Jun. 14th, 2017

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I dreamt I checked in to a hotel for an afternoon nap - while I was having my afternoon nap - and by coincidence there was an SF convention setting up ready for the weekend. It had a room full of craft tables and another where someone needed to make name badges. It did not have huge numbers of name badges, nor had it filled the hotel to the point I couldn't randomly get a room. So I was like yaay party, but also oops the fading away of conventions.

I looked on the con calendar I know about and as well as a lot of local sounding things that don't give you much info on what they actually do, there was one for a fandom I've partied with before. But it's a month before the event and they have one guest announced. And the shiniest con passes cost £595. The cheapest ones cost £120. Could this really be what cons cost these days? Who turns up for a one guest convention with no recent announcements anyway?

Finding out about these things when there's no word of mouth in my circles anymore because I barely HAVE circles anymore is just... trickier than it used to be. And I know some stuff happens on facebook, but I can never find it. Same problem tumblr, though I see photos after. Twitter baffles me because so bite sized and yet people bend and best it to be longer rather than moving somewhere that works. And anywhere I look it's either drowning in chatter or fading away.

I'm not saying I miss mailing lists, but, well, some days, you know?

probably fandom is somewhere, but it's not on topic, and it's not where i can find it.

and I'm not booked to go to any cons before next Redemption, which is having date and location difficulties, but is nice when it works.

I know what I'm looking for in a con has changed too, but since it hasn't changed to gigantic signing fair, that hasn't made things easier to find.

So, had a nap, woke up grumpy about my lack of parties lately.

once I got over the panic breathing bit where I was lost in an endless hotel where all the stairs had been replaced by ladders and there was no lift.

... not a restful nap.

Sometimes I try and think of things to do
and realise I could plan a thing myself.
If I planned it small enough and considered it a 'money goes out' sort of gig then I wouodn't need to worry it would turn out like last time.
... last time was twenty years ago, I was... more ill, it was overly ambitious, and in the end not even my mother turned up. so. several people have been instructed to sit on me if I try and do that again. But the fact remains that people do, and semi successfully on occasion, so I theoretically could.

Don't know what I'd even do though.

Maybe start smaller. Maybe invite known writers to the Norwich Science Fiction Group and call it an Evening With, very exclusive, like a dozen people or however many fit in the basement.

... maybe invite favourite actors, you never know your luck...

Course from their point of view it might not be so much lucky if only the usual two of us turn up...


Jun. 14th, 2017 09:49 pm
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I went to meditation but today it was pretty much just feeling too hot and staring at the floor, so that was a bit blah.

But is okay, that happens sometimes.

Is still more interesting than feeling too hot and staring at the ceiling at home.


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