galaxy related mental images. I mean, if you're going to have a fantasy race, Rocket makes a perfectly reasonable prototype, they don't all have to be green. ... look like Rocket, called Whigs... *blinks a lot*

I also decided to have a party called the Salmons, who are the Everyone Go Back Where You Came From people. ... because calling them kippers is too much local.

Your basic yellow bird party is staying though, because then you've got the Canary family, big political movers of Central and the Middle Lands.

Though Canaries, around here, means the football
whose colors are truly eye watering when used to decorate a whole building. ... high school let students vote on how to decorate the new block. Mistaaaaaaake.

https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Canaries disambiguation page says it was a dance too. Nifty.

The reason Norwich are called canaries is pretty cool, wiki page says "the city of Norwich had long connections with canaries owing to its 15th and 16th century links to Flemish weavers who had imported the birds to the Low Countries from the Dutch colonies in the Caribbean." Said weavers are the Strangers that Strangers Hall in Norwich is named for, http://www.heritagecity.org/research-centre/social-innovation/the-strangers.htm

So to get the name of a football club you've gone through a whole history of religious refugees and the economic history of Norwich, which was a powerhouse in its day, especially in textiles. Religious tension, extremism, international politics, and jobs. History is awesome.

And if I'm pulling a fantasy AU version of the Canary family that's a pretty detailed one right there.

It's all well and good writing the fantasy history of wolves vs lions in big wars, but the little birds were so much more interesting because varied. Fighting is fighting, but it's a tiny fraction of the full business of civilisation.

... and now I'm wandered off to read more history. There's always so much I don't know where to start.

But today I started with etymologies of Tory, and it was so interesting I'm now pouting I can't find a simple list of such nicknames, to plunder for writing purposes.
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my neighbours who practice their music
obviously have a perfect right to do so
and even choose a very reasonable hour of the early evening.

... but I would like to hide under a blanket thick enough I couldn't hear them for a while.

... ugh
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I did not think it was possible to find places for all the things that were on the shelves, but I had underestimated the capacity for stacking things in corners.

... if I hear a slithery and sustained series of thumps
I'll know I was right first time...

But right now not even a magazine is on the old shelves, and the only thing left to move is the old shelves themselves.


I have already rewarded myself with nice foods.

Next I shall read a book. Or listen another audio. So many choices...


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